Michael and Elle

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I am the luckiest woman in the world.

I think that to myself every morning when he wakes me, the way he’s been instructed to.

As his hands move over my skin I wake with a smile, anticipating what’s to come. He probes gently, slowly easing himself into me from behind. I sigh softly.

“Good morning Elle” he whispers softly against my ear.

“Good morning Michael” I answer, tilting my hips back to take more of him inside me. He works himself into me slowly til he’s buried in me. I can feel him breathing against my ear, a soft moan when I’ve taken all of him. I reach back and grab his cute ass pulling him to me tightly.

“Did you have a good night Elle?”

“Mmmmm yes, he was very nice.”

“Did you fuck him?” Slightly breathless as he strokes into me deeply.

“Mmmmmm yes. It was very good.”

I feel his forehead against the back of my head as his arms tighten around me, he groans softly “Elle, no.”

I feel myself getting wetter, anticipating the change in him. “Mmmm yes Michael, he felt so good. I loved riding that big thick cock.”

He answers with a hard thrust. I gasp softly, sliding a leg over his to open myself up to him.

“He has big strong hands, they felt amazing on my hips when he bent me over and took me.”

I knew that would spur him on as I feel his leg slide between mine, I moan softly as he holds himself inside me moving to kneel. With my bottom leg stretched between his and the other hooked on his hip I turn my upper body slightly so it can look up at him.

There’s hurt and jealousy in his eyes. When I reach up and cup his cheek his eyes close and when he opens them there’s need and desire shining there. Finally he starts to move in me, thrusting into me hard, claiming me.

Taking me back from my lover.

My back arches as he pounds my pussy hard, staring into my eyes. I’m whimpering from the pain of each thrust but I couldn’t ask him to stop if I wanted to. The pleasure that blooms inside me with each thrust, after the sharp stab of pain, is intoxicating. A few more minutes of this then he slows then stops, catching his breathe, turning me into my back, moving between my legs and stretching himself over me.

I smile as I run my hands threw his hair down over his shoulders. He’s breathing heavy against my neck. He lifts his head and says softly “Mine.” He punctuates it with a thrust, “you’re mine Elle.” He crushes my lips with his as his hands slip under my hips, lifting me to meet his thrusts.

I’m mindless with need, screaming against his lips. My hands tighten in his hair as my orgasm coils around me, dragging me under wave after wave of pleasure. I arch against him as it explodes in me and I feel my pussy clamp down on him like it always does when I cum.

I can feel him start to swell inside me as his pace increases. “Cum for me Michael” I whisper.

My hands slide down his back to his ass as he spurts inside me. His breath is hot against my neck as he crys out. We lay there for a moment catching our breath. Then he’s looking into my eyes, brushing his lips against mine.

“I love you Elle.”

I smile, drawing his head closer to kiss him softly “I love you Michael.”

Most people would have a hard time understanding that given the fact that I routinely play with other men but I really do love him. I admire the strength it takes to watch me leave to meet a lover. The trust it takes to watch me with them. The overwhelming jealousy he endures for me. The humiliation he overcomes when I’m returned to him, smelling like them, my pussy still slippery from their cum, the taste of them on my tongue. How he loves me then, gently, knowing they’ve used me hard. I feel so cherished in those moments, when he kisses away all the hurts, licks me softly til I cum against his tongue and then cradles me in his arms as I drift off to sleep. Oh yes, I love this man. Like I said before, I’m the luckiest woman alive.

Nuzzling his neck, I give his cute butt another squeeze “I suppose we should start our day huh?” I say. I’m reluctant to leave his arms, I love these quiet moments when we reconnect.

He sighs softly, “Yes I suppose we should.” He gives me a long soft kiss before moving away from me.

It takes me a minute to get moving, my legs are killing me this morning. The lover I met last night was a very large man with tons of stamina. I spent hours being ridden to orgasm after orgasm. It was a very entertaining evening.

Michael watches quietly as I gingerly crawl out of bed. “Did he hurt you Elle?”

“Just a little honey.” I say brushing it off, I don’t want to tell him I feel broken today.

“Come on” he says taking my hand, ” A hot shower will help you feel better” and he leads me to the bathroom. I sit on the edge of the tub while he turns the water on, when it’s the right temperature he leads me into the shower standing close behind me under the stream of water.

I lean my head back against his shoulder as his hands move over my skin. Tilting my head back for his kiss, Escort Bayan reaching up to run my hands through his hair. I gasp softly as his fingers slide between my sensitive lips. His other hand cups a breast, rolling my nipple between his thumb and fingers. My hips move restlessly against his hand, begging wordlessly. He turns me in his arms backing me against to wall.

Still kissing me his hand slips between my legs parting my lips. His fingers slide into me easily aided by his cum. I gasp softly, my fingers curl on his shoulders. His other hand holds my hip, pushing me back against the wall as he strokes my pussy with his fingers.

My head falls back as his lips move lower over my neck to my breasts. Tenderly licking and sucking my nipples before moving lower over my stomach. I shudder as his lips caress my inner thigh. I press my hands against the wall, trying to keep my balance as my knees wobble. I cry out softly as his tongue slides between my lips gently caressing my clit, swirling around it slowly before sucking gently. “Oh god” I breathe, “Mmmmm yes.”

I feel his fingers slide out at that hand lifting my leg over his shoulder, his tongue slides lower to take the place of his fingers, slipping inside me. I whimper softly as he fucks me with his tongue. God he’s amazing. I slide a hand through his hair as my hips rock against his lips. I hear him murmur “Cum for me Elle.”

“Yes Michael, oh god yes!” I shudder as I spasm against his tongue. After the last contraction he gives me a deliciously long lick before sliding my leg from his shoulder and standing up. I feel his hands move to the back of my legs, lifting me up, holding me tight to the wall. I bite my lip as he enters me.

He kisses me softly as he rocks his hips. “I love you Michael” I whisper, cradling his face in my hands.

“You’re mine Elle” he answers with a growl.

“Yes Michael.” I’m breathless as he thrusts harder, faster, crushing me against the wall. He captures my lips kissing me hard as he bursts inside me. I’m clinging to him as we stand there catching our breath under the water.

Now I ask you, how can you not love that kind of passion?

Later as I’m sipping my coffee, gathering my things for work, I ask “You have a meeting tonight?”

“Yes, after dinner. I shouldn’t be gone long, about an hour and a half maybe. Why?”

“Oh I was just curious. Shane mentioned coming over to keep me company while you’re gone.”

There’s a quick flash of hatred in his eyes. “You’ve been talking to him again?”

“Oh honey he just texted the other day, wanted to know if I needed company this week. I told him you’d be out for a bit tonight, that’s all.”

“You’ve been seeing a lot of him lately.”

“I wouldn’t say a lot.”

“Four times just this month. That’s more than any of the others.”

For a moment I wonder if you’re remembering the last time he came over to keep me company. How you found us upstairs in our bed naked, me flat on my back with my head hanging over the edge while your best friend held my hands down and fucked my mouth. Forcing his cock so deep I gagged on it. My legs bent and wide open.

Every time I gagged he’d slap my pussy turning my skin bright red. How you watched as he fingered me to orgasm and then while I was catching my breath he demanded that I turn and bend over the edge of the bed. How I scrambled to do his bidding, desperate to feel him inside me.

Once I was in position he turned my head to face you and held me down while he shoved his big cock into my throbbing pussy. The way my hands fisted in the sheets and I whimpered in ecstasy as he pounded me from behind. How your friend turned your Elle into a cock hungry slut. The look of satisfaction on his face as he filled your wife with his cum.

Perhaps you’re thinking of the time before that. When he’d invited me to his place seemingly for dinner but when I got there there was a group of six men waiting. He’d over heard me talking to a friend on the phone about a dance workshop I had gone to.

How he’d planned this little party so I could show off my new burlesque skills. He’d had me perform a striptease for them complete with lap dances. When I thought it was over and I’d earned my reward from Shane one of the guys who’d had a little too much to drink had pulled out his cock demanding that I blow him.

When I looked at Shane he nodded to me so I turned back to the guy to begin and I had a line up of cocks to suck. When I got to the fourth one that’s when Shane took me from behind. After he was done another cock took his place, then another. I spent hours sucking and being fucked before they were spent.

I didn’t know about the video until he sent it to you. I had told you about the surprise party but having to watch it must have been devastating.

I remember when you woke me the next day there was a fierceness in your lovemaking. It took my breath away.

There’s a look of resignation in his eyes “Alright. If that’s what you want Elle” he says softly.

I Bayan Escort walk over to him sliding my hands around his waist to hold him close, resting my head on his chest. I can feel his heart pounding under my ear. “Yes darling, it’s what I want.” His arms move around me holding me tightly, I feel his lips on my hair.

“Okay” he sighs.

“I’ll be home right after work so I can make you dinner before you go to your meeting” I say quietly, giving him a squeeze.

“Okay honey.” I look up leaning my head back for a kiss, he quickly moves to indulge me. He kisses me deeply, his hands moving up to cradle my head as he plunders my mouth. I feel my knees start to wobble.

“I love you Elle” he murmurs against my lips.

“I love you too but if you don’t stop I’m going to have to drag you back upstairs” I feel him smile and then another kiss. I giggle softly “you’re going to make me miss the train.”

“I could always drive you.” He says with a smile.

“Oh honey you spoil me as it is and besides don’t you have a meeting this morning?”

“Damn, yes you’re right” another peck on the lips as I pull myself away.

I smile all the way to work. Yep I am a very very lucky woman.

Once my day ends I hurry home to make dinner, I need to make sure I have time for our nightly ritual. I have a bit of a fetish, Michael helps me satisfy it everyday. Can you believe how lucky I am?

Our ritual happens everyday unless we have family or friends outside the lifestyle over. In those cases it has to wait til we’re alone. I hate those days, having to wait hours til I can have him alone. It’s torture.

I hear his car in the driveway just as I’m sliding the dish into the oven. Perfect timing, we’ll have at least a half hour to play before I need to check on it. I lean back against the counter waiting, hoping he’s alone.

Quite often one of our previous play partners will get in touch with him and wrangle a dinner invitation out of him. He’s such a sweet man he has a hard time saying no when someone wants to share his wife. I know underneath everything he hopes that I’ll turn them down but he knows that’s unlikely. I love to play and I do it as often as I can.

I can’t tell you how many times he’s come home to find me bent over the counter or nearest flat surface skirt pulled up around my hips being plowed from behind with a look of pure bliss on my face. Yes I probably have an addiction but there are worse things to be addicted to I think.

As much as I enjoy performing our ritual with another there, riding them or them riding me while I indulge I’d prefer not to today. Shane will be by later, that guy is seriously hung and has a bit of a mean streak. Oh I like it rough, a little pain is hot but I’d never consider myself a sadist. It’s funny I ache to feel him inside me but he always leaves me aching and sore. He’s been dabbling with dominance lately and I’m curious to see what he has in store for me tonight. In anticipation of being really sore tomorrow I haven’t scheduled any meetings, I think having Michael will be about all I’ll be able to take.

I come back to myself as I hear his key in the lock, my mouth starts to water in anticipation. He’s alone when he comes in, a little sigh of relief escapes me. He smiles when he sees me and I move to him for my hug and kiss. All the stress of the day falls away when his arms are around me. Hands in his hair I kiss him back deeply, god I love him.

“Hi honey” I murmur as his lips track across my cheek “how was your day?” I feel him smile as he pulls my hips against him, grinding his hardening cock against me.

“It was good, I had a few really good meetings” he mumbles between kisses. “How long til dinner?” I giggle at the mundaness of the question.

“About half an hour or so” I whisper tilting my head back offering my neck to his lips.

“Mmmmm perfect” he says and starts backing towards the stairs. I smile as I follow. This is one of my favourite parts of the day.

When we get to the bedroom I can’t get his clothes off fast enough, I’m dying to feel his skin against mine. I’m breathing heavy by the time we’re naked standing in front of a full length mirror. I position us there on purpose, so he can see everything I’m about to do. “I need you Michael” I moan between kisses.

“Then take me Elle” he breathes releasing his hold on my head. Smiling I start to lower myself to my knees, kissing and licking as I go til I’m face to face with my prize. I nuzzle his cock gently with my cheek, closing my eyes and savouring the feel of his skin.

I reach up hold him straight up so I can lick and suck the base working my way to the tip. My breath shudders when I slip it in my mouth, my head swivels as I run my tongue under the rim and suck hard. I glance in the mirror and see Michael watching my progress with desire in his eyes. My hands move to his hips as I take him further, I hear him groan as I get more than half way, drawing back I suck hard .

“Mmmm yes Elle, my beautiful little Escort cock sucker.” I smile briefly before plunging down on him, he gasps in delight as I take just over three quarters of his length. My hands move around his hips to that cute ass, he knows what this means, I feel his hands in my hair in answer. As he starts to rock his hips I still, allowing him to control my head with his hands “That’s it, take that cock” he groans his head falling back. I can’t see the mirror but I know he’s watching. I know he loves to watch me suck cock, that’s actually how all of this started.

I pull gently on his ass encouraging him to go deeper, “Jesus Elle, are you sure?” I moan in response.”Oh god Elle” as he pushes into my throat holding himself there with little thrusts. I moaning in absolute bliss matching the sounds my husband is making. I peek up at him when he stills our eyes meet. “God you’re so beautiful” he murmurs, caressing my hair. He pulls back slightly letting me breathe. I’m trying not to dig my nails I his skin but I know what’s coming, I’m so aroused I’m dripping. His grip on my hair tightens as he pulls back further “So beautiful, my little cock sucker.” I moan deeply in response.

He holds my gaze as he starts to stroke himself with my mouth, I’m fighting to keep my eyes open but I’m overcome with ecstasy. His pace increases to my delight “Oh fuck Elle, fuck!” he crys out and I feel his cock swell between my lips, his head falls back as the first shot hits my tongue. He looks back down at me on the third shot, watching my throat work as I swallow his cum, seeing the look of ecstasy on my face. He shudders as I milk him trying to get every last drop.

When my head stills I feel his hands on my shoulders pulling me to a standing position, he turns me and directs me to the bed where he pushes down on my shoulders. He pushes my legs open and I feel his hands spreading me open for him. When his tongue touches my clit I scream into the mattress, I’m so aroused it’s almost painful. I can barely hear the noises he’s making as he licks my sopping wet slit over the whimpers I’m making.

My legs start to shake when his tongue slips inside me “Yes, oh god yes!” I scream as he fucks me with his tongue. I watch in the mirror as he drives closer to orgasm. When it hits it’s so big so intense my legs give out. He continues to hold me up and open to him as he licks my cream from me sending little shocks up my body. I’m boneless as I try to catch my breath. Just when I think I couldn’t possibly take any more his tongue stills and I feel him stand behind me. I roll onto my back and he leans over with a big smile. He kisses me softly drawing my tongue into his mouth, mixing our tastes together. Mmmmmm so delicious.

“You’re amazing Elle” he says softly.

“I know you are but what am I?” I whisper back kissing him deeply. I can feel his cock getting hard where it’s cradled against my pussy. Looking at the clock I groan. “Darling I need to check on dinner.”

“We can finish later honey” he says with a quick kiss, pulling me up off the bed.

I give him a playful smack on his butt “You must be starving.”

He smiles giving me a return smack, “Not quite starving, I already had dessert.” I blush which makes him smile wider. Grabbing a robe to put on I leave him to get dressed. I’ll get dressed after I check on dinner, I’ll need to pick something nice for Shane.

A quick check on dinner and I hurry back upstairs to the closet, Michael is just zipping up his pants. I pull out a cute little red sundress and he stops. “Elle is that what you’re going to wear for him?” He asks.

“Yes darling” I answer with a smile.

“But you don’t usually wear a bra with that one.”

“I know honey. He asked me to wear something sexy tonight.”

“With no panties I’ll bet” there’s a note of venom in his voice.

“Yes honey. That’s the way he likes it.” I say as I pull the dress over my head. I give him a quick kiss then hurry back downstairs to set the table. He hear him sigh heavily on my way down the stairs. I know it’s hurting him every time I see his friend but the allure of that big cock is just too much to resist.

Our conversation over dinner is a little tense but when I mention being alone with him tomorrow night it eases a bit. Those evenings don’t happen often anymore, we really should try to plan more of them. There are lots of things we can explore together, some that should be introduced in privacy.

My mind wanders a bit as I consider the things I’d like to do to my husbands delectable body, ideas he’s mentioned in passing that deserve further exploration. I’m thinking of which pair of cute panties I’d like to see on his butt when he says my name “Sorry, what was that?” As I come back to the present.

“What were you thinking about Elle? Shane?” He frowns.

“Actually I was trying to decide which pair of panties I’d like to see you in” I say with a smile. His eyes widen at my answer, for a moment I think he might protest, but then he smiles slightly.

“Would you like to see that?” he asks softly.

“Oh yes, I think it would be hot.” I stand up walk over to him stand behind him and brush my cheek against his hair, “You have the sexiest ass I’ve ever seen. I’d love to see it in a pair of silk panties.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32