Mrs. Claus Cums Once a Year Ch. 01

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All the candy and toys, for the good little girls and boys had been carefully loaded into the sleigh and, for the last time, Santa Claus was checking his list, actually a long printout from his huge main-frame computer. It’s a fallacy that he only checks it twice; the monitoring is an ongoing process. It has to be because sometimes a little boy or little girl will be good enough to get by for almost the entire year, but then suddenly insist they won’t eat their spinach, or start sassing their parents or teachers, or refuse to share their candy or do other naughty things. Children who do too many things like that, of course, get nothing but lumps of coal in their stockings. Santa used to give out switches, to be used for whipping bad children, until the Child Protective Services got a Cease and Desist Order against him.

Once he was sure that everything was ready, he sprang to his sleigh and to his team gave a whistle. Seconds later, they had all flown away like the down of a thistle. The words “Donder and Blitzen” were still echoing when the beautiful and sexy Mrs. Claus rang the assembly bell. All the elves knew what that meant, and they were overjoyed to hear it. Every year, Christmas Eve is the only bright spot in their lives. For one thing, the fat old slave driver was gone until the next day, and they finally had some time off from making toys in his sweat shops.

The main reason, though, was that his horny young wife was also out from under his sharp and disapproving eye, for the first time since last Christmas Eve. Anybody who wanted would be joining her in an all-night sex orgy, and the assembly bell was calling them all to come and join the fun. There were hundreds of elves, male and female, gay and straight, but mostly bisexual. Mrs. Claus couldn’t service all of them, although she would have liked to. She would, however, be in the center of the assembly hall, and the focus of the orgy, but most of the elves would just be getting it on with each other.

She had been naked when she rang the bell and, while its peals were still reverberating, Mrs. Claus strode quickly to the king-sized mattress that had been dragged in there for her earlier. It had been made with industrial-strength springs and padding, since it had to support Santa Claus, and it would need that durability for the heavy use she and as many elves as possible would be giving it that night. Besides the mattress, there were plenty of pillows available for her to use while doing all the fucking and sucking and everything else she could manage before her husband returned.

From her polished toenails to her long, natural-blonde hair, she was almost six feet tall and her sexy body was stretched out on the mattress. In preparation for what she hoped would be an onslaught, there was a pillow under her head and one under her ass, presenting her pussy to be eaten by the first elf, male or female, to enter the hall. She preferred cumming from somebody’s tongue first, followed by many more times from anything else that happened. Because her plump pussy was so beautiful, pink and creamy white with feathery blonde hair, all the elves hoped for a chance to eat her out.

Except for those getting it on with Mrs. Claus, most of the elves would have to be satisfied with coupling on the floor, but none of them were complaining. They were a strong, hardy lot and the pleasures of the flesh that awaited them were worth the slight amount of discomfort.

The first elf entered and a smile lit up his face when he saw Mrs. Claus lying on her back and wearing nothing but an inviting smile. Realizing that he was the first, and that he would get to eat the delectable pussy of their mistress, he hurried over and knelt on the mattress between her long, shapely legs, which were quickly slung over his shoulders. From her general horniness and in anticipation of what would be happening, she was already lubricating and the lucky elf, without hesitation, began licking up her nectar. As soon as she felt his tongue caressing her swollen pussy lips, she squirmed and moaned from the pleasure he was giving her, and produced more of her delicious juices.

The second elf through the door, when he realized how early he was, also counted himself among the luckiest. Unzipping his pants and fumbling to pull out his already erect cock, he hastened to kneel beside the face of Mrs. Claus. When she turned toward him, she grinned lewdly at the size and the hardness of what he was presenting to her mouth. Elves are usually shown as being small, even tiny, but those portrayals are based on some early drawings of Santa and some of his workers. The small size of the elves actually reflected their social status, which was very low in comparison to their master and mistress. Physically, their stature was about equal to his and his wife’s, with some being bigger and some being smaller, except that nobody was anywhere near as fat as Santa, owing to their hard work and his addiction to cookies and milk.

The elf who would be pleasuring Mrs. Claus’s mouth was about average in size, but he was endowed Göksu Escort with a huge cock. That was the only part of him she cared about then anyhow, so she instructed him to straddle her face and fuck her in the mouth. Once he had removed his pants and gotten in place and out of the way of the others, a third elf joined the fun. He took over the vacated spot on the mattress and bent over to start licking the erect nipple of a succulent breast. The fourth elf, a very young female this time, wrapped her lips around the other luscious mound and sucked, with her tongue skillfully licking the equally hard nipple and areola of that breast. With everything that was already happening, to her, Mrs. Claus’s body writhed in pleasure.

The elf astride her face blocked her vision of any later participants, except peripherally, but she could see that somebody was behind the female who was sucking her breast, and that he was fucking her doggy style. From moans, sighs, giggles, whimpers and other happy noises all around, she could tell that other elves were joining in, but she had no thought for them just then. Mostly, she was concentrating on the delightful cock that was surging in and out of her mouth. The elf and she had quickly established a rhythm where he would thrust into her and she would rock her head forward, meeting him halfway. She realized immediately that he had one of the very best cocks ever to enter her mouth and she wanted to get the full amount of pleasure from sucking him off.

Everything about it was of the highest quality, from the thick roundness that was sliding between her lips to the velvety hardness of the tip as it pressed against the back of her mouth. Her tongue laved the entire length of the hard shaft as it plunged in and again when it was slowly withdrawn. She loved how the tightness of the skin felt as she licked and fondled the elf’s cock with her tongue, and eagerly awaited the big load of cum she expected to get. She considered the delicious treat to be her bonus for doing a good job of sucking him off, although just getting such a marvelous cock as his in her mouth was more than enough reward.

As great as the big, hard shaft felt as it filled her mouth so delightfully, even more pleasure was rippling through her from the tongues that were caressing three of the most erogenous places on her body. A mouth on either nipple would have been wonderful, but having mouths on both at once was fabulous. The incredible sensations from her breasts, combined with the joy throbbing from her swollen clit, formed a triangle of delight, flooding her body with bliss from all three places.

The elf eating Mrs. Claus’s pussy was contributing more than anybody else to the ocean of ecstasy building up in her body. He had begun by feasting on the juices that were already there, and had gone on to lick one swollen inner lip to where it ends by merging with the other inner lip to form her clit hood. Once he had reached that point, his tongue had caressed the hood and had even, with the utmost delicacy, fondled her clit. Mrs. Claus had quickly become so aroused that her pussy was fucking up into his face but, instead of bringing her to a quick climax, the elf started licking the other inner lip. By the time he once again reached her clit hood, her hips had begun swiveling under his face, thrusting her legs out over his shoulders. It was obvious that, although he had taken his time, she was very close to cumming.

She wasn’t the only one. The cock being stroked between Mrs. Claus’s lips was throbbing inside her mouth and the elf was sighing and moaning from the intense pleasure she was giving him. She knew his climax was imminent so she started sucking faster and tightened her lips around his shaft. In order to enjoy the taste and texture of his semen to the maximum, Mrs. Claus continued sucking his cock but stopped licking it, and positioned her tongue so she could catch and savor the cum before swallowing. After a few more strokes, his cock jerked against her lips and, the next time it was thrust into her mouth he ejaculated directly onto her waiting tongue.

She paused, appreciating his semen, before swallowing the first delightful gob just in time to catch the second spurt. Mrs. Claus swallowed that one, and the next, swirling the fluid around with her tongue and relishing the flavor. When no more was immediately forthcoming, she took his cock out of her mouth and squeezed it from the base, catching all the leftover cum that oozed out. To make sure none was wasted, she licked all around the head and under the ridge of the elf’s rapidly softening cock. When everything had been cleaned off, she released him. He stumbled away to rest before rejoining the orgy, and she looked around for another cock to suck or a pussy to eat.

Before that, though, there was something else, much more important. Even before the second elf had ejaculated into her mouth, the first elf had brought her close to cumming from the way he was eating her pussy. The sensations of the other elf’s cock as it jerked and Escort Göksu throbbed in her mouth, and the delicious mouthfuls of semen he provided had brought her to the verge of cumming, and the incredible joy being given her by the tongue that was caressing her pussy was about to push her over the edge.

“Suck my clit!” she commanded the elf whose head was buried in her crotch. He obeyed, drawing her charming love button into his mouth and starting to suck. As he sucked, his lips formed a seal on the base of Mrs. Claus’s clit and his tongue fondled and caressed the swollen sides.

“Yes! Yes!” she cried. “Suck my clit! Keep sucking me!” As she started cumming, she gave herself fully to the incredible pleasure emanating from her pussy. Her body thrashed wildly on the mattress, dislodging both the elves who had been sucking and licking her breasts.

“Ah! Oh!” Mrs. Claus cried out joyously. A tidal wave of ecstasy crashed outward from her clit, flooding her body. She squeezed the elf’s temples with her thighs, holding him in place, and her hands pressed on the back of his head, jamming her pussy tightly against his face.

“Suck my clit!” she demanded, redundantly. “Keep sucking!”

It was redundant because her hands and legs held his head in a grip like a pair of locking pliers, and he couldn’t have avoided sucking her clit even if he had wanted, which he didn’t. Other elves had told him what a delectable pussy their mistress has, and they had not exaggerated. He stayed with her as she bucked wildly for almost five minutes, her ass bouncing off the bed and rocking erratically from side to side. With an incoherent cry of ecstasy, she climaxed, ramming her pussy into the elf’s extremely happy face, followed by sagging back onto the mattress. Greedily, he licked up all the delicious juices he had elicited, before crawling out from under her legs.

The elves who had been dispossessed from Mrs. Claus’s breasts were unable to resume pleasuring her there, but they were neither idle nor distressed. The male, knowing she was cumming, as did everybody else in the hall, also believed she would want to fuck after her climax. Hoping to be the one to meet her needs, he was removing his shirt and pants, freeing his erect cock to take care of her. The female elf was in the throes of cumming also. While she was sucking on her mistress’s luscious breast, one elf had come up behind her and fucked her doggy fashion until he had cum. Immediately after he filled her pussy with his semen, another elf replaced him. The second elf and the female were enjoying almost simultaneous climaxes.

As soon as the elf crawled out from under his mistress’s legs, he was replaced by the male who had been sucking her breast. There were enough juices still inside her to provide lubrication, and he knelt between her legs, pressed his cock against her pink hole, and rubbed the head into the wetness. Mrs. Claus felt him preparing his cock and smiled a welcome at him.

The female elf caught her eye too, and also evoked lascivious thoughts. The first elf to fuck her had removed every stitch of her clothing, revealing her sexily plump body, with large breasts and a curvaceous ass. Besides these delightful features, she was probably no more than 18 years old, the minimum age to work in the toy factories, with a cute, innocent face. All-in-all, she was exactly the kind of elf whose pussy Mrs. Claus dearly loves eating.

Wasting no time, she reached down, grabbed the youngster’s arm and pulled gently. “Come here, Cutie. You’ve got just the pussy I want.”

Besides the obvious charms of the cute young elf, there was another reason for her desirability. AIDS and STD’s are unknown among the elves and pregnancy is considered by the females to be a fortunate condition. For those reasons, nobody ever uses condoms, so the elf who was arousing the lust of her mistress would have a pussy that was full of semen, mixed with her own delectable fluids. Mrs. Claus loves cum almost as much as she loves the juices of sweet young pussies, and the mixture is ambrosia to her.

Because of her relative lack of experience and the tightness of her pussy, the fucking the young elf had already gotten had made her rather sore, and she felt the need for a wet and soothing tongue. Eagerly, she answered the summons and started to straddle the face of her mistress. Instead of her pussy, though, the therapeutic tongue she hoped for was first applied to the insides of her thighs, and the application happened even before she had gotten into position to be eaten.

When she beheld the beauty and the extreme wetness of the youthful pussy that was being presented to her, Mrs. Claus was unable to restrain herself. Seeing the trails of viscous fluid oozing down the elf’s thighs, almost to her knees already, she turned her face and started licking one leg. Ravenously, she devoured the first delicious stream before turning to the other leg to feast on the second rivulet. The flavor of the mixture of semen and female juices was incredible, as expected, Göksu Escort Bayan and she made sure get it all, letting none of it drip off to soak into the mattress. After relishing every drop, she allowed the elf to kneel over her mouth so she could start properly eating her adorable pussy.

With the head of his cock well lubricated with Mrs. Claus’s copious juices, the elf placed the tip at the entrance to her pussy. Although extremely wet, she was also tight, having done no fucking since last year’s Christmas Eve orgy. His mistress’s hands were busy helping a very sexy elf get into place, apparently to be eaten out, so he reached in to spread her snugly-fitting pussy lips. With a short push, his cock popped inside. He thought he heard her moan in pleasure, but there were so many similar sounds all around them, he couldn’t say if she had uttered it. With a series of strong thrusts, his cock was buried all the way in Mrs. Claus’s pussy, and he began slowly stroking it in and out. Almost immediately, she was fucking back to meet him, matching his strokes and taking his cock all the way into herself.

When he looked up, he took full notice of the elf who was kneeling across Mrs. Claus’s face. He had seen her cute face and long, red hair, and his impression of her had been that she was a real hotty. Now, less than three feet from him was her naked ass, plump and smooth and creamy, the most enticing he had ever seen. The hands high on the cheeks of that ass, holding the elf in place, did nothing to hide her voluptuousness. Even as he and Mrs. Claus fucked each other, he could see her chin and her active tongue and he was envious of her that she also had such a gorgeous pussy to eat. He reached out and spread the succulent young ass cheeks to see if he could get in on some of the great tongue action.

Enraptured, he stared at the perfectly adorable pink rosebud, nestled in the cleft of the lovely cheeks. Unable to resist, he leaned forward and started to lick, starting at the top of one cheek. As it meandered downward, his tongue reveled in the firm flesh and satiny skin. He skirted the puckered hole, wanting to save the best for last. Down and around and back up his tongue cruised, until he was at the top of the cleft where he had started. After a very brief pause, he pressed his face in tighter and licked downward. When he reached his target, the precious rosebud, he stopped there, delighting in the erotic sensation of the delicate wrinkles against the tip of his tongue, and trying to make penetration into the hole itself. His arousal increased and he started fucking even harder into Mrs. Claus’s very responsive pussy.

The sexy, young elf had never felt such glorious sensations as the tongue caressing her pussy and the one thrusting against her ass. After licking all the mixture of fluids off her thighs and crotch, Mrs. Claus had started on her labia. Her warm, wet, tongue had quickly alleviated the slight soreness and replaced it with incredible pleasure that coursed through her body and elicited loud, blissful moans. Her mistress licked both inner and outer pussy lips and caressed her clit hood, and was now burrowing into the place where two cocks had been earlier.

Her pussy had been fucking down into Mrs. Claus’s face as her level of ecstasy rose, when she suddenly felt something completely outside her experience. One pair of hands had been affectionately holding her in place while her pussy was being eaten, when another pair had gently spread the cheeks of her ass. Before she could turn around to see what was happening to her, she felt a sensation that immediately went from strange to wonderful. Something that felt like another tongue had begun caressing between her spread cheeks, sending waves of pleasure pouring from its path, to merge with the even greater flood from her pussy. Within minutes, her body was thrashing uncontrollably on top of Mrs. Claus and she was incoherently moaning and whimpering. The unknown intruder seemed to be trying to insinuate itself into her most secretive hole, and the young elf alternated fucking back to aid in the accomplishment of that goal, and down against her mistress’s mouth.

After her feast of all the semen and pussy juices from the sexy young elf’s legs and crotch and wherever else she could find it, Mrs. Claus reveled in eating her adorable plump pussy. The downy red hair that covered the silky skin was even more of a thrill to her tongue than if she had been clean-shaven. The best part of eating her pussy would be while the young elf was cumming but the actual act of eating was so much fun that Mrs. Claus wanted to take her time and make it last.

First, she slowly licked one outer lip all the way to its end, and then the other. The inner lips were possibly the most delectable her tongue had ever known, exquisitely smooth and spongy, with delicious juices dribbling onto them to please her taste buds. Taking as long as she thought she could, Mrs. Claus licked them both and her tongue caressed the clit hood before burrowing between the inner lips. The elf was tremendously enjoying the pussy eating too, maybe even more than her mistress. In addition to her juices flowing so freely, she was moaning from pleasure and her pussy was fucking down into the face of the person giving her that pleasure, trying to get even more. She was successful in the attempt.

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