My first camping trip (part 2)

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Like many other stories of this nature, this is a complete work of fiction. nothing more. a story dreamed up by me at one point. please take as nothing more, and hopefully, enjoy.

I awoke that next morning, Saturday, still with Tracy in my arms, and still naked. I was a bit hazy, as the night before I’d not only had my first experience with anything sexual, i had my first experience with alcohol as well. We both lay there for a little while as the sun was starting to heat up the back of the 4 runner. There was a thick, sticky, sweaty smell in the air in our makeshift bed area from the activities of the night before. As we both were awakening, we just lay there in each others arms giving each other girly little smiles, and a few bits of giggling about what had just happened last night between us.

Our little quiet time together ended abruptly though, as we heard Tracy’s cousin, Blaire, coming out of her families trailer. We nearly jumped as we realized that we were still laying there naked togather and if she came near the truck, it would be pretty obvious what was going on! In a scrambling rush, which no doubt brought more attention via the shaking vehicle and the noise, we hunted down our pants and shirts and got dressed as fast as we could. Although at the time i didn’t think Blaire noticed anything, I think back on it now wondering if she could see anything through those tinted windows from where she was. If she did, she never said anything.

Tracy got out of the back first, followed by me, both of us nervous but giggling to each other again, hoping that no one noticed the truck shaking around. Tracy made a smart decision, leaving the back of the 4 Runner open, so that it would air out, and grabbed the two beer cans out of the back quickly and stashed them in the trash bag that was close by on our way over to the chairs where Blaire was sitting.

“Morning girls, how you feeling Cindy? hehe” she giggled noticing my obvious slight hangover from my first drinking experience.

“I’m ok, just a little blurry and still kinda tired. What time is it?” i responded

“About 7 I think” said Tracy. I was surprised, I don’t think that I’d woken up that early on a Saturday in quite awhile, I’m usually a late sleeper on weekends. I guess it could be accounted to being subject to the desert sun in the back of the truck.

“I’m gonna go down to the store and grab breakfast and take a shower, you wanna come with me? You should, you don’t smell so good haha” said Blaire, obviously making fun of the smell of sex emanating from us. Tracy and i both kinda looked at each other and blushed…. did she know what was going on? She had to by now, but aside from the joke, didn’t bring it up again.

A few miles away from our camp, was a store that doubled as a restaurant and RV stop. It had a gas station, dump station, different kinds of parts for sale for the different off road vehicles that frequented the area, and, in the back, a large bathroom/shower area, built out of cinder blocks, that was coin operated.

“I’ll grab my shower stuff, we can all share it. Grab some clean clothes and we’ll head down there in a few minutes. I’m hungry and a shower will help clear up this hangover” Blaire told us.

Tracy went over to her trailer with Blaire, and i headed back to the truck. My sister wasn’t up yet, nor was anyone that drank all night yet, but, we decided to just head out without asking anyways. We would probably be back before they woke up anyways. I went back over to the scene of my crime last night, and dug through my bag and grabbed some clean clothes, including some new panties… since last night, i still hadn’t put any on! Even though it felt kinda dirty and fun to not wear any underwear, i thought it was be a good idea to put some back on and feel a little more normal for the time being.

After i grabbed my things, I walked over to the little UTV that we had been riding around in last night with Blaire, and waited for them to come out. Tracy came out first and came up to me.

Without even saying anything, she walked up next to me, and kissed me, right in broad daylight! I was surprised, but kissed back, if only for the 3 seconds that it lasted before she broke it off.

“Blaire’s still inside digging around for her stuff. I wanted to do that before she came out” she said smiling at me. A good thing she didn’t kiss me longer, because only a few seconds after, Blaire came out carrying her bag of stuff. She hopped in her usual previous position at the drivers seat, and Tracy and I jumped into our same spots as before. She started up the little Rhino, and we took off down the trail.

It was different Driving around in the daytime than at night. This only being my first time in the desert, it was definitely an experience seeing it in the daylight as we followed the trail down to the store a few miles away. It wasn’t a busy weekend, we only saw one small group of kids riding around on their quads on our way to the store. We crossed the highway, pulled into the parking lot, and after turning off the Rhino and grabbing our stuff, we hopped out.

“You guys want to take a shower first? I’d rather get cleaned up before we head into the restaurant looking all nasty” Blaire said.

Tracy and I just nodded in agreement, and followed her to behind the main building where the cinder block building stood that was the coin-op showers. We walked in, it wasn’t the nicest type of shower that I’d seen, just basically a cinder block building with concrete floors, some benches, and severral stalls for the showers, separated by, you guessed it, more cinder block walls, and some simple doors. I was kinda glad that we were the only ones there, I was still a little shy about this whole public showering thing, even after my antics the night before with Tracy.

“Hey Cindy, can you check how much the showers cost? I just realized that I didn’t bring much change and I want to make sure we have enough” said Blaire

“Um, looks like $1.25 for 5 minutes, and then another 25 cents for every additional minute” I replied.

“Shit… I only brought $3, that’s not really enough for all of us to have a decent shower…” Blaire said. My first thought was to just say “Well me and Tracy could just share a shower”, but I knew that would sound a little weird. So I just waited for Blaire or Tracy to come up with a solution.

“Well, I guess we could all just share one, we’re all girls here” Blaire came back with. Now, one part of me was really excited about this idea, to shower with Tracy like I wanted to, but also with Blaire, she was really pretty and seeing her naked would be exciting. But, another part of me was a little nervous, being naked in front of Blaire, she would probably figure out that with my almost non-existent chest, and now in the light, clearly no pubic hair, and NOT from shaving like Tracy had earlier covered for me by saying, that I was definitely a bit younger than I had been putting on to be.

“Yeah I guess that would be ok. I don’t mind” Tracy said while looking over at me, and smiled. “You ok with that Cindy?”

“Yeah no big deal” I said, kind of shyly. With that, Blaire grabbed her shower stuff that we would be sharing, and we all got into the shower. illegal bahis Blaire, showing no hint of shyness at all, was the first to start stripping down, while Tracy and I were a little slower and a bit more reserved while we took off our clothes. In only a few seconds, we were all naked, hanging our clothes over the door next to our towels that we brought. Blaire put the money in the control box, and turned the shower on. She put all the money in at once, to give us the most time possible, a whole 12 minutes worth. The shower came on, and we were hit all at once with cold water. All three of us jumped and squealed the typical little girl scream that you would expect from an 11 year old, 13 year old and 14 year old. The water warmed up in a few seconds though, and we got on with trying to share the water between the 3 of us. It was no easy task trying to share the shower between us, we were constantly bumping into each other and rubbing up against each other. Tracy and I tried to mostly keep the rubbing to each other, as we were obviously comfortable with that. Every time Blaire would get her turn under the water and be looking away from us, her and I would trade grabs to each others asses and boobs, trying not to giggle or arise suspicion, but get in a little fun while we were naked. While we did these quick actions to each other, we didn’t notice that Blaire had actually noticed several times. Then, right when i had been trying to get a finger up Tracy’s little ass and she was squirming trying to stop me and stay quiet… Blaire spun around and looked directly at us.

Tracy and I both stood there a little stunned from being caught… I didn’t even take my hand from between her ass cheeks, when Blaire moved up to me, and quickly placed her hand behind my head and pulled my face to hers, kissing me. Now I was REALLY shocked. I didn’t know what to do, kiss her back? Tracy was right there! To my further surprise, I felt another hand on me, Tracy’s. Her left hand reached around and started rubbing my ass, while her right hand was all over her cousin. Now, I knew that they had done stuff togather before, but this I did not expect. After only a few seconds though, I succumbed, and started kissing back at Blaire as passionately as I had with Cindy only hours before. My hand, still on Tracy’s ass, resumed it’s previous mission at trying to get a finger up her little ass. My other hand, however, had moved on to new territory. One thing that was the clear difference between the likes of myself and Tracy, and that of her older cousin… was that Blaire had tits. Not huge by any means, but much larger than the mosquito bumps on our chests. That’s where my left hand started to explore while i was kissing Blaire, with Tracy kissing her cousins neck, and moving down to her chest. Tracy began sucking on Blaire’s left boob, while I was squeezing and kneading the right one with my hand.

My right hand however, was now much more successful in it’s journey up Tracy’s butt. My finger was now all the way as far as I could get it up her ass, and I started slowly drawing it in and out, resulting in a bit of moaning into Blaire’s tits from Tracy.

The kissing broke off between Blaire and I, she just stared into my eyes, moved her hand from the back of my head, and placed it between my legs. I gave off a small whimper, and removing my hand from her right tit, replaced it with my mouth, moving my left hand around her to her ass. I don’t know why I’d already become an ass girl, but as much as I was beginning to love pussy, I was even more fascinated with ass.

Now our faces pressed together, and both our hands groping Blaire’s ass, Tracy and I were assaulting Blaire’s tits with our tongues lips and teeth. My finger in Tracy’s tight little hole was moving faster, and Blaire’s hand on my pussy was getting much more aggressive. Her fingers, not much bigger than my own tiny fingers, were furiously going back and forth on my little slit, in a very successful attempt at stimulating my 11 year old clit.

In a bold attempt by my normally shy and quiet self, I started heightening the level of stimulation that my left hand was having on Blaire’s ass. In a swift motion, my hand slipped right between her slippery and soapy ass cheeks, and my middle finger hit right on target into her asshole. Blaire jumped a little but didn’t attempt at all to stop me. I guess her and her cousin were both in the ass category with me! Now, with both hands working the same job of ass-fingering, we were all in very high states of heavy breathing-extacy. In only a short amount of time, I was nearing orgasm from Blaire’s hand on my little mound, and I was almost ready to bite her nipple off. I didn’t of course, but I could tell from her starting to moan that I was having quite an effect on her. With my own orgasm starting to hit, my fingers in these cousins asses were at full steam. Tracy broke away from sucking on her cousins tit, and was now focusing all her efforts on her own little pussy with her hand, while leaning her face on my shoulder. ALL of us were becoming lost in pleasure, it’s a very lucky thing looking back now that no one else walked into that shower, we would have been obviously caught in the act!

Although we were past orgasm now, we all still clung together while we leaned up against the rough, wet cinder block wall still under the shower. We all passed small kisses between each other for a minute, when I finally looked over at the timer showing that we only had about 30 seconds left of water.

“Crap!” i spurted out “the showers almost out of time we better hurry up”.

With that, we all quickly regained our senses, finishing up what small shower tasks we hadnt yet accomplished, namely putting conditioner in our hair being that Blaire had caught me and Tracy while we were all rinsing shampoo out of our hair.

We finished up the shower in only a few seconds before the shower had run out of time, and turned off. We all grabbed for our towels and shared smiles at each other, a little embarrassed but really excited about the threesome we had just enjoyed together. As fun as it was, we were all still needing more, but would have to wait. We got out of the shower stall, and moved into the change area where we put on our clothes and combed out our hair together. We all were finally done, and putting our sandals on and grabbing our bags, we walked out the front of the shower building, and walked around the other building to the front, entering the restaurant.

We sat down at a table in the corner, only 3 of 7 total customers at that point. A waitress came up to us shortly, and we ordered our food and drinks.

“Soooo, that was fun right?” asked Blaire, who shared a smirk with us while we all looked at each other for a moment before erupting in a group pre-teen giggle. Under the table, Tracy put her hand on my leg, out of sight from anyone that could see of course, and was lightly stroking up and down my bare legs.

“Well, I guess this changes our weekend, I just hope we don’t get carried away at some point and get caught” Blaire continued. “But we gotta do this more this weekend. We should try to keep it down today though, until tonight when we can go out on another trip in the Rhino in the dark. I know a nice sandy spot about illegal bahis siteleri a mile from camp that no one will bug us at”

“Sound good” said Tracy “I know you probably already know but me and Cindy were already having fun last night, there’s some stuff we did that you HAVE to do with us”

“Oh really? Cindy, your not quite the cute little shy girl I thought you were. But yeah, I knew something was going on last night when you were gone so long last night. I just didn’t think it was gonna be more than making out, I had no idea you two were such little sluts!” said Blaire looking at both of us. “And Cindy, i know your trying to act older and more mature, but my parents already told me you were coming out and I’ve known the whole time that your only 11. It’s ok. When I was 10 I was coming out here, and there was this 14 year old girl that I would fool around with that we camped with. It’s actually a bit of a turn on to me.”

“I just didn’t want you girls to think I was some lame little kid and treat me different. I’ve never been out here before and I knew my sister would end up getting drunk with some guy and ignoring me most of the weekend.” I replied.

We got our food a few minutes after that, ate, and then headed back to camp. The rest of the day was alot of fun but much more toned down. Someone had some quads that they were too hungover to ride much, and let Tracy and I ride them around a little. For most of the day, we had a good time just being young girls, riding the bikes around, laughing, getting tanned in the warm desert sun. I met some more of my sisters friends, most of them were her age or a few years older. The guy that she met was pretty cool but treated me like I was more of a daughter to her and not a younger sister. So i didn’t really talk to him much. It was clear throughout the day though that everyone got along good and it certainly wouldnt be the last time that I would be brought out. I also found out something that I figured I should have asked much earlier, I found out that Tracy and Blaire lived in the same town as me, just went to different schools. My sister and their parents even agreed that since we seemed to be making such good friends, that they would bring us over to hang out together once in awhile. Score!

As much fun as I had just had with Blaire, it was really Tracy that I was starting to get girlfriend feelings for. Even while we were both sucking on her cousins tits that morning, I was already getting a little jealous knowing of all the times before that Blaire had gotten to fool around with Tracy. But, the small bit of jealousy aside, I was still really eager for that sun to go down, and for another night of sneaking Coors lights from my sister and her friends, and another ride in the Rhino to that nice sandy spot that Blaire had talked about earlier.

After hours of waiting patiently though, the sun did of course go down, and with that, predictably, the camp locals were well on their way to drinking themselves silly. Blaire and Tracy meanwhile, were busy skillfully sneaking a beer or two at a time and hiding them in the Rhino for our trip that was about to take place. It was obvious now that they must do this often on desert trips, they looked like they were already old hands at it. Around 8, we all decided it was time. Blaire, being the oldest of course, asked if it was ok if we went out again for a ride, to which, as predicted, they readily agreed, probably feeling a little excited even that they could tone-up the conversation to more adult themes without worry of our young ears overhearing. If they only knew!

And so we were off. Down the trail that it seemed Blaire knew all too well. She drove with an obvious extra enthusiasm, driving probably twice as fast as we had the night before, obviously eager to get there and get our already moistening pussy’s satisfied. As we drove, we threw caution to the wind, as all three of us were already at least halfway through our first beer, of which we brought enough so that we could each have a few. We all finished before we even got to the spot, Tracy and myself chugging as much as we could for the kind of fun that we knew we both enjoyed, hoping that Blaire would be up to enjoying that kind of fun with us.

We finally arrived at the spot. It was perfect, flat and soft sand, cliffs all around us, with only this small off-shoot of a trail leading in, we parked the vehicle so that it would also act as a blocker to our activities, just on the small chance that someone else made thier way down this trail, we needed some cover.

We jumped out eagerly, and wasting no time at all, Tracy and I were already throat deep on each others tongues, our hands moving over each others bodies with enthusiasm that we hadn’t yet shown, obviously we were both extremely eager to get each other off after waiting the entire day. Her hands were in no time, busy unbuttoning my shorts, and ripping them and my panties off in one quick motion. I stepped out of them without even looking down, and was working on pulling her shirt up while she moved to unbuttoning her own shorts. In only a minute, her and I were already completely naked, giving Blaire a show of us sucking face and molesting each other with our hands.

Blaire meanwhile, had opened another beer, and while holding her beer in one hand, had another down her pants while she watched the two of us get down to it.

“oh god that’s so damn hot” she said ” I wish I would have followed you two out last night, I had no idea what I missing out on”.

we continued kissing, smiling over at Blaire for a minute before Tracy took the initiative, and got on her knees in the soft sand, putting her face between my legs while i leaned up against the Rhino and looked over at Blaire, who’s hand was very busy in her pants.

“Tracy came out from between my legs for a second, and said “You haven’t even seen the half of it, Cindy, show Blaire what we did last night”.

I was only confused for a second before I realized why she had her mouth open a few inches from my pussy… she wanted me to piss in her mouth again. The water I had pounded earlier, along with the beer that I pounded on the way here definitely helped here, and in only a few short seconds I began peeing full stream. I let out a moan as I started going, and looked over at Blaire, who had an amazing look of shock on her face to what we were doing, but who’s hand was still very very busy working on herself.

“Oh my god, you drink each others pee! thats so hot!” she exclaimed. “I wanna try it!”

Taking a que, I stopped peeing mid stream to make sure that I had enough for Blaire to try, while Tracy, mouth still wide open and slightly overflowing with my piss, closed her mouth and swallowed my piss in one big gulp, then wiping my little hairless slit with her tounge for a minute, before moving over for Blaire to take her place.

Blaire, who was busy taking her clothes off, hesitated for a minute but got down on her knees nervously, put her mouth against my pussy, and closed her eyes. I let the flow continue in a torrent into her mouth, giving her no slack to get used to it. She kinda coughed for a second, getting pee all over her tits and face and my inner thighs, to which me and Tracy gave off canlı bahis siteleri a small laugh, but she kept up on it and started swallowing. Tracy got up while I was still peeing in her cousins mouth, and started kissing me and rubbing my little bumps on my chest. I could taste my own pee on her tongue, which, unsurprisingly, actually tasted kinda like beer. As Blaire continued drinking, she reached up her hands behind me and started squeezing my little ass cheeks. I finished peeing though, but she continued her oral assault on my pussy while I made out more with Tracy. Now leaning forward on her knees, her ass was sticking up in the air when Tracy broke the kiss between us, and moved behind her cousin, getting down on her own knees. She gave me a little grin, which i returned, before spreading open her cousins ass cheeks as wide as she could, and stuck her tongue up her ass.

I felt the attempt at a moan come from Blaire’s mouth into my pussy, which was actually very nice. She obviously was quite surprised at the action but obviously liked it. Feeling a little bold, I put my hands on the sides of her head while she ate me out.

After a few minutes of this though, I decided it was my turn to get some ass action. I pulled her head away from my pussy momentarily, and turned around, spreading my ass cheeks open for her. Her hands went on top of mine, and she obviously got the idea.

“You girls are so fucking dirty, I love it” Blaire said before she dove her tongue into my ass.

I let out a very loud moan, something I’d wanted to do the last two days but hadn’t really had the opportunity to yet. She continued tonguing my ass for several minutes, something I’d been hoping for all day. Her cousin meanwhile, had upped the ante, and had added a finger up Blaire’s pussy to her anal tounging. But, after a few minutes, it was obviously time to switch it up.

“Stick something up my butt Blaire?” I said, feeling very turned on by talking dirty. Without responding, she stuck her fingers in her mouth for a second, getting them really wet, and then pushed her pointer finger against my butthole, and her middle finger against my pussy. Being ever so gentle, she slowly pushed her little digits up into me, wriggling up further and further until she bottomed out her finger as deep as it would go. I was breathing so heavy now, I REALLY needed to get off. She slowly got into the motion of fingering my holes in and out. After only about a minute, my tight little holes loosened up just a little bit enough to allow more motion and more speed. Now i really started getting hot. I was inches from only the 4th orgasm of my life, and it was definitely building to be the biggest one yet, no doubt from the double penetration and the taste of my own pee still on my lips. Only seconds later, I came.

“oh god Blaire don’t stop don’t stop!” i cried “fuck my ass harder!” I was amazed at my own words, never being one to talk very dirty, a whole new side of me was clearly developing. All I wanted to be was these girls little lesbo slut. To be licked, penetrated, pissed on, and return the favor as much as I could.

I was completely weak, i could barely stand, and I fell to the sand with the other two girls. Tracy was still working her cousin up to her own orgasm. My senses coming back, I brought my face to Blaire’s and started kissing her, cupping a breast with one hand, and pinching and twisting its nipple. It was only seconds after that, when Blaire came, Soaking Tracy’s hand with her cum, which Tracy eagerly brought to her own mouth and cleaned off.

I kept kissing Blaire for another minute as she recovered, but it was Tracy’s turn to get off. I looked over at her gorgeous little 13 year old naked body, as she stood up and moved towards me knowing exactly what she wanted me to do. I broke off my kiss from Blaire, but didn’t move far. I opened my mouth, and put it only an inch from her bald little pussy. Without a word, I knew what was coming, and she began peeing in my mouth as I had done to her only a few minutes ago. Blaire looked over at my actions, with eyes of pure, 14 year old lust that couldn’t be misunderstood as anything else. To give her a little more of a show, I pulled my head back a few inches, letting there be a long stream between her pussy and my mouth. Tracy saw that my mouth was filling faster than i could swallow, and stopped her stream. To her surprise though, I didn’t swallow it. With a mouthful of piss, I turned my face to Blaire, grabbed her behind the head, and pulled her face to mine. She was not surprised at all, I can only guess that she was thinking the same thing I was the whole time. Our mouths met, and as soon as her mouth opened I let it all into her mouth, so she could share in her younger cousins piss. We made out for a few seconds passing the piss between us, when Blaire broke it off and traded places with me on Tracy’s pussy. Tracy took no time in continuing to relieve herself into Blaire’s mouth, who was literally sucking the pee out of Tracy’s pussy. While this went on, I got up and moved behind Tracy, so that i could get to her cute little butt. While still pissing in her cousins mouth, she got what I was working for, and lifted one of her legs up and placed it on the tire of the Rhino. It was a bit crowded between her legs, so Blaire backed off a little, letting the stream splash around in her mouth a few inches back, giving me plenty of room to move up into her ass full force. i wasted no time, going straight for the gold full force. My tongue, within seconds, was all the way up her eager little butthole. She, like me, had spent the last 2 sessions with holding her cries of pleasure, but not anymore. She made what almost seemed like an extra effort to be extra loud with her moaning.

“Oh yes Cindy, stick your tongue up my ass. mmmmm. fuck my ass with your tongue you 11 year old little slut” cried Tracy.

The dirty words and being called a slut only encouraged me to work harder on her ass. I was busy sucking and licking away while Tracy finally finished pissing. Blaire, with a mouthful of pee, stood up, and began making out with her cousin, just as her and I had only a minute ago, swapping the pee back and forth between their mouths. While still making out, she moved her hand down and began working on giving Tracy her turn in the orgasm club for tonight. In no time at all, her fingering had Tracy moaning into Blaire’s mouth, and flexing her little anal ring on my tongue. Only a minute into her fingering, Tracy was already on the brink, and really began squeezing down on my tongue with her ass, and pulling her cousins face tightly to hers, still savoring her own piss in her cousins mouth. It was all too much for Tracy though and she quickly began her orgasm, moaning loudly into her cousins mouth.

After she was done, we all leaned against the little rhino, still reeling from the actions we’d just performed on each other. We had a light embrace with each other while we recovered, Tracy in the middle of Blaire and I. I laid my head up against Tracy, and kissed her on the neck.

We stood there for several minutes, not wanting to go back to camp and resume our secrecy that we had to keep up with everyone else. We drank another beer each, enjoying just being naked under the full moon in the soft desert sand with the warm air blowing on us lightly, before we finnally put our clothes back on, and slowing made our way back to camp.

Part 3 coming soon.

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