Chance Meeting, Big Surprise Ch. 03

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Our wedding day was approaching rapidly, also the day I would have to hand in my notice at work and it was a bit daunting. However, everything seemed perfect even if our future in business seemed a bit of a gamble. As I have said we needed a couple of decent sized contracts. Rose Delaney was sitting on one and I had an inkling it wouldn’t materialise once I left the Company.

Another large company I had dealings with had a purchasing executive Lyn Jones who was a right bitch, she had given me a really hard time until Rose had a quiet word with her, since then we had got on reasonably. “Just how did Lyn Jones get to where she is?” I asked Rose one day after we had left a business lunch with the her.

Rose was quiet for a moment considering her answer, “Quite simple my dear, she dropped her knickers at the right time.”

“Really,” I managed to reply, “I thought she was married?”

“Almost two years now, she was only one step down from where she is now when she met Richard.”


“Yes, Richard chief executive of Richards & Richards.”

“Oh,” I got the picture.

“Lyn always wanted the position she has now but couldn’t get there.”

“Not even through…”

“No, she`d shagged her way to the position one grade below and tried very hard to fuck her way up one more notch.”


“Ha, ha, But Robert Bates who she was shagging wouldn’t promote her, despite her threats to tell his wife, so she went right to the top, right to the very top with her legs wide open.”

“It worked.”

“It certainly did.” Rose smiled, “Always does.”

“But he`s twice her age.”

“More than.”

“Bet he can`t handle her.” I thought out loud, I could see Lyn now, a typical bimbo made good, Cheshire housewife type, massive tits real or false? Hard to tell, she was also the master of the put you down with a couple of words from her sharp tongue.

Rose appeared to be reflecting on something, perhaps her own rise to the status she had achieved. “Oh, trust me darling she`s too much of a woman for Richard.”

“Oh, I see.”

Perhaps it was the couple of glasses a Chablis we had had over lunch that made Rose talkative, “Lyn likes her cock alright I can assure you and at 29 she likes plenty of it, a lot more than Richard can give her I`m sure.” Rose continued, “We met at Uni Lyn and I, got on famously,” She laughed, “In fact I don’t know which of us got on the most, if you know what I mean.” She winked at me, smiling.

A plan was etching in my brain, “Talking of woman getting in high places,” Rose looked at me expectantly, possibly wondering if I was referring to her. “Sophie Conrad?”

“How observant of you,” Rose smiled, “Sophie Conrad, a legend of the bedroom Sophie, led the way for all of us did Sophie Conrad.”


“Yes really, Sophie joined us at University, Lyn and I were in our third year when she arrived.” Rose elaborated, “Freshers week she was like a bitch on heat, it`s all those boys and drink it makes one,” She stopped herself, “Well let’s just say Sophie became one of the gang.”

“I wouldn’t have believed it.” I commented

“Failed abysmally at university of course, rumour was she spent 3 years with her arse in the air, any cock welcome.”

“No?” I couldn’t believe what Rose was coming out with.

“If her first year was anything to go by, she may have set a record for the number of fellas she had by the time she graduated.”

“She graduated?” I was amazed.

“2.2 in something or other, if sex was an option, she`d have passed her masters and became a professor,” Rose laughed again.

Sophie Conrad was one of the richest and most influential players in the market, if I could get a contract with her company it would be the making of Mark and myself. “But she`s so prim and proper.” And she always appeared in beautiful clothes, fantastic slim figure, always immaculate make-up and hair.

“Appearances can be deceptive,” Rose smiled, “Very deceptive believe me.” knowing how Rose herself had risen to the top so quickly I did believe her.

A week later I had my hen do arrangements in place, Jenny my maid of honour had arranged a night in a very nice venue. Jenny and I had been friends since early school days and she was without doubt my longest and best friend, so when I said I wished to be involved in planning my hen party she was slightly put out. “You are having no say in the proceedings whatsoever,” She said as we entered the pub. A few wines later and she had told me everything she had planned, including the male strippers. Good girl, Jenny never could hold her drink. A couple of phone calls the following morning and I had arrangements in place to suit my needs. Now all I had to do was get the requisite persons to attend.

“Come in,” Rose beckoned when I tapped on her door. ” What`s the problem?”

“No problem really, you know I`m getting married.”

“Yes, Mark isn’t it?”


“He`s got his own company selling his own invention Kastamonu Escort is that right?”


“I like his invention we`ll have to look into giving him an order.”

“Thanks that would be great, anyway I am having my hen do on Friday week and would like you to come along.”

“Oh, I don’t think it’s for me really, the wedding yes please, but not the hen do.”

I had pre-empted her rejection of my invite. “It’s only an idea but wondered if you would come if Lyn Jones and Sophie Conrad did, you could reminisce about old times, and have a few drinks and a laugh.”

Rose looked at me thoughtfully, “You know that’s a jolly good idea, have you asked the others?”

“Errrm.” I stalled.

“Tell you what I`ll ask them and if either agree I`ll join them how about that.”

“Great thanks.” Bingo.

I turned to leave her office, “I hope there`s a male stripper?”

“I don’t think you`ll be disappointed.” I replied and left her to call the others.

“We`ll see you tonight,” Rose announced as she left the office as usual the Friday of my hen do, no doubt off for her hotel rendezvous with Sam Devine. I didn’t know for sure but I had worked out Sam Devine was the key to Rose`s next step up onto the board and I had no doubt she was fucking him at least once a week on a Friday.

All my girlfriends were there by the time I arrived too an enormous cheer, the drinks where flowing I had arranged for strong cocktails for everyone upon their arrival. The main room where the evening action was going to take place had little alcoves to take about 6 maybe 8 people in groups. I had arranged for Rose, Sophie and Lyn to have their own alcove and strict instructions to keep them topped up with booze.

The evening entertainment commenced with a female compere stroke comedian who was absolutely brilliant, if somewhat filthy, just right for a hen do. She introduced Rod! Good name for a stripper I suppose. Rod made a beeline for me as expected, bride to be and all that, he was dressed as a cowboy with chaps but without the jeans. His cock was hidden inside a pouch. Rod did all the usual suggestive things, making everyone laugh and cheer him and myself on. I was sitting on a stool and Rod pulled me towards his still covered cock. He placed his cowboy hat strategically so nobody could she and proceeded to whip his cock out and offer it to my mouth. I closed my eyes. Rod moved his hips as if he was fucking my mouth. He wasn’t as there was no way I fancied sucking anyone`s cock except Marks. The audience must have got the impression I was blowing him as there was aloud cheer. Rod moved away from me, and proceeded around a few tables offering his manhood to a few girls. I was quite surprised our office junior Shannon had a right gobble of him when he presented his hard on to her. I watched intently as he approached Rose and her two mates whilst they were smiling and cheering there appeared no way any touching or anything else was going to happen. Rod soon moved away from them I noticed Lyn licked her lips before whispering something to Rose who nodded and smiled.

“Big boy wasn’t he?” Jade Stevens who was sitting next to me laughed, “Pity I didn’t get a go.”

“There`s more to come so don’t worry I`m sure you won`t get left out.” We chinked glasses

The drinks flowed and our compere told a couple of very rude stories before introducing Max the next stripper. If Jade had considered Rod to be a big boy then Lord knows what she thought of Max. He swaggered on stage dressed as a builder, a large bulge in his shorts grabbed everyone`s attention. Walking amongst the girls he raised a few squeals in the far corner by apparently flashing his cock, I couldn’t see because he was hidden from view. Rose`s booth was next on his circuit I watched intently. Sophie who was just about to sip her drink almost spilled it as he flashed his cock at her. A quick flash then away, making a bee line for my table. Standing very close to me he whipped off his shorts to reveal a very large cock, a good comparison to Mark`s appendage by my judgement, although possibly slightly smaller in girth, still a beautiful weapon, wrapping his shorts around my head he pulled me towards it, I had little choice but to open my mouth and take the head of his cock inside, “Suck it, suck it, suck it,” the girls began chanted. Taking him in my hand I gave him a little gobble before quickly removing him from my mouth.

Holding him in my hand I steered him towards Jade who was sitting next to me. Jade needed no second invitation, sliding forward on her chair towards his dick, her mini skirt slid up her thighs to reveal her panties stretched tight across her crotch. Her mouth descended on his cock and she went at him like a whore in a hurry, her hand working in unison with her mouth. I must say I was most impressed; she could manage to get well over three quarters of his cock in her mouth. Max was obviously enjoying her oral efforts, after a good few minutes of her gobbling Kastamonu Escort Bayan him he pulled away, I sensed he was about to shoot his load. Regaining his composure, he went around a few more tables, more girls were getting into it now and his cock was sucked willingly by every girl he approached. After a good ten minutes offering himself to all and sundry, he finally took a girl Sylvia Johnson off backstage with him. Sylvia had been a stuck-up cow at school and I wasn’t to please Jenny had invited her to my hen do, that was until she disappeared with Max the stripper, no doubt for some serious sexual delight’s backstage. I hoped he shagged her senseless!

More drinks flowed and I walked around asking if everyone was enjoying themselves, no complaints from anyone, until I approached Rose, Lyn and Sophie, “Could do with a bit more of the action,” Sophie suggested with a grin, Rose and Lyn seemed to agree, appeared the generous supply of alcohol was working

“The night is yet young,” Lyn raised her eyebrows, “I have a little something, a treat for you three.” I winked at Rose

“Not a little treat surely?” Lyn remarked suggestively

“Well no, from what you’ve seen so far…”

“What we`ve seen so far is encouraging.”

“I do believe the best is yet to come.” I left them talking excitedly amongst themselves no doubt discussing cock. Our hostess did another ten minutes or so before giving our next male stripper a huge build up. You could feel the sexual expectation in the room our hostess insisted everyone in the room had a couple of tequila shots before the next act appeared, I noticed everyone complied. Sophie leading the way, Lyn followed, Rose pulled a face but downed both shots and shuddered.

Our hostess introduced him, “Here he is ladies, the one you`ve all been waiting for. the man who makes a mockery of the letters BBC.” The curtain went back and on stage was a huge black guy dressed as a Roman Centurion in a white Toga with a large plumed helmet, his costume made him look about eight foot tall. His black skin contrasting to his toga, the room went quiet, I think everyone was a little taken aback. The guy began his act slowly removing his toga to reveal a gladiator’s skirt and breast plate. He moved into the audience fliting, teasing from table to table. The anticipation rising and some very obscene remarks regarding black dick, alcohol does strange things to some females, combined it with the sexual aura and look out. The gladiator lost his breastplate and exposed a magnificent six pack, to go with his huge muscular arms and legs, the girls wanted to see one thing, his dick. He knew how to work an audience and he had us in a frenzy before he grabbed me and led me onto the stage and sat me on a stool.

My eyes were at cock level and I`m sure I saw it twitching, lifting his skirt a little, he spun the stool around so I had my back to the crowd moving forward he raised his skirt and exposed what I can only describe as a horse cock! A huge black horse cock, if I thought Mark was large this was a couple of inches longer and of similar girth, but there was one difference the mushroom head of his cock was massive. I realised nobody else could see his cock only myself, and it appeared to be on the rise. I did wonder how big the thing would get, but to my surprise it didn’t grow it just rose straight up past his navel. Taking it in his hand he offered the huge head precisely to my mouth, fitting his knob end between my lips was a struggle and I felt it stretching my mouth. My head bobbed backwards and forwards as I attempted to blow him. I decided to lick it instead and slid my tongue down his shaft to his huge balls, sucking and licking each in turn.

“Wow, wow, this girls good, let me tell you,” He had a head mic, “Some lucky guy your fiancée I`d say,” There was a huge cheer from behind me, perhaps I had got a little carried away, but what the hell it was my hen party. My skirt had ridden up and my thong hardly covered my pussy, a fact noticed by my gladiator. I licked his cock on the sensitive underside I could feel myself losing control, mesmerised by cock. I hardly noticed as he slipped his hand into my thong, he rubbed his finger along my pussy lips “And she`s wet,” He announced to another huge cheer. This actually brought me back to reality and I stopped sucking and removed his fingers from my very wet and tingling quim,” A big hand for the gorgeous bride to be Rachael,”

“She wants a big cock not a big hand,” Someone shouted out as the place cheered and applauded.

“Now Rachael,” He spun the stool so I was facing the front, “Tell the girls what they can expect.” He pointed down to his skirt which was standing out like a tent, the smile on his face from ear to ear, and pointed the microphone at me, “Don’t be shy Rachael tell them what you’ve just had.”

“Could be the biggest cock in the world,” Was all I could think of, pretty poor I know but it sent the girls into fits of laughter.

“Thank you, Escort Kastamonu Rachael,” He smiled, “Now who`s next?” He asked, a few hands shot in the air, he made his way to the nearest table, “Keep those hands up,” He ordered as he promptly whipped off his skirt. There was a gasp around the room as he exposed his tool for the first time, a few more hands were raised. he took an hour going around the tables, not only did he let the any girl with her hand up suck him, he insisted the others on the table sampled it too. His finally was to approach me his cock still hard, covered in saliva, I felt exquisitely horny but didn’t fancy sucking his cock after all the others. He bent low and whispered in my ear, “Your friends are in for the night of their lives,” I winked and kissed him, “Unless you fancy a go first?”

“Stick to the plan,” I whispered in return, the Gladiator smiled and nodded.

“Okay just pretend,” he moved his cock towards my mouth for the second time that evening, I feigned sucking him off, and he feigned an orgasm much to the audiences delight before disappearing backstage to huge applause.

“Well that’s the end of the entertainment for tonight , the disco will continue for an hours or so, Oh I almost forgot we have a lucky draw,” Our hostess announced, “Everyone as a table number, and the winning table is,” She hesitated drawing a ticket out of the hat, “Number 69, number 69,” She announced again.

“That’s us,” Lyn Evans shouted and waved her hand

“The manager will be along shortly with your prize, congratulations ladies. Right lets party,” The music began in earnest the dance floor filled quickly, instead of the usual disco lights the light show was projected onto all the walls. It was no ordinary light show but pornographic films, high definition pornographic films, so close up action, some girl on girl action, a big cock sliding into a very willing pussy.

I spotted the manager at the bar and approached him, “Everything arranged?” I asked

“Oh yes Rachael,” He smiled knowingly


“I`ll be in touch by the end of next week to deliver the goods and conclude matters,” He meant payment of course, I just hoped it would be money well spent?


It was just at that moment Sylvia Johnson approached the bar, “Triple Vodka,” She ordered from the barmaid, “Straight!”

“Hello Sylvia.” I managed through somewhat gritted teeth

Sylvia downed the vodka in one, “Another,” She demanded.

“Sylvia are you alright?” I asked rather concerned, looking at her appearance she looked as if she had been dragged through a hedge backwards, “Let`s go and get you fixed up,” I marched her to the powder room.

“I`ve just had the most amazing shag of my life,” She hiccupped the vodka having an effect.

“What Rod was that good eh?”

“He was okay,” She reflected, “Didn`t last too long.” I was confused, “His mate Max lasted ages,” My eyes grew larger and my mouth opened no words came out, trying to get my head around the fact Sylvia had shagged two of the strippers, “Not only that,” She raised her dress exposing her knickerless quim, her pussy lips were still open, “When, when,” She pulled me closer whispering, “When he`d finished.” She paused.

“When he`d finished?” I was dying to hear more.

“When he`d cum.”


“When he was spent that female comedian.”


“You know,” She licked her lips, “That female comedian went down on me,” Sylvia looked embarrassed, my mouth was ajar, “And she unashamedly offered herself to me.”

“Jesus Sylvia, what did you do?”

“Took her up on her offer of course,” She giggled.

“I didn’t know you liked women?”

“Neither did I,” She confessed, “Until about an hour ago,” She giggled again, “That wasn’t the end of it though.”

“What there`s more?” I was transfixed by her somewhat candid revelations.

“I have to tell you Rachael I don’t cum very often with my husband, but tonight God I lost count, that girl could certainly perform I can tell you.”

“Did you bring her off?” I wanted to know.

“Oh, I certainly did, a couple of times I think.”

“Good for you, returning the favour eh?”

“I did my very best,” She smiled thoughtfully, “Then.”

“Sylvia there`s more?”

“Well!” She hesitated, “Well the lady and I had just finished if you know what I mean, I heard loads of applause from the big room, before I could get dressed and escape that gladiator fellow walked in, I was just bending down trying to find my knickers.”

“No you didn’t?”

“I didn’t but he certainly did, and he didn’t stand on ceremony I can tell you, slipped it straight up, brought tears to my eyes.”

“Did he …”

“Oh he fucked me hard for a few minutes, may have been longer actually, but boy did could he use that cock, doubt I`ll ever be the same again.” She smiled a very happy looking smile, Sylvia washed between her legs as best she could, “Another drink I think,” She left me to think on what she had just confessed, I was stunned, people never cease to amaze. Stuck up Sylvia Johnson had just done the rounds of three male strippers, experienced the delights of the female comedienne, and had by the look of it enjoyed every inch of cock and possessed a talented female tongue of her own.

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