Lauren’s Favorite Lapdance Ch. 03

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He went to the club a few nights later, a Tuesday night. He’d only been there a few times, always on Friday. He didn’t know if Lauren would be there. She was the only reason he found himself at the club doors. He asked the bouncer if she was working tonight. The big guy nodded, and Tony paid his cover and went inside. She was dancing on the bar when he walked in, so he took a seat at the end of the bar. She saw him sit down, grinned wickedly, and sauntered across to him. She was wearing only stiletto high heels and a red thong. She was dancing in front of him now, her ass only inches from his face. She turned around, spread her legs around him, sat down in front of him, ran her fingers over her tits.

“How would you like a private dance, mister?” she asked him. He didn’t need to be asked twice. She got off the bar and led him to the back of the club. Another girl quickly took her place dancing on the bar, but Tony didn’t even notice. This beautiful, mostly naked woman had him by the hand and was leading him to heaven. They went to the same booth they had shared before. He had an erection before he even sat down, and she was happy to find it when she climbed into his lap. He gave her all the money he had in his wallet, which was only a couple of hundred dollars. Tony grabbed hold of the cushions to keep his hands from touching her. She was grinding herself on his hard cock, through his pants. The crotch of her red thong was soaked in moments. She unzipped his fly and pulled out his cock and rode it, holding the head in her hand as she rubbed her pussy up and down its length. Then, in an instant, she had moved her thong out of the way, just enough, and he was sliding inside her again, filling her with his meat. She bucked hard on it. He clenched his teeth, looked at her, unable to believe that she was fucking him again like this!

She rode him hard, pounding his cock inside her, loving the feeling, loving the way his cock was hitting every hot spot in her pussy, and a few she didn’t even know she had! It went deep inside her, filling her. She felt it growing Samsun Escort inside her, and she knew in an instant that he was going to come. So was she. She slowed down then, almost stopping, and sat in his lap, slowly moving about just a bit, letting his cock fill her with its thickness, feeling so good so deep inside… and then she felt him explode, his juice shooting deep into her, it was everything she could do to not scream out in pleasure as she came with him.

She stayed in his lap for a while then, after they had finished and she had taken his cock out of her and replaced it where it belonged in his pants. She rode him a little bit, but mostly they talked. Finally, Tony screwed up his courage and asked her: “Lauren, I want to touch you when we do this. I want you to be able to scream. Would you come with me to my apartment?”

Lauren didn’t have to be asked twice. She left him in the booth for a few minutes, went backstage, gathered her things, slid into the sexy red minidress she had worn to dance in, and announced: “I quit!” She walked back out into the club, took Tony by the hand, and they walked out together. They hopped in a cab, Tony gave the cabbie his address, and Tony and Lauren looked at each other and, finally, kissed.

It was deep, passionate, full of love and tenderness, but also lust. Their tongues tangled in their connected mouths, assaulting each other. She sucked on his tongue for a moment, and he moaned sadly just a bit when she stopped, so she sucked his tongue a bit more. She reached for his crotch and found that his huge erection was back. The cabbie drove on through the streets of San Francisco, and they kissed the entire way. She slung a long smooth leg over his lap, and he finally got to touch those amazing legs. He ran his hands from her toes, across the arch of her foot, over her ankle, and her tight calf muscle, around her knee and over her thighs, finally coming to the hem of that minidress. Her legs were spread and he traced around her thigh to her inner thigh and then found her soaked thong, and Samsun Escort Bayan he touched her there, and she moaned softly in his ear as she ran her hands through his hair. She grabbed his head and led his face to her breasts, most of which were trying to burst from the top of her tight minidress. He licked her breasts as he rubbed her clit through her wet thong.

The cab came to a stop. Tony looked up and saw his apartment building. “This is really embarrassing, Lauren, but I gave you all my cash earlier, in the club.” She shrugged, handed the cabbie a fifty dollar bill and they practically fell out of the cab in their hurry. They went inside the building and climbed the three flights of stairs to his apartment, kissing and touching each other all over the entire way up. On the second floor landing, Tony pressed her against the wall and reached up her dress, to her thong. He pushed it aside as he kissed her deeply. He thrust a finger into her pussy. She cried out into his mouth. He broke the kiss and pulled his finger out of her, brought it to his mouth, tasted the wetness on his finger. “You’re delicious,” he said, before kissing her again. They went up the last flight of stairs and finally came to his door. He opened it and they went inside.

They didn’t make it past the kitchen. He grabbed her by the waist and pushed her back against the kitchen table, and rubbed his crotch between her legs. She greedily opened her legs, hiking up her minidress. He tore off her thong and she undid his pants. They fell around his ankles. He pushed down his boxers and his cock came out, long and thick and hard. He pushed her down on her back on the kitchen table. She grabbed his cock and led it to her pussy, held it in her hand as the head found her wet entrance. He slowly slid it inside her, moving on top of her and pushing her further onto the big sturdy kitchen table. She wrapped her legs around him and bucked her hips, driving his deeply into her pussy.

She started tearing at his shirt, harshly unfastening the buttons, ripping it Escort Samsun off him in a frenzy. She bucked hard against him, loving how it felt to have him so deeply inside. He suddenly got off her, his cock sliding out of her. She instantly missed him. He was grabbing at her then, standing next to the table, and she felt his strong arms picking her up off the table. He threw her over his shoulder like a piece of meat, and carried her out of the kitchen.

“Where are we going?” she demanded, kicking her legs and hitting his back.

“My bed,” he replied. He walked down a hallway and kicked open a door. The room was dark. He took a few steps, stopped, and threw her down. She screamed, but in the next instant found herself comfortably on her back on a very large bed. He was on top of her, grabbing her, flipping her over so she lay on her belly. He grabbed her by the hips and forced her onto her hands and knees. His hands gripped her tight, and his big hard cock found her wet entrance quickly. He drove his cock into her, using his arms to pull her body toward him, filling her in an instant with his thickness. Her tight ass was slapping hard against his thighs and lower belly as he drove his cock into her with a steady, hard rhythm. It was so big inside her, tears streamed down her face. It hurt too good to be true! She had never been fucked like this. There was nothing in the world she would rather be doing. He slapped her ass hard with his bare hand and she started bucking her hips onto his cock with his every thrust, trying to get him deeper inside, even though it hurt because he was too big for her tight pussy to handle.

Then, through the pain, she started to come. It felt like a lifetime of lust finally being set loose from somewhere deep inside her kitty, and she knew that she would belong to this man forever. He started fucking her even harder when she cried out that she was coming. That just made her come more. She felt him grow inside her, knew he was going to shoot into her. He still had a grip on her hips, and he arched his back and picked her up with his strong arms, lifting her fully off the bed, and all she could do was surrender to the ecstasy that had overcome her. Her orgasm was still raging as she felt his seed spread within her, deeply, his juices finding spots within her pussy that she didn’t even know existed.

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