Kindred Sluts Ch. 01

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Chapter 1 – The Meet

It was an after party. After a meet and greet at the swing club people would invite others they felt were compatible to an after party. Sometimes it’s at a hotel or motel and other times at one of their homes. The meet and greet was at 6. I was handed an invitation at 7. The invitation said to arrive at 8. At 7:58 I rang the doorbell at a beautiful home on the secluded cul-de-sac. The lights were dim. I wondered if my mystery partner was there. The couple who invited me was a couple whose ad I had responded to a couple of weeks ago. Through our subsequent chats I had learned that they were looking for a companion for a female play partner of theirs. After several emails and a couple of late night, very open and explicit phone calls they were assured we would be a good match, if not permanently, at least for a good time at their next party. I was dressed in casual shorts, sandals, and a new “Chevrolet” t-shirt. The hosts answered the door and ushered him in to the small foyer. The mid-fifties couple were both dressed in terry robes and sandals.

“Hi. I’m Mark and this is my wife Donna. Glad you could make it.” We shook hands, a firm grip. I liked that. I leaned in and gave Donna a small kiss on the cheek as I took her small delicate hand. Mark was an average built man, 5’10, 190 maybe with just a slight hint of a paunch. Sort of like myself. Donna was a small woman, with delicate features and a pretty face, a kind smile and smoldering eyes that gave a hint of what was to come.

“I feel overdressed” I joked.

“That won’t be for long,” Mark said with a smile. “We will be in the big bedroom on the left. You can change in the bathroom there and join us. There are robes in there if you’d like one. It’s the first door on the right. Would you like a drink?”

“Just a Pepsi if you have it.”

“It will be waiting for you.” Donna added “Along with Wendy!” with a mischievous wink. I liked her too. I changed, grabbed a robe and went to meet my new friends. It was a large bedroom with a super king sized bed and several chairs, a love seat and a hot tub. My hosts were in the hot tub. As I entered the room I was invited to join them so I crossed to the tub and stood looking at Wendy. I had seen pictures of her but she was prettier in person. She was nearest to my side of the hot tub.

I introduced myself “Hi. You must be Wendy. I’m Randall. Friends call me Ran.” I leaned over the tub and gently kissed her cheek and removed my robe.

“Hello Ran. You can call me Wen.” I took that as a sign that she liked what she saw. I hoped she saw the pre-cum dripping off my half hard as I climbed up the step to the tub. I watched her and thought I saw her take a glance.

“Thank you for the invitation. I’m really glad to be here.”

“We hope you enjoy the evening and getting to know us better as well Ran” Mark offered.

“So you have known each other quite a while, I gather?”

Wendy was quiet but was looking at me as Donna spoke. “We’ve known Wendy for many years and have enjoyed this relationship with her for most of that time. In the beginning it was a foursome but it’s been the three of us now for the last 5 years.”

I gathered Wendy was either divorced or widowed and if she wanted to say she would so I didn’t push it. “Well, I feel privileged to be included.” I said again. We talked for awhile, getting acquainted, sharing backgrounds and all. I noticed Mark and Donna slowly get closer in the tub and share some intimate moments. I was pretty sure Donna was stroking him. Wendy also played some footsie with me a couple of times when we talked about some of the shared info in our profiles.

Theirs read like this: “Mature couple and female friend looking to add a male for fourth. All in our sixties. Uninhibited, relatively attractive, voyeuristic and adventurously and orally bisexual. Enjoy marathon evenings and other adventures as well. Must be shaved, as we are, and a little kinky doesn’t hurt either. Send pics for more info and let’s chat.”

I sent them a reply and started chatting with them adding notes here and there. I got the sense that they were being cautious, as was I. I was concerned that my intense sexual appetite would frighten them away, thinking I was too far out there. I thought I was reading the same kind of concern from them as well. My profile had read like this:

“Attractive widower in sixties seeking LTR to include sharing many kinds of sexual activities. Enjoy threesomes, both male and female, foursomes, group and other. Orally bi, intensely erotic, shaved and available.”

After about a half hour Mark suggested “Maybe it’s time we got more intimately acquainted” as he and Donna stood up and climbed out of the tub. Wendy and I parted to make room for them to get to the steps and as he passed by us I realized Wendy and I were both looking at his cock. It was almost hard, about 7 inches and had a large mushroom head. It was dripping a huge amount of pre-cum. Wendy and I followed fatih escort suit. As we reached the floor I grabbed a towel and started to dry Wendy’s back and shoulders. She turned with a smile and said “Thank you.” And allowed me to continue drying her off and then I allowed her to return the favor. When we were finished we joined Mark and Donna on the king sized bed. By now Mark was laying back against pillows at the head of the bed, legs spread to make room for Donna who was sucking his cock. Wendy took my hand and pulled me onto the bed with her next to Mark. We lay back together with me at her side. She pulled me into her so our legs were intertwined and her bald pussy was along my thigh.

“Have you been to a lot of these parties?” she asked.

“A few. But I have to admit I am very particular about it. I mean, I’m not a snob, but I believe in quality rather than quantity when it comes to it all.” I wanted to see if she would explore my answer and it was a welcome surprise when she did.

“You’re looking for something specific then?” she asked.

“Something that people don’t just throw out there to everyone, you know what I mean?”

“I think I do. So, what was it about us that interested you enough to accept our invitation?”

“Well, first there were you. I mean the mystery thing. I had to find out about that!” I answered with a smile.

She smiled and laughed a little. “Well, I could have turned out to be a big disappointment with my flabby thighs and my sagging tits…”

“Stop!” I had to stop her. “First of all, there is nothing, nothing wrong with you physically. Your thighs are not flabby, they are fine. And your tits are beautiful. But even if those things were true they wouldn’t matter. I believe sex is about attitude and desire, period. All those physical things are superficial and don’t really matter at all. It’s what’s up here that’s important (tapping my head to indicate the brain) and what’s in here (placing my hand on my heart).”

She was looking straight in my eyes as she nodded “Yes, yes it is.” I leaned in and kissed her and she met me with an open mouth and a delicious tongue kiss that lasted several minutes. “So you said first. What was the second reason?”

“The truth?” I asked a little tentatively. She didn’t answer but nodded her head with an intense stare. “Mark and Donna’s profile hinted at a little kink in their play and I wanted or needed to find out what that involved.”

“I hope you aren’t disappointed with that aspect either.” She said as she reached for my cock. “Sometimes it’s a little scary to reveal some things.

Unbeknown to me, Mark and Donna had been listening very carefully to our conversation. I realized this when I felt Donna push my hips over to roll me away from Wendy and crawl in between her legs, licking all the way up to her pussy lips. After swiping her tongue up through Wendy’s slit she then turned and licked Wendy’s pussy juice from my leg where it had been oozing out. Wendy was kissing me deeply when I felt a mouth envelop my full 7 inches and a tongue that was all over my balls. I realized that Mark and Donna were double teaming me and it felt fantastic.

It was Wendy who spoke. “In your profile and in your chats with Mark and Donna you talked about getting dirty, even filthy. Is that what you want?” she surprised me with that question. So here it was. The moment of truth. In my vulnerable state of arousal I didn’t really make a conscious decision. It just seemed to come out. “Yes, I want to get filthy. Make me filthy. I am a filthy fuck!”

Her mouth was on mine, tongues dancing a sweet waltz around each other as she took my hand and guided it to a soaking wet cunt. Donna moaned aloud. When we broke our kiss I looked down to see her face with a lust crazed look, humping her cunt on Mark’s leg as Mark tweaked and pulled on her aroused nipples. Her words are what electrified the entire situation.

“I told you, I told you both. He’s as filthy as we are. He’s a filthy fuck. We finally found him, our sweet filthy fuck. Ahhhh, I ‘m coming you fuckers. I’m coming so fucking good. I wanna cum forever Mark, make me cum forever.”

“Patience my sweet slut. Patience. We all want to cum forever. And you will cum, my sweet cunt. You will cum on our cocks and in our mouths and … ” He was interrupted as Donna kissed him while his fingers were pumping into her shaved slot, her lips wide open and sloppy with cunt juice. Then Mark withdrew his fingers and brought them to Donna’s mouth and she sucked them in. He plunged them back into Donna’s cunt, and then into Wendy’s and again to Donna’s mouth but Wendy was right there with her sucking at licking at the sloppy wet fingers. I smiled inside feeling like I had found the holy grail.

I pulled Wendy up to me and looked into her eyes as I asked her “Is it really true? Have I finally found my filthy fuck soul mate?”

She gazed at me for a minute and then grabbed my hand and pulled istanbul escort me off the bed. We went to one of the chairs and curled up together into it. She was again rubbing her pussy on my leg and fondling my hard cock and balls. “Tell me everything.” She whispered.

“My mind is filled with images of cocks and cunts and clits and cum.” She moaned a little. I thought I felt her grind a little harder on my leg. “Nothing in this world compares to fucking and sucking when two are completely free to go and do whatever drives their desire deeper.” She moaned again.

“Pull on my tits!” she pleaded suddenly. “Pull on my fuckin nipples!”

I took one nipple between my fingers and rolled it hard as she ground her cunt harder. Then I pulled and stretched it out to a good three inched away from her tit and she leaned her head back and I felt her gush her cum out on my leg. She squirted at least three good squirts and finally opened her eyes and looked at me.

“More. There’s more. My clit. Pull on my clit just like that!” she pleaded as she rolled her hips away to give me access. I reached in and tried to get my fingers around her huge clit but it was so fucking wet I had a hard time pulling it. So I thought of something better and slid down and gathered the nub in my mouth and sucked it and pulled as far as I could, stretching it out to almost an inch. And she came again. She was squirting again and I was trying to get as much of it into my mouth as I could. She was delicious. And then I realized Donna was there with me sucking and swallowing her juice.

“Oh yeah, give us all your sweet fuck juice, Wen. You filthy slut. MMM, fuck me Mark while I eat this fucking cunt” she slurred as she dove in to Wendy’s cunt. “Sit on his cock Wen. Sit on it so I can eat your fuck!” Donna was lost in her world of lust and filth and I scrambled to get under Wendy so she could sit on my cock with her back to me. We finally got in the right position and Donna took my cock and sucked it. Mark was there as well and Donna fed my cock to him. “Suck up all that pre-cum juice babe!” Donna offered the wet dripping cock to her husband and he licked and slurped me clean. “Yes, clean it all up so we can get it covered in cunt” Then I felt Wendy’s slick lips devour it, all the way, balls deep. The next few minutes were the most incredible feeling I have ever felt. I had finally found my sexual soul mate. She was sitting with my cock buried up her sweet wet shaved cunt, sliding slowly up and down. And our filthy friends were working their majic on us both.

Mark was sucking and licking my balls, and taking them one at a time in his mouth. Donna was feasting on us in a frenzy of lust. As my cock with drew from Wendy Donna’s tongue and lips were all over it. She sucked and licked at the shaft as it withdrew cleaning all of Wendy’s juices off it. Then she closed her lips around each side of it as it started back into the cunt so I was sliding through her lips to get thee. When it was buried again she moved to Wendy’s clit and lapped and licked and sucked it. Wendy rolled her shoulders so she could kiss me and bury her tongue in my mouth as she groaned and writhed on top of me. Then I heard Donna “Taste it Master. Taste our sweet sister cunt on this beautiful prick!” She gave Mark access and I heard Donna grunt and realized Mark had slipped his mushroom headed cock into his wife’s cunt as he took her place feasting on the fuck in front of them. The words Master and sister were not lost on me.

Then Wendy spoke again. “Do my tits again. Make me cum, I need to cum.” I reached around with both hands and took her nipples into my fingers again. I tweaked and snapped and then pulled them out as far as I could and let them snap out of my fingers. I grabbed them again and pulled, pinching and rolling those fantastic nipples in a frenzy, wanting to make her cum, needing her cum as much as she did. And she did. She squirted into Mark and Donna’s faces as they slurped and licked and swallowed. And the Donna let out a guttural moan as she let go as well, coming hard on Mark’s cock. It was the most intense orgasm I had ever had in my life and it sealed our connection together, this amazing woman and myself, realizing our total togetherness, our melting into one soul, our bodies and our minds and our filthy imaginations. As I pumped my cream into Wendy’s cunt she had another small orgasm. I could feel her pussy clamping around my shaft and milking the cum from me. It also caused my cum to start seeping out around the base of my cock where those two mouths were working feverishly to devour it all. Finally I withdrew, but they weren’t finished and I knew this was even better than I imagined. As my cock came out of Wendy one of them slurped it into their mouth and the other one dove into Wendy’s cunt to get what was deposited there. When Donna spoke I realized it was her who cleaned my cock off. “Yes, get it all my Master. Clean all that cum from our sweet slut’s hole!” Mark was digging kağıthane escort his tongue deep and I could sense Wendy widening her spread to let him get as deep as he could.

“One more, please!” she pleaded as she looked in my eyes and I knew what she wanted. As my left hand tweaked her left nipple my right hand reached for her clit and battered it quickly with my fingers as marked worked deep in =her hole. Together we worked her last cum from that exquisite cunt. And she melted into me and relaxed.

Several minutes later we all untwined and went back to the big bed and relaxed. Mark spoke first. “So, it would appear we are looking for the same type of relationship, am I right?”

I looked into Wendy’s eyes and responded more to her than to Mark. “I feel we are one already.”

“I feel it too.” Wendy whispered.

“You understand why we had to be cautious, right?” Mark asked.

“Mark, I think I understand everything.” I answered. I saw him watching me as I looked from him to his cock, to Donna and her hand in her pussy stroking her clit, to Wendy’s eyes and to her beautiful tits and pussy. “I think I am free and at home!” I offered. “I want to know everything.’ I assured them.

“Can you stay overnight?” he asked. “If round two is anything like round one we will all be exhausted. Round three may have to wait until morning.” He smiled.

“I’d be delighted. And right now I am all ears.”

“Well, it began many years ago. As swingers we began to get discouraged meeting with couples that were just too casual about the entire event. There were couples who were just crude. There were those who just wanted to notch another mark on their proverbial pussy belt. There were women who clearly knew they were not loved but went along just o get some relief. And there were those who were clearly coerced and did not want to be there. We often came home angry more than satisfied. So we became much more careful in our connections. We only met with couples who would answer any questions we had but it was like work. Then we met Wendy and Scott, Wendy’s late husband. And we clicked. We were both normal, everyday couples who just had a distinctly different view and approach to sex. Our libidos were immense. But we craved the sensations that could only be achieved by two things. One was freedom of inhibitions. Donna and I had achieved that and it seemed that Scott and Wendy had as well. But secondly was the fantasies of multiple partner stimulation. The ability to have all our erotic zones being stimulated at once. Things that two people just cannot accomplish. So our relationship with them grew and we became very, very close. Being orally bisexual was an added surprise that only made our connection stronger. And five years ago Scott was killed in a car accident. Wendy was devastated. So we moved her in with us. It took her two years to recover. We have sort of been a three some since then. But last year Wendy came to us and asked if we would help her find another mate. It has taken a long time to find you.”

“Wow. Wendy I am so sorry. I have lost a spouse as well so I know how difficult it must have been for you.” We were silent for a while.

“So, tell us more about you.” Wendy finally said.

“Where should I start?” I asked them.

“Why don’t you start with some of the things we talked about, about why you felt we would be compatible?” Mark suggested.

“OK!” I said. I took a minute to sort out my thoughts. “I sensed that you were being discerning about revealing your desires. That intrigued me because I understand the dangers. We are all a little concerned about revealing things that are out of the ordinary because of the way people respond. It could be difficult socially. So I felt we had that in common. I hoped the things we would reveal would be mutual. People often accuse us of being perverts or addicted or other things because they simply don’t understand it and they aren’t able to free themselves of their own inhibitions.” I noticed them all nodding in agreement. “But we aren’t any of those things. We have many interests in our lives. We have friends, both in the straight world and in our intimate social connections. We have hobbies and work and other things as well. We simply have a different view toward sex. We believe that sex is about pleasure. And we are intensely interested in sharing that pleasure, all those pleasures, with others who share our similar interests.” They nodded again. “We pursue it. We find enhanced arousal in losing our selves in being totally immersed in our sexual fantasies and making them reality. But, it can only be enjoyed when we know that our partners are mutually experiencing the same euphoria.”

Mark broke in now saying what I wanted to in a graphic way. “We are sluts, and we want to be with sluts who can appreciate us. We are turned on both by the acts of being sluts, but by the acts of pushing others to enjoy their true inner slut. The enhancement is two fold, and it is exquisite, isn’t it?”

“It is all encompassing.” I responded. “The continual search for ever deeper and harder and more intense orgasms is thrilling!”

“Like the ones we just experienced. It has been a long time since we had such an amazing session.” Donna chimed in.

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