Beach Babe Sharon

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My name’s Sharon, I’m nineteen and I’ve just finished school. You might be interested in my adventure with my elder brother Kevin on the Mediterranean holiday with our parents we’ve just returned from.

It started one evening when we were all walking back from a restaurant. We passed a sign reading “Plage Nudiste” in French, which means “nude beach,” pointing down a track. Someone had even drawn a big picture of a man’s erect dick and balls on it. I’m a virgin but I’d seen enough boys’ hard up dicks on girls’ phones at school to know what one looked like. My brother and I certainly noticed it but our parents pretended they hadn’t.

We’d already arranged that our parents would spend the next day on a trip visiting some boring old ruins while Kevin and I mooched around the pool and the (non-nudist) beach. But seeing that sign had got me tingling between my legs. I’d often fantasised about being seen nude by men, but I wasn’t going to that beach on my own. When we got back to our hotel I snuggled up to Kevin brushing my boobs against him the way I do when I want something from him.

“Let’s you and me go to that nudist beach tomorrow,” I said.

You should have seen the look on his face!

“Come on,” I said. “You’re always trying to see me nude.”

I’d accidentally-on-purpose let him see me nude in the shower a few times. Kevin’s twenty one, back from university where I know he’s fucked girls. I also know I turn him on. Through the wall between our bedrooms at home I hear his bed rocking when he wanks and often hear him grunt “Sharon!” when he comes.

“I’ve seen your dick,” I continued. “You’ve got nothing to be ashamed of.”

I’d seen him nude through his slightly ajar bedroom door with his big hairy cock swinging limp but I hadn’t told him. Kevin’s face turned bright red.

“You dirty little girl!” he said, then with a big grin on his face he agreed!

Next morning as soon as our parents were out of the way I put on my tiniest bikini and tossed a shirt over it. Kevin was in swim shorts with a sports shirt, and I could see from how they were bulging that his cock was hard up even before we left the hotel. We took the track down toward the nude beach to a booth where we had to present some ID showing we were over eighteen. Though I’m a big girl with a full figure I still look quite young.

Then the big moment came when we stripped naked. I couldn’t get my bikini off fast enough, then I stood there in front of Kevin with my legs slightly spread, arching my back a little to thrust my hips forward and swing my breasts up so they stuck out even further. I know that nude I looked every bit as hot as the porn girls in the dirty pictures boys at school looked at. I’ve got blonde hair loose to my shoulders, a good figure and legs, big boobs for my age and a little strip of brown cunt hair which I keep neat around my slit.

“There,” I said. “Like seeing me nude?”

Kevin’s eyes, and his shorts, bulged! He was a bit shy about dropping his shorts, which looked as if his dick was about to explode out of them. But he was shy and reluctant to show me what he’d got.

“Don’t worry about that boner,” I said to encourage him. “There’ll be lots more hard up dicks out there.” That’s certainly what I was hoping!

Kevin dropped his shorts to reveal a massively erect penis bending up almost to his belly button, with a big round mushroom head, big balls, and ringed round its base by thick dark pubic hair.

We set off across the beach. Around us were mostly couples our parents’ age. Men’s eyes followed me as I strolled nude past them. I was loving all that male attention! It was like at school when I knew a boy or teacher had caught an upskirt peep of my knickers or seen down my blouse, or if I could tell he was mentally undressing me and thinking about what he’d like to do with me. But this time I was nude already.

Till then the only naked boy I’d seen for real had been that brief glimpse of Kevin. Now I was surrounded by naked men showing off their penises: big, small, smooth, hairy, some rising as their owners’ eyes explored me, sex hikayeleri some already hard up erect as they lusted for me. But mostly my eyes were on my brother’s massive hard up cock as it swung stiffly and heavily with his strides.

I saw Kevin was ogling the naked women but I could tell he was still a bit shy. There were some rocks near the foot of a cliff and Kevin suggested we went there for some privacy. I went with him, reluctantly leaving all those lustful naked men behind but secretly hoping Kevin would let me watch him wank. We were just about to slip between two big rocks when we realised the little secluded rock surrounded enclosure beyond was already occupied.

Peeping between the rocks we saw a man and a woman nude on a couple of big towels spread on the sand, just a few metres in front of us. They looked mid thirties, the man was fit and muscular, the woman was dark haired and had a good figure with big breasts and an almost black snatch of cunt hair between her legs. They were hard at it wrapped round each other kissing passionately. The woman was squealing with excitement. As they franticly wrestled they got into all kinds of positions, fingering and kissing each other all over. I felt myself getting more and more excited, and from his now almost vertical erection I could see Kevin was getting hot too. As we watched things got a lot more intense.

The woman rolled onto her back and spread her legs spread wide. The man began working his way down on top of her toward what I knew was “69” position. He started by kissing her lips and working his way down her naked front, spending ages kissing and playing with her breasts and her belly button as his lips moved slowly toward her cunt. As his kisses worked their way down her front, she slipped her hand between her legs and began to methodically work her pussy. I’ve been masturbating for a few years now and her fingers were working her pussy exactly the way I play with mine. I just had to put my own hand between my legs like hers, and start fingering my own vagina lips and clit.

His lips reached her cunt, and as he’d crawled down her body his thighs were now above her head with his erect penis and balls brushing her face. He began kissing and licking her cunt with his head right down between her legs. She was fondling his bum, tickling his bum crack, and kissing and licking his balls and penis. I could hear his grunts and he was thrusting his hips and squirming with pleasure. I heard Kevin grunt beside me and I saw he was fingering the head of his own erect penis, I guess imagining the woman’s lips on it. The woman was rising too. I could hear her gasps and squeals even with her face buried between the man’s legs.

Suddenly the woman cried out, her legs folded up and wrapped over the man’s back as if she was trying to pull his head down deeper between her legs. Her hands clawed at his bum, her body juddered a few times and she cried out in her orgasm. They stayed like that with her legs wrapped over him for a couple of minutes before her legs released him and he climbed off her. But he didn’t stay off her for long.

Still laying on her back with her legs wide she reached her arms up toward him, whimpering with excitement. He got back on top of her in what I knew was missionary position, leaning over her kneeling between her spread legs with the head of his penis poking her bush of cunt hair. They kissed and she caressed him for a moment, then she folded her legs up so her knees were near her shoulders. With a thrust of his hips and a deep grunt he shoved his massive penis into her so far his bush met hers. She wrapped her arms over his back and his hips started rhythmically thrusting as his penis pumped her. He was grunting with sex pleasure and her big breasts were wobbling with his thrusts.

They took ages. Finally she cried out, wrapped her legs over his bum and began beating his bum with her heels and squealing excitedly. He gave one last thrust that pushed her along the towel, making exactly the same grunting noise as I’d heard so many times from Kevin’s bedroom as the rattling of his bed rose porno hikayeleri to a crescendo. Then he flopped down on top of her breathing hard, with her holding him on top of her with her arms and legs.

They stayed like that for a while then he rolled off her. Almost immediately after he was off her they started kissing and caressing each other again, gently at first then getting more and more frantic till they were passionately wrestling with each other again. After a long romp they disentangled themselves.

The man lay on his back and the woman knelt astride him. They chatted softly in French and she began lightly caressing his hairy chest. He played with her breasts swinging above him. Her fingers gradually moved down his body, tickling his belly button then playing with his penis and balls. His hands moved to her spread thighs and to her cunt, gently stroking the lips of her vagina. I could see his penis was rising erect again underneath her. They were obviously working themselves hot for another fuck.

“She’s going to fuck him again with her on top!” I whispered, trying to keep my voice down.

“I’ve got to wank!” I heard Kevin gasp from beside me.

Kevin’s erect penis was arching up so its big round head was pointing straight up and the veins were standing out along its length. He spread his legs, braced himself, thrust his hips forward and wrapped his fist round his penis shaft with his thumb and forefinger in a ring just below its head. He glanced at me. Then he reached his spare hand down and began to fondle my bottom! I was his sister, not his girl friend, but I was so excited from watching the couple having sex I wasn’t going to stop him playing with me. More than that, I liked the feel of his hand on my bottom.

Kevin masturbated, rhythmically tugging and stroking the loose foreskin up and down. His spare hand on my bottom caressed my buttocks, explored my bum crack and reached under me between my legs. As Kevin tugged his shaft he grunted like I’d heard through the bedroom wall. It was just like my girl friends at school had told me boys masturbated, demonstrating with a bottle and showing me their boyfriends doing in videos on their phones.

Kevin reached his climax. His face twisted like he was in agony, all his muscles tensed. His hand round his penis went really fast and his other hand gripped my bottom hard. He shoved his hips forward, then his whole body shook and a jet of white creamy semen shot out and splashed onto the rock in front of him. As he came he gave a long really loud grunt, then he stood there panting with semen dripping from his swinging penis.

The woman was still astride the man. She must have heard Kevin’s orgasm grunt because she turned and looked straight towards us. Then she grinned broadly and spoke in French. I understand enough French to know she was asking us to join them.

The man turned to look in our direction and he too had a grin on his face. Kevin stood there with his still half erect penis dripping semen and looking horrified. I was so excited by what I’d watched I decided I wanted to join this randy couple. But guessing my shy brother would probably run off in the opposite direction I took his hand firmly in mine and led him out from behind the rocks and across the sand to the couple.

I could then get a good look at them. The woman’s dark hair was styled just down to just below her ears, she was tanned all over with no bikini shadow, she had full heavy breasts with deep reddish brown nipples and a snatch of almost black hair between her long legs. She and the man had wedding rings on her finger. I saw the woman’s eyes go to Kevin’s swinging, semen dribbling penis. The moment the man saw me I could feel his lustful eyes exploring my naked body and I knew he wanted me.

The woman said something to her husband in French, and at which he laughed. She climbed off him and he sat up. He was fit and muscular with a hairy chest, thick dark pubic hair and designer stubble, and his penis was massive. She spoke to me again in French. I didn’t understand it all, but I caught the word “masturber,” seks hikayeleri which isn’t much different to its English equivalent. As she spoke, and with a big grin, she looked straight at Kevin’s half erect penis, formed her thumb and forefinger into a ring and bobbed it smoothly up and down at the length and angle Kevin’s erect penis had been. She must have thought I’d been hand jobbing my brother as we watched them! Her husband grinned at me too and fingered his penis. I got the message!

Her husband was sitting with his legs spread wide, leaning back on his hands with his penis sticking up and arching toward his belly. It looked fully erect, I guess hardly surprising when ogling a nude big boobed blonde teenage girl about to hand job him. It was bigger than Kevin’s, perhaps about twenty centimetres long with a big round head like a mushroom. I’d never played with a boy’s penis and I’d envied my girl friends at school who had. They’d shown me on their phones how they’d hand jobbed their boy friends. I thrilled as I realised this was my chance, and with this big whopper of a penis and with my brother watching too!

I knelt down beside him with my legs spread. His hands were on me straight away. Kneeling wide legged next to him like that positioned me perfectly for him to run his hand over my thighs and my bottom and it got my breasts right next to his face where he could kiss them and lick my nipples.

I had a good feel of his balls and ruffled his thick pubic hair. I stroked the inside tops of his thighs and reached down under him to finger his arse the way I excite myself before I masturbate. He groaned with pleasure and a droplet of liquid appeared on the nozzle of his penis head.

He pulled my hand impatiently to his penis. He was as desperate to come as my brother had been! I wrapped my hand round his shaft. It was stiffer than I’d imagined a boy’s cock would be, and it was so big I could hardly close my thumb and forefinger round it. He had a big round deep red penis head like Kevin, but he didn’t seem to have a loose foreskin like Kevin. My friends had told me some boys were “cut” and I guessed this man was. His stiff penis shaft was smooth and I realised he’d oiled his penis with suntan cream.

I was holding his stiff shaft in my hand about to start stroking it when his wife got down, knelt between her husband’s spread legs, leaned forward and kissed and licked his penis head all over, then she took the tip of his penis head into her mouth and gently massaged it with her lips and tongue. Her husband’s head flopped back and he groaned and trembled. With his penis head in his wife’s mouth I began to stroke his penis shaft methodically up and down with my hand meeting the big ridge round the base of his penis head. I soon got into a good rhythm and gathered how tightly he liked me to squeeze and stroke.

Suddenly all the man’s muscles seemed to tense and his penis became unbelievably stiff in my hand. He grunted something in French, thrust his hips and gripped my bottom to pull me hard against him. His wife pushed my hand aside then her head bobbed between his spread legs as she slid her lips up and down his penis for the last few strokes. Her head was down between his legs so far his pubic hair was against her face with his penis almost completely in her mouth. He squeezed my bottom hard and his hips jerked as his semen spurted into his wife’s mouth.

I looked up at Kevin who’d been standing next to us watching the whole performance. His penis was up hard again and he was masturbating. When he spurted his semen it splashed over the man’s front. “Bravo monsieur!” the man said with a big grin, and applauded.

We all took a nude dip in the sea to cool off. We learned the couple were Jacques and Michelle. They shared a bottle of wine with us before we left them and wandered back toward the track, got dressed and returned to our hotel.

It had been quite a day! I’d seen lots of naked men and let them see me nude. I’d seen my brother’s penis erect and watched him masturbate. I’d watched frantic sex and I’d given my first hand job to a man. In retrospect I guess my first hand job wasn’t a true hand job as another woman had taken him through, but I wasn’t going to complain!

I’d started the day as “a dirty little girl” as Kevin called me, but I was a big girl now, and much more dirty!

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