Cabin in the Woods Pt. 01

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We booked a 4 night stay in a secluded log cabin, deep in the English countryside, with a few excursions planned along the days. The cabin is idyllic, warm and cosy. The bedroom with the massive Emperors size bed looks straight out onto the lake, small kitchen, large bathroom / wet-room and small lounge area with comfy sofas. The best feature is definitely the huge hot tub looking out onto the lake from the balcony, and no other cabins can be seen or heard from each other, so all extremely secluded. We arrive late afternoon, after visiting the local farmers market, picking some food to stock the self catering kitchen. We parked at the top of the steep stairs leading to the cabin, making sure to grab all the bags in one go, not needing to go back up those horrible stairs again. We spend the evening chilling, relaxing after our freshly cooked meal, spending ages sitting on the balcony looking out at the lake, the stars and just admiring the quietness of being out of the bustling city. After the long drive and even longer day, we retreat into the cabin. We make our way into the wet-room getting undressed, making full use of the large powerful shower.

The warm water washes over us, relaxing our muscles. The shower / wet-room have loads of space to move about with a stone bench under another shower head. We use a Nuru-gel based soap, creating a lather that’s extremely smooth and sensual as it holds the heat of the water. I run my large hands over you, massaging you all over, cupping your breast from behind as I embrace you slowly kissing your neck. I run my hands over your breasts, whilst I stand behind you, pressing my naked body onto you, sliding my hands down over your stomach down to your thighs. You are so gorgeous as your skin glow under the small spot lights, highlighting all your voluptuous curves. I kiss down your neck line, down your spine to the small of your back, all along caressing you with my hands, fondling you, massaging you, turning you into putty under my touch. I turn you around, kissing you passionately whilst embracing you, cupping your ass cheeks and squeezing gently, massaging them in my hands slowly, never stopping kissing you. I move you over to the stone bench, seating you down.

I slowly kneel down in-front of you, massaging your legs, taking your feet into my hands, pressing into the pressure points, releasing your stress and tension, relaxing you more and more. I move my hands further up over your calves, sliding my hands over your skin, kissing your feet. My hands move further up and over your legs, slipping in under your ass cheeks, the Nuru allowing for this easily. I follow to the top of your thighs, kissing, caressing and massaging. As I reach the top of your thighs, I spread your legs placing your feet onto the foot stones on either side of me. I pull your cheeks apart, allowing your ass to feel the smooth stone spreading your legs wider, exposing your flawless hairless pussy. You’ve had all the hair on your body removed from your neckline downwards, never needing to shave, nor pluck, nor wax. I cup your breasts as I slowly take your pussy into my mouth, covering your whole pussy. You love my large mouth as I taksim escort suck on you, slowly circling your clit, pushing your lips apart, sliding my tongue into you. I can feel how wet, warm and sweet you taste, I love tasting you knowing what’s to come.

I massage your breast, stomach, and back as I suck on you, slowly sucking harder and harder. I play with your clit, pressing into you more and more. My tongue darts into you and over your clit, sucking on you. I feel your lips getting puffy with the sucking and as they get engorged with blood as you become more and more horny. I continue my relentless onslaught on your pussy, pushing my tongue into you, as deep as I can, sucking you into my mouth. You moan loader now as your orgasm nears its peak, I can feel you arching your back, pushing yourself into me. Your legs start to close around my head, as you grab me, pulling me into your pussy. You moan “DON’T STOP! DON’T STOP!” not letting off the pressure on my head. Your legs are locked around me, not allowing me to move from your pussy. I lick, suck and probe vigorously as your orgasm peaks. I can taste your juices, sweet and warm running into my mouth as I suck on you, cumming in my mouth, letting me taste all of you.

Your thighs squeezing down on me covering my ears, my eyes closed as you clamp down on my head, cutting off my senses to only concentrate on your orgasm. You pant hard as I suck on you, finally letting go and screaming from the joy, I love your thighs locking me on you. Your thighs are gorgeous, soft skin covering powerful muscles, never letting go until you are satisfied. I love and yearn for that moment you clamp down on me, knowing I have to make you cum. I can almost hear your heart beat through the arteries in your legs, hearing your heart race as your excitement rises and eventually peaks. You open your legs pushing me away, finally having had enough. I can see your legs shaking, quivering, your breath deep, panting heavily. It takes me a while to re-adjust to the sounds and light after you release me from your grip. You lower your legs as I stand up, you not missing any opportunity, grab me around my waist pulling me close to you.

You kiss my stomach as you see I’m rock hard, fondling my ass, sliding your hands over my cheeks and squeezing hard. You take my cock into your mouth, sucking on just the tip, slowly taking the entire head into your mouth, sucking hard and swirling your tongue around and over me. Whilst squeezing my ass cheeks, spreading them apart, you suck me deeper into your mouth, flicking your tongue over my head pushing me to new levels of pleasure. You quietly reach behind me for the 8″ inflatable dildo, coating it in the Nuru gel. As you suck on me you reach under me, spreading my cheeks with on hand and sliding a finger into my ass. You push into me until your knuckles stop the rest of your hand against me. You slowly finger me adding another finger every few minutes, sucking on me, playing with the head of my cock in your mouth. You suddenly pull your fingers free and slip in the dildo in its entire length, with only the inflation tube and bulb hanging out. I flinch at this motion but sucking harder kadıköy escort on me relaxes me, only for you to start squeezing on the air bulb.

You pump a few times inflating the dildo, slowly stretching me, filling me up. I feel my insides adjusting to the size of the dildo. You stand up, releasing me from your sucking mouth, only to kiss me deeply, passionately and squeezing my ass cheeks, slightly pulling them apart and pushing a finger into me after the dildo. You can feel the dildo attempting to pop out as you gently push it in further whilst inflating it with your other hand. It expands even bigger inside me. You know exactly how many times to squeeze it, to reach the size of your fist. You turn me around seating me onto the stone bench. I kiss your belly whilst cupping your breasts, fondling them and gently pulling at your nipples you slowly turn around sliding my hands over your body, down your legs and over your thighs. You stand with your ass cheeks facing me as I kiss and bite at them. You press into my face as you bend over, giving me a chance to lick your pussy again.

I stick my tongue in as far as it can go whilst you’re bent over, still tasting sweet and even wetter than before. You push into my face hard as my hands run over your thighs and legs. You reach down between your legs grabbing my cock and stroking it a few times. You suddenly let go sliding down my chest, taking your pussy away from my wanting mouth, pressing your ass against my body slow and steady towards my wanting cock. You reach the tip of my cock as your pussy is wet and swollen from the sucking just a moment ago. You sit down onto my cock, sliding into and filling you. We enjoy the feeling of skin on skin as you sit there on my cock, putting pressure on me as you start pumping the bulb of the dildo, now seated deep inside me, no chance of it slipping / popping out of me. As the added weight on me pushes me down in my seated position, so does the pressure increase inside me, pushing on my prostate and stretching my insides. You slowly start rocking on me, grinding in a circular motion and just slightly lifting off me, just before my cock reaches its point of popping out of your juicy pussy. I fondle your breasts, sliding my hands over them, massaging them whilst lightly pulling at your nipples as they become hard and erect. You love the feeling of my big hands sliding over you, caressing your body and slipping effortlessly over your body. I massage your stomach, reaching around stroking your thighs pulling your legs apart as I fuck you.

You slam down on my cock as I reach for your clit. You try to stop my hands but your thighs are so slippery from the Nuru, that your efforts offer no resistance. I play with your clit as I kiss your neck, nibbling on you, feeling you react to my touch. I can hear your breath getting deeper, more rapid, you pressing deeper onto me. You slam onto my cock hard, leaning back into me, sliding up and down riding my cock harder and harder. I reach around your waist pulling you close to me, your body sliding against mine as you fuck me, harder, faster and slamming down onto me hard. Every so often you halkalı escort bayan squeeze the bulb filling me deeper, putting more pressure on my prostate and stretching my limits. You love the feeling of knowing how filled I can get, knowing that later that space from the dildo will be filled by your fist. I am nearing my orgasm quickly now which you can feel as my cock is rock hard. You suddenly stop and get off me as you spin around and quickly sit back down on me, facing me.

We kiss passionately as you rock up and down slamming onto me. I kiss and suck your nipples, reaching down cupping your ass, squeezing, massaging and fondling. Your breath is deep and rapid as you fuck me. I start cumming as your 2nd orgasm peaks and takes hold. You cum with me as we fuck hard and fast, slamming deep into you as you bounce on me, every slam pushing and expanding the dildo inside me. You finally stop as we’re both spent from the huge orgasm. We’ve always had a knack of timing our orgasms together, feeling connected and in tune with one another. You slowly lift yourself off me as my cock starts going soft, your legs shaking as you steady yourself under the powerful water spray. You pull me to my feet as we kiss hanging onto one another steadying ourselves. We fondle, kiss and massage each other whilst enjoying the warm water washing over us. You move around me sitting back down on the bench, pulling me closer to, fondling my ass. I suddenly become aware of the huge bulge inside me, spreading me still applying pressure on my g-spot. You slowly suck my into your mouth, instantly making me hard again, whilst reaching behind me.

You slowly start deflating the dildo whilst tugging on the dildo. It is still too big to pop out but you pull harder, stretching me wide. You with your other hand grab the gel-bar and lather your hand, then with a swift motion pull the dildo from me as you spin me around. You order me to bend over, seeing I am slightly gaped. You start inserting a few fingers but find I am loose and push your whole hand into me, making a duck’s bill shape with your hand. I clench down put your hand, wrist and forearm is so slippery, that now my efforts are met with no resistance. You push in further after every stroke as you pull out over your knuckles, the widest part of your hand stretching me open. You push back in past your wrist, then a bit further and further and further with each stroke, eventually resting your elbow against my ass cheeks.

I can feel another orgasm build deep inside me, as you pull completely out from me. You spin me around taking my cock into your mouth and pushing back into me. You pump into me hard and fast whilst sucking on me. Every time you fist me to the elbow, pushing in an upwards motion, you nearly lift me off my feet, causing me to lose my balance then sucking on me allowing me to regain my balance. I can’t hold out any longer as I start cumming in your warm mouth. You suck even harder pushing in deeper as your elbow almost slips into me. You suck every drop out of me as your fist expands inside me, exploring depth previously never reached. You retract your fore arm from me and release me from your mouth, standing up and moving us in under the water. We have a final wash after having cleaned up, and retreating to the large bed, snuggling kissing and caressing, finally falling asleep spooning naked, blissfully and without a care in the world waiting for tomorrow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32