Determaned Rapist Part 1

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It was New years eve. and Sami was Partying all night she drank so much she could hardly walk but she was trying to dance with this really hot guy. Lots of people were at the party but it was mostly guys and really cute ones at that. She had only had about 5 beers when she started to feel tipsy and the room began to spin.
She didnt remember much after that….. she blacked out….

Sami woke up New year’s day she had a horrible headache and was trying to make since of where she was ….
when she came too she didn’t recognize the scenery at all she tried to move her hands but they were tied up above her head and at first she didn’t panic because it didn’t dawn on her that this wasn’t normal she had been more worried about her head it felt like a train had run over her ……and split her head open ….

Than it it hit her…. and she scream as loud as she could …… AAAAAAAHHHH HEEELLP ME….. !!! she began to tug at the cuffs on her ands but it hurt to move too much she realized that she was naked began to struggle more when she tried sitting up she realized her feet were also chained to the lower part of the bed post…… what was she too do ???? I’m stuck here is there anyone else around me to hear me scream…. she though…. and then she became still once again quiet thinking to herself …..” it’s cold in here…. and dark,….”Hello” she yelled ” is anyone there?” no one is near she thought what will i do I will starve and die down here alone for too long … panic struck her hard and she began to cry hysterically

when all hope seemed lost she heard footsteps descending behind the door way and at first she started yelling “Help Help get me out of here ” but as the key went into the door lock and the she heard the door unlock it occurred to her that this was her captivator. and once again she froze in fear.

As the door unlock Sex hikayeleri and opened 3Men walked in the first one was Dark haired he had lots of muscles and was black sami recognized him from the party immediately because she remembered his enormous muscles.
Sami was now frightened and began crying ” please let me go , dont hurt me please ” she felt humiliated that her c cup tits perked and pointy due to the cold and her shaven pussy was visible to all the men who had just entered the room …… The dark haired muscular man spoke ” sleeping beauty finally awake after a long night of partying huh ?” :” she wanted to cry he seemed to be the leader ” My name’s Mike and you better listen and you better listen good ….. you are now our bitch and you will do what we want when we want you hear ” and if u don’t do it to our standard’s ” Zack here will punish you and trust me it wont be pretty ” Zack had blond hair blue eyes she remembered shed been dancing with him …. but how could he he seemed so nice why would he do this to me ….Zack was about 6 foot and had a large build on him but it was mostly mucle as well… Zack than spoke ” We are ur masters and you will obey our every camand!” Zack grinned as he saw the panic begin to arise in Sami’s face .

Zekiel you can have first go at her zack said…. and Zekiel began to take off his pants Sami tried to scream and get away but it was no use she was chained up and “Zek said that no one could here here cause they were at a house that was miles from any city and no one would miss her”

Zeik was about 6foot tall dark black hair almost black looking eyes he was Hispanic and was not so well built ….. he was a bigger guy but as he pulled down his pants his cock stood out straight …. and tall and sami started screaming again ” shut up bitch said Mike take it that’s what your here for ” they all began Sikiş hikayeleri to undress not one of there dicks was thinner than 3 inches wide and shorter than 10” long omg she though I cant take that in my pussy its too tight I’m a virgin ” she said as she looked helplessly at their large cocks as Mike began to stick his fingers inside her pussy ummmm she is tight he said he pulled her fingers out and shaved them down her thought she began to cough and gag suck it bitch he said and she knew it was hopeless fight him so she did so with tears streaking down her cheeks

Sami had never planned to lose her virginity this way ….they were pulling her hair and it was really hurting calling her names like bitch hore cunt slut and slave telling her she was worthless….. Zekiel stuck his 10′ cock up to her lips and pushed it into her mough he began face fucking her hard and she couldn’t keep up she started gagging and Zack was pinching her nipples hard she was crying so badly ……. Zekiel started grunting after about 5 mins of pumping her face she wanted to die ….. I’m goanna cumm and you better swallow all of it u fucking hore …… Ezekiel said Swallow all this black cummm… white slut ” He moaned loud as he shoved his cock deep into the back of her thought …… and squirted several loads she thought she was going to run out of air and it tasted so nasty salty and sweaty and like urine ….. she started to spit it out and he slapped her har across the face grabbed her by nose and plugged it up so she couldnt breath she still had a tone in her mouth she was forced to swallow it to get air into her lungs she regretfully gulped down his sperm ” as her stomach turned when she did so she gasped for air ……when he let go of her nose he threw her on the bed Zack was still pulling at her breasts they were becoming very tender.

Mike said” Im going to Erotik hikaye take ur cherry now bitch and im going to get u fucking pregnant” she was in a shear panic now she didnt want there baby she wasnt suppose to be here ” please please don’t do this to me dont get me pregnant I cant afford a baby please please dont do this why are u doing this to me ? she begged

Mike replied” the more u fucking struggle the better because we like it that way and we like to get women pregenent and fuck them the hole time they get really horny when there pregnant bitch your fucking tinght Im taking your charry weather you like it or not Hore.”
And with that comment he shoved his cock all the way up her pussy …… ripping her hemin oh goooooddddddd he moaned shes fucking tight and as his cock slid into her she could feel it reaching her womb and braking though AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH she screamed …. Take it cunt…. Mike said as he pumped in and out of her zack was now at the entrance to her mouth pumping her and zeikel was fingering her ass hole she couldnt stand it she felt so disgusted she wanted them out of her but she knew there was no use They fucked her hard for about 10 more mins … before Mike came hard in her womb planting his seed to get her pregnant as he pulled out there was blood everywhere from her hemin breaking and she was so sore….. Zack was stilll face fucking her and zekiel turned her around doggie stile Now im gonna take ur ass hore he yelled as zack face fucked her zekiel shoved his cock up her virgin ass hole and she started to squirm trying desperately to get away

her ass hole ripped and she began to bleed she was crying hard now trying to suck zacks cock and getting fuck hard in the ass as mike penetrated her pussy as well ….. she passed out from the pain ……

3 weeks later

Mike came into the room and threw a pregnancy test at her kissed her hard on the lips and finger fucked her ” Go fucking piss on that stick slut and if it’s negative were trying again”!!!!!!!

to be continued ……

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32