Playing Melissa

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“We have reached Stop Number A12, Grovel Street. The next stop on the Howardway Avenue route of this bus is Stop Number L15, Chestnut Street, a crossway stop…”

A young lady was standing next to the door of the bus they rode in, breathing intense and heavy. The bus driver felt relief seeing the scary girl prepare change to indicate this was her stop. He prayed this was the first and last time he’d ever have to see her, let alone have to interact with her. Just feeling the bus pull everyone back was a miracle for the first time ever.

“Alright, m’aam, if this is your stop, that’ll be—”

The bus driver was thrown off guard when a passenger shoved $5 into their face and seemed to speed away, intimidating others going into the bus with an unsettling smile. The giddy, plump yet formidable girl bounced out of the blue bus in excitement, her nose stuck between the pages of the currently trendy erotic bestseller series Dog Fight. Currently the most popular novel series on Earth, it had featured hunky werewolves and dominatrix vampires. The first book earned 5-star ratings worldwide from fans as hungry for erotica as her, the second addition to the Dog Fight saga selling out in mere days. The girl was plus-sized, a bit tall, busty and had very full thighs, wearing intensely fruity perfume that matched her equally unsettling grin. She liked wearing school uniforms from her family’s home country, Japan, and as pretty as she was, she behaved a bit creepily under her usual neighborhood sweetheart persona.

She only revealed her true nature when consuming adult material, fucked herself silly with her fingers (occasionally humping one of her many body-sized pillows), or when she was lost in a daydream of wild fantasies almost too extreme for many. All things related to sex are her true passion, not her cute little career aspirations of creating a gorgeous bakery straight out of a fairytale or being insta-famous. She even desired to be a model for lingerie companies, consuming catalog after catalog of styles and memorizing them, buying different bra & panty sets alongside her growing leather goods collection at home.

In the mood for drinking something warm, she decided to go into the coffee shop next to her apartment, feverishly turning the pages and nearly giving her nose a papercut as she ordered a white chocolate macchiato with salted caramel syrup and whipped cream on top. The staff immediately recognized the book the girl was reading and felt embarrassed to see it in public; after all, it was incredibly dirty and too wild for the streets! After paying them aggressively, leaving them a plentiful tip of $20, the girl sat in the corner of the countertop seats facing the window. She drooled as she read about how the protagonists were doing it roughly under the pale moonlight, and—

“Hey, is it okay if I can sit here?”

The girl quickly turned, eyes wide and intense, soon accompanied by a beet-red face as she saw a gorgeous Asian girl in a striped turtleneck top and a beret smile at her, holding a mango smoothie with black tapioca pearls in it. The girl in the beret had red lipstick on, wearing black high-waisted shorts and flapper heels to finish the look. Her dark brown hair was in an elegant braid and matched her eyeshadow. Holy crap… she almost looked like the girl on the book cover! How?!

“Y… Yee,” the thicker girl awkwardly squeaked, worryingly lacking socializing skills.

The girl smiled, looking at the book.

“Hey, isn’t that Dog Fight? You’re pretty brave for reading THAT in public,” she giggled.

The plump girl felt her thighs quiver in her seat; this stranger was so hot…! Even the way her lips wrap around her straw are cute…! Her hands grew sweaty as she nervously laughed like a hyena, the other girl sensing their nervousness.

“Heh… don’t worry, I don’t bite. I might look like that Melissa girl, but I’m not a vampire,” she laughed, easing the secret sex addict.

“I’m Crystal Fong; I just moved to the city three days ago. Are you a local from here?”

“U-Uh-huh… I-I’m Kai. Kai Agnes… Uchida. That’s my full name. I live in the apartment building next to this place. I-I-… Umm… you’re really pretty,” the plump girl stammered.

“Aww, thank you! You look really cute, too. You look pretty adorable in that uniform and hair bow; are you a cosplayer?” Crystal asked, Kai sweating anxiously.

“U-Uhh, umm… I-… I…”

Crystal felt pity for the poor girl, whose drool stained a page in the novel in her hands. Crystal asked Kai if she was doing anything for the rest of the weekend, to which Kai responded no quickly.

“D-Do you… do you like girls?” Kai asked bluntly, Crystal getting the impression Kai wanted to sleep with her.

Crystal was indeed bored for the day, starting part-time work at a sex hotline office on Monday in the afternoon. She got the feeling Kai was a good girl who was actually really kinky deep down and appreciated someone unintentionally bold. Given she liked to work with clients in sexual matters because it was quick money, maltepe escort and surprisingly easy for her, she saw this as an opportunity to make cash as a side hustle. She never had sex with another girl before, but hey, Kai was likely a virgin who would pay extra to play this Melissa girl from the book she was holding onto dear life for, and there was no risk of pregnancy either! Why not, right?

“Well… depending on who lives with you, I can go into details about it if you’d be so kind as to… well… let me stay at your place?” she winked, Kai getting excited and eagerly speeding away already.

Crystal laughed to herself; these girls were always the best because of how much they’d pay to reserve a spot on the phone with her! She grinned, thinking of how much cash she’d get just for deciding to talk to this weirdo… but she meant it in an endearing way, of course. Disrespect was awful for business.

“O-Okay, we’re here,” Kai breathed, fidgety hands rushing to unlock her apartment door, her novel stuck between her large breasts (Crystal thinking she definitely puts her drinks between them at home on purpose).

The interior was reminiscent of minimalism but had pastel hues decorate the roof to the light pink carpeting, making Crystal feel warm inside. Aww, how cute… the girl began to relax in her space, having a strange, overly friendly demeanor now. Kai was awkward in speech, her laugh even more quirky than the one she let out in the coffee shop. Crystal sensed she’d be a frequent client and sat on the living room’s light green loveseat when Kai invited her to come deeper into her home. The seat was fluffy and cloud-like, Kai sitting in front of her with glowing eyes. Crystal didn’t realize until now how big and curvy Kai was; it was almost arousing to see such a beautiful frame in anime clothing.

“C-Can I ask what you do as your job?” Kai asked.

“Well… I work for a phone sex hotline. And yeah, it’s as kinky as you’d think.”

Kai grew a surprised yet aroused gaze, her mouth opening with drool. Crystal saw her lean forward, her bust squished together. She smiled seductively at Kai before continuing.

“I’ve done it for about 3 years now, and I served men and ladies who turned 18 the same day to even the occasional elder at midnight. They all had different kinks too; BSDM, mutual masturbation, lesbian sex, pretend orgies, and more. I’m pretty good at acting like I’m doing the do with people and while I pretend to be in the moment, clients love my style and I’m pretty popular in my division. I moved here because the office I used to work in moved to this city too. I’ve only had sex in real life about ten times with different partners, but otherwise I prefer just audio and getting myself off… it’s more convenient and hassle-free for me, to be honest,” Crystal casually explained, Kai amazed.

“Woah… s-so… you’d be willing to pretend with me right now?”

“Ah… well, since we’re here together… would you like to actually do it?”

“P-Please! I-I have money, I can pay you $150 for only 15 minutes!” Kai begged, looking ecstatic yet overwrought.

“Woah! That’s a pretty big fare! Are you sure? I’d hate to ask for too much…” Crystal laughed, Kai insistent anyways.

“Alright then… in that case, I accept. You can pay me after we’re done; right now, I wanna focus on whatever will satisfy you & such,” the fashionable girl finished.

Kai giggled excitedly, pointing to the right side of her home. There was a large room that was seemingly simple with a bed and cabinets, but there was a huge closet and collections of body pillows covered in a dried substance near the bottom, figurines, posters of hentai anime series, R18 mangas and erotic novels of all genres. Crystal was right; Kai WAS a kinky bastard after all! Heh, how predictable… Kai opened the closet to reveal leather gear, a few vibrators and dildos shaped like tentacles, a black riding crop, edible body paint, gag balls, garterbelt sets and much more. Lingerie sets were neatly hung and stored away, but leather dominatrix gear was folded and placed on a special booth. Ah… she liked dominant girls, huh? Easy enough.

“I’m impressed… I’ve never seen such a high-quality collection of adult novelties. You’re quite a collector, huh?”

Kai began to speak in timid whimpers and moans, making it known she was a bottom. How cute and almost pathetic.

“M-Mmhmm~~~… I’m a very bad girl… I’m super naughty~…” she gave a perverted smile as Crystal pet her head.

“Are you into petnames, sweetheart?” the other woman asked, assuming a dominant role in response to Kai’s request.

“I-I want to be called a naughty girl… I’m pathetic and dirty, a-and a horny little bitch that needs to be tamed, mistress… I’m a horny little kitten in heat, really,” Kai muttered as she tried touching herself, clenching her skirt tightly.

“I see~… well then, kitten, mistress will help you feel really good as long as you obey me based on what pleases you, alright~?” Crystal smirked.

Kai mamak escort nodded, adoring Crystal’s affectionate and tender yet sultry tone. The hotline operator asked how Melissa wore her hair according to the book, wanting to look like the character a little as this seemed to interest Kai. The kinky homebody said that in the novel, Melissa had her hair loose, but said Crystal could leave it as she styled it, only requesting she may put on the dominatrix gear on the special display. Crystal obliged, slowly pulling up leather gloves, removing her clothes to gear up in garter belts with ribbons on them, a stylish garter to accompany said garter belts, and revealing her gray lace lingerie, Kai mesmerized as the hotline operator—- now assuming the role of Melissa— winked.

“Do you like how I look in your special gear, kitten?” Crystal asked, grabbing the crop and a gag ball.

“Y-Yes… yes! I-It’s amazing~! A-And the tools you grabbed… oh, you’re so beautiful…!” Kai moaned as she rubbed her now-swelling clit through her skirt.

“My, my, do you enjoy touching yourself to seeing a dominatrix woman, kitten~?”

“U-Uh huh~, I do… a-and sometimes, I-I h… hump one of my body pillows until… until I… c-cum… but sometimes… I grab Akkorokamui— that’s the one big pink tentacle toy over there b-by the way, I like naming my toys— and I lose my mind as I screw myself…!” Kai explained, growing wet at the thought.

Crystal stepped over to Kai, asking if she can lift up her shirt. The homebody begged to change into more kinky lingerie than the white bra & cotton briefs she wore to go out (for buying the Dog Fight novel at the bookstore) and felt she could wear something more suitable for the mood. Crystal smiled as Kai rushed to her closet, quickly scanning through her collection, ultimately deciding to go with a bikini-styled set made completely of leather. Crystal watched quietly as Kai almost ripped off her clothes. shoving them to the corner of the room. She was very busty and big, her plus-sized curves sexy. Her thighs were equally thick like her middiff and she barely fit into the bikini, Kai boxum and drooling at the sensation of wearing leather. She put on a choker with a nametag on it— “Kai”— and slipped on simple black stockings, keeping her hair tied back like it was.

“Interesting… you really like leather, don’t you, kitten?” Crystal teased, legs crossed as she struck a powerful pose.

Kai nodded, sitting on her knees as she retained a lewd smile, looking right out of an R18 manga panel. She panted heavily, her face as red as a tomato as Crystal complimented her frame. The dominatrix asked “kitten” to say exactly what made her so ample and have hidden sex appeal. Kai’s bust bounced as she spoke and touched her body, trying to speak erotically for Crystal.

“I-I’m a naughty girl, but I’m really~ big and even paunchy…! I-I’m a D-cup, a-and my bust always bounces… o-oh~~… holding them massaging them always feels so nice~…” Kai let out a moan as she pushed her breasts together, feeling them nearly spill out of the leather top.

“Go on, and touch yourself to highlight your curves, kitten,” Crystal commanded.

Kai first placed her fingers around her clitoris once again, rubbing it as her other hand lifted and felt her chest. The intense girl wailed at the sensation, moving on to describe her large back, soft stomach, wide hips, and bosom in a raunchy tone, moaning about how she loved her body as she began to grope her thighs.

“M-My most f-favorite part of all my body… m-my thighs… they’re soft and so tender to squeeze~!” Kai finished, feeling her honeypot dripping within the constraints of her bikini bottom.

“Good girl… I’m going to use this crop to gently strike at them. Is that alright, kitten?”

“Y-YES! Y-Yes, please…! A-And p-put the gag ball on me too, p-please…! I want to look like a steamed piglet…” Kai joked, Crystal chuckling at her eccentric humor.

Slowly, Crystal put the gag ball on Kai, the horny client begging her to put it on a little more tightly than where it was secure. Kai’s moans were muffled, the plump girl pointing to a silken fabric, pointing to her hands to indicate she wanted to be tied up. Kai was quick to let her hands stimulate away, so she wanted to be edged this time to make it feel even better when she’d soil herself with her juices. Crystal lovingly made an elegant knot on Kai’s hands. careful to not put it so tight: even when clients wanted to be tied to where it left bruises, Crystal never wanted to take it too far. Kai felt Crystal make her sit on her knees once again, eyes ablaze with lust and need. The dominatrix aimed and struck her left thigh lightly, doing it only for show. Truth be told, she wasn’t into BDSM, only thinking the aesthetics of the intricate gear was cool. She hoped that it wouldn’t cause her to lose a few bucks; unfortunately, if she didn’t get really into a request, some customers were rude enough to pay only half of the standard fee. Luckily though, Kai didn’t seem to mind at all. ankara ofise gelen escort Thank goodness she wasn’t like the others in more ways than one, then! Kai whimpered, personally appreciative of Crystal’s gentle hand. The hotline operator had her free hand lift up Kai’s chin to face her, Crystal giving a sensual gaze. Kai seemed to form a real-life ahegao at feeling the thick coolness of the leather glove’s texture, sniffing the life out of it in secret.

“I can tell you want to cum so badly… but you’re not going to just yet, kitten,” she teased, Kai trying to laugh in response under the gag ball.

With only four more hits from the crop to her thighs, Crystal then put the tool away, whipping out a teal vibrator she found in her client’s closet. Kai’s eyes widened as Crystal prompted her to lay on her back in her bed, pulling down her bikini bottom and pulling out a leg harness set she found. Putting it on Kai, Crystal felt the bigger woman tremble beneath her.

“Is the smell driving you mad~? Is seeing all the leather things you love so much in action exciting, kitten~?”

Kai let out a muffled moan reminiscent of the kinds horny adult film stars would unleash to excite viewers. However, she looked like she couldn’t handle having the gag ball anymore. Crystal removed it straightaway, immediately sensing it was giving her client some trouble breathing.

“Are you alright, Kai?” she asked in genuine concern.

Kai nodded softly, nervously laughing and apologizing for worrying Crystal. The hotline operator sighed in relief, mostly just hoping she could keep Kai safe from seriously hurting herself, come to think of it. If not, she was worried she might be investigated or something if Kai got hurt. Being accused of a bad crime was definitely going to ger her fired. No thanks to that noise: safety first!

“S-Sorry… I guess I’m not ready for the k-kinkier guns yet,” she stuttered.

“It’s alright, Kai, trust me. But next time, please be more careful; safety should always come first during sex with toys and gear!” Crystal said, breaking out of character to engage her client with seriousness.

“Y-Yes. mistress…” Kai nervously nodded.

“Alright, now then… are you ready to get vibrated, kitten?” Crystal sighed, concerned that Kai wasn’t at all trying to listen to her words, assuming she was too horny for common sense at this point.

Kai nodded her head excitedly, laughing like a hyena again. Crystal nodded, carefully positioning the teal vibrator in a way that only Kai’s clit could feel it. She turned it on at a medium setting, able to smell Kai’s wet sex. The plus-sized woman immediately wailed aloud in delight at the sensations of the toy roaring to life.

“A-AH~! O-Ooooh~, mistress…!”

Kai then felt the vibrating tool slowly enter her wet slit, gasping as it slowly went deeper within. Her nerves were upended as pleasure consumed her entirely, Kai bucking her wide hips upward to get the toy deeper in. With the vibrator silent, Crystal could hear how wet Kai was and knew she was close to cumming. Crystal lowered herself to Kai’s ear, her own voice seeming to vibrate too.

“Are you enjoying this~? Do you enjoy being pleasured by Mistress Melissa, hmm~? Is my naughty little bitch desperate to cum?” the hotline operator murmured in a deep, womanly tone.

“Y-Yes~! I-I love it! I love it so much~! I-I knew that sex was going to be amazing, a-and so I grew obssessed with it and learned everything I could about it…! But it’s even MORE amazing than I-I…! Oh~, c-could’ve ever guessed…! H-Haah~, n-no, nonono, I’m not ready to cum yet… I-I want to edge…!” Kai whimpered.

Crystal then slowly removed the vibrator from Kai’s entrance, Kai laughing as she realized she said she wanted to edge. Crystal petted her head, talking sweetly to her client as she teased Kai, making the toy go in and out at unpredictable speeds. The kinky homebody could only moan and moan, barely able to say “Mistress Melissa,” “thank you” and “t-treat me like I’m naughty.” This continued on for nearly 10 minutes before Kai began to make even more desperate, pleading moans.

“A-Ah~! M-Mistress, I-I…! A-AH~! I-I can’t take it anymore…! I-I think I’m gonna explode…! P-Please, grab Akkorokamui; I-I want… no, I NEED to cum with Akkorokamui now~! If I don’t, I-I feel like I’ll lose my mind…!” Kai soughed.

“Oh~? Do you want it?”


“Do you really~ want it?”

“P-Please~…! Please please please, Mistress, I beg of you!” Kai whined, moving her hips in desperation.

“Very well,” Crystal smirked, bringing the tentacle dildo over.

It was of a curved shaft and incredibly soft, almost feeling like how Crystal would think it would feel like on a regular octopus or so. It was pink but its suckers were rose gold; a rather interesting palette indeed. It had a handle at the bottom for easier usage, and Crystal quickly asked if Kai wanted to hold it herself. The crazed homebody nodded rapidly, Crystal untying Kai and letting Kai handle the rest. Kai worked incredibly fast, the dildo completely drenched in its owner’s cream now. She was burning up, feeling the edge of glory coming. Hyperventilating, Kai fucked herself at maximum strength, Crystal honestly impressed by her speed and dedication. She really knew how to finish up!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32