Lockdown Slave Ch. 05

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The next several days were tough for me. Each day begins with flogging, a routine of mean treatments, and then would end with flogging in the evening when she brings me dinner.

I greet her every morning when she comes into my cell, and she wouldn’t even answer or talk to me first until she has first set my ass on fire with the whip or cane, only after that would I hear her say something. My subconscious got programmed to expect torture.

Day after day, I felt more at peace with the way she treated me. She wasn’t treating me nice, rather she treated me like an animal. She not only treated me so, she repeatedly told me that is what I am, and required me to stay on all fours like a dog whenever I was in her presence, or more accurately, whenever she brought her presence to me in the cell.

My soul began to find peace in being degraded. Things that an average person would see as ‘insane,’ became ‘training’ to me. I began to love being her victim.

I was broken.

The flogging and leftover feeding continued in the same routine until about Day 14 when she added a new twist to how she treated me.

She walked in with a cane and went straight for my ass, which had marks and welts already, and for some reasons the pain strangely aroused me whenever I was alone.

It was still painful, but now I welcomed the pain and allow it to pass through me. I had become one with my predicament. She started whipping me with the cane. Some old wounds reopened. Some new ones opened up upon old ones, wound upon wound, welt upon welt.

I groaned and grunted more than I screamed. Also, my stability had greatly increased. I stood in position while she tore my ass with the cane. I whimpered. I groaned. I grunted. I sobbed. But I didn’t move away or fall out of position. She was visibly very happy and impressed with me.

“You take it like a bitch, I will reward you,” she said and pulled off her panties and made me wear it on my face, with the crotch right on my nose. It was wet and sticky.

She was wet just from caning bahis siteleri me. Her pussy juice had leaked out and now, I was sniffing it on her panties.

She checked my temperature and then announced to me she wanted to be sure I wasn’t infected, and since now she was sure of that, she would use me for some intimate pleasures. It was then I knew why she probably took my nose swab the previous day.

She wore the strap-on dildo around her waist and lubed it. She moved behind me and lubed my ass. She carefully removed the buttplug from my ass which was now super numb.

“Boy! Your pussy is so ready it’s practically begging to be fucked!”

She was right, I could actually feel my asshole gaping and puckering. I didn’t imagine for too long before I felt the tip of her strap-on dildo at my anal gate.

It was an easy entry. Inch by inch, I felt more and more of the dildo working up my ass until I was holding the entire length deep in me.

She held my waist with both hands and began to fuck me slowly. I grunted softly. She then later began to pound me vigorously. I grunted more loudly. She started smacking my ass.

“Moan like a slut, make beautiful music for me!”

I started moaning and expressing fake feelings of pleasure. She loved it. I did more. “Fuck me, Mistress, oouuu, yeahhhhhhhh,” I sang to her delight. Her panties still worn on my face.

I was still on all fours like a dog. She stretched her right hand forward and took hold of the chain leash around my neck. She pulled it backwards and held it with both hands to support herself. She then continued to pound me very hard. I was feeling her groin ramming my ass. Having the entire length of the dildo rapidly plunging in and out of my ass like that really bordered me, but I couldn’t complain. I had to put up with it.

It looked like she was really getting a lot of pleasure from banging me, otherwise, she wouldn’t have spent so much time on my ass. I could not only feel the passion with which she was fucking me in my ass, but I bonus kodu could also feel it from the way she held on to the chain with both hands and pulled backwards to balance her thrusting action. I was choking and finding it tougher to breathe, but I managed to, nonetheless.

After a while, saliva began to drool down to the ground from my mouth due to the manhandling. I was choking and needed to be breathing with both my nose and my mouth interchangeably.

She eventually got so high she stripped the strap-on off and quickly came over to the front and sat on the stool right in front of me with her thighs spread apart. She pulled the crotch of her panties to one side and dragged it down my face. It hung around my neck with my head poking out in place of one of her thighs.

“Eat my pussy!”

I was panting already with my tongue out like a dog, engaging her pussy and lapping up her vaginal fluids seemed natural and fitting for the occasion.

I shoved my face into her crotch and started lapping up her cunt. Her juice readily poured into my mouth. She held the chain again and pulled on it so I couldn’t even take a break. My entire face was in her face and my nose couldn’t really get enough air. She was in cloud nine already, and it would be in my best interest to drive her to orgasm as soon as possible so that I could at least get to breathe well again.

I aggressively sucked hard on her vagina. Her thighs trembled with each suction. I knew I was doing it right. I repeated that move many times and then switched to her clitoris. I lifted the hood with the tip of my tongue, found her clit and started massaging it softly. I circled my tongue around it and started tapping it with my tongue. I tongue-fucked it. She responded with spasms in rhythm with me. She began to moan really loud and uncontrollably. I was happy with the way it was playing out.

Asians moan, not only in porn videos!

Her high pitched sound like that of a bird echoed in the empty cell. She wriggled with every touch. yeni slotlar 2024 She looked like someone who was being exorcised. Her eyes were shut.

For the first time, I felt like a pro. Asian bodies are wonderful. You should try playing with one. The awesomely sensitive body is something I enjoyed observing in person.

I was feeling like a porn star and handling her pussy like a pro when I suddenly heard her scream: “Ahh, ahh, dog, dog!”

Next thing I saw was that a salty liquid from inside her pussy splashed on my face. She squirted and literally bathed me.

I quickly lifted my hands off the floor and held her in position so she wouldn’t fall off, because, at that moment, she lost control and shook uncontrollably. I was there for her like a loving partner.

It took a few minutes for her to recover from the orgasm. I loved witnessing that. Not all porn videos are overhyped. This was a moment that would have over 19 million views in the first one week if we had made and submitted the clip to Xvideos or Pornhub.

After she recovered and saw me holding her and watching over her, she smiled at me and pecked my forehead. I felt so special. She looked so beautiful.

She didn’t say a word, but I could see she was very happy with me. She stood up and slowly took two steps to check if she could walk properly. She could. She went out of the basement. I knew I had earned my breakfast and for this morning, and given the awesome work I just did with my mouth and tongue, giving her such a rich orgasm, I believed I would be having something better than leftovers for breakfast.

I was wrong.

She reappeared with a garbage can containing kitchen waste and poured them into the dog bowl. I saw torn leaves, wet cookies, a few grains of raw maize, fishbone, there was a small quantity of a slimy substance that looked like vomit, a small piece of bread and other kitchen waste.

“This is waste from our kitchen, looks more befitting for an animal like you, right?”

“Yes, Mistress!” I answered promptly. I tried to hide my disappointment, but she noticed.

“I know you did a very good job this morning, and trust me, I will reward you with a special meal, but that will be tomorrow. For this morning, eat garbage!”

“Yes, Mistress!”

(To be continued)

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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