Emma’s Caribbean Vacation

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My name is Emma, and I want to share with you what happened to me on my Caribbean Vacation. I will start by telling you about myself. I am in my early 40’s stand 5’7 tall, have long brown hair and ice blue eyes, and I work in a rather stuffy Law Office. I was married to Sean for almost 10 years when our relationship ended, that’s when I decided to treat myself, to what I think was, a long overdue vacation. So, I figured that I would fulfill my dream of going to the Caribbean. It took me several months to plan out the details of my trip; I planned everything down to the smallest detail, including a full itinerary for the 4 days I would be there. I wanted to be sure I would be able to do everything I wanted. Which is a nice change of pace from married life.

I took a flight to Atlanta then a direct flight out of Atlanta going to Trinidad and Tobago, the day my divorce was final. Once I landed, I picked up my rental car and made the beautiful drive to Charlottesville, where I had rented a bay cottage. The location was astounding, the cottage was on the edge of a rainforest, right on the bay; just the type of place I needed to recoup and regroup. I didn’t even bother to unpack; I just grabbed my bikini and headed straight into the water.

The beach is deserted, just what I was hoping for when I booked someplace off the tourist path. The water feels amazing and I can’t get over how clear it is, back home you can’t see more than 10 feet in front of you, here it seems like you can see forever, I can’t wait to dive here. So I finished up my swim and headed in for a shower. The cottage had this amazing outdoor shower that brought out the exhibitionist in me. I must have been in there for at least an hour, because by the time I was done, the sun had begun to set. So, I grabbed a sundress from my bag and headed into town to find some place to grab dinner.

In town I found this quaint little place, I could hear the music from outside, so I decided to head in. It had a small bar that nobody was sitting at, so I pulled up a stool and had a seat. The bartender came up and introduced herself. “Hello there, my name is Steebeth; would you care for a drink?”

“Hi Steebeth, I would love a drink. What would you recommend?” I asked

“Would you like to try an Island Punch? It’s one of my favorites.” Steebeth replied

“Sure why not.” I answered “By the way Steebeth is a very interesting name, if you don’t mind me asking, what does it mean?”

“I don’t mind at all, it is a Trinidad name that means Great Beauty,” she said.

And a great beauty she was. She was about 5’5, long brown hair that went right over a nice round ass and small perky breasts and in the air conditioning it was very obvious that she was not wearing a bra. I proceeded to order my dinner, and Steebeth and I got to talking. She was born and raised on the island and she told me of a great cove to do snorkeling at, she said it was out of the way so it was usually deserted. Before I left she wrote down the directions to the cove and I decided that I would go there in the morning. I headed back to the cottage for a good night’s sleep.

In the morning I was awaken by the sounds of the surf and the birds in the fields behind my cottage. I had a light breakfast, put on my bikini and sarong. I then grabbed my snorkel gear and towel and headed on my way. When I arrived I was awe struck by the beauty and isolation of this cove. Without even a second thought I hit the water. This bay had some of the most amazing reefs I have ever seen, the marine life way so bright and colorful, I loved it. After exploring the reef for a bit, I figured it was time to take a break so I swarm back to the beach to catch some sun.

When I reached my towel I figured since I was the only one around, and it was such a secluded location, I decided to ditch my suit and try for an all over tan. I must have dozed off or something because I was startle awake by the sound of a familiar man’s voice saying “Can I join you?”

Without opening my eyes, I answered “I don’t mind, after all it’s not my beach.” I joked

The familiar voice replied “Of course it’s not yours, it’s mine.”

Surprised I opened my eyes and began to apologize, but when I saw the face of the man I could no longer speak. I knew the voice was familiar, but I was shocked when I saw that the man behind the voice was Parker. Parker and I had an on again and off again fling before I met my now ex-husband. I was so surprised to see him that I jumped up and gave him a hug, completely forgetting that I wasn’t wearing anything.

After the hug Parker took a step back and gave me a once over and said, “Emma you look even better that I remembered, and still quite the exhibitionist I see.”

“Oh my God!” I said as I reached for my towel, “I’m sorry, I was just so happy to see you. How’s your wife?”

“Good I guess, we’re been divorced for a few years now. How’s Sean?” he asked.

I held up my left hand showing no wedding ring, while saying, “I wouldn’t know.”

We both laughed for a moment and then Merter Escort just stood there kind of awkwardly for a minute when I had to ask, “What did you mean you beach?”

“Well after my divorce I came down here for some rest and relaxation, and I liked it so much I stayed,” Parker answered. “I see you still dive,” noticing the snorkel and mask, “Would you like a buddy? I have been diving here for years and you love to show you some of my favorite spots,” he continued

“That would be great, but I can only snorkel, I couldn’t bring all my gear on the plane,” I said

“Perfect, because this is all I have with me.” Parker said while pointing to his snorkel gear laying on the beach. “Let’s go.”

“Great just give me a minute to put my suit back on.” I reply

Parker grabs my arm and tells me not to bother with my suit as he drops his trunks on the sand and says “It’s better this way anyway,”

We headed into the water and I can’t help but think to myself that he still looks great naked. I spend the next hour or so with Parker as my tour guide. He was a pleasure to dive with, pointing out various sea life and rock formations. We continued until his dive watch alarm when off, and we headed in. on the beach he told me that he had to go close the shop and said ” I’ve had a great time and would like to get caught up, have dinner with me?”

“I would like that,” I responded

He pointed out a path and told me to follow it and it will bring me to his place where I could shower off the day, and disappeared as quickly as he arrived. I gathered my things and proceeded up the path. After walking for only a few moments, I saw it, Parker’s house. It was nothing like I had ever seen, or would ever expect. At first it looked like a modest two story bungalow. But as I got closer, it appeared that the ocean facing side was all glass and the second floor had French doors opened to a large balcony. “Parker’s done well for himself” I thought, as I headed in. After looking around I found, on the second floor, what appeared to be the master bedroom. I stepped into the master bath and jump into the shower.

As I washed off the sand and salt water for the day I kept thinking about the old days with Parker. Parker was the one who brought out the exhibitionist side in me. We rarely had sex in a bed; it was usually in some highly visible location like a parking lot during the day, or on the side of some highway. Where ever we were when the urge struck was good enough. Thinking about the old days got me pretty worked up. When I slide my hands down to wash my pussy I noticed I was soaked. I needed to take the edge off or else I might never make it to dinner. I slide two finger of my left hand deep into myself, and with my right hand I started rubbing my clit, all while thinking about how easily Parker used to bring me to multiple orgasms. Soon my entire body began to tremble, my pussy clamped down on my fingers, as I exploded, cum ran down my thighs as I sighed in relief. I quickly finished my shower, grabbed a towel and stepped back into the master bedroom to dry off.

While drying off I noticed a beautiful blue sarong dress lying on the bed. I thought to myself “It must belong to his wife,” I walked over to take a look at it. As I go closer I saw a note that read: “Emma, I thought you would look great in this… Parker.” I took the dress and put it on. I was astounded when I look at myself in the mirror. Not only was it a perfect fit, it showcased my large breasts wonderfully. After admiring myself, I headed back down stair to find Parker.

I rounded the corner into the kitchen, just as Parker was coming out. “I was just going to get you,” he said

And without another word he pulled me to him and kissed me with such passion that I began to get wet all over again. The kiss brought back all the excitement that I thought I had taken care of in the shower. I could tell by the growing bulge in his shorts that he was as turned on as I was. It took all my self control not to reach down and start stroking him, instead I broke our embrace. I took a step back and thanked Parker for the dress and slowly turned around, giving him a good look at me.

I asked, “Do you like?”

Parker responded by pulling me in close, looking me deep in the eyes saying, “What do you think?”

He leaned in and resumed kissing me. I could no longer resist, I had to feel his cock. So I reached down and gave his bulge a quick squeezed and started to rub his cock through his shorts. This was all the encouragement that he needed, Parker moved his right hand from my cheek and with one quick motion untied the knot that secured the dress. The dress fell to the floor, leaving me standing naked in his arms. With that I undid the button and zipper on his shorts and grabbed his cock causing him to moan in pleasure and for a drop of cum to escape. I had to have it, so I dropped to my knees and took his cock into my mouth.

I remember thinking to myself “Much thicker than I remembered,” as I continued to slide his cock deep into Escort Merter my throat. I paused to savor the feeling, and then started to slowly lick and suck my way back to the tip. Once I reached the tip of his massive erection, Parker grabbed me by the arms, pulled me to my feet and pushed me up against the wall. He then moved his hand down and slipped a finger into my already soaking wet cunt. Upon noticing just how wet I was, he just looked at me and smiled. I couldn’t take it any longer, I had to have him.

I reached my arms around him and pulled him in closer to me. Parker knew just what I wanted, and he gave it to me. With one fluid movement he plunged his enormous pick deep inside my awaiting pussy, causing me to scream in pleasure. Parker laughed at the sound of my scream and he started to forcefully fuck me, right there against the wall. Before I knew it my body was trembling as sign of my impending orgasm. I moaned, and soon my moans turned to screams as my orgasm took over. I started to buck wildly, matching his every thrust. Parker was soon moaning with his own pleasure, the sound of him pushed me right over the edge. My muscles clamped down on his cock, causing us both to cum with an intensity that I haven’t felt in a very long time.

As our simultaneous orgasms subsided, we collapsed onto the floor. We had been laying there in each other’s arms for a few moments, when Parker lifted my chin, kissed me and said.

“I have wanted to do that again for a very long time. How about that dinner?”

Parker lead me back upstairs and out on to the balcony, where there was a beautifully laid out dinner for two.

Surprised by the sight I asked, “When did you do this?”

“While you were in the shower,” Parker answered “And what a sight you were. I had thought about joining you, but I didn’t know how you’d react to me walking in.”

I laughed and said “I would have loved it if you had joined me, but at least you enjoyed watching.”

We proceeded to enjoy or dinner. During diner, laughed and joked, just like old times. Even the discussions of our failed marriages went smoothly. It was like no time had passed since we parted ways all those years ago. Before I knew it, a few hours had gone by. I commented on how late it was and that I should get going. Parker walked me to the door, hugged me goodbye, and whispered one word softly in my ear.

“Stay,” He said.

And stay I did. I slept so soundly that night, when I awoke in the morning Parker was gone. I looked around and noticed that the doors to the balcony were open, so I went to see if he was out there, He wasn’t. But, I did find a Breakfast and a note that read:

“Emma, Sorry I was gone when you woke up. I had to go open the shop and I will be back soon. I took the liberty of having your things sent over from the cottage and I had your rental car returned. You won’t be needing them. I have a big day planed for us. Enjoy breakfast, I will see you soon”

“How presumptuous of him, sweet but presumptuous.” I thought to myself, while I began eating breakfast. After breakfast, I took a shower and went to find my things and get dressed. It was hard to decide what to wear, not knowing what he had planned, so I put on a swimsuit and a sarong, figuring it would be appropriate for just about anything he had in mind. Once I was dressed I went down stair to wait for Parker to return.

Before I knew it, Parker walk through the door greeting me with a hug, then he proceeded to walk me outside and down the beach to his waiting boat. I must have had a puzzled look on my face because Parker said “Don’t worry and don’t ask; it’s a surprise.”

We boarded the boat and headed on our way, to where I didn’t know. After about 30 minutes, Parker shut down the engines and dropped anchor.

“We’re here,” He announced.

“If you say so, by the way where’s here?” I asked.

Parker just smiled and went below. A few minutes later he returned carrying two full scuba set-ups. Way back when I first learned to, dive Parker and I talked about doing some tropical diving together, but we never got the chance, up until now that is. Parker had brought everything we needed, even an underwater camera, so we suited-up and headed in.

I got to see some wonderful marine life. I saw my first manta; and some queen angles, turtles, and some huge brain coral. The water temperature was around 80 and the visibility was incredible, I could see the sights that were about 70 feet away. The currents were a bit stronger than I’m used to, but it was so much fun.

During our “bottom time” I was able to take tons of pictures, so I would always be able to remember this day. And every once in a while, Parker made it clear what was on his mind, but reaching out and rubbing my breasts, there was even a few times that he managed to slide his hand between my legs. Don’t get me wrong, I am sure not complaining, I even managed to cop a few feels of my own while we were down there. After about 30 minutes we decided to surface and take a break, so we headed Merter Escort Bayan for the boat.

Once we were back on board, we stripped off our gear and grabbed a drink. After relaxing for a few minutes I decided to make the first move. I leaned in and started caressing Parkers cock. He leaned back and spread his legs to allow me better access, but that wasn’t enough for me. I proceeded by putting his legs back together and pulling off his shorts. Parker just sat back and smiled. Once his short were out of the way I had full access to do what I had wanted to do since he found me on the beach. I leaned in and lightly licked the head of his cock, causing his cock to twitch and Parker to moan. That was just what I wanted to hear.

Using my hands I spread his legs wide enough for me to get between them. Once I was on my knees between his legs I seized the opportunity and began to devour his semi-hard cock. In one quick fluid motion I deep throated his cock and started licking the underside. I slowly worked my way back up to the tip where I increased suction while flicking my tongue across the top. I continued sock Parkers cock until he was rock hard. Then I looked him in the eyes and deep throated him one last time, before removing his cock from my mouth.

I stood-up and closed his legs, and then I straddled him. I ever so slowly impaled myself until he was completely buried inside my hot wet cunt. I paused, not only to savor the moment, but also to give my pussy a chance to adjust to his massive girth.

During that moment I looked Parker in the eyes and said “I’m going to ride you till you scream.”

I started by slowly lifting myself up to the point that only the head of his penis was still inside me, then I would quickly slam myself down engulfing every inch of him. Soon with the combination of slow and quick movements Parker began to moan, and I found the look of pure lust on his face to be completely intoxicating. I continued to fuck him in this manner, and soon he began to thrust into me, matching me stroke for stroke and his moans turned into screams.

Parker’s screams drove me absolutely wild. Just knowing I was the cause of his intense pleasure was empowering. He leaned over and took my nipple into his mouth, and that did it for me. Before I knew it I was experiencing the most mind blowing orgasms’ I have ever had in my life. First, my legs began to shake, then the shaking worked its way up my whole body; I became light headed and I could no longer hold back my scream of pleasure.

My cunt clamped down so hard on Parker’s cock that I was amazed that he could still move. The sounds and sensations of my orgasm were too much for Parker to handle, and he exploded inside of me, totally filling me with his cum. The two of us collapsed into each other’s arms and fell asleep.

We were woken up by the sound of Parker’s alarm, and he said, “I have to go closed the shop, wanna come with me?”

“Sure,” I answered, “You have me all day.”

Both of us began to laugh, as we head into shore. Once we were back, Parker tied up to the pier took me by the hand, and lead me to his shop. Now, in my mind I was picturing his shop as small bait and tackle, this couldn’t have been further from the truth. Parker’s shop was the massive state of the art, dive shop. Truth be told I have never been in a dive shop like it before; it even had an indoor pool in the center of the store.

Parker did his duties, as the shop owner, and closed the shop for the night. When he was done he gave me a full tour of the facilities. He showed me everything from the retail section to the fill station; he even showed me the heating system that kept the pool at a constant 85 degrees. Heading back through the store, to go to his office, Parker pushed me into the pool. I reacted quick enough to grab his arm and pull him in with me.

So here we are, in the pool, in the middle of his shop, laughing like a couple of teenagers. When Parker moved in behind me and cupped my breasts with his hands, which cause me to let out a sigh. Before I knew it Parker had untied my bikini top, exposing my breasts. He spun me around and kissed me passionately. Parker was holding me so close to him that I couldn’t help but feel his growing erection pushing up against my snatch. I instinctively started to rock my hips, rubbing myself up and down his cock.

Parker then bent down, taking my nipple into his mouth. While he sucked on one nipple, he would pinch and flick the other, then he would switch. After a few minutes of this he began to remove my bottoms, by untying the strings at the sides. Once both side were untied, he tossed them aside. He then lifted me up and sat me on the edge of the pool.

He positioned himself between my legs and kissed me deeply. When he stopped kissing me, he playfully pushed me back so I was lying on the pool deck with my legs still in the pool. Parker then leaned down and gave my pussy one long lick before focusing his attention on my clit. He started with light teasing lick and worked his way to strong quick flicks of his tongue. Parker must have sensed my impending orgasm, because when I was on the edge, he slid two fingers deep into my cunt, causing me to scream out in pure pleasure. The orgasm had me so hypersensitive, that I actually had to beg him to stop.

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