Match #03: David vs Claire

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: David vs Claire

The next week, I was pretty busy at work. Some equipment broke down, and everyone had to put in extra hours. My involvement in the mixed nude fighting club had to take a backseat for awhile. Although the days were long, and work still sucked, I could always cheer myself up by daydreaming about my adventures thus far. By the weekend, the crisis at work had ended and I was excited to finally take some time for myself and accept my next challenger.

That Friday night I logged in and was confused by what I found. My multiple challengers had been reduced down to one. Her name was Claire, and her record was 37-2. I thought this was some sort of mistake. As I was trying to figure out what happened, Kate sent me an instant message. “Are you in this weekend?” I replied with a yes. “I’ll stop by sometime for your weigh-in. We also need to talk about Claire.” Good, I thought to myself, I’ll get the answers I was looking for.

The next day, I was wasting time in front of the tv, when I heard a familiar knock at my door. I let Kate in and began to inquire about what was going on with my next match. “You’re wondering why you only have one challenger?” she began. “Claire is a bitch. She is on the executive board for the club, and uses her influence to get what she wants. With the membership’s interest in you showing mercy to Madison, she wants to use you to make herself a nice little payday. David, she is very experienced and frankly is going to kick your butt. Though, if you want to continue with the club, you have to meet her in the ring. I’m sorry for your luck.” With that behind us, I asked about the video sales with Madison. Kate smiled, and handed me an envelope. “At least that should brighten your day.”

When Kate had left, I decided that I wanted to continue with the club, and clicked my acceptance. I wasn’t particularly looking forward to facing one of the experienced women because I soundly lost to a couple of newbies thus far. After processing it all for a few seconds, I realized that I wasn’t trying to necessarily win matches. If a beautiful woman wanted to coax my manhood into cumming for her, that was a good enough reward for me. I opened my envelope and found around $1200 inside. Awesome.

The day of my match with Claire, I went to the club with a good attitude that I was going to get physical with another gorgeous woman. When I registered, the receptionist told me to first go to an office down another hallway, and that Claire wanted to see me first. I was a bit surprised, but I went anyways. I knocked on the door and was greeted by a woman in her early 40s. It was Claire, and she was dressed in office attire that left nothing to the imagination. Her skirt was very short and revealed long, toned legs that were crossed over one another. Her blouse was tight and stretched to the max by her D-cup breasts. “Hello David, I’m glad you could make it.”, she purred as she teased her long auburn hair. I entered what looked like a small office as Claire balanced herself on the edge of the desk and continued. “Today, we’re going to have a bit of fun, but I was wondering if you wanted to start a little early?” I gave her a confused look that turned to understanding as she uncrossed her legs and revealed that she wasn’t wearing any underwear.

“I hear that you are fairly enthusiastic when it comes to eating out a woman and I prefer to start my matches with a well lubricated vagina. What do you say? Want to have a little taste before we engage in our nasty romp? It will be fun and so much better than me just playing with my dildo.” I blushed and contemplated the offer from this gorgeous woman. Claire took my silence as agreement and spread her legs to give me an unobstructed view of her perfect slit. “I wasn’t really seeking your permission, now stick out that tongue and service me!” Claire ordered me in a dominatrix-like tone.

I heard the door open and a voice cut through the air. “Claire! Stop this. There is no fraternizing before the match.” It was Kate.

Claire sighed at the intrusion, gave her a fake pout, and says “Kate, sweetie, don’t be such a rule-abiding bitch.” Her voice then dropped and spat out a more sinister “Just like all the other men, this one is nothing but a piece of meat who has a date with my strap-on for the ass-raping he deserves. Now, both of you can get out and let a girl masturbate in peace.”

As I retreated to the club’s entrance, Kate followed me and spoke up. “I’m sorry about that, but she has done this before. It usually ends with the man handcuffed and subjected to whatever nasty fantasies Claire wants to explore. Either way, it isn’t allowed. Be warned, she’s probably pissed at me right now and that means she is going to take out that frustrations on you.” I took the key to the men’s locker room and made my way there Escort Bayan to do my stretching, don my robe and got ready for my match.

When it was time, I entered the gym. Claire was already there. She was stretching, totally naked, and was currently doing the splits with her head down. She then pushed her upper body up while arching her back and exposed her bountiful rack. Her breasts were probably augmented but the display was sexy and her nipples were perky from the cool air. She brushed back her long auburn hair, and snarled that she wasn’t sure if I was going to be a man and show. I told her that there are no handcuffs in the ring, and moved into my start position.

Claire got up, waived off the ref, and tore off my robe. She put one hand on my shoulders and strutted around me in a circle while inspecting her opponent for the camera. She stopped when behind me, traced her finger down my back, gave my butt a firm grope, and whispered that I better put up a good fight. I inhaled deeply to calm my nerves and I could smell Claire’s scent. She smelled like sex. Claire sashayed over to her start position as her hips swayed back and forth. She reminded me of a porn star that was just a few years past her prime. Not the perfect young starlet, but a damn sexy goddess nonetheless. My cock had begun to stiffen and she boasted that we better get started soon, or I’d cum before we even get our hands on each other.

The referee announced the $1000 prize for the winner and started our match. Claire made a come hither motion with her finger and we began to circle and move closer to one another. We grabbed each other’s shoulders and started by trying to trip the other down onto the mat. I was playing this game very defensively and neither of us having much success. She whispered, “enough of this”, spun us away from the referee and kneed me in the groin. It wasn’t a direct hit, but it was enough to stop me cold in my tracks. Claire jumped in the air and wrapped her legs around my waist just above my hips. I lost my balance and the two of us crashed down onto the mat.

I began to protest to the referee, but Claire responded that she was innocent. It was her word against mine and the referee told us that she saw nothing and we should just continue. Claire took advantage of the situation and pulled me deeper into her leggy embrace and established her grip. I had one of her legs across the small of my back and the other across my stomach. With a twist of her body, Claire had me lying face up and looking at the ceiling. This was a superior position for her body scissors, and she was able to apply it so tightly that I had trouble taking deep breaths. I used one of my hands and began to rub her pussy as a counter-attack, but she just laughed at me, swatted my hand away, crossed her ankles, and poured on the pressure. It felt like she was going to crush my ribs and my sex attack having little effect on her because she had two free hands to protect her genitals. I gasped my submission to stop her assault.

The referee gave out the first points of the match “Claire 2-0 by submission”.

Claire released her hold and stood up. As I began to stand up too, Claire pounced, checked her hip into my midsection and flipped me head over heels. I hit the mat and was not quick enough to escape as Claire’s ass descended onto my face and she settled in for a reverse facesit. With my shoulders pinned under her legs, the ref shouted “Claire 3-0 by pin.”

Her pussy was mashed against my mouth and I could taste her musky sex. I plunged my tongue into her cunt and tried to restart my sex attack. I discovered that she was indeed wet, and I knew she wasn’t kidding when she said that she liked to start her matches slightly aroused. Claire gasped in mock surprise and coos “Gasp! There’s the pussy slave I’ve heard so much about… mmm… that does feel nice, but I’ve had better.” With her ass blocking my eyesight, I didn’t see Claire go for my stiff cock. I felt her reach out and grab my dick and give it a rough tug. My hands dropped to protect my manhood. Claire lifted her body off my face, turned around, and slapped me silly with a hard open-palm strike from her free hand.

I raised my arms to protect my face from another slap and I gave her the perfect opening to guide my cock into her warm pussy. Time seemed to slow as I felt my cockhead breach her labia. I was transfixed by Claire’s aggressive approach and I knew I should be fighting to escape, but her pussy just felt so inviting as I disappeared down her rabbit hole. In about a half dozen repetitions, she would drive her cunt down my shaft three inches, and then pull up two inches. In short order, she swallowed up my entire shaft. With my dick sheathed in her love glove, she began to ride me hard from her cowgirl position. It was clear that Claire was planning to fuck Bayan Escort an orgasm out of me, and I had to regain my composure and begin to resist.

I pulled my legs up, bending at the knees, to get some leverage to flip us over. I had to get her off me quickly because she was well on her way to forcing an orgasm out of me. I made my first strong buck to my right and nearly caught her off guard, but she quickly leaned to my left and maintained her mount. I bucked to the left, but she was too experienced and compensated very quickly. “Nice try” she muttered as she entangled her legs in mine and straightened me out with a grapevine. With my manhood still trapped in her pussy, she resumed assailing my penis and pushing me closer to the brink.

I made several desperate attempts to dislodge her from her perch by pushing on her arms and shoulders, but every move I made seemed futile. She expertly countered everything I did by deflecting and twisting my arms so I couldn’t gain any leverage. I gazed upon this seasoned vixen and saw that she has me exactly where she wanted me. Her eyes were half closed, her mouth was agape, and her huge tits were bouncing up and down following the frantic movements of her lean frame. I had no other option and declared my submission to this fuckfest. The referee said “Claire, 5-0 by submission, and because it’s a sex attack, she can continue until I say so.” Claire gave me a big smile and announced to the camera. “No mercy from this woman.”

I felt her feet untangle themselves from her grapevine. “Don’t move”, she whispered as she grabbed my wrists and began to fuck me without mercy or fear of retaliation. She bit her bottom lip, stared into my eyes and started to experiment with different rhythms and angles every few seconds. The only constant seemed to be her ability to draw and drive her vagina up and down the entire length of my shaft with unbelievable precision and ferocity. I groaned as her lovemaking had its desired effect. I looked to the referee for relief, but she just shook her head in the negative and watched me struggle to restrain my urge to cum. It was hopeless. With no recourse, I tensed up, and spewed my orgasm into my opponent. It was the most intense fucking I had ever experienced and the primal scream I made at my release put an exclamation point on that fact.

The referee smiled and calmly stated “Claire, 7-0 by orgasm”.

Claire did not relent and she continued to send waves of pleasure through my body as she shouted for the camera, “From a real mixed nude fighting woman, I want to officially welcome you to our club!” Soon, she’s milked my entire orgasm, and my pleasure turned to sensitivity. I tried to slow Claire down, but I was still weak from my release and that cunt would not slow her assault.

Kate was right. I had never been fucked like this before. I reaffirmed my submission out of desperation as my cock screamed for a break from all this pussy action. The referee stepped in saying, “Claire, he did submit, you’re going to have to let him up now.” Claire gave the referee a cold stare, but finally let my cock slip out of her fuck tube. With a stern look of contempt for me, she dragged her pussy along my body, leaving a smear of our combined juices behind as she crawled off my heaving chest.

I was a mess. My head was spinning and my cock was sore. The referee was warning me that I needed to get up to continue. I hardly noticed the referee restart the match because I was taking too long. Claire took that opportunity to sit down beside me and lay my head on her one thigh as a pillow. With the green light to continue, Claire’s other leg came down across my neck, and she began to scissor me once again. The pressure on my neck made it hard to breathe. To tell you the truth, I didn’t even try and resist, I was just trying to survive. I immediately tapped and the referee stated “Claire 9-0 by submission”.

I was done. Claire grabbed my arms and sat me up. She then came around behind me, and put me in a headlock from behind. She pulled us both prone and I’m lying on top of her facing up towards the ceiling. I grabbed the arm that is draped across my neck and tried to relieve some of the pressure, but she had it cinched in. As I weakly struggled, her legs wrapped around my waist, she crossed her ankles and I’m thinking she’s going for another body scissors to finish me off. But, instead of squeezing, she pushes her legs down and uses my own hips as leverage to put additional pressure on her rear naked choke…

With a sudden jolt, I awaken to the referee lightly tapping my cheek and asking if I’m okay. I groggily ask what happened. “Claire knocked you out for 10 points and the match is over. The prize money is hers and she’s going to perform her sexual finishing move in a few minutes.” After confirming that I was fine Escort and understood what she said, the referee got up, and gave Claire a nod that she could proceed.

Claire scooted over to me. “You’re a rare perfect 19-0 score. I usually face off against real men, and it was nice to be able to play with you for awhile. Normally at this point, I’d bend the man over and ram a strap-on dildo up his ass to put him in his place. But, I don’t think there is really any doubt as to who the stronger combatant was today. Plus, I just promised my older sister that she could have a go at you. She was watching the match from the sidelines and was jealous that I was having so much fun. Now, be nice because she hasn’t had a man in a few years since her husband left.” Claire turned her head away from me a called out to someone. “Brittany, he’s all yours.”

I looked to see who Claire was talking to and I saw a woman in her 50s pull a vibrator from her pussy and start to make her way over to us. You could tell the family resemblance, but Brittany had smaller breasts and love handles. Her eyes were transfixed on me and she had a hungry look on her face. When she arrived, she threw one leg over me and I got a good look at her trimmed and dripping wet pussy. This older woman was ready to fuck. I felt like prey being passed between two cougars, but I didn’t object because I thought this was better than an ass-raping.

Claire told me to behave, put a blindfold over my eyes, and I felt Brittany grab my cock in her hand, point it straight up and lower herself to envelop my member. Her pussy lips engulfed my dick and in one slippery motion slid down my entire manhood. A grunt escaped my lips as I was once again sheathed by a woman. If we had just met at a bar, I would have rejected this older woman’s advances, but pussy was pussy and my cock responded as she wiggled around to get in a comfortable position.

Brittany tested a few thrusts as she slowly raised and lowered her hips. She leaned in and said “This is all about me.” The pace this woman set was brisk and she was soon huffing from the exertion. I was her fuck doll and her warm pussy was rekindling my arousal once again. I grew from stiff to hard once again, but I wasn’t close to the edge yet. Then Brittany ground her pussy all the way to the base of my cock and stopped. I heard the hum of a vibrator turn on, and felt it’s damped vibrations through her flesh as she applied it to her clit. Her movements changed as the focus moved to achieving her own orgasm. I felt used and frustrated. Brittany cried out to Claire for her to remove the blindfold just as the first orgasm washed over her. With a series of small rumbles, her orgasms seemed to go on forever. She rode from one to the next in a seemingly endless supply of small sexual peaks. Her pussy provided the spasms my cock sought and the added pressure eventually sent me over the edge as well. Brittany was delighted at her sexual conquest and told Claire a few nasty scenarios she wanted to try. Claire enthusiastically selected one that allowed the use of her strap-on. My near future outlet seemed destined to include both humiliation and pain.

Just then, I heard a door open and Kate’s voice cut through the air. “Claire! Get your sister off of him. Using outsiders in your match is clearly stretching the rules beyond what is allowed. It’s now over. Turn off the camera. Match complete.”

Claire smiled and responded, “Brittany was a club member years ago, she’s no stranger, and I was just about to join in if you’d like to watch.”

Kate was clearly angry at this. “Claire, its over, and you’re thrown out of the club.”

Claire became equally furious. “You can’t do that bitch!”

Kate walked over to the camera guy, told him to edit out that last part, and then left without responding to any of Claire’s protests.

I took this opportunity to escape from the two insatiable sisters before anybody changed their mind. I began to wonder if Kate was more than just a weigh-in girl. She spoke and ordered people around like she had authority. Even though I had these questions in my head, I decided that today was not the best time to go find her and get answers.

When I arrived home, there was an email from Kate apologizing for intervening, but Claire needed to be put in her place. Kate also recommended my next opponent be Sophia. She thought that I had a good chance to win this one with the right preparation. I responded by stating that I wasn’t too keen on getting intimate with Claire’s strap-on and I was definitely interested in getting a point in my win column.

Thank you for reading the third of what I hope to be a nine part series.

I should warn my readers that each part is going to be fairly similar to the last. I will be exploring different sexual themes, but the base formula will stay the same. The last thing I want is to try and write something different to be more popular or satisfy a different crowd. That’s the kind of thinking that brought us Midichlorians and Jar Jar Binks.

Stay tuned for “Match : David vs Sophia”!

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