Life Imitates Art Ch. 02

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I startled and looked up to find Lucas, and three of his friends, standing in the doorway, admiring the view from their vantage point.

My cheeks began to stain with a blush that quickly spread over my entire face, then down to my chest, until I thought I would burst into flame. My lungs collapsed. My chest heaved mightily as I tried to get oxygen, an action all four watched with interest, and visible tents in their pants.

I scrambled to my feet, and attempted to scurry backwards into the bedroom, blushing almost as scarlet as my corset, and trying vainly to cover myself, when a hand wrapped around my wrist, fingers overlapping around the slender bones.

“Where do you think you’re going, my little fuckslut?” Almost eye to eye with my six-foot-four husband, I stammered in confusion and panic, attempting to tug my wrist from his iron grip. He smiled wolfishly, and said, in the wicked voice he used when I misbehaved,

“Slave, we have guests. Make sure they’re comfortable. Get them something to drink.”

I stared at him, eyes round in shock and confusion. His lips curled into a mischievous smile, and he winked at me. I calmed slightly and relaxed my struggle.

He dropped my wrist as I flicked my eyes from person to person. Three of Lucas’s closest friends were eye-fucking me as they stood in the living room.

Matthew, notorious womaniser and outrageous flirt, looked me over, eyes catching again and again on my round tits, dotted with freckles and lifted to the heavens. He smiled at me in a predatory fashion, and brushed past me to go sit down, sliding a hand against my silk covered leg as he did so.

Chris stood dumbfounded, mouth slightly ajar, with clear respect in his eyes as he looked at Lucas.

“Fuck, man. Just… Fuck. You have the sexiest fucking chick.”

He also walked to the sofa, giving me a respectful berth, but I felt his eyes affix to my ass as I stood stock-still, a deer in headlights as I turned my eyes to Jeremy.

At first glance, the black man seemed intimidating, standing six foot five, powerfully built, with a piercing gaze. However, I had long known that he was a self-defined teddy bear, which he proved by steadfastly keeping his eyes above my neck, though I could see the will power it took him to do so. His muscles bulged as he stood tense in the doorway.

“Hey Mrs. G. How’s it going?”

He got out, ever the gentleman. Lucas laughed loudly at this, as did the two behind me. I stammered out a quavering response, flushing under the weight of his eyes. This seemed to satisfy him, and he lumbered over to the sofa with the others. I stood there, wringing my wrists, nerves taut.

Lucas pulled me to him and kissed me deeply, tugging my hair as his other hand groped my pale ass. I felt my anxiety begin to seep away, lost in the heat of his mouth on mine. All too soon, he ended the kiss with a swat to my ass and a gentle push towards Gaziantep Anal Escort the bar.

The men called out orders as they reclined, eyes following my every move. I made their drinks, focussing my attention on the liquor and trying to ignore the burning and crawling under my skin. I brought the glasses over one by one, hands trembling slightly as I knelt before the men, delivering their drinks subserviently.

Each man had different reactions. Chris smirked and tipped his drink to me in salute, Matthew “accidentally” spilled some on my chest, then watched in fascination as the liquid ran down my skin, and Jeremy muttered a thank you, eyes looking slightly glazed as he watched my sinuous movements.

I stood for a moment, unsure, before Lucas pulled me into his lap, pushing his glass into my hands. Needing no further encouragement, I drained it in one gulp. A rosy glow flowed through my limbs almost immediately, aided no doubt by my racing heart, and Lucas stroked my cheek tenderly, oblivious to the envious stares he was receiving as I leaned in to his caress and purred in pleasure.

After a few minutes of his soothing touch, Lucas gently nudged me off him, with a nod towards the bar. I fixed him another drink, eyes locked only on him, then waited, diffidently, as he took a long swallow, throat moving under his stubble.

The men talked easily, seeming to dismiss my presence, and I started to fidget. With a disappointed look, Lucas told me to behave, and I immediately dropped into sub pose. Matthew huffed a laugh and made a crack about a well-trained dog, with a nod towards my collar. It was clear all three were green with envy. I sat quietly between his legs, getting up only occasionally to refill someone’s glass.

As the men got progressively drunker, they started to take more liberties with me. Chris pulled my hair, Matthew squeezed one of my silk-enrobed tits, and Jeremy, surprisingly, took a firm hold of my ass, blushing as he did so. Lucas smiled indulgently at these antics, and I returned to him, sinking between his knees and leaning into him, legs shaking. He toyed idly with my hair while they talked, and I felt myself beginning to relax.

“Want to play a card game?”

The wickedness in Lucas’s voice sent a visible shudder through my body, and all three men sat up, completely at attention. They settled on poker, with a twist. Lucas announced, with a perverse grin, that the winner of each round could use me how they saw fit until the end of the next round.

“This way,” he explained, “everyone will get a fair turn.”

He beckoned me over to the table where he was shuffling.

“Here, I’ll show you how it works, then after this round it’s open season on my slutty, little wife. Now suck my cock, slave.”

I struggled with his pants for a moment, hands trembling. Finally, I managed to unzip them, pulling them down to reveal his rock-hard cock as he looked at me appreciatively, eyes alight with sinister amusement.

At the sight of his engorged cock, I panted slightly, tongue flicking out against it. He jerked forward at the sensation, and I forgot to be self-conscious as I swallowed him, gagging as I tried to fit it in, licking and sucking as I moaned lustfully. In the background, I heard Matthew mutter,

“That’s so fuckin’ unfair.”

They gathered around the dining room table, a sturdy, square thing, with a glass inset in the middle, watching intently as I swallowed my Master’s swollen dick, swirling my soft tongue around and around.

He did his best to maintain his composure, but every now and again he would grip the table and moan. Chris dealt the cards, leaving Lucas out of the round, eyes fixed on me.

No one paid much attention to the poker game, all looking on in jealous fascination as I worshipped Lucas’s huge cock, nibbling and sucking on it with relish.

Distractedly, they played, as I took Lucas deeper and deeper into my throat. Chris won the first round, looking surprised and apprehensive. Reluctantly easing me off his dick, Lucas said,

“What do you say?”

“Thank you, Master.”

I purred, grinning with satisfaction at the sight of his engorged cock. At this, he turned and said,

“Chris! Come claim your prize.”

With my heels on, I towered over Chris, my tits eye level with him. He didn’t seem to mind, however, and, after a moment’s thought, followed Lucas’s example.

I sucked him under the table, positioning myself underneath the glass, giving the others a clear view of me on my knees before him. He wrapped his rough hand in my ponytail, pulling me deeper on his cock.

It was thicker around than Lucas’s, with a flared mushroom head, but not very long.

All the same, my throat began to ache at the force of his thrusts, my mind whirling, tongue rebelling at the unfamiliar taste of his precum on my lips. He fucked my face in earnest, pubes grinding against my face, scouring the lipstick from my swollen lips, and the poker game began to heat up as the men realised what the stakes were.

Lucas won the second round, to a chorus of boos. I stood up, wincing at the ache in my jaw and knees, and walked over to Lucas, relieved, resolutely ignoring the frisson of disappointment at having to stop. He gripped my hair tightly and said,

“Now slut, you were very rude to Chris just now. Remember your manners.”

Embarrassed, I turned to Chris and said,

“Thank you, sir, for fucking my face.”

“Believe me, it was my pleasure.”

He leered as the others laughed. With a devilish grin, Lucas pulled down my underwear, revealing my dripping wet pussy.

“What’s this? You’re already soaked, you filthy little girl. And here I thought you were shaking with nerves. Seems like you enjoyed getting your throat fucked by two different men.”

Chris laughed, looking rather smug, and Lucas dropped to his knees, licking and sucking and probing my overly sensitised pussy as I clung to his hair for dear life. He shoved two fingers deep in me as he licked my clit, and I squeaked out my first orgasm of the night, wobbling unsteadily on my heels.

He emerged, face covered in my juices, and then ordered me to lick his fingers clean. His eyes tracked me hungrily, his cock looking almost painfully hard. I rushed to do as told, sucking hard on his fingers, lapping up the tart nectar dripping from his hand. At his warning look, I pulled away from his hand, and hastily said, voice thick,

“Thank you, Master, for letting me cum.”

By this point, all the men were shifting uncomfortably in their seats, pressing down on their erections, doubtless imagining what they would do when they won.

Jeremy won next, and, with his friends egging him on, pulled me to sit on his lap, tracing down my legs, his rough hands sending shivers up my spine. His cock dug into me through his jeans, and I felt my pussy clench in response. His cock felt huge, and evidently rock hard for me.

He flipped me so I was straddling his lap, as my pussy began to drip all over his jeans. He licked and kissed my neck, grabbing my ass tentatively as he hit his stride. I couldn’t help but grind on him, and he hummed in approval, encircling my waist and rubbing me back and forth against the rough fabric of his jeans. Remembering my manners, I choked out,

“Th-Thank you sir, f-for using my body sir.”

Chris won again, and Matthew looked on mutinously while Chris, inspired by Jeremy, bent me over his lap, caressing my ass cheeks. He spanked me experimentally, and, when I bucked against his hand, smacked me again, harder, the sound of his hand on my ass echoing through the room.

My back arched, and I couldn’t help the groan that worked its way up my throat. I could feel the vibration through my tits and stomach as he growled with pleasure, and started spanking me in earnest, disrupting the silence with the crack of flesh on flesh. I writhed and squirmed on his lap, pussy leaking, ass flaming.

He shoved a finger in my mouth, hooking my cheek. I lapped at his finger eagerly, lost in the sensations of heat and hunger twinning through my pussy. He pulled his finger from my mouth, and spread my ass cheeks, painting my tight little asshole with my drool. I tensed, but too late, and his thick finger sunk slowly but firmly into my puckered anus, as I yelped in surprise and pain.

“Now say thank you, slut.”

Gone were the reserved, nervous men that had entered, replaced by power-hungry animals, desperate to fuck their cum into me. I winced as he finger-fucked my ass, spinning his digit around in my nervously-clamped anus.

“Thank you… Sir… For… Ah, fuck… For fucking my ass with y-your big, fucking fin-finger..”

I stuttered, writhing around on his lap. With a triumphant cheer, Matthew pushed himself from the table.

“Finally! You’re mine, slut. Get over here.”

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