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He was sitting across from her in a lounge chair as he anticipated what was to happen next. Meanwhile a corner of his mind was reviewing parts of his life.

He still owed it all to Grandpa. Grandpa had been dead for nearly twenty years, but Gramps was still very real in his mind. Grandpa was the one that inspired him to greater things. He was an engineer now just like Gramps was, and even though he was more than twenty years out of school, it was still a strong memory.

Stronger still were the years since. After he’d received a Master’s degree he contemplated on what to do next. Gramps could do some strange things. Nobody messed with Gramps, cause Gramps could ‘get even’ with anyone. Still further back his thoughts drifted.

It was a warm summer day and he and Gramps were at the beach when Gramps noticed a big guy bothering Grandma. Gramps had quietly approached the guy and asked him to stop bothering his wife. The big guy pushed Gramps down and continued with Grandma. All of a sudden the guy doubled over and started to puke right there on the spot. Grandpa smiled as the guy reached for his own balls.

Gramps was like that. One day he was on a park bench and Grandpa was feeding the pigeons when an old lady came up and started hollering at him. She told him he shouldn’t encourage the pigeons that way. When Gramps continued, the woman snatched the small bag of feed from gramps hands, cursed him, and walked away with it.

She threw the feed into the trash can and then sat on another bench about a hundred feet away. Gramps looked at her and smiled. I didn’t know how, but I knew something was going to happen so I watched her. Pretty soon the lady started squirming, and then smoothed her skirt. She looked around and crossed her legs. She squirmed again and then grabbed her breasts. Soon, she reached under her skirt and started rubbing with both hands.

A cop walked by and the lady just stared at him while she kept rubbing. The cop walked over to Gramps and commented how there were all kinds of nuts in the park. Gramps only shook his head. It was years later before he was old enough to ask Gramps about some of the things he’d watched Gramps doing.

It’d turned out that Gramps had been in the military in the Far East. He’d held a fascination for different philosophies and cultures and so he’d taken his discharge in India. He’d already completed his formal education before entering the military and wanted to learn more about the people in that part of the world. One of the things Gramps did was to travel to Nepal and spend many years traveling between two monasteries. Gramps said he’d learned a lot.

One of the things Gramps had learned was control of his own mind. And the ability to leave his body. He even learned the arts of Remote Viewing and telekinesis. Gramps could do more than move things just by using his mind. Even Grandma would smile and say that Grandpa could do anything he’d set his mind to.

With a child’s curiosity and profound admiration of his Grandfather he set his goal to follow in Gramp’s footsteps. Gramps had described the location of those monasteries and he’d found them himself after graduation. Entrance into the monastic life required dedication of a part of his life to their teachings even after he’d mastered them. He’d served his apprenticeship and now returned to western civilization.

He was looking for a wife that mirrored his own Grandmother’s ability to be dedicated and still love. He’d been looking now for a few months when he noticed this cruise. It was the third day into the ten day voyage when he saw her and began exploring. The obvious place to start was to use a bit of remote viewing.

He watched her going to her compartment that afternoon and watched her relax and read. Later he’d watched her disrobe and prepare ready for bed. The vibrator surprised him because she’d not seemed versed in her own sexuality. He watched with anticipation as she applied it. The fact that she was under the bed’s covering was no obstacle to what he could view. Approximately half way through her endeavor the batteries died. Her frustration at having to stop and retrieve a new set from her luggage amused him.

It became more amusing when she’d crawled back in bed and prepared to use it and it didn’t work. Nearly frustrated she checked the batteries again and found she’d put one of them in backwards. She had a marvelous body and her sexuality was now not an issue, but he’d continued to watch and became aroused also. When she finally started to climax he’d started to realize that this might be the woman he was looking for.

Later that night he’d visited her room again mentally and used his mind to examine and caress her body. Several times she’s started to awaken and he’d paused in his ministrations. Her breasts were perfection and he felt their firmness and aroused her nipples. He’d run his fingers over her back and across her beautiful ass feeling those firm round cheeks. Her legs too were firm and strong. As he started up her front, he’d paused at her mound and slowly caressed her inner thighs and lips. He’d run his cosmic love france izle fingers through a tiny tuft of hair at the top and down between her lips. He’d touched her clit and felt it, too, respond quickly and rigidly. She’d moaned then and he’d only given her a moment’s pleasure before resuming his travels.

He’d again reached her breasts and gave them additional attention. He crossed to her neck, circled it and bent forward to kiss it. His mouth traveled lightly to her lips and they were sweet and so very right to him. He noted with appreciation those spots that caused tiny goose bumps on her body. Her neck and shoulders, her back, her cheeks, her inner thighs, her tummy and obviously both her breasts and her pussy. She was ticklish as he kissed those sweet spots under her arms and in the cleft of her neck.

After her earlier ‘adventure’ with the vibrator and his current attentions she was at peace with the world and feeling only pleasure. Back in his own compartment, he opened his eyes and sat up. His hard-on was nearly unbearable, but he willed it to relax. He now began planning a small series of distractions to note how she’d respond.

The next morning he was with her as she showered and was in that special place while she’d shaved. She’d almost lost it when he ran his fingers across her wet, freshly shaven lips and totally confused her by the sensation. Preparing for the day had been foremost in her mind, not sex, and yet here she was instantly aroused by a hand that wasn’t there. She was still puzzled as she’d dressed sans bra and panties and headed for breakfast.

The ship was in the tropics now and it was warm so she’d worn only a very light v-necked sweater and hip hugger shorts. After all she’d thought, I’m here to try and attract someone and have some fun. She had been divorced almost two years ago and had only a few nibbles for dates in that time. She’d taken a part of her alimony and saved the rest to get on this cruise. She’d worked hard preparing herself. Trimness was not always a problem with her, but this time she wanted to be perfect if she found mister right.

She had just taken her plate to an empty table and started to sit when she’d heard a gentle voice offering to help her with the chair. She’d turned and smiled at the tall stranger with the dark eyes. Or were they dark? Now they seemed luminous. Had she imagined it? He stood behind the chair waiting for to sit and it was a moment before she realized it. She was fascinated by him, and he mentally noted the sudden increase in dampness beneath her shorts.

He left and returned a moment later with a plate and asked if he might join her. She smiled and replied by introducing herself. He commented on her lovely smile and joined her. He watched her impeccable manners and attention to all around her. She was very beautiful in the morning’s sunlight.

While they ate, he began his mental gymnastics. A steward appeared with glasses and a pitcher of orange juice and served them. She picked up the glass as he’d left and started to take a sip. His finger started at her navel and stroked softly upward and as she noted the touch she was so startled that she almost spit out the juice and almost dropped the glass. He smiled and asked if she was alright. Her confused look and reply told him much.

Now he’d moved to her breasts and with fingers on one nipple and mouth at the other she was so sensitive and startled that she almost swallowed a half glass of juice. She was embarrassed and apologizing, but he was relentless and again asked if she was okay. Her nod and lack of vocalization told him how much she enjoyed what was happening.

He released and moved away and she looked pained. She’d actually wanted it to go on even though she was in public view with a stranger. And yet she could say nothing, without appearing deranged at what hadn’t happened. He let her almost finish her breakfast, although he could sense that she really wasn’t hungry now, before he mentally kissed that spot on her neck.

She’d closed her eyes and nearly swooned and bent her head away. He continued for a moment before retreating again. Her eyes opened in disappointment and she looked around. He pretended to be busy finishing his own meal.

She sat back and watched him and he didn’t look back. She seemed to be wondering. When he’d finished and was sipping the last of his coffee he looked her in the eyes and asked if she’d like to play tennis or shuffleboard. Perhaps he asked she’d be interested in attending a shipboard lecture on secrets of the Far East that was about to start in one of the meeting rooms. She smiled and elected the lecture.

They walked together to the lecture and found seats to one side. When it started, the lecture was pretty well canned and boring. As he noted her mind drifting in the darkened room, he began another distraction. He put an arm on the back of her chair and she didn’t mind. In fact she leaned back against it.

Her pussy was still damp from his previous excursion but he merely tasted it and cleaned it. Her head dahmer monster the jeffrey dahmer story izle shot up, she was no longer drowsy. Now he moved to her clit. She obviously had trouble understanding what was happening, and it was in public. She tried desperately to sit still, but couldn’t master it. She squirmed and moved hands to her lap as I continued. She let out a slight hissed moan and pressed her hands more firmly onto her shorts.

Just as a person must be susceptible in order to be hypnotized, it is necessary for a person to be susceptible to mind probes and mental manipulation. She was an excellent ‘subject’ and her current state of mind left her mind and body open to him. Not wishing to embarrass her, he’d slowly eased back and out. Again he sensed her disappointment.

When the lecture was over she asked him if he’d like to go watch the seagulls with her at the railing. He’d like that he replied. They walked together and he held out his hand and she took it. While they were at the rail she asked about him and they traded questions and answers. He’d already sensed most of her answers and questions but he enjoyed her company and he wasn’t finished yet.

A lone seagull circled overhead, the rest were busy wave hopping and feeding or circling the water well below them. He pointed to the bird and began a slow tongue circle of her clit in time with the circling of the gull. She had to grab the railing and hold on. He put his arm around her and held her while he worked. Her eyes were closed and her head against his shoulder when she climaxed the first time. He felt the slight shudder and watched the rapid eye movement under her closed lids. She was breathing hard.

He stopped and asked her again if she was alright. She seemed to stutter and then replied that she thought maybe the seagull’s circling had hypnotized her. She replied softly that she’d just had a very strange sensation. She wouldn’t elaborate, but he noted her wetness and cleaned her again. This time she said that she had to sit down for a minute. He kneeled and made a seat for her with his knee.

After a few moments she stood again on wobbly legs and they returned to the lounge area. She rested and he didn’t bother her for awhile. He asked if she’d like lunch and she replied happily that she was indeed hungry. During lunch she asked if he’d ever done any traveling and he told her about his travels. She was amazed that he’d spent more than ten years in the monasteries, and asked him if he didn’t get hungry for female company. He admitted that he did, but keeping busy kept his mind occupied at those times.

They had a nice talk and then toured every part of the ship that was open to passengers. It was good exercise and they’d covered a few miles together when they returned. He asked if she’d have dinner with him tonight and possibly dance together. She looked deep into his eyes and must have sensed his interest and said yes. But, she said if I’m going to dance after this walk, I need to rest. Can you come get me at seven she asked? He said that he’d be happy to and she gave him her compartment number. He walked her there and said goodbye at the door.

He didn’t really leave her but kept watch from within her room. She was very tired and he knew she’d had a busy day. She removed her shoes and went in to examine herself in the bathroom. Indeed her lips were swollen and she was cleaned. She used her finger to test and on a whim she raised it to her nose after. She could smell the man she’d been with. Did her hand retain his scent? She wasn’t sure, so she washed her hands, dried and smelled them. All she smelled was the scent of the soap. This time when she tested and returned the test to her nose, she smelled him again.

What had happened? He was a very nice man and she felt so attracted that she might be willing to go to bed with him. But, she hadn’t. Still, there were those sensations all day long but he’d never been closer than a hug. She lay on the bed, deep in thought until she drifted off to sleep. He explored her gentle, warm body again and felt the same thrills as last night. He could taste her on his tongue and she was delicious. Without realizing it, his hand had slipped down the front of his pants and he was holding his rigid member. Gently he began to stroke.

When he returned from his exploration he was again amazed at the hard-on he was nursing. This time it took a great deal of concentration to suppress it. At six-thirty he called on the ship’s phone system and awakened her. She’d still been asleep and sounded it when answering. She hurried to take a shower and dress. She laid out the bra and panties with her short, low-cut red evening dress. It would be perfect for the dance she thought as she went in to the shower. It felt good to feel the shower massage and she spent an extra five minutes relieving her tensions.

When she came back to the bed and started to dress, the bra and panties were gone and her more conservative buttoned front bright green evening dress was in damned saint izle their place. She got up quickly and checked her drawer and closet. The bra and panty were back in the drawer and the dress was neatly hung back in the closet. She stood naked and staring and then hurried to check the compartment door. The door was locked and the chain still latched it. How had this happened she wondered?

Well, she continued in thought, if that’s what my fairy god-mother wants then that’s what I’ll wear. She looked down and was happy to see the red heels exactly where she’d put them earlier. At least that was a sign that she wasn’t totally out of her mind. She replaced the red ones with her black heels and then dressed. She’d feel a little strange with nothing under that dress, but then she’d been that way all day, so she left them off.

She was checking herself in the mirror when she heard his knock. She glanced down and noticed that her nipples slowed slightly, but they were relaxed. She opened the door and he was speechless. Finally he got it together enough to compliment her looks. She was pleased at his reaction and wondered again about this handsome stranger. They went to dinner.

The food was well-prepared and delicious, but they neither one had their mind on food as they ate. He couldn’t take it longer and mentally reached over and fondled her breasts. She felt it and closed her eyes. He watched the slight bumps of nipple grow to full extension and his mouth watered. He tasted and lapped and finally took one after another into his mouth. She gasped and was breathing hard, and his erection was complete.

When she momentarily opened her eyes in the midst of his playing she noticed that his eyes were closed too. She closed her eyes again and enjoyed the pleasure. When she felt that it was near an end, she asked a question in her mind without opening her mouth. She called him by name and asked if he had enjoyed that, too. Instantly the mouth was gone, and she opened her eyes to note that his mouth had dropped open also. He was embarrassed and blushing. She thought she had her answer.

She said nothing about the experience and he was grateful as they headed to the ballroom. The first dance was a slow one and they fit perfectly together in each other’s arms. The second was a modern dance and he didn’t know the dance. Fortunately another guy came up and cut in. At least, he thought, she’ll enjoy the dance. But, as he looked up he noticed that the guy had gotten too close and his hand had dropped to her butt and he was massaging it. She kept raising his hand, but he insisted on putting it back each time.

Without realizing what he was doing, from forty feet away he grabbed the guy’s balls right through the pants and squeezed. The guy stopped and tried to free them, and then he turned green as the pressure increased. Finally, he ran off leaving her in the middle of the dance floor. He hurried to her side and asked what happened. She told him that she didn’t have a clue as they walked back to a table. I didn’t mean to he thought, but the jerk deserved it.

The band continued to play as they sat out the next two tunes. The third was announced and they got up together. It was a Tango and they did the dance of love together flawlessly. They were both heavily aroused when they returned to the table. She remembered something a friend had told her. The friend was giving a gift and then told her how to use the gift. It had many facets she’d explained and then told her that it would only work on someone she felt close to. Her friend was a white witch.

Now, she looked at him and asked if she could try something. He replied sure, would it be a dance or perhaps a drink with a parasol? She smiled and closed her eyes. A few moments went by and suddenly he felt something. It was delicious he thought as it peaked. It was as if his entire body was being licked by a giant soft, wet tongue. Slowly it changed and he felt the tongue around his cock. He’d been holding her hand and when it got too intense his hand had clenched and the slight pain had brought her back. She opened her eyes and looked at him.

She asked if he was alright. It took him a moment to answer because he’d been on the verge of climaxing. He looked panicked and asked her if she’d just done that. Done what she asked and smiled back innocently. She innocently closed her eyes again, and he was in ecstasy again. This time it took all the reserve he could muster to stand up and pull her to her feet too. She opened her eyes and asked what his problem was.

He looked deep into her eyes and he knew. Where did you learn that he asked? She just smiled. He asked again and added that it wasn’t fair to do that to a man in public. She smiled and asked of it was okay to do it to her in public but he couldn’t take it himself?

He escorted her quickly out onto the deck and they walked to a lonely spot on the railing overlooking the waves. He smiled and asked her how she knew. She didn’t at first she replied, but awhile ago she’d sensed that it was coming from him. He explained what he’d done and where he’d learned it, and why he’d done it. She had no idea of the full complement of things he could do, but she’d experienced some of them. When he’d finished, they kissed and then he asked her. She told him about the white witch. He asked what else she could do, and she replied honestly that she didn’t know. She’d never tried and hadn’t really believed it until a few minutes ago when he’d responded.

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