Daddy Needs Cunt

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Author’s Note: This story contains sort of non-consensual sex between a father and a daughter. All parties are 18+

The summer held promises of long walks, hard hikes, swimming, camping in the thick woods up north, and early morning breakfasts with no rush. Coffee and eggs and fruit and dollops of peanut butter. Oatmeal with fresh apples from our neighbors tree out back. Fresh squeezed orange juice.

It had started off like that. Me out of bed by five and my backpack, bigger than me, secured tightly around me by seven. I’d meet the sun out on the trail and wind my way up into the woods and over railroad tracks and into towns where I could refill my canteen and head back.

My muscles thickened. I ate everything in sight and went to movies with friends. Passed out in my plushie crowded bed feeling spent and satisfied. Then the last few weeks of summer rolled around.

Bloated and thick from ordering taco bell, I fell asleep on the couch watching The Iron Giant. Our big white bay windows were propped open. Flower bushes brushed against the screens while a light rain fell. It was somewhere near one a.m. when the screen door popped against the hinges. Daddy was home.

I was aware of how the cool breeze was hitting me between my legs. I’d wiggled in my sleep. My nightgown has road up and my butt cheeks were exposed. Daddy could probably see between my naked legs too, I tried to quietly move, but I knew it was too late.

“Baby,” daddy slurred. “Baby come over here and help daddy.”

I got up. “Daddy I’m tired.”

“It aint gonna take long, baby.”

Daddy sat down in a dark wooden kitchen chair. An antique. Not one you buy at auction, but one that is passed down because nobody wants it. “Come here, darlin.”

He fumbled with his zipper and shoved his pants down Etiler Escort his hair-covered thighs. Half-hard, he began to tug at himself. “Come on, I aint gonna tell you again.”

I came closer. “Can I do it with my mouth this time?”

I had inched just a tad too close because daddy reached out and snatched me, he pulled me in. “No, baby, I need that tight little cunt wrapped around me. I need your warm little hole. It’s not gonna take long. Daddy just needs it for a little bit.”

I wiped the sleep from my eyes, tried to push away from him. “Daddy I’m tired.”

He grabbed my hips with his massive hands and pulled me onto his lap. Kicking my legs apart with his. He pulled me to him until our bellies touched. His finger ran between my legs, I jerked, but his other hand was in the middle of my back and I knew better than to run. “Daddy,” I whined. “Just let me use my mouth.”

“You got such a pretty cunt,” he grunted.

He rubbed the tip of his cock along my slit. Not pressing hard enough to push them apart until he got to my clit and then he pushed a bit, just to watch me squirm. “Daddy just needs a little warm hole to fill with cum.”

“Daddy I don’t think we should do this again.”

His fingers dug into my fat ass cheeks and he pulled me against him. Yeasty alcohol hung on his breath. His cock was pressed firmly between my cunt and his stomach. He hunched forward letting the head of his cock push against my clit and I groaned. “You don’t like it?”

“It’s wrong,” I whispered because I would be lying if I said no.

“There’s nothin wrong about it,” he laughed. “A man needs a place to leave his seed. You’re a woman. You take that seed. Perfectly natural.”

“But,” I started. I didn’t get to finish. Fatih Escort Daddy pushed a finger between my cunt lips and ran it down until his thick finger was in my pussy. Spreading me open. Already too wet from the friction of his cock. How was I this wet? Every single time. It was wrong.

Daddy laughed at me. “Poor baby. Needs some dick.”

With that, he fisted his cock and lined it up with my cunt. There was no talking my way out of this. I was going to be fucked and filled with cum. Again.

Every single time daddy pushed his fat cock in me I was surprised by the fullness. I clenched his shoulders. “Daddy,” I grunted. My tight cunt didn’t want him inside. He was just a little too big. It had been a few months since he came home drunk and needed me. Needed the warmth between my legs.

“Fuck,” he grunted. His hips barely moving, just barely thrusting into me. I yelped. He grabbed my chin and leaned forward, he kissed me. I loved kisses. I melted every single time and leaned in, letting him nip at my bottom lip and suck it in. He ran his tongue over the soft skin and growled. I loved those kisses. I loved him. His arms wrapped around my waist. “Are you gonna be good for me? You’re not gonna try to run away?”

“No, daddy.” The pressure between my legs had eased into a twinge of pleasure. I rocked my hips a little.

Daddy took that as a sign I was ready and clamped his hands around my hips, he shoved himself in and out. Heat flooded my cheeks, turning me pink, listening to how wet I was with every single stroke.

He knew my body so well. His hand groped my naked ass, ran over the small of my back. He rolled my nightgown up my stomach until my small tits felt the breeze and then he sucked my nipple into his Halkalı Escort mouth. His hand held me still as he took each pull. Milking me. I clenched my cunt around him and he fucked harder.

I fell against him, grabbed at his shoulders. Held on as I choked my own groans down. I was going to cum. All over my dad’s cock and what’s worse? I’d lost count of how many times I’d been wrapped around him. How many times he’d spread my legs and taken what he wanted from me until I was a wet mess, oozing his cum from my cunt slit down to my asscrack. “I’m gonna cum,” I whimpered.

He chuckled. “That’s natural, baby. It’s okay.”

He held me tight as I rocked faster. His cock fat and hard inside of me. “Cum on my dick, baby, you’re such a good girl.”

I came. Until my fingers dug into his shoulders and my back arched, I pushed my hard nipples into him. My groans were clipped. Faster and faster until I panted against his chest.

“It’s daddy’s turn, baby,” he grumbled against my collarbone. My sweaty thighs mashed against his sides and he couldn’t get enough of me, he groped and pulled at me as he filled me up. Moving in and out, not able to catch his breath until he groaned. Warm spread between my legs. Daddy panted, caught his breath, he kissed my shoulder where the strap of my nightgown had slipped down.

When he patted my ass I realized how cold I was. Half naked in the front room with the door and windows open, but he stood up and I stumbled to my feet. Cock-dazed. I felt the rush of cum leak out of my well-fucked hole and ran down my thighs. “Thank you, baby. Daddy just needed your cunt.”

Daddy pulled his jeans up, scratched his head, and kicked the chair back into the kitchen with a clatter before moving onto the fridge. He dug through leftovers he didn’t want the first time around, cold cuts, and more beer before settling on an old chocolate bar and a bag of chips from the cupboard.

After being fucked, I was always a little dazed. Frogs croaked outside from the dark of the tree line and I came to, staggered to the bathroom, and did my best to clean up daddy’s mess from between my thighs.

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