One Good Turn

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One good turn deserves another…

Or so they say. We played like that all of the time. One day I took the reins and the next you did. Give and take. We loved the power exchange. Today was my day to take. Or so I thought. It happened so fast. One moment I’m in the bathroom brushing my teeth and the next I am being manhandled, your strength easily overcoming my attempts to free myself as I am dragged into the bedroom and bound. Within minutes you have me restrained and gagged. I’m angered and excited all at once. I feel the saliva drip down the black ball and pool on my bottom lip. It lands between my breasts and slowly heads south. I’m tied to a chair, arms behind my back. Legs spread. You kneel between them and look your fill at my spread pussy.

I feel that pull deep in my gut and it wars with the dominant mindset I was in. Submissive and dominant. Push and pull. Moments before I could almost feel my girlcock in place, pussy alive with the hunger to fuck your ass. I can’t help but push against my restraints wanting to break loose and take control again.

Without warning you deliver three hard smacks to my bared pussy. I cry out against the gag in my mouth and feel my body responding instantly. The bonds..being on display…at your whim. Its a heady spell and I sink down in it. The moment you roughly pull my dress down over my breasts and secure the clamps to my nipples I am gone. My body sags against the rope and I’m am hyper aware of your body…your every move. Your strength…your smell. They both command my attention.

I watch through my sensual haze as you lean forward; so slow it’s like a dream. Your mouth hovers inches from mine. In the same move you suck the drool from my bottom lip and reach past me for something. The heat of your mouth sears into me and I moan. Then it’s beside my ear, breath so hot it sends a shiver down my spine.

“Are you ready to be used, babygirl?”

I nod and make an incoherent sound against the gag. Take me, fuck me, own me. To my surprise you sit back on your heals, a large black strapless dido in your hand. I frown, confused at what I am seeing. Where is the crop, the wand…anything to tease me with? I want to scream noooooo!

Without a word you bring the longer end up to your mouth and begin sucking it.

Somewhere deep inside me that hunger flares to life again quickly followed by kaçak iddaa anger. Dom…sub…what did you expect from me? How could I fully sink into any one mindset if you keep pulling me out of it? Stop toying with me!

I can’t pull my eyes away from you. Seeing you with a cock in your mouth, that dark look in your eyes and I know I’m in trouble. You are no where near done playing with me. I try and ground myself, both curious and nervous to see where you’ll take me.

You pull the cock from your mouth with a loud sucking noise and I feel every inch of wetness you swallowed as though it were my own cock in your throat moments before. The trail of spit from your wet lip to the tip of the shiny head causes me to grind my pussy against the chair, hoping to relieve the ache from my swollen lips and clit. I am breathing heavy through my nose, drooling like a dog, salivating after a bone. Want.

Keeping your eyes locked on mine you reach out to capture some spit dripping from the ball gag and bring it to the smaller end of the girlcock, slowly sliding the wetness around. My pussy clenches in response. I cry out as you push the end into me firmly. The curved tip rests against my g-spot inside and can’t help but tighten around it repeatedly, causing the ache to multiply in intensity. As if sensing what I am doing you smack my clamped nipples and the twinge of pain cuts through my greedy pleasure.

“Let’s get one thing straight. This is my girlcock tonight babygirl. I own it, not you! You will keep that greedy cunt of yours loose while I use it. Are we clear?”

I nod, quickly responding to your firm tone. I try and shut out that inner voice in my head that says own your girlcock…own his ass!

Reaching past me one more time you pull out a long chain which you use to connect my two clamps. The chain that extends out from the middle is long enough to coil at my feet. The weight of it pulls my nipples hard and the pain radiates deep inside me before blossoming into a throbbing ache. One more foray into your hidden box of surprises and a clothes pin appears which you quickly attach to the hood surrounding my clit. Ugggg. I try not to squirm as the pinch dissipates into a warm throb. To my surprise you unfasten one of my wrists, leaving it free.

“You are not to use this hand unless I say so, Babygirl.”

I nod, leaving it against my thigh, kaçak bahis curious what you have planned for it. It takes a lot of restraint to keep it in place with every inch of my body crying out for relief.

Satisfied that I am playing by the rules you grab the end of the chain and turn around, presenting me your ass. Your fucking luscious man ass.

Oh god! I need that…want inside!! Without realizing it, I make animalistic noises behind my gag.

A quick jerk of the chain and I am silenced back into submission. “Behave,” you growl.

Trying to focus on the sting in my nipples and the pinch in my clit I watch you reach back with your other hand to fish around for your anus and push inside with not one but two fingers. Fuck yes! You begin a steady pumping motion. In and out. In and out. I close my eyes unable to watch. I can almost feel my girlcock swelling in response, my balls drawing close to my body. I’ll never make it.

As if sensing what I am doing you give the chain a quick tug. “Open your eyes and watch me fuck my ass babygirl. As punishment, you are going to stroke my girlcock in time with my hand.”

Nooo! My eyes snap open. My breath catches, coming in pants as I see you have three fingers buried deep. My hips come off the chair involuntarily as the need to be inside you shakes me to the core. Your head is turned back to watch me, ensuring that I follow your instructions. With my free hand I grasp the length of my cock and with the other I sink my fingernails into the fleshy palm, trying to refocus myself. Drool and wetness are leaking from my mouth and pussy at a steady stream now as I fight the urge to rotate my hips and fucking take what I want.

“Don’t you dare fuck yourself on my cock. All you get to do is watch and stroke.”

You turn back and resume pumping your meaty fingers in and out. I want to scream at you to get out of my head. My hand against my girlcock refuses to let me shake that dominant need inside of me. The duality of my sexual needs battles inside of me until a victor emerges. Shaking I slump in my chair, reaching that level of submission that transcend everything else. My breathing evens out and I just exist in the moment. Yours to command.

Finally you pull your fingers from your ass. Your pucker doesn’t close right away but instead remains open, giving me a view inside of you. Turning illegal bahis around you eye me closely. The satisfied smile that shapes your lips is all I care about. “Good girl.”

Those magic words that have so much power wash over me. You stand in front of me, bringing your cock eye level. It’s dripping wetness almost as much as both my lips are. Without a single word you push my hand from my cock, straddle my legs and sink down over me, letting your ass swallow me whole. The light hair on your ass cheeks tickles my thighs as some of your weight settles against me. My girlcock pushes forward with the weight of you on it, pressing into my g-spot with an intensity that steals my breath away. Your hands grasp the back of the chair as your begin your ride. One hand weaves it’s way into my hair and pulls my head back so I am forced to look up at you, watching you pleasure yourself on me.

Time slows to a heart pounding pace as you and I share the most perfect moment of dominance and submission. The claps behind my head is loosened and the ball gag falls to the floor. Your mouth is against mine, drinking the moisture and massaging my stiff tongue with your warmer one. Your cock is thumping against my stomach with each hard fuck down. You are relentless in fucking my cock. I know if it were real it would have exploded in your ass the minute you sat down. I stay focus on your pleasure.

“Oh fuck yes, babygirl!” you groan against my mouth as your ass smacks down hard against my sweat-covered thighs, “cum with me!!”

As if pulled back into real time by your command, my entire body’s pleasure comes into focus and I take hold of the reins, arching against my cock, trying to drive it deeper in your ass. My free hand grabs a handful of your cheek and pulls you down over and over. My girlcock is suddenly mine and with it comes the heady knowledge that it’s buried deep in your fuck hole. Mine, mine, mine! Within seconds it all comes crashing down over me and I am flung over the edge into an endless abyss of pleasure. You are there with me, loads of cum shooting between our bodies, a string of obscenities on your lips as your shaking thighs slow down and finally settle against my own exhausted ones.

Your forehead is against mine as my lashes open and I see your beautiful dark eyes searing into mine. Our breathing still shaky and erratic as we both struggle for words. Neither of us can express what just happened between us. You are the first to crack a smile…it’s lop-sided and boyish and I respond with one of my own. It communicates one single thought between us.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32