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Celeste woke up and rolled over in bed to gaze at the window. No sunshine shone through the cracks in the blinds, though it was likely well past noon. She had gotten into the habit of sleeping in late. Groaning, she stretched her arms up, moving to a sitting position so that the thin blue bedsheet slid down her body to her lap, exposing her breasts. Contact with the cool air caused her nipples to stiffen slightly and goosebumps to prickle her skin.

The cat meowed and she grudgingly got up and filled its bowl. As the cat ate, Celeste stood on her tip-toes to peer out the kitchen window, confirming that it was another overcast day. This was supposed to be summer, she frowned. No wonder she prefers to stay indoors.

She sat, the smooth wood of the desk chair feeling good on her bare skin, and turned on her computer. It booted and instantly a chat window popped up.

Screw_driver_657 wrote: Hey babe. I get off work at four. Should I come over? Sent 2:37 P.M. PST

A mischievous smile lit up Celeste’s face. What a nice surprise. She quickly typed a response.

blueyedArtemis wrote: I’ll be waiting. Hope work gets you nice and dirty;) Sent 2:39 P.M. PST

It was already so late in the day. Celeste logged off. She only had a little more than an hour to get ready.

At 3:42 P.M. Celeste lounged in the kitchen, legs crossed and elbows on the table, still nude Escort Pendik but freshly showered and sweet-smelling, hair dry, but left hanging down to her shoulders, framing her face, and a small amount of makeup highlighting her eyes. She wasn’t at the prime of her youth, but had an appealing ease and confidence with her body. She concentrated on reading Sexual Politics by Kate Millet, distractedly petting the cat in front of her, who purred softly as it reclined on the table.

Just as she attempted to interpret a particularly interesting passage about women’s extraordinary biological potentiality for sexual arousal and pleasure, her front door opened and closed. At the noise, she stopped and looked up. A fit medium-height woman with cropped dark hair carrying a black messenger bag on one shoulder and with jeans covered in grease and oil, walked into Celeste’s kitchen.

“That garage never fails to bring you to me covered in filth, Sadie.” Celeste declared.

Smiling, Sadie replied, “I know, I can’t wait to get these pants off.”

She walked over to where Celeste was sitting and they kissed deeply. Celeste reached out to unbutton Sadie’s pants, pressing and rubbing on her crotch with her hands as she did it.

They separated from the kiss and Celeste pulled Sadies’s pants down.

“Oo,” Celeste’s eyes got bigger as she looked.

“Oh yeah. Hope you don’t mind I brought this.” Sadie grinned.

Sadie finished kicking off her jeans then turned and reached into her bag. She brought out her hand and in it was a large beige dildo. She took it and fixed it into the harness she had been wearing all day.

“Niice,” Celeste tugged at it, running her hands up and down the shaft so that it pressed against Sadie’s clit.

Sadie put her hands around Celeste’s waist and helped her up onto the table. The cat had long since ran off. Sadie pushed Celeste’s legs open and stood between them as they kissed again. Sadie rubbed Celeste’s breasts, pinching her nipples slightly. Then she flicked her fingers against Celeste’s clit and drew them up and down along the wetness of her cunt, teasing. Celeste moaned and leaned back, her movement causing the discarded book to crash to the floor.

Knowing what she wanted and feeling Celeste’s clit already red and swollen and her pussy dripping with moisture, Sadie grabbed Celeste at the small of her back, pulled her towards her and lunged the cock inside. Celeste breathed hard and Sadie proceeded to thrust in and out of her. She moved slow, so that Celeste felt every movement, and then increased the pace. She kept one hand on Celeste’s back, pushing her against the dildo, and brought her other hand to Celeste’s face. Celeste took Sadie’s fingers in her mouth eagerly, licking and sucking them as she was being fucked.

Celeste couldn’t help opening her mouth to let out a moan and Sadie brought her fingers out of her mouth and down to circle on Celeste’s clit. The pounding of the dildo in her and the movement on her clit drove Celeste to an intense orgasm. She came hard, bucking her hips against the cock, covering it with her juices. Sadie continued fucking her, slowly in and out, as Celeste came down from the orgasm. They kissed and pressed close, Sadie forcing the dick in deeply and holding it there as their tongues played. Celeste’s chest was heaving and they were both warm and worn out from the exertions. Softly, Sadie pulled out of Celeste. Celeste leaned down and licked the dildo clean of her cum, licking up and down the length then sucking the whole thing. When she had swallowed all of the sweetness, she sat up and looked at Sadie, wiping her mouth.

“You’re great babe,” Sadie remarked.

They kissed again and then Sadie leaned down to take out the dildo and placed it back in her bag, and pulled back on her dirty jeans.

“See you soon.”

They embraced and Sadie left. Celeste slid down from the table and back to the chair she was in before. She bent over and picked up the fallen book. Opening to where she had left off, Celeste continued to read about sexual politics. The cat wandered back in and jumped to the windowsill, climbing behind the blinds to scare a bird. Looking up, Celeste wrinkled her nose, disgusted at the grey dull summer day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32