Magic Medical Attention

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Chapter 1 – Listen to Your Doctor

With all of the publicity and the warnings about breast cancer, a woman in her early forties like I am should take all of the precautions available to ward off the possibility of becoming a victim. That is why I am in the offices of Dr. Samantha Kupps this morning. I told my employer that I would be as long as it takes, and she encouraged me to take whatever time was necessary to explore my condition.

“Crystal,” the doctor said as she greeted me upon entering the exam room, “I’m Sammy Kupps. I understand that you are here for a mammogram this morning. Correct?”

“That’s right,” I said meekly. “I’m as nervous as a teenager on her first date. I’m embarrassed.” My first impression of the doctor was so far removed from what I had imagined that I felt like apologizing even though my remarks would just be confusing to her. She was a woman about my age, and she obviously spent as much time as I do to keep her body in shape. She was a little fleshier, but I suppose that came with the fact that she had enormous breasts.

“Most women are for the first time, Crystal. It’s not everyday that you feel the need to have a stranger play with your breasts,” the doctor replied smiling nicely.

“At least you are a woman,” I said nervously.

“Thank you for noticing.” Again, the sweet smile. I was beginning to relax somewhat.

“Oh, please . . .” I stammered, “I didn’t mean to imply that . . .”

“Relax, Crystal,” the doctor said with a chuckle. “With a set of knockers like mine, it would be hard not to notice.”

“I’m sure they are quite lovely,” almost apologetically.

“Enough of that,” Sammy said. “We’re here to talk about yours, not mine.” The sweet smile was back. “How should we do this? Most of my patients prefer to bare one shoulder and one breast at a time for the pictures. The choice is yours.”

“This appears to be an all girls outing so . . .” I unbuttoned and peeled off my blouse, and tossed it in a chair against the wall. My bra followed.

“There is definitely nothing to be ashamed of here,” the doctor commented. “I hope you don’t mind my saying so, but you have beautiful breasts, Crystal.”

“Coming from a woman with your background, I am going to take that as a compliment,” I said as I returned her sweet smile. I think I was fairly relaxed at the moment.

All the time we were talking I was being ushered over in front of the x-ray screen. Once there Sammy placed her hand under one of my ample breasts and lifted it slightly. “Excuse the familiarity, Love,” she almost murmured, “but we want to make sure everything is in focus.”

“There’s no need to apologize,” I said quite frankly, “Your hand is soft and warm, and if you don’t mind me say so, exciting.”

“Really?” The doctor’s face was aglow probably from my compliment.

“Absolutely. I often fantasize about someone playing with my breasts. It doesn’t happen enough as far as I am concerned. About that time the radiologist rattled something in her booth. “Oh my God,” I cried softly, “I thought we were alone.”

“Don’t you worry, Crystal,” Sammy torbalı escort said reassuringly, “Kimberly and I are very open and honest with each other, and that includes our sexual preferences.” She noticed the puzzled look on my face. “I am very partial to the female body. That’s why I chose this line of work. It’s usually sort of humdrum, but I was honest when I told you that you have lovely breasts.”

I couldn’t help but to reach up and feel my breasts as we talked. My face was flushing, and it was excitement not embarrassment. “Don’t you need to examine further, Doctor?” I couldn’t conceal the naughty expression on my face.

“Yes, I believe you’re right, you horny old bitch.” She was wearing a naughty expression equal to mine. “Back up and sit on the table so I can take another look.

I did as asked, and she moved much closer. In fact, she placed her crotch against one of my knees and pressed firmly. She reached out and cupped one of my breasts in each hand. “Just one moment,” she whispered.

“Kimberly” the doctor called out to the radiologist, “hang the hospital sign out front, and then lock the door to the hallway.”

“Yes, Doctor,” a pleasant voice answered from the next room.

“And Kimberley,” Sammy continued, “we may need you a little later.”

“Yes, Doctor.”

Sammy had been massaging my breasts as this conversation took place, and we both noticed that I was becoming very aroused. I was rubbing my pussy against her knee, and I had also locked my thighs firmly against her leg.

“You do good work, Doctor,” I panted.

“Want to feel mine?” she asked. I just nodded in the affirmative. “Then open up the gate, Darling.”

I nervously fussed with the buttons on her lab frock until I finally freed them. I was shocked. She wasn’t wearing a blouse or any other upper garment. Her gigantic boobs were simply hanging there in the breeze. I put a hand on each of them. “Fan-fucking-tastic,” I muttered softly.

Sammy had a big, proud smile on her face as she bent forward and took one of my nipples into her mouth. I moaned and she sucked harder. I squeezed her hooters, and she wiggled them in response.

About that time Kimberly returned from locking up. She didn’t react at all to the fact that we were both naked from the waist up. “Will you need me for anything else, Doctor?” She had such a lovely voice.

“One moment, Sweetheart,” Sammy said to Kimberly, and then turning back to me, “do you use dildos, Love?”

“Often,” I replied simply but honestly.

Kimberly left the room.

Sammy was back busy on my nipples, but now her hand was working palm down along my inner thigh and up to my crotch. My body was on fire. It had been way too long since anyone had given me this much attention sexually.

“Damned,” Sammy exclaimed, “you’re wearing panty hose.”

“Is that a problem?” I asked as I lifted my ass free on the table. I was lying lengthwise by now.

“No problem,” Sammy said and deftly peeled down and off both my pantyhose and my panties. My skirt was above my waist. She massaged my mound urla escort rather vigorously with a hand, and then she walked up beside my head. “Suck on these,” she said good-naturedly as she offered her magnificent boobs to me. Meanwhile she was finger-fucking my pussy with her social digit. I latched on to a rather large nipple and began sucking like a starving calf.

When she realized I was getting close to a climax, she eased her social finger out of my pussy hole and up to my swollen clitoris. That, along with her passionate embraces and wild tongue and her vigorous hand massages to my breast unleashed the flood gates and allowed my orgasm to develop into a thing of beauty.

Sammy continued her embraces including tongue action until she was certain that my climax had terminated. She slowly disengaged her mouth from mine.

“My God,” I exclaimed as my mouth became free, “that is one of the best orgasms I have ever had. I’ll never forget this as long . . .”

“Not so fast, Crystal,” Sammy said softly. “Don’t you want me to eat your pussy?” She worked her way to the end of the exam table, and like you would expect your doctor to say, “Spread.”

“Yes ma’am, Sam,” I said breathlessly. I was still recovering from the first orgasm.

“Bring your heels up to rest on the end of the table, Crystal. I want a good shot at that lovely pussy you’re hiding.”

I did as I was told, and sure enough my legs formed a valley that even a Boeing 747 couldn’t miss. I didn’t have time to feel exposed. Sammy’s mouth settled on my crotch like a swooping eagle, and her tongue found my pussy hole without a problem.

“Oh, shit,” I moaned, “that feels wonderful.” Her tongue felt like it was six inches long, and then I noticed that Kimberly had appeared at the head end of the table wearing nothing but a strap on dildo. A large dildo, I might add. She leaned over my head, and began caressing my breasts with her mouth and tongue. Oh course, in this position she had placed her tits directly over my face, so I responded with what was a natural reaction under these circumstances. I placed my hands on either side of her dangling breasts, and gently sucked a nipple into my mouth. She moaned and sucked harder on my nipple. I moaned because I was experiencing unbelievable ecstasy from the mouth at my pussy as well as the one traveling from breasts to breast. And, I have two lovely young breasts at my disposal directly over my mouth. I can imagine what this next orgasm will be like. Just the thought made my pussy and my tits tingle. I sucked more of Kimberly’s tit into my mouth, and I pushed my mound firmly against Sammy’s mouth. We all groaned.

Lady O (my orgasm) was racing down the aisle bringing with her baskets filled with high voltage excitement and gut-wrenching arousal. My body was flopping under my two lovers like a beached fish. I had abandoned Kimberly’s breasts because I could not hold back the moans and whimpering brought on by this experience. I wasn’t an old hand at this oral sex thing as it was, but to have two attractive and highly qualified lovers administering indescribable buca escort pleasure to my major erogenous zones demanded that I respond openly. I wanted to scream with glee, but I settled for the moaning and whimpering as my orgasm crashed through my body and to freedom.

I didn’t realize until now that Sammy had buried her social finger up my ass as my orgasm erupted. An added stimuli that really wasn’t necessary. Kimberly raised her body from over me, and moved around to my side. She leaned forward and kissed me full on the lips. Sweetly and tenderly at first, but then she became more passionate and demanding. I responded to the best of my weakened ability, and that is when I realized I was fondling the strap on dildo she was wearing. She smiled and then we both giggled.

Meanwhile, Sammy had ushered me off of the exam table and without ceremony, took my place and assumed the same position as I had for her assault. My knees were weak from the two world class climaxes I had just experienced, but I was so turned on by all of this sexual ecstasy that I was ready to proceed. I noticed that Kimberly had moved around to my rear as I bent forward into Sammy’s valley.

“I’m going to fuck you while you pleasure the doctor unless you object. In the event I get too rough, just holler out and I will back off. Okay?”

“Honey,” I gasp as I was still overwhelmed by all of this arousal, “if I sing out, you just pump that much harder. I haven’t had a good fucking in quite a while.” We both laughed as I felt the head of the dildo press against my pussy hole. I leaned forward and buried my face in Sammy’s crotch as I felt the rubber shaft sink into my vaginal canal.

My tongue was exploring the depths of Sammy’s hole. I had assumed that the dildo Kimberly had buried in my pussy was approximately eight inches long. There was no doubt in my mind that Kimberly was applying a full stroke as she thrust away at me. The passion caused by this pumping compelled me to lap and probe Sammy’s pussy with reckless abandon. I was also uncontrollably singing heavenly praises for rapture flowing through my being. Fortunately, Kimberly ignored me.

My attention to Sammy’s crotch was driving her to acrobatics and caroling much the same as mine. I could only assume that her climax was about as close to the front gate as was mine. Kimberly kept pumping.

My transfer to Sammy’s clit had paid off. She placed no shame on announcing the arrival of her orgasm. Oh course, Lady O was demanding recognition about the same time so we two fully mature women sang a duet celebrating our accomplishments. Kimberly gradually slowed her stroking, and eventually removed my plastic lover from my pussy. Everybody was happy. Exhausted, but happy. It was a full five minutes before any of us was able to talk intelligently.

“Kimberly,” I said quite calmly as I patted the exam table, “assume the position.”

“The young technician looked at the doctor with an expression of surprise on her face. Sammy was smiling broadly as she nodded her approval. “You have given me great pleasure today, Sweetheart,” I said as I looked at Kimberly lovingly. “Take off that weapon, and prepare for action. I am going to eat your pussy, and the good doctor is going to feed you hers.”

I was sitting in the back seat of the taxi and almost back to my office when it dawned on me. WE DIDN’T DO THE MAMMOGRAM.

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