Joe’s Therapy Ch. 06

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Bridget walked in the kitchen and called him:

“Slave, come here.”

When he had joined her. She said as she was peeing in his mouth:

“My suitcases are in my car; carry them to the bedroom next to Diane’s. Then bring my bag from the sex shop with some ice to the living room. I have a gift for you.”

He walked in the living room with her bag and a bowl of ice. He had an erection looking at her legs.

“Open the box; I will fit it on you. If you are nice I will let you have an orgasm once a week.”

Bridget put some ice on his penis, his erection disappeared like magic and she locked the device on him. Then she put a ten inches dildo in the adaptor.

“Look slave! I have improved you.” She laughed and sent him to prepare dinner.

He had eaten so much shit today. He was fighting his nausea. He was excited but he could not get an erection the cage forbade it. His bruised penis would send him painful messages reminding him of the brutal stomping he had suffered this morning.

“Bridget I will face sit him at diner then we will alternate every day.” Diane said.

“You mean I sit on his face at breakfast and at diner?” Bridget asked.

“Yes. You can always sit on him in between meals. Just for the pleasure of it or to use him.” Diane said.

“Have you used him outside yet?” Bridget asked.

“Not yet but I will. I want to be able to use him everywhere. He is smaller than us so I would like to enlarge is stomach to allow him to eat more.” Diane said.

“Yes he is smaller. I think I will be able to help you with this. I loved feeling his lips close after pushing a stool in his mouth, his jaws chewing, not to mention the cleaning with his tongue. Hmmmmm. ” Bridget said.

“Dinner his served.”

He said and went back to the kitchen to wait in between the two chairs.

“My chair slave.” Diane said.

He got in position as Diane was sitting her delectable ass on his mouth, he squirmed, his ass and his penis were sore. Her ass was so perfect it was so exciting to him.

“What is wrong slave? Your ass reminding you of some bad memories maybe?” Diane asked.

He nodded his head and she laughed.

“Good you will remember to obey, won’t you?” Diane asked.

He nodded again, fighting back his tears. He was scared that she would kick him out. He did not deal well with confrontation or pain. He felt so stupid to have jeopardized his dream life for a cup of coffee.

They finish their meal and went to watch TV.

He was cleaning the kitchen after using the toilet. He felt better; it must have been the quantity of shit that gave him nausea he was thinking when Bridget said;

“Put your head on the chair slave.”

She sat her ass on his face, he inserted his tongue and she pushed.

“Ah! That is the good life.”

She had lifted her dress and was looking over her shoulder into his face. He saw her eyes sparkled as she saw the pain in his eyes. He was excited by her. His restrained penis was sending him painful messages. After feeding him three stools and getting her ass cleaned she went back to the living room.

He was kneeling beside Diane’s chair in the living room when she ordered:

“Get ready for bed. I will face sit you.”

He had washed his mouth, used the toilet and was waiting for her. Bridget had removed the dildo but not the belt. He did not like it but he would endure it for the privilege of serving Mistress Diane. She was naked and he squirmed looking at her magnificent body.

“What is wrong slave?”She asked.

“Begging your pardon Mistress Diane. Looking at you excites me and my belt his preventing my bruised penis from getting erected. It is painful.” He answered.

“You deserved the pain slave.”

She said as she was sitting on his chest. She looked at him between her legs:

“I had suspicions that you would not resist the temptation of having food even if you had been ordered not to. You had to be punished right away and I knew that Becky would be rough on you once I left. I bought the whip and used it on you so that you will have something to fear. The rule is simple: you do as ordered and the whip stays away, if you don’t you will feel it again. Is that clear slave?”

“Yes Mistress Diane. I will do my utmost to please you.”

She moved her asshole to his mouth and he inserted his tongue.

“That is what bursa eskort I wanted to hear. The belt is to stay on for as long as Bridget chooses. With her help, your stomach should expand and you will be able to eat more shit. See how lucky you are? You are getting two Mistress to serve for the price of one.” She said laughing.

After checking on her mail she dismounted and he went in his bed on the floor when Bridget poked her head in.

“Have you finish using him Diane?” She asked.

“He is all yours Bridget.” Diane answered as she was turning over to sleep.

“Get in my bed slave.” Bridget ordered.

She was naked too, and he squirmed again because of his pain. Looking at her long legs topped by her delicious cunt as she was sitting on his chest excited him.

“You would like to take off this awful belt, wouldn’t you?”

She asked looking at him. Her green eyes were sparkling again.

“Yes I would Mistress Bridget please let me out.” He answered.

“Let’s see. I want to ride your new toy first, maybe after.”

She said as she was turning around to attach the dildo to his belt. Her ass was hovering over his face, increasing his excitation, therefore his discomfort. She sat on his face. His nose was in her ass and her cunt on his mouth and he could hardly breathe.

“Get me lubricated. When I will ride it you are to react as if it was your penis fucking me.”

Bridget instructed him.

Her juices had started to flow in his mouth increasing his lust. She turned around and straddled the dildo. He moved his hips slowly at first. When the thing was in her he accelerated his movements trying to synchronize himself with her.

She was feeling full, the ridges on the dildo were pushing her toward her first orgasm and he was doing the right moves. Seeing the pain in his eyes sent her over the edge.

She rode the thing a few more times and moved up to his face, peed in him and ordered him to lick her clean.

That night he barely slept. He could not sleep on his back his ass was too painful and not on his belly the belt was too uncomfortable.

He felt his nose being pinched in between toes. He opened his eyes to the pretty legs of Bridget. She lowered her cunt to his mouth and started peeing.

“Good morning Diane. Did you sleep well?”

“Yes I did. Slave I want scrambled eggs, toast and coffee” Diane said

“Me too” added Bridget getting up and letting her night gown fall.

He was tired and frustrated. He was still excited by their bodies. He used the toilet, shaved and started the coffee.

Bridget walked in the kitchen in red high heels, red mid-length skirt and a white blouse. Her makeup was enhancing her green eyes and red hair.

Diane was wearing green high heels, green mini skirt and a white blouse. Her hair was tied back by a matching green scarf.

He served their plates, poured the coffee, left the carafe on the table and waited in between their chair. Bridget pointed to hers. He got in position when his tongue was up her ass. He heard;

“I feel so good this morning. I guess it is the release of all that sexual energy. I slept like a log.” Bridget said with a smile.

“He still needs practice in the art of cunnilingus but I must admit that he is getting better at it.” Diane said.

“Yes he is getting better and he is a fast learner.” Bridget said.

“Did you know that he served four women yesterday? Including you. He told me he felt nauseous at dinner.” Diane said.

“Really? He did not mention it when I fed him three stools last night.” Bridget said.

“It should be easier for him today with only us to serve. I hope his stomach will expand in time.” Diane said.

“Slave you are to start on your new diet today. You will buy a large bowl, a bag of dog cereals and 24 large cans of dog food. When I come back from work you will put a can of dog food in your new bowl and eat it on the floor. Understood.” Diane ordered.

Bridget said;

“He is nodding yes. Why do you want him on a special diet?”

“He started serving me last Friday and as not eaten anything except shit since then. I want him to stay in shape to do his housework. I have received an answer from my friend Lacey the nutritionist. Here have a look.”

Diane answered has she passed her tablet over to Bridget.

“I see. It is true bursa escort bayan that he is about the same size as a big dog. Why not feed him with table scraps?” Bridget asked.

“It would not be enough. With the dog food I can control his intake. I want him to prefer the taste of shit. Remember page 7 of his e-mail?” Diane said

“Yes wanting to be treated like a thing.” Bridget answered.

He was listening to their chatter not wanting any dog food. He was living his dark wishes but he did not remember writing he wanted any dog food. He thought with his tongue in her.

“I did not feed him this morning. Have a nice day.” Bridget informed Diane.

“You too. I will take care of it. See you at dinner.” Diane answered.

Diane had ordered Joe to get in position on her chair.

His nose was wedged in her crack. He was looking at her hair as she pushed the first stool in his mouth. He swallowed fast. The second one was pushing on the first. She was pushing hard to show her mean streak.

“You are a good toilet slave. You kept up with me even when I was pushing harder.” She said getting up.

“Still feel in paradise slave?” She asked looking down at him.

“I feel in paradise when I served you Mistress Diane.” He answered.

“You do not like serving Bridget?” She asked looking sternly at him.

“I like serving Mistress Bridget but it is not as good as serving you Mistress Diane.” He said.

“Good answer slave. Your ass still sensitive?” Diane asked.

“Yes Mistress Diane” He said.

“Is that the reason why you are fidgeting all the time?” Diane asked.

“In part Mistress Diane. Looking at your long legs and your firm ass gets me excited and my penis is still sore from yesterday’s visit to your friend office. The belt is painfully preventing it to get erect and when I sit down I feel my sore ass.” He said.

“On your back you will practice cunnilingus.” Diane ordered.

She straddled his head and lowered her cunt to his mouth. After coming in his mouth a few times she peed in him and left for her office. He started doing his chores.

He was cleaning the pool when Diane came back home from the office. She walked outside on the pool deck watching him. He was puny, average looking, doing his work whistling, looking happy.

How could he be happy with the way she treated him? It’s true that he wished for it all. She mused.

“Slave on your knees, I need to pee” Diane ordered loudly.

He turned. He was not expecting her so early. His cheeks were a nice deep red color and he stuttered:

“But Mistress Diane we are outside the neighbors might hear us. Worst they might see us.” He said.

She rapidly walked up to him and slapped him hard in the face.

“I gave you an order. Are you rebelling against me?” Diane asked him.

He knelt down in front of her.

“No Mistress Diane I am not rebelling against you. I am a shy person. I was surprised. Please forgive me.” He begged her with tears in his eyes.

“Shut up slave. I need to pee. Get in position.” Diane ordered.

He lifted her mini-skirt, took off her panties and sealed his mouth on her lips. She peed in him and then she turned around.

“Greet me properly. The next time you argue it will be five strokes of the whip to begin with. After each punition I will increase the number of strokes by five for the next one. Do you understand?” Diane informed him.

Still French kissing her asshole he franticly nodded his head making her smile.

He hates the whip, she thought, that is good. She went inside to change in her bikini and get her laptop to revise files of patients, sitting by the pool.

“Slave, I want iced tea.” Diane said.

He brought it to her and knelt beside her chair. Looking at her firm breast, flat tummy and long legs, was getting him all worked up.

“Permission to speak Mistress Diane?” He asked.

“Yes” She said looking at him.

“I want to apologized again for the way I acted before. I am very sorry to have angered you. I ask for your forgiveness Mistress Diane.” He pleaded.

“You are forgiven. Not forgotten.” Diane said.

“Thank you Mistress Diane. I will do my best not to get you mad at me anymore.” He said.

“Let me work I have some research to do. Slave from now on you will have to be naked in the görükle escort back yard. The fences are high enough to provide privacy.” Diane told him.

“Yes Mistress Diane.” He answered bowing his head and getting undressed.

He was seasoning the pork chops for diner when Bridget walked in.

He knelt behind her lifted her dress and took off her panties. Looking at her ass being pushed out by the high heels was not helping him with his lust. As he was inserting his tongue in her asshole, Bridget said:

“Ah! Slave that is the way to greet me after work. If you keep that up I will believe that you missed me.” Bridget said.

Diane walked in her empty glass in hand.

“Hey Bridget. For your information he is to be naked in the back yard and I peed in him outside.” Diane said.

“You did Diane. I wanted to break him outside. Ah well. I will have to shit in his mouth by the pool then.” Bridget said with a wink at Diane.

“I will go for a swim” Bridget said as she walked toward her bedroom to change.

“Stay on your knees” Diane said as she straddled his mouth to pee.

“We will have diner by the pool. Bridget and I have decided to alternate every day to face sit you when we are having a meal. Do not worry you will be well fed.” She said laughing.

He was seated in front of Bridget’s chair. She was pulling down her bikini bottom lowering her ass to his mouth.

He was getting the painful message from his confined penis that it was still impossible to get an erection. Her ass was so well shape. She was heavy on his mouth and he was happy to be where he was. It would have been perfect without that belt. She pushed a stool in his mouth.

“Hey Diane, I just broken him outside.” Bridget said laughing.

“Bridget, I am eating.” Diane laughed.

“May I remind you he is too.” Bridget said still laughing.

Bridget gently pushed another stool in his mouth. His lips sealed around her asshole were preventing the unpleasing odors to reach them. She pinched the third one and he started chewing without awaiting her command.

“Maybe I should let him out of his cage? What do you think Diane?” Bridget asked.

“I had to slap him hard today because he argued when I wanted to pee in him outside. He told me it was because of his shyness. I have forgiven him. I do not think he will argue anymore. He knows that the whip is always close by.” Diane said.

“Oh, I will not take off his cage before next week then.” Bridget was saying as she finished her meal.

He could have cried when he heard that. He was so excited. Tonight he could see her wet red hair coming down to the middle of her back. Her nice cheeks on each side of his face. No relief for another week he would have to endure.

She got up and pulled her bikini bottom up.

“Go make some coffee and served it here” Bridget ordered.

“I think he should be let out tomorrow. I want to condition him to ejaculate on command when I shit in his mouth and for that I need to masturbate him at the same time. I have shat faster down his throat this morning to test him. He kept up with me. So page 1 was true. He is a natural and he likes it.” Diane informed Bridget when he was gone to make the coffee.

“You still have your key to unlock the belt?” Bridget asked Diane.

“Yes and I had a third one made it is in my top drawer if you lose yours.” Diane answered.

When the sun was nearly set Diane closed her laptop and entered the kitchen. He was finishing the dishes. As she was peeing in him she told him;

“Get in my bed I want to face sit you.”

He used the toilet in a hurry and was in position before she got to her bed. She was wearing the top of a baby doll and sat on his chest. She moved her cunt to his mouth for a few orgasms.

Then she reclined on his small body and put her asshole on his mouth, crushing his body beneath her, enjoying it.

He was going crazy with desire. His bruise cock wanted to get erect and the belt prevented it. She got off him and sent him to bed. As he was lying down. Bridget called him to her bed.

“Get in bed I will ride you again. You know the drill.”

She swung her right leg over his head to install the thing. Her ass hovering over his face was working on him.

“Open up. I need to pee.” Bridget ordered.

She lowered her ass on his face and positioned her cunt on his mouth to pee.

She turned around and he adjusted his rhythm to hers. After her orgasms she moved to his mouth.

“Clean me slave.”

Bridget was heavy on his face. Then she sent him to bed.

He returned to his bed hornier than ever. He was barely able to sleep.

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