Black Sex Party

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Carlotta was a thirty-something black female videographer from Paris, and before that from Haiti. She had a rather determined and unappealing face. But she had rich dark ebony flesh, a shapely pair of breasts, and a noticeably large shapely protruding pair of Afro-Caribbean buttocks.

She had told Marina and me that she had partied with dozens of naked sex-models after the porn videotaping sessions. But she admitted that she had never partied with porno models who had been procured and paid specifically to be naked party whores.

We two sex-models, Marina, a thirty-something Ukrainian woman, and I, a middle-age white American, had been procured and paid to be naked white party whores by a group of black Caribbean tourists who were in Germany. Marina and I would whore for them at a villa outside town.

Marina and I had just finished performing in a porn videotape, and we were both totally naked. As Marina and I were guided naked to a large black Mercedes sedan waiting in the driveway of the porn production facility, we were told that our procurement by the blacks from the Caribbean was solely because Marina and I were white.

About half of the porn video in which Marina and I had just performed had been asshole-licking, me licking hers, her licking mine. We knew that we had become naked party whores as part of a special porn videotaping package.

Marina and I had been employed as porno models solely because we were both white and had licked black assholes in live-sex-shows and in two previous porn videos.

Part of the package was that we also had been procured for use as asshole-licking white party whores for a group of eleven black Caribbeans from Jamaica, Haiti, and some other islands.

Carlotta, the black porn video directress who was originally from Haiti, and Susan, a black American student, had also been invited to use me as an asshole-licking white male whore at the party.

Marina and I slid our bare asses into the back seat of the Mercedes, and Carlotta drove off. There was some cute insolent talk about what assholes taste like, how may assholes Marina and I licked, whether we liked licking white assholes or black assholes better.

But we sometimes talked about ourselves or the lush summer German scenery as we drove. Carlotta asked Marina and me if anyone had ever pissed in our mouths. We both told her that they had. But there was a lot of silence, too.

The Mercedes was air conditioned, and naked Marina and I were actually cold from it, so Carlotta turned it down. We got to the country villa about noon, and when we stepped out of the car, it was suddenly summer hot and very humid. Carlotta let us out and drove off to park the car.

Susan, wearing a pale-green summer dress, and Monique, wearing a red summer dress grinned sneers as we naked white party whores got out of the car. Everyone was sweating. Naked Marina and I had no clothes to absorb it, so sweat ran down our bare bodies.

Susan had straightened dyed blond hair. It was cut in a short page-boy style. She was an eighteen-year-old black American art and photography student for whom I had modeled nude in Cleveland.

She had come to Germany to study art and photography. Here, some time earlier, she had met Carlotta, a black woman from Haiti-via-Paris. Carlotta directed and produced interracial porn videos, and as everyone going to the party had seen, she had just finished directing Marina and me.

Monique sauntered cheekily over to me. Her shapely smooth ebony legs glowed in the hazy hot afternoon sun. She was a sexy-looking eighteen-year-old Haitian girl. She had her black hair done in a tight bun on the top of her head. It fit nicely with her deep dark ebony flesh.

She was a pretty black girl who carefully covered her large thick lips with soft red lipstick. She had a wide flat nose, and round dark brown eyes. Her purple-blue eye-shadow seemed to accent these. Two large chrome-silver earrings hung from her ears.

She had a shapely young body with two shapely breasts under her summer red dress. She had a conspicuously large and nicely shaped pair of meaty Afro-Haitian buttocks.

Monique was the only one of the group of Caribbean black men and woman who had introduced herself. She had done so mostly to advise me that she would be the first to use me as an asshole-licking whore. Among the things she had promised to do was to fuck me in the ass with a dildo and have me suck it after it came out of my asshole.

“Well, Tom, we’re here,” she told me with a feisty grin while feeling my bare ass.

A black guy from Haiti named Andre was wearing pressed khaki slacks and a flower-patterned summer shirt. He was tauntingly feeling Marina’s bare ass while the naked white whore pretended not to notice and looked around at the summer green scenery. Like Monique had with me, Andre had won first claim on the asshole-licking naked white female whore.

“Snacks and drinks before we use these filthy asshole-licking white bitches?” Andre asked Monique.

“Yeah,” Monique sex hikayeleri agreed. “After we use their white asses, we’ll have to give these sluts to someone else. But I want to play with my trashy white whore before I have to do that. And, by the way, no foursomes at first. I mean to molest this obscene white piece-of-ass by myself.”

“Sure. Okay,” Andre said. He sounded slightly disappointed, as if he had been conniving a four-way with Monique.

Feeling our bare asses, Monique and Andre guided Marina and me into the villa.

“Hot day,” Monique said of the obvious. “I’m sweating.”

“Yeah. Hot day for a hot time with these whores,” Andre answered.

Furniture in the large parlor had been pushed to the side and the rug had been taken away for dancing. A large conference table against a wall was covered with a white table cloth. It held beer kegs, wine jugs, and plastic cups beside neatly arranged catered hors d’oeuvres.

Susan, Carlotta, and the other five chic-dressed black Caribbean partygoers grinned, leered, and snickered as Andre and Monique ushered Marina and me toward the table.

Their show of mockery was partly because Marina and I were totally naked and they were all decently dressed. In addition, they had all just watched naked Marina and me make a dirty asshole-licking porn video.

Their unconcealed scorn was because we had all been in the porn production facility when they had procured us as prostitutes to lick their anuses and other sex-acts.

But part of their amusement was at Monique and Andre feeling around our bare white asses with their ebony hands. “You whores want anything to eat or drink before Andre and I use you?” Monique asked Marina and me.

“I’ll have a beer and some of those crackers,” Marina told him.

“Same,” I told Monique.

“Those crackers have caviar on them,” Monique told Marina and me.

“Had it before. In Moscow,” Marina told them.

I never had caviar before, but I kept quiet. I stuffed a whole cracker into my mouth. The caviar tasted different and funny, but I chewed and swallowed it so they wouldn’t think that I never had it before.

Andre filled four glasses with beer from the keg and handed two of them to Marina and me and one to Monique.

Monique and Andre sipped beer while feeling our bare asses.

Monique pressed on my bare ass and guided me several steps away from Andre and Marina.

“Susan said that you modeled nude in her art classes in Cleveland,” Monique said.

“Yeah,” I replied. My attention was on the collar of her red summer dress and on a gold-chain necklace around the smooth young her ebony flesh of her neck. It had a small gold ball on it.

She removed her hand from my bare ass and enclosed it around my cock and balls and fondled them.

“In the porn production place I was surprised when you agreed to suck a dildo after you had been fucked in the ass with it,” she told me cutely.

“Did it before,” I told her.

“Who fucked in the ass with a dildo and then made you suck it after it came out of your asshole?” she asked.

“Korean couple. Couple weeks ago. After a live-sex-show,” I told her while she fondled my cock and balls. “Procured you as their whore?” Monique asked with a needling smirk.

“Yeah,” I shrugged.

It was clear that Monique did not want to know the details, just to know that she could do it without me objecting.

“I never fucked a filthy white male slut in the ass and made him suck it,” she grinned while fondling my sex-organs.

She took a large gulp of beer and took her time swallowing it while grinning dirtily at me.

“I did it to a black street boy in Haiti, though,” she told me. “It was fun to humiliate him.”

We drank down the last of our beer. She let go of my genitals, and we stepped over to the waste basket to discard the plastic cups. Susan sidled over to me.

“Enjoying the party, Tom?” she asked me.

“He’s enjoying it,” Monique told her. “Piece-of-ass just had some hors d’oeuvres and beer.”

“Take your time and enjoy using the filthy slut,” Susan told Monique. “But remember, I use him next.”

Andre began leading Marina to one of several guest rooms adjoining the parlor, his ebony hand feeling around her bare white ass and pressing on it to urge her forward. The two young black women watched it knowingly for a second.

“There he goes to use his asshole-licking white piece-of-ass,” Susan noted with a sneering grin. “In a few seconds the filthy slut will be sticking her tongue deep into his rectum.”

“In a few seconds this asshole-licking white piece-of-ass will have his tongue deep into my rectum,” Monique grinned to Susan.

“How’d you guys get this villa?” Susan asked Monique.

“Might have been a drug deal,” Monique answered. “Something like that. Anyway, they got it for a couple months.”

“Not you, though?” Susan asked.

“No, I’m staying with a German family. They think I’m a foreign student.”

“They sure would porno hikayeleri be surprised,” I said.

“Shut up, whore,” Monique told me with a slap on my bare ass.

Susan shot me a contemptuous sneer. “You’re our slut. Save your tongue for licking our assholes, Tom.”

“Come on, slut, let’s go lick my asshole,” Monique pressed her ebony hand against my bare ass and urged me forward.

“The dildo is on top of the dresser,” Susan told Monique as she turned and started toward the door while feeling around my bare ass.

Monique turned to her with a nod and then shot me a grinning sneer as she guided me to a different guest room adjacent to the parlor.

Andre had intentionally left the door to the other guest room ajar. We could see Marina kneeling behind him. He had taken off his khaki trousers and underpants and stood with his bare black legs spread slightly apart Looking over his shoulder at her with a contemptuous sneer.

Marina’s white face was squashed between his ebony buttocks, and we could hear her obscene grunts and gulps as she licked his asshole.

Monique patted my bare ass. “While you were making the video, Carlotta told me that you filthy pieces-of-ass grunt and gulp on assholes like that because your oral activity makes you salivate. When your faces are squashed in asses, you have to grunt to gulp your saliva.”

I sort of knew that and didn’t say anything. Monique and I continued to watch Marina grunting and gulping vulgarly while licking Andre’s asshole.

I could identify with what it felt like from both sides. Marina had licked my asshole in the porn video, and I knew erotic feel of her silky slick tongue on my anus. I also had licked her and a black girl’s assholes in porn videos. I knew the feel of hard asshole flesh against my tongue and the squishy feel of saliva-wet soft ass-flesh surrounding my face.

Marina’s blond head bobbed. Her face was buried between Andre’s large meaty bare black buttocks. The asshole-licking Ukrainian woman’s large sagging bare white breasts undulated with the bobbing and jostling movements of her head.

Monique turned, gave me a wily wink. She studied my face with a dirty sneer.

“He sure is enjoying degrading the filthy asshole-licking white bitch,” she noted. “And I’m going to enjoy degrading you, too, bitch.” To press home her meaning and intentions, she patted my bare ass a couple times.

Marina backed her blond head out of Andre’s black ass. Saliva wetness glistened all around her mouth.

She reached up toward her mouth with her right hand. Her thumb and forefinger made a pincer as she touched them against her saliva-wet lips to pull what was clearly an anal hair out of her mouth. Her nasty tongue going around his asshole had scooped it up. It was less likely to happen to me because the black women whose assholes I had to lick had little or no anal hair.

Monique let out a contemptuous squeal as Marina shamelessly labored to pull the indecent anal hair out of her mouth. Marina and Andre turned to look at us watching them. Marina got hold of the anal hair in her mouth, pulled it out, and wiped her hand against her bare thigh to get it off.

Andre nodded contemptuously over his shoulder at Marina kneeling behind his bare ass. Then he winked to Monique.

“Filthy asshole-licking white whore got one of my dirty asshole hairs stuck in her sweet dirty mouth,” he told the black Haitian girl.

Wet-face naked and kneeling Marina gave us a dull-witted weak smile. Then she again squashed her white face into Andre’s black ass and clearly began licking around his asshole.

After a minute Andre stepped forward. They both glanced at Monique and me looking on. Neither cared. Saliva glistened all around Marina’s mouth area as the result of her active oral labor on his anus.

His cocoa cock had become stiff from it. He turned around and slipped the large stiff black male meat into her mouth. She began sucking it with gulping sounds.

Then he backed it out of her mouth. “I’m going to fuck you in the ass, slut,” he told her.

Marina got on all fours on bed wit her bare ass above the edge of it. She was clearly an experienced whore who had been fucked in the ass many times and knew how to present her asshole to Andre. Andre stuffed his hard long dong into her asshole and began fucking her in the ass.

Before he ejaculated into it, he backed his cock out of her asshole. “Suck it, bitch,” he told her.

Without any hesitation, Marina crawled around on the bed, slipped the black cock that had just come out of her asshole into her mouth, and began sucking it. And in another few seconds, Andre groaned and rammed his cock deep down her throat.

He must have ejaculated into her larynx because she gaggled and virtually coughed his cock out of her mouth. And she bent over and hacked a few more gaggling coughs.

“Come on, slut,” Monique told me.

“See you later,” Andre told Monique while Marina hacked a few more coughs to clear her throat seks hikayeleri of ejaculated semen.

Pressing her hand against my bare buttocks, Monique guided me into the adjacent room. She closed and latched the door and then stood looking me over and grinning at my naked body for a second.

“Marina looked pretty good, didn’t she?” Monique said in a contemptuous tone and with a dirty mocking grin.

“Yeah,” I replied.

“Kind of like a totally disgraced and humiliated naked slut with her face in somebody’s ass,” Monique grinned.

“I think she likes that stuff,” I told Monique.

“I think you do, too,” she said with a dirty sneer at me. “All that getting your face into someone’s ass, getting your mouth and tongue onto their dirty asshole, all that licking around asshole flesh, all that sticking your tongue into their rectum.”

“Yeah, maybe,” I replied.

She stepped up to me, looked me in the eye with a catty sneer, and reached out with her left hand and wrapped it around my male organs. She was about the same height as I was, and her haughty ebony face smirked directly into mine.

“So how did you get to be a professional piece-of-ass, Tom,” she asked while looking me directly in the eyes and manipulating my male organs in her hand. “I mean, before you did porn videos, you were a live-show-slut. How’d you get that job?”

“It started with nude modeling for art classes,” I said as I felt her warm hand pulling gently and exploringly at my sack of testicles. “I didn’t mind being naked in public. And I wanted to understand what a sex-show model felt like.”

“So you chose a peep show?”

“Peep show is like being in a private little room,” I told the cocky black girl while she felt my sex organs. “You know that there are people watching you. But you can’t really see anyone.”

“Good place to break into nude sex-modeling,” Monique commented.

“Yeah, that’s what I thought,” I told the impudent black girl while I felt my gonads and phallus being fondled in her warm little hand. “So I asked the manager. He had a black Jamaican girl named Angela who lost her black Nigerian partner to a drug bust the day before.”

“And did you want to lick her black asshole?” Monique contemptuously asked me while grinning in my face and manipulating my sex organs.

“She started that,” I said. “She said that she’d do it with me in the peep show if I would lick her anus.”

“Only she didn’t say anus. She said asshole. And you said yes.”

“You talked to her?”

“Yeah. She thinks you’re cute,” she said. She gave my sex-organs a slight squeeze and accompanied it with a self-assured grin.

“That’s nice to hear,” I said. She slid her had past my balls and I could feel her hand exploring behind my scrotum. “You speak English quite well,” I said.

“Family’s rich. Sent me to a private school run by Americans,” she said, breaking eye contact and looking momentarily away as she felt my balls. “Then they sent me to high school in Miami. Since January I’ve been a first-year student in an expensive art college in Florida.”

She returned her cocky look into my eyes and aggressively fondled my balls and cock while squeezing them.

“You want to hear about the boy in Haiti that I fucked in the ass with a dildo and then made him suck it?”

“Sure,” I said.

“Couple months ago. Just before I came to Germany. My girlfriend and I just got back from a trip to Washington, DC.”

“Just traveling?”

“Yeah. Cost our parents thousands of your U.S. bucks, too,” she said with a snotty self-importance.

She took hold of my penis and swung it from side to side while searching my eyes and grinning contemptuously.

“So, anyway, there was this Haitian boy, somewhere between fourteen and eighteen, washing her parents’ car. He was barefoot and only had on a torn pair of shorts.”

“Where was this?”

“Driveway of her parents’ house in Port-au-Prince,” Monique said and squeezed my sex-organs hard for interrupting her story.

“She got a dildo from her drawer, and we discussed whether we could fuck him in the ass and make him suck it for twenty-five cents. Then we went out, showed him the dildo, and asked him.”

“And he said yes?” I asked.

“Yeah. So we made him go around in back of the car and pull down his shorts. And we took turns fucking him in the ass. Then I put it up to his mouth. He opened it. And he sucked it a few times. Then we gave him the equivalent of twenty-five cents in Haiti money and went back into the house.”

She wrapped her hand completely around my sex-organs. She could feel my cock getting slightly stiff. She raised her other hand, extended her index finger, and slid it across my lips.

“So, you could call him a male whore,” she said. “But I never used a white male whore before, especially not a filthy asshole-licking naked white male whore like you.”

With one hand she squeezed my sex-organs. With the other, she tauntingly ran her finger over my lips. She gave me a hard look in the eye, and then winked tauntingly.

“Well, let’s not mess around,” she told me. “You’re my naked piece-of-ass and here to lick my asshole whether you like it or not. Or do you want me to dildo your asshole first?”

“I don’t care.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32