Dan the Man

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Dan Johnson who lived out in the Midwest had long accepted his routine of Saturday night sex was as exciting as waiting for a storm to disappear toward the next county.

After four or five beers he’d tap the shoulder of one of the bored-looking women grouped together and looking at if they were waiting for today to pass. He’d drive Debbie, or Roxy or Skye or whoever to her home, usually at one of the trailer parks, where she’d lay on her back and close her eyes.

Occasionally he’d be rewarded; his woman of the week would actually move her ass.


He’d leave the money on the table and walk off thinking at least the ejaculation had been satisfying.

Closing the door of his beloved 1994 regular cab Ford pickup – red of course – he’d drive off and begin moaning to Dolly about another lackluster Saturday night. Although he accepted Dolly was a vehicle he felt the need to unbundle and Dolly was always there and the perfect listener.

“Well Dolly tonight’s babe has a bit more money for herself and the kid or kids. She was well scrubbed up and had a new or near new dress but of course when her eyes were open she had that familiar expression of hopelessness.”

“You know some of those women might turn out to be tops if given the chance to rise out of their despair. They weren’t born sluts and most probably weren’t scraping a living from the bottom of the barrel until things went wrong for them whether it be booze, drugs, running out of money or teaming up with the wrong type of man or woman.”

“I’m not much better off of course but at least I’m better off. Mum died of influenza when I was only eight and dad has needed me more than ever to help him scratch a living off the land. If he died I’d be set free and could find a rich bitch to move in with. But she’d have to enthusiastically move her ass all the time when did you-know-what two or three times a day otherwise I’d be out of there.”

“Yeah, yeah. I know and I’m always beating the same drum. But as I say Dolly it’s the thing I call hope, my vision.”

It was an hour’s drive home. Dan’s father had schooled him into never chase a bit of skirt in your home patch because it can lead to repercussions.

Dan was young at that time and was puzzled by his father’s comment because like his pals they didn’t understand what older guys saw in females and it took him even longer to learn the meaning of the word repercussions.

As the trusty 5-speed vehicle was turned on to the dirt track Dan grinned.

Their housekeeper would have heard the sound of his arriving vehicle and would have leapt from his dad’s bed.

Widow Wilson would leave by the backdoor and scurry off to her home where she lived with her invalid mother seven or eight hundred yards away. He’d often thought he should say to Mrs Wilson he’d drive her home but accepted he wasn’t meant to know what she and his father got up to.

“What’s this,” he pondered aloud. “The lights are on and two vehicles are parked outside the front door.”

Mrs Wilson charged out of the house, holding up her long skirt as she ran or it seemed almost stumbled toward him.

Dan stopped and leaned out of Dolly’s already open window.

“Dan, Dan. You’re father died in my arms two hours ago.”

“Oh darn,” said Dan and got out and held the trembling Mrs Wilson and began calming her.

Two months later Dan and Dolly left the farm for the final time.

He now had a fortune banked, yenibosna escort the first time he’d had had anything but spending money.

Three of the neighbors had completed to buy the land and Hank Owens got it when he said to Dan he’d like to find the way to tempt Dan to accept his best offer.

“Double it or my property goes to auction.”

Hank turned blue in the face and snarled, “You greedy piece of excrement.”

Next day Hank sent his wife over with a check that made Dan’s eyes water and he decided he now believed in miracles.

* * *

Dan headed Dolly to Clinton 150 miles away. That was far enough from the farm to make him feel he’d left his old life behind him.

He’d thought of going to Springfield as he’d spent a few days there and for two nights was fucked into exhaustion by a female drinks server he’d met in a bar. She was at least ten years his senior and it was the first and only time he’d come close to what he fancied was wall-to-wall sex.

God Dallas really rocked.

He’d left clutching her address and wrote to her several times but she never replied.

Dan felt like a rich man now and his wallet was fat, packed with $2000.

His mind was inflated by his concept of person wealth. The almost $90,000 he received after the bank recovered its two mortgage advances and other jackals had taken their entitlements, he’d been left with more money than he’d even dreamed of having. However he accepted it wouldn’t be enough to buy a city home outright unless it was a near-shack.

He’d like to buy a pre-owned RV and tour the country and perhaps beyond but then Dolly wouldn’t like that and he couldn’t do that to her.

No he had to find a place to stay, a good job and a great girl who’s become spectacularly energized in bed. He was only thirty-two and felt entitled to a great sex life.

A month later Dan was settled. He’d found a studio apartment that cost him and arm and a leg to rent, although he had to admit he could afford it and it gave him the freedom of living alone and yet being in touch with near neighbors.

He’d found a female aged twenty-four, or so she said, called Michelle who worked at the restaurant he frequented. He didn’t much like her as she was bossy and talked too much, but she sent his eyes popping when she gave him what she called her ‘blow job special’.

Oh wow, it certainly was special.

Dolly had been re-painted beautifully with a lacquered finishing coat and had new tires and underneath rust dealt with, and the motor and running gear and interior had been renovated and the guy taking big bucks for that work had said the upgrade would make the owner proud.

That guy proved correct as Dan felt proud he’d spent generously on Dolly as the pickup had been worked hard on the farm with little being spent on her upkeep.

Dan loved the sound of Dolly’s new exhaust tone and women were always eyeing the paintwork.

Michelle said she felt like a queen when riding in the F150 (she didn’t know the name Dolly because Dan kept that to himself).

Dan found work as a courier driver and a year on, proving to be reliable and trustworthy, he was assigned to servicing top regular customers and provided with a tailored uniform instead of the ‘lucky draw’ shirt and pants the regular drivers sorted from the bulk supply..

On the first day on his upgraded job, Dan walked in to collect zeytinburnu escort packages from the reception at Kathy Jansen Design.

The receptionist caught his eye. She was slim with cute tits, hair piled up and a wide smile.

Dan was smitten.

“I don’t recognize you as one of the regular couriers,” she smiled.

He smiled and asked did she date and she suddenly arched her back and lost her smile.

“Security,” she shouted. “There’s an imposter here.”

A side door burst open and an athletic-looking guy in a dark blue uniform rushed at Dan who didn’t wait to chat.

Using his farm-hardened muscles and hand, he chopped on the side of the neck of the guy who’d moved into apply an arm lock. Dan’s assailant dropped to the deck, out cold.

“Help,” screamed the pretty receptionist, her chest heaving alarmingly.

Another guy dressed in a business suit arriving and stooped holding a handgun in both hands and looked as if he knew how to use it.

He cried, “Raise them high Asshole.”

At the same time a side office door opened and a big woman, looking not unlike an older version of the receptionist, emerged and cried, “What the hell is going on here Willow?”

The guard lowered his weapon and straightened.

The guy on the floor moved and groaned.

Dan dropped his arms and smiled at the woman in authority.

Willow said, “Mom this guy dressed as a courier was attempting to steal our designs.”

“Oh I see. And he told you he was here to steal our designs?”

“No but I temp at reception enough times to know when a non-regular courier has appeared.”

Mom asked did it occur to Willow that the guy might be legit, especially when dressed neatly in a uniform that fitted him perfectly.

“I didn’t think of that; I’m a designer not a detective.”

“And a panic merchant I do declare.”

“Carl pull Tom to his feet and take him to your office and check him out. If he can’t take a whack he shouldn’t be in Security. And you sir, show me ID.”

“Yes ma’am,” Dan said walking up to her so she could read his ID with photo pinned above his heart.

She pulled out her phone and made a call.

“Please give me the name of your courier sent to Kathy Jensen Design, a new guy.”

“Oh Dan Johnson. Is he a lean blond aged about thirty?”

“Good I’m Kathy Jensen and am just confirming. We had not been advised to expect a new courier.”

“Oh you advised our receptionist at 8:30 today. She’s at lunch and didn’t pass on that information; I apologize for wasting your time. Thank you.”

A tall slender woman with a flat chest and flat ass walked passed Dan and turned and asked, “What is going on here?”

“Ruby you stuffed up not advising Willow to expect a new courier,” said Mrs or Widow Jensen.

“Willow thought he was an imposter and called Security and in his haste to deal with the situation Tom tripped and knocked himself out hitting the floor.”

“No mom, the courier flattened Tom with one blow.”

Ruby eyed Dan and said, “But Tom’s highly trained in unarmed combat.”

Dan shrugged and said he was unaware of that and obvious Tom had some more training to do.

“Ruby this is our new contract courier Dan Johnson,” Kathy said. “Please apologize to him for not having alerted us we have a new courier and that would have saved this unnecessary disruption. Further you must mecidiyeköy escort remember who he is.”

“Give him a sexy smile and he might ask for a date,” Willow said sarcastically and announced she was off to lunch.

“Bye Dan,” Kathy said as she returned to her office.

Dan said, “It seems I’m to blame for this fuck-up.”

Ruby said, “No I fucked-up.”

Dan did a double take and said he thought she was a lady.

“God Dan, where have you been? There are no ladies left since the advent of rock ‘n’ roll.”

He grinned and said he was comfortable with foul-mouth females particularly when they had humor.

“I’m a country girl attempting to make my way in the city.”

“Me too.”

Ruby arched an eyebrow and said she’d recognized he had male characteristics.

“What – oh yeah. I mean I’m a country boy attempting to make my way in the city.”

Ruby went behind the desk and said quietly perhaps they should date. So far her dating program had been full of hassle and hustle and unpleasant demands from virtual strangers.

“The assholes.”

“Actually it was my asshole they were after.”

They laughed and Dan thought although she had practically no tits she was most attractive in her own way and he was sure Dolly would approve.

“Dinner on Saturday night then?”

“I was hoping you would ask,” Ruby said and scribbled and tore off a page from her jotter pad and said it was her address and phone number.

“You’re a farm boy and therefore I’ll feel safe being home alone with you.”

“But many farm boys are not trustworthy,” he protested and she turned his frown into a grin when she retorted, “Yes but it takes a trustworthy farm boy to make that statement so emphatically.”

“I’m Dan Johnston.”

“Yes I know. Dianne your dispatcher told me that this morning and suggested you might suit me, that you had just lost your girlfriend who’d returned home to her parents’ farm.”

“Yeah Michelle’s father had a stroke and is in care and her mother can’t bear living alone. Um we were only together for the sex.”

“Oooh I like the sound of that?”

“Really? I attempted to scare you off as you might be too good for the likes of me.”

“Dam let me be the judge of that. You know you should drop your frank way of speaking when living in a city; frankness can scare people off. Now off you go as you’ve spent much too long here and your dispatcher will be after your ass.”

“I hope not; she’s married.”

“Oh Dan you sweet man, off you go.”

At the end of the day Dan swapped his company van for his own vehicle and told Dolly about Ruby. He became aware he was practically over the top in describing Ruby and adding his impressions.

“Sorry Dolly about burbling on like that about another woman to you.”

The Ford pickup gave no reply of course.

* * *

Dan phoned on Saturday morning seeking confirmation he was expected for dinner that night.

“Oh hi, it’s my sweet country boy. Frankly I was worried you might pull out, thinking I was too forward for you.”

“No Ruby I feel very comfortable about my brief contact with you and you impressed me. Until this evening then; um I like hearing your voice again. Bye.”

“No wait; I have found the courage to say something: Dan because I already like you I’m prepared to do it with you tonight rather than wait until we have dated a couple of times.”

“Oh really? I consider that a great honor.”


Smiling, Dan cut the call and raced out to get his hair trimmed and to buy a pair of really stylish underpants and on the return home purchased a bunch of pretty flowers and a bottle of off-sweet white wine and beer for himself. He knew she was excited and couldn’t wait to get her hands on him.

The End

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