First Time with Baby

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Good morning baby:

I keep receiving these wonderful e-mails from my little girl and it sends my mind flying back to the first time we made love.

Mummy is always gone; I suspect she has a lover after work most nights and weekends! So it has been just you and I. I come home from work early every day to make us supper and then send you off to do your homework while I clean up. I usually take my second coffee into the den to relax.

That first fateful night, I heard a loud thump from upstairs in the bathroom and I ran up to see if you were OK. The bathroom door was open and steam was pouring out. Without thinking I rushed in to see you had fallen in the shower and were lying there almost unconscious. I grabbed your slick body and wrapped you in a towel to take to your bedroom. It had been years – not since you were a little girl when I used to give you baths – that I had seen your naked body.

As I sat on the edge of your bed and cradled you, you started to come around and threw your arms around my neck and started to cry. I hushed you with words of love and repeated, “It’s all going to be OK, baby”. You snuggled into the crook of my arm and I could feel you warm breath on the side of my neck. Why was I feeling a stirring in my groin? This is my little girl!

I rubbed your skin until it was rosy red and you were warm and feeling better. I told you to put your nightie on and I would be back to tuck you in. Once again, I haven’t done that for years either; you usually kissed me on the cheek downstairs and went to bed on your own. After all, you were just about through high school and at a mature 18, I knew how responsible you were.

I left you sitting on the edge of your bed, still wrapped in the towel, with another one you took from your nightstand drying your hair. I caught a glimpse of you watching me as I left the room with just the hint of a smile on your face. I wonder if you had felt my beginning erection. I hope not!

I went into my own bedroom, quickly showered and changed into my long terry gown. I always sleep raw but I was off to tuck you in. I came into your room and you only had your little dresser lamp on, so I could see your golden hair fanned out on the pillow (it was still longer than you wanted as it hung loosely down your back).

Although tuzla escort I loved the look, I was giving in to your requests to have it cut shorter to give you a more mature look. As my eyes grew more accustomed to the darker room, I saw the sheet covering your body slip slightly lower to expose the tops of your growing breasts.

My baby is growing into a beautiful young woman! “Daddy, please sit with me for a while. I feel so lonely since Mommy is never here”

“I am so sorry baby. I know I can’t be Mom and Dad to you” I said sadly as I sat at the head of your bed with my legs outstretched.

“Oh Daddy! I love you so much! You have been wonderful to me and I only want to make you happy”. With these words, you flung yourself from the sheets and on top of me. You were clad only in the sheerest baby doll top and a tiny thong and I could feel your breasts pressing into my chest as you ground your groin along my now full erection.

“Baby, this can’t happen. It is so wrong!” I cried as I laid you back gently by my side.

You started to sob uncontrollably and my heart broke. Here you were without a mother and I had just shunned you. How could I be so cruel? As I turned to you to take you into my arms again, I saw how the baby doll had crept upwards to expose the creamy firmness of your tummy and I had the sudden urge to moisten my lips and kiss your body.

My cock tented my gown even though I tried to still my carnal urges – incest was wrong and illegal but you were just so beautiful and I hadn’t been with a woman for more than five months.

To try and redirect my inappropriate feelings, I gathered you into my arms again and turned on the bedside light with a promise to read to you from your favourite book of romantic poetry. As I started to read, you snuggled into my side with your head on my chest and one leg thrown over mine.

After a couple of more intense poems, you asked me to turn to a certain page and read from there. As I turned the pages, a slip of paper fell out into my lap and you begged me to read it. As I opened it, I saw it was in your handwriting.

It was like a page from your private diary and as soon as I saw the opening. “Dear Diary”. I looked into your eyes and told you that I couldn’t read you most private thoughts.

“I göztepe escort want you to, Daddy. I wrote it for you”

I started to read it to myself but you begged me to read it aloud.

“Last night I heard Daddy moaning in his bedroom and I ran to see if he was OK. When I peeked into his bedroom, he was lying there nude and he was stroking his cock! It looked so huge and I could see him as he stroked it slowly and steadily. He reached to the tip and pulled off a clear fluid and sucked his fingers into his mouth. He groaned as he did. I wonder what that was and how it tasted?

Then he started to stroke faster and faster and suddenly he shot out a whole bunch of thick white stuff all over his stomach and hand. I was so engrossed by the sight I almost missed his words as he moaned ‘Oh Baby! Yes, my sweet Amy! I love and want you so much!'”

I stopped reading as I remembered that night and I tried to apologize to you as I blushed with embarrassment. I remember how lonely and horny I was that night and how I had realized that I wanted to make love to my own daughter. I had wept myself to sleep as I realized what shame my thoughts of incest had been.

You reached up and stroked my cheeks as I realized that I was silently crying again. Now it was you who was comforting me!

“Its OK, my sweet Daddy. I love you too and have dreamt about you every night since then as I masturbated myself to orgasms I have never known before”

By now, your soft little hand had untied the sash of my robe and you wrapped your fingers around my steel hard shaft. I was dripping with precum and you ran your fingers over my glans to scoop up some and brought those glistening fingers to your pouting lips. As you sucked them in, you moaned as you gazed into my eyes.

“Make love to your little girl, Daddy! I want you so much”

With that, you sat astride my hips and lifted your top over your head and threw it aside. As you shook out your hair, your firm tits were presented close to my lips and I immediately sucked most of one them into my hot mouth as my tongue lashed your nipple to bullet hardness.

As you arched your back and pulled my head harder against you, you were grinding your tiny thong against my hard cock. I could feel the heat and wetness that saturated üsküdar escort the tiny patch of material coat my shaft.

I threw you to the side and tore the thong from your writhing hips. I shucked my robe and tossed it aside as I lowered myself to your breasts to worship them and feast upon the objects of my fantasies. As I sucked and nipped each nipple, I ran my hand down your firm tummy – stopping for a minute to tickle your navel.

Then I cupped your mound with my hand and stopped nibbling on your firm breasts in shock! You were shaved smooth as a baby’s bottom! Not a trace of hair from the top of your slit all the way to your tiny puckered sphincter.

You smiled up at me and giggled “I had that done as soon as I knew I wanted you Daddy! I wanted your beard to tickle every inch of my pussy and asshole before you fucked me”

Unused as I was to your cursing, I was so turned on! I dove between your legs to devour the treat awaiting me there. As I did, you pulled me by the cock until I was straddling your face and pulled my hips down until I felt the warmth of your mouth slide urgently along my shaft. You were trying to deep throat me on the first try and this only urged me onward! I drove three fingers into your hot flowing cunt and curled them upwards to your g spot while I stroked your clit with my thumb.

This first time together was not going to be the slow romantic lovemaking we would come to know; this was a time of urgency and lack of control. We blindly fucked and sucked at each other until we were both on the brink of cumming! I licked two fingers of my other hand and drove them all the way into your loosened pucker.

This was the final push over the edge and you cried out around my cock as you sprayed your massive orgasm all over my hand and face as I leaned in to taste and swallow every drop.

At the same time, my cock swelled in your mouth and I climaxed so much since I unloaded months of loneliness down your throat. As you swallowed every single drop, your throat muscles milked me dry and I collapsed exhausted with my mouth still pressed against your pussy.

You kept oozing your sweet nectar and I lapped it all up until you were clean. You finished cleaning my cock with your own tongue and then I turned around and fell into your arms.

From that time onward my sweet baby, we have been inseparable. Even when you started college the next year, you remained living with me so that we could sleep together and make love every night and all weekend long.

I love my sweet baby so much!

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