Living the Dream

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I’m married, mid 50’s and a closet bottom. I was sexting with a guy I used to meet, but who won’t any more. He was asking if I would take a black dick in front of him. I said “yes”, and told him to find one.

In the meantime, I got horny and got on a Bareback chatline and messaged an escort, and asked him how much to fuck me bare tomorrow. He said $160, so I made a date for 1 pm. His name is Greg.

I got there right on time and texted him. He came down to the door and I followed him up the stairs.

He was tall, around 6 feet 2 inches, 180 or 190 lbs, slender and nice looking.

He led me to an apartment, told me I could leave my things where I was, and where the bathroom was.

I gave him his money, and got naked.

He went to pee and I looked around; the place was beautifully decorated.

He returned and led me out of his bedroom into the sex room.

He had a porn on, a BBC fucking a white guy. I thought it set the proper tone.

He bent down and sucked my nipple while I stood on tiptoes and pulled şişli escort my dick.

He lifted his shirt and presented his hairless nipple to me. I sucked it and bit it lightly, and felt his dick through his pants, which I unbuttoned.

I pulled pants and underwear down, and freed his feet from his pantlegs.

I wrapped my hand around his cock, and it was huge!

It was soft, but the head started an inch beyond the end of my fist, and was easily 2 inches in diameter.

I licked it and took as much in my mouth as I could. I sucked him harder and harder.

I could take about 6 inches until the bend of his cock prevented further jabbing. I only choked once or twice.

I stuck my tongue in his piss hole and turned my head, over and over, on the axis of his cock.

He liked it a lot!

He bent down, and kissed me with his big juicy lips and tongue, and I kissed him back.

I licked his mouth and ran my hand over his tight ass.

Soon, he told me to lay back and lift my legs. I was scared.

I istanbul escort pulled my cheeks open and he looked at my asshole and laughed.

He told me “it’s big”, and that he should be able to fuck me.

He gently worked his fingers into me, stretching me to make it possible.

It only took a couple of minutes until he was rubbing the head of his cock against me.

It was huge, and it took several minutes to get the whole thing in me.

I asked for more lube, and he fucked me with longer strokes while I watched him make fuck faces as he slid his bare black dick in and out of my asshole, over and over. He asked if I wanted to try doggy, and I said “yes please”.

I had trouble turning over…my legs were almost useless from what his dick had done to me.

Finally, I was on all 4’s, facing the TV and he started to fuck me again.

He went further, deeper into my body, and I told him it felt like I had to go to the bathroom.

He told me I was full of his black dick and was going to beşiktaş escort feel fuller.

After a couple of minutes, it started to hurt (wherever the head of his cock was).

I clenched down on his cock and he gently pulled me back onto it when I pulled off.

I told him to cum, and he said “soon” and kept bottoming his 11 inch dick inside my body.

He started to breathe faster, and I pushed back, making sure he came as far inside me as possible.

I could feel a pulse throbbing deep inside me, where he was shooting hot thick chunks of sperm.

He pounded my insides as he shot, over and over, and I could feel the pulse against the head of his prick when he stopped shooting.

I asked him to leave it inside me for a few minutes, and we talked as he got softer.

He told me he was going to pull out, and I put my hand underneath to catch any drips.

I missed, and told him I would clean his cock. He said I might not want to, but I licked up a big chunk of clotted semen on the towel he had laid down.

His cock was filthy, it looked like it was covered in cottage cheese, but I ate it all.

I pulled on my shorts and left shortly after.

I’m aching right now, where he rammed me with the head of his dick as he came inside me.

I want more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32