Caught Red Handed

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Eve an I were not only next door neighbours we were very good friends, she was gorgeous to look at, 19 years old with long blonde hair and a drop dead smile which would make you think butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth.

I had once made the mistake of trying it on with her which earned me the talk of “I’m sorry I don’t think of you that way, I just want to be good friends!”.

So it was never going to be!

Eve lived next door with her father, a some what quiet man who always looked as though he was deep in thought, her mother had ran off a few years ago with some other guy and hardly ever keeps in contact with them now.

One Saturday, Eve came over to my place and told me she was going to housesit at her aunties place for a week, and if I needed to get anything from her house I knew where she kept the key!

Later on in the afternoon I realised I had left my jacket in her bedroom the day before, and as I was off out that afternoon I needed it so went across to her house and as her father didn’t seem to be in I let myself in and climbed the stairs to her bedroom.

After grabbing my jacket I spotted a pile of Eve’s panties neatly stacked on the end of her bed, I couldn’t resist the temptation and reached down and ran my hand across the front of the pair on the top, which was a lacey little black thong, my cock bağdatcaddesi escort was now throbbing and was in need of some urgent attention.

I was soon standing there with my pants off holding the thong up to the tip of my dick and decided to slip into them. As I pulled the thong up tight I felt the thin material slide up between my ass cheeks, the lace of the panties felt fantastic against my raging hard on, what an amazing feeling, I then took the rest of my clothes off and was now standing there completely naked except the small black thong which left nothing to the imagination!

After getting onto all fours on top of eve’s bed I pushed the waistband down so my cock was now out, and began to stroke it imagining Eve in a similar position for me with her moist pussy pointing straight at me, i felt the panties rubbing against my ass with every stroke which bought even more sexual satisfaction. Just then I heard a voice come from behind me “what the fuck is going on here?” at the doorway stood Eves dad with a shocked look on his face. I didn’t know what to say I couldn’t run and there was no need trying to hide as he by now had got an eyeful of what I was up to, I was expecting him to start yelling abuse at me, telling me what a dirty little perv I was but his shocked expression soon gave way to that look beykoz escort of deep thought!

He then said to me “so, you want to be a little girl do you?, well if that’s the case then I am going to treat you like a little girl”.

He moved towards me and pushed me down in front of him and instructed me to pull his cock out, and if I didn’t do everything he told me to do, he would tell everyone about my illicit little secret, starting with my parents! what was I to do?. I unzipped his pants and out sprung the biggest piece of dick I had ever seen!

He then grabbed me by the back of the head and pulled me onto his awaiting shaft, I almost choked, it was huge and he just continued pushing it in and out of my mouth and kept trying to get it deeper, after about 5 minutes of that he said that we would have to practice at that later and he will make sure he will turn me into an expert little cocksucker, right now he was going to make me his little bitch, and I knew what he had in mind!

He lifted me back onto the bed and pushed me onto all fours again, I struggled to get away but there was no getting out of his grip as he had me firmly held by the hips.

I then felt him push the thong to one side and from the corner of my eye could see him spit into his hand and then drop it onto an around my asshole, he then caddebostan escort pulled me closer and it was then I felt his cock prying its way into my ass, I tell you now, if I thought it was big then, well now 10″ pushed straight up there I thought I was going to be split in half, it was as uncomfortable as hell but he pulled on me tighter so I was taking the entire length of his shaft deep inside my ass. My cries of no was soon overcome by moaning and it was coming from me, this was starting to feel good, real good and realised I was pushing back to meet his thrusts, here I was on all fours on my friends bed, wearing her sexy little thong, getting the fucking of my life from her father and was absolutely loving it!.

That big thick pole was being rammed up me and I could feel his balls slap against me everytime he thrust it in and he started yelling “yeah! you like that you little bitch, you like that? you like me fucking you?”, I was by now crying out “fuck me, fuck me!”. The whole bed was shaking and hitting the wall, we must have been making a lot of noise.

With one huge thrust I felt a rush of hot liquid being shot deep within me and thought he was never going to stop coming!

I felt like a well fucked little whore.

He withdrew his dick and then made me lick the last few drops of come from his dick. He heard no complaints from me.

Over the next week I spent most of my days over at Eve’s place, I was allowed to wear anything of hers I liked, and wore anything her father wanted me to wear! this lead to a lot of fun times and many more ass fuckings, but none that matched that first time!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32