Looking After The House

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I would love your feedback on my stories, I would like to write stories for people to read and have fun with. If you have any ideas or would like a personalised storey then give me a shout. These storeys are very much my own fantasies and if you could help make them happen then give me a shout.

I’d been asked by my next door neighbours to keep an eye on their house while they were away on holiday. They where a nice couple, pretty normal with a real nice house. One thing I liked was they had a real big water bed in their bedroom; they also had a real big bathroom with a giant shower cubicle.

I ventured to the house to find a nice, clean and at my disposal. There was a note on the table wit all the instructions for watering the plants, which lights to turn on and off etc… I thought I’d take a look around so I went into each room taking a quick look to see if there was anything interesting. I didn’t find anything that good, a quick look through some draws revealed some choice magazines and condoms but nothing more. I had a look in the spare bedroom and found the sun bed set up with a nice bikini hung up. A quick look at the size revealed it was not one of Jacky’s, the bottoms were a size 16 and the top must have been at least 44GG, I was intrigued to say the least.

The next place I looked was the loft, I was hard to get up there but once I’d scaled the banister and pulled myself up I was glad. The first thing I noticed was a wealth of porn mags and videos. A closer look at the vids revealed some of an amateur nature; I looked closer at the labels and saw familiar names and combinations. This got me very excited to say the least. I grabbed a handful and whisked them downstairs to the widescreen TV. The first I put in was labelled Jacky, Julie and Greg (Jacky’s Partner). I was treated to an opening shot of Jacky and Julie sat on the waterbed, both in towel robes.

Jacky is in her late 30’s, about 5’10 and roughly a size 12. This video showed her pretty well. She had a big natural bust (about 38dd) that gave her a massive cleavage; however because of her height she looked very proportional. She is quite curvy with a slight belly and big bum but she looks good for her age. I hadn’t seen this Julie before but she was obviously the owner of the bikini I’d found earlier. She was about 50 maybe slightly younger but the opposite body to Jacky. Julie was quite short, about 5’3 and quite wide as well. She did carry it well though and her enormous breasts evened thing out. I would say she was fat, just voluptuous with some serious love handles in the right places.

The video was started with Jacky and Julie passionately kissing each other. This alone was a massive turn on for me as I’d never seen anything so natural and real. I’d seen porn before but it’s always really fake. The kissing carried on for a while with them both stroking each other. Eventually they started to de-robe and I got a sight I thought taksim escort I’d never see, two neighbours totally naked kissing and fondling each other. The video went on for about an hour with them using various toys and lotions on each other and then Greg joining in with the pair. I’ll say one thing for Greg, he’s got a massive penis and Julie seemed to really enjoy this. I got really horny and decided to have a quick wank before I went home.

After about a week I’d seen just about the whole collection, they had roughly 30 hours of the stuff and I enjoyed every minute of it. I got to the house the following morning and there was a car parked outside on the drive, a big 4×4. I thought nothing of it because I knew some of Greg’s friend would leave their cars there sometimes. I went in the house and found a pair of shoes by the door. Not just any shoes either, a pair of strapy high healed shoes. I went about my business and plucked up the courage to have a look at who was sharing the house with me. I could hear music coming from the spare bedroom so I knocked and said hello. I was answered with a ‘come in’ so I pushed the door too and walked slowly in. Inside the room was a pile of clothes and underwear and a naked woman laid out under the sun bed. I immediately recognised her as Julie from the video and the bikini; she was on her front totally naked and looking at me with a big smile.

After introductions she told me that Jacky had said that she could use the sun bed and gave her a key to the house. I went off and made us both a cup of tea and we sat down in the front room. When she walked in she was wearing the bikini that was hanging up the first day I’d been at the house. She asked me to excuse her because she was feeling a bit warm from the sun bed. After we’d finished our teas she said she was going back on the sun bed to finish off so I went about me jobs. I’d just finished watering the plants when Julie shouted me and asked me if I could rub some oil on her back. I jumped at this chance because I was already feeling horny from seeing her in her bikini. I walked in the room and she was laid resting on her elbows showing her massive cleavage. She still had her bikini on and she asked me to untie it. As I pulled it off she moved up slightly to reveal a nice bit of breast. As I pulled the bottoms away I caught a glimpse of her bushy mound that was dark and thick. She passed me the oil and I squirted a large amount down her back.

I started to rub it all over her soft cushioned back and started to get a slight hard on. She told me to make sure I got all over so she didn’t burn, this meant I got to massage the oil down her sides and over the exposed breast that was squashed out. When I’d finished her back I moved down and started on her bum. I’ve never felt anything so soft and bouncy before, I spent ages making sure I got every possible inch of skin covered. I was getting harder and harder by istanbul escort the minute and tried to hide my aching penis by pulling it up against my belly. Its was getting harder and harder to conceal my excite because I only had a pair of jogging bottoms on and my cock was almost at full potential. I moved further down her body covering her top thighs with a slick coat of oil and gently sneaking a touch of her hot mound. I gently moved down until I got to her beautiful feet. I started to rub the oil into her manicured feet and she asked me if I could give her a foot massage.

So here I was, massaging oil over a naked, voluptuous woman with nice feet, could life get any better. She started to moan when I gently tickled her feet. She kept moving her free foot up towards my face and wiggling her toes. I wiped the excess oil off her feet and carried on doing what I was doing. The next time her free foot moved up I took her big toe in my mouth and gently sucked it. This sent her crazy so I started licking and sucking her feet. I moved round to her side and she reached out with her hand for my groin. After some fumbling she eventually got up off the bed and with her wicked eyes looking into mine reached down and pulled my bottoms down. My penis was rock hard and pointed directly forward near to her juicy mouth that was moving closer and closer to my cock. She gently eased her mouth over the end of my cock, her rich red lips leaving a trail of moisture with each stroke. Within minutes she’d managed to fit the entire length of my cock down her throat and was moving up and down my shaft faster and faster. Saliva was dripping down my balls and I just watched as she eat my cock again and again. She started to tell me to cum in her mouth, I wasn’t quite ready to cum yet so I sat down on the bed and lead her to kneel between my legs. I lent back and was treated to a wonderful view of her pendulous breasts swaying back and forth, her big nipples pointing out and colliding with my legs. I reached down to feel her wondrous breasts; they were heavy yet soft apart from her nipples which were almost solid. I massaged her breast gently while she sucked my entire cock down her throat. I was ready to cum and she knew it. She started to move faster and faster, licking and sucking, then just working the head in and out her hot lips. I felt myself go over the edge and held back as long as I could. I erupted in her mouth again and again, I could feel my cum mixing around my cock head as she worked every last drop from my balls. Eventually I subsided and flopped on the bed exhausted.

Julie didn’t take this as a discouragement and grabbed my hand pulling me into the bathroom. We were both naked and sweaty with oil over our bodies. She turned the shower on dragged me in. She was getting quite forceful now, washing my all over, sliding her hands up and down my body, especially my hardening cock. She told me to wash her so I çapa escort obeyed and started to lather soap all over her top half. I took each breast in turn lifting the massive orb and coating it with slippery soap, she appeared to like this and once I’d washed all the soap off I started to kiss and lick her breasts. She grabbed my head and forced my hard against her nipples telling me to suck as hard as I could. She started to milk my cock again, this time with her soft plump hands. I moved up her body to her mouth and started kissing. Her tongue was amazing, almost twice as long as mine and I could feel it twisting and turning in my mouth. Eventually she pulled my hand into her hot groin. I’m a lot taller then her, above 6 foot so a bent down kissing as I moved towards her mid section. The water was running down her belly and I gently moved my tongue down till I reached her mound. She reached down and parted her bushy mound to reveal a pink, wet slit. I gently started to lick up and down lapping at her dripping slit. I could taste her juices through the water so I started too move closer to her hole. I inserted a finger and got a rhythm going, she moved against my tongue until she couldn’t hold back any longer. I was shocked when a small amount of juice shot straight into my mouth and continued to drip for a short while. With that Julie turned the shower off and pulled me up to give me a long loving kiss.

We towelled off and wrapped up in some warm dressing gowns heading for the bedroom hand in hand. Julie then slipped out of the room for a few minutes. When she came back she was clothed again, not your normal clothes you’d wear every day mind you. She was wearing a tight white thin top that barely covered her breasts and left her mid section showing. On her bottom half she was wearing a pair of crotch-less leggings that looked like tights but left her beautiful feet exposed. On her feet she wore a pair of fluffy black mules that showed her little painted toes. She came over, wobbling slightly from the mules on the carpet and pulled me up from the bed. Once standing she bent forward and placed her hands on the end of the bed, she arched her back and told me to lick her from behind. I knelt down and started to lick furiously at her soaking slit. Her juice started to run down my chin when she grabbed and told me to make love to her. She guided my hard cock to her wet slit and rubbed the end of my cock up and down to ready me for entry. I could feel her warmth surrounding the end of my cock and with a thrust I was buried deep in her juicy tunnel. She moaned with pleasure and made me feel her hanging breasts. I tried to move out as far as I could before moving in again but she pulled me in as deep as she could. Eventually she moved away and sat on the edge of the bed pulling me with her. She put her heavy legs on my shoulders and grabbed my bum pulling me in as deep as possible. I pumped faster and faster as deep as I could get until I felt her vagina contract. She was moaning in ecstasy and I couldn’t hold back any longer. ‘Give me your hot cum; inject me with your babies.’ She moaned. So I let go and with one last pull I rammed as deep as I could.

To Be Continued…

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32