Piglet Part Ch. 02

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After finishing her shower and drying off, Kimberly walked back to the master bedroom where Mary and Debbie awaited for her.

Look at our cute little piggy girl! Mary exclaimed.

Mary looked at piglet and said. “Now I want you face up on the bed with your legs wide open. I’m going to lick that nice bald fat fuck hole and see how wet you get. Then I’m going to put on my 8 inch Mommy cock and I’m going to shove it all deep in that tight fuck hole. While I’m stretching out your fuck hole, Debbie is going to be smothering your face with her big girl pussy and ass and you are going to eat her holes out and make her cum hard. Then Debbie is going to put on her Mommy cock and then spread open your tight pig hole.”

Kimberly looked at Mary and replied “Yes Ma’am”

Kimberly felt her heart race a bit as she got up on the bed and spread her legs. As she was lying down, Debbie sat next to her and started to run and pinch her nipples making them harder. Mary got on the bed and pushed piglets legs further apart. With her right thumb and index finger, Mary pulled and pinched piglet’s large labia.

“Piglet, I think I’m going to have my friend pierce your fat meat curtains, so I can lock it close so you won’t be tempted to shove any toys or cock in it when you are not here.” Mary said as she pinched harder and pulled them put wards.

Piglet began to moan as her meat curtains were pinched and pulled my Mary and Debbie biting her hard nipples.

As Mary rubbed piglet’s fat clit with her thumb, she ask piglet. “I bet you jacked off a lot of boys while you let them look at your fat udders. Maybe even sucked some cock and swallowed their nasty boy cum.”

Piglet moaned back a response. “Yes Ma’am. I jacked their dicks off and sucked cock, and Escort Pendik sometimes I would spread my legs and pull back my fat belly so they could jack off and cum on my fat little girl pussy.”

“How many dicks have you sucked in a night piglet?” Mary asked.

“Seven.” Piglet replied

“What a cock sucking slut.” Snickered Mary as she looked at Debbie.

“Most young fatties are the biggest cock suckers.” Debbie replied.

“Is your mommy a nice fat pig like you?” Asked Mary as she twisted and pulled piglet’s fat nipples.”

“Oh yes she is. Her udders are bigger than mine and her fat belly covers her pussy.” Moaned back piglet.

“She sounds like someone Mary and I would have fun with.” Debbie cooed.

“Maybe later this summer we can invite you and your pig mommy for some fun. Love to watch you eat your mommy’s fat fuck and pig hole.” Debbie added.

By now, Piglet was dripping wet and the sheets were showing the wet spot.

“I think piglet is ready for a nice big mommy cock isn’t she?” Asked Mary.

“Oh yes ma’am, please rape my tight fuck hole with your big mommy cock. Make it hurt please.” Piglet moaned.

“Oh I will piglet. You can count on that and while I’m raping your fuck hole, Debbie is going to sit her big girl pussy and ass on your face to service and watch me rip open your fuck hole.” Mary said with a laugh.

Mary got off the bed and went to the dresser and grabbed her strap on. It took her a few minutes to put it on and adjust it. Piglet watched her get on the bed as the eight inch thick mommy cock protruded outwards.

Mary rubbed the tip on the outside of piglet’s fuck hole and as she did Debbie got up and began to lower her pussy on to piglet’s face.

“I better feel that piggy tongue up my cunt and shithole or I’ll beat your udders till they are black and blue and Mary will take a strap to your fuck hole and beat it as well. You better swallow my cum and piss piglet.” Debbie demanded.

“Yes Ma’am.” Replied piglet.

Debbie had her fat cunt opening right over piglet’s mouth and watched Mary tease piglet’s fuck hole with the dildo. Debbie reached forward and pulled back piglet’s fat belly for a better view.

Mary look and Debbie and nodded. As soon as Debbie nodded back, Mary rammed the whole eight inch dildo deep inside piglet and as she did Debbie sat on piglets face to smother her screams.

Mary watched as she shoved it all the way in knowing this was too big for a tight fuck hole. After a few more strokes, streaks of blood covered the dildo and Debbie smile and said. “I just love it when they bleed the first time.”

“So do I knowing that this is the first step before I get my fist up there and really have some fun.” Mary replied.

Debbie lifted up a bit so piglet’s screams could be heard.

“Get that piggy tongue up my cunt now and quit your crying. You’ll be crying more later tonight when I rape your pig hole.” Debbie yelled.

Piglet knowing she was in no position to resist did what she was told and shoved her tongue deep inside Debbie’s cunt.

“That’s a good little piggy girl. Lick my big girl cunt and think about licking your mommy’s cunt.” Debbie moaned as she felt piglet’s tender tongue slide deep inside her.

By this time, Mary was pounding piglet’s fuck hole hard and long. Piglet’s hole continued to leak out her juices and a type of squishing sound could be heard each time the dildo went in and out. Piglet’s meat curtain s swelled more from the rush of blood flowing into to them.

“How’s piglet doing licking your cunt Debbie?” Ask Mary.

“She’s going ok for a novice. Maybe I need to strap her udders tonight as an incentive to do better.” Debbie replied as she continued to grind her cunt against piglet’s tongue.

“I think than would be a wonderful idea. I’m thinking she needs to be potty trained for us as well.” Mary replied with a grin.

“Oh I love using piglets for potties. I just loved pissing on the piglet earlier” Debbie replied with a smile.

Piglet’s fuck hole was getting somewhat use to being invaded my Mary’s big mommy cock and she began to buck and moan. Mary noticed the change in piglet’s reaction to being fucked and picked up the paced.

“Cum my little piglet. Show me how much you like my big mommy cock raping your fuck hole. Show me how much you like be using like a piggy. I bet by the time summer is over, I’m going to watch your mommy fuck her little piggy daughter.” Mary called out.

“Oh, ummmm, fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk, piglet squealed as she came for the first time and squirted all over Mary’s mommy cock buried inside her and leaking out all over the sheets.

“I’m cumming piglet and get ready to swallow my hot cunt cum.” Yelled Debbie.

Piglet opened her mouth the best she could as Debbie flooded her in her cunt cum. Piglet was gagging on the amount of cum flowing in her mouth.

“That’s a good piggy girl gag on it my cunt cum.” Debbie moaned out.

A few minutes after flooding piglet’s mouth, Debbie left her pussy off piglet’s face and saw her face and hair soaked in her cunt cum. Mary pulled out her mommy cock and told piglet it was time to suck it clean.

Piglet laid in the bed smelling of Debbie’s cunt cum and sitting on the big wet spot under her ass and fuck hole.

“I think I’m going to like this.” Piglet said to herself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32