Basic Math

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Twenty-five goes into fifty a lot more than fifty could go into twenty-five. Four breasts make two boobs. One is too much but four isn’t enough. Basic math, no doubt. My friend Sue getting gang banged, basic stupid. Me, the gray haired granny and my other friend Wendy being the bodyguards at the show, basic bizarre and that’s what Literotica stories are made of.

There we were, Wendy and I looking at each other as we sat at a kitchen table in a double wide trailer in Central Ohio. Coffee mugs and a cell phone on the table as a few snow flurries started to fall. Down the hall, in a bedroom, Sue was getting ready. Outside, sitting in a car, four oversexed guys she worked with were deciding who got what. Once upon a time in my life I had decency, I had morals, I was repulsed by shit like this. Once upon a time in my life I never said words like shit too. I sipped my coffee and gave it all a shrug.

“Why’s she doing this?” Wendy asked with a glance down the hall and a frown. “I mean, she’s got a guy on the side anyway, doesn’t she? The guy who knocked her up along time ago, that one.”

“Not any more,” I said, shaking my head. “He’s out of the picture. He wasn’t about to move in even after Herb divorced her. He just wanted to bang her, not love her. They’re both tools, no more and no less.”

“So she does the guys at work?”

“Guys I used to work with,” Sue corrected us, walking into the room. “I quit. Fuck that place, fuck cleaning bed pans, fuck them. Fuck everything.”

“So you do this?” I asked, shaking my head. “Put out payback? Doesn’t make any sense.”

“It makes perfect sense,” Sue said softly, taking some coffee for herself. “They said I was a whore. Spread the lie all through work. Everybody was whispering it and not a damn one of it would say it to my face. That I was a whore. I’m proving it. Bastards.”

“Jesus,” Wendy gasped. “Prove it?”

“Prove it and humiliate them, all at the same time,” Sue said, forcing a smile. “The one behind the wheel out there, Bobby. He’s the one who started the rumor. I confronted him, if I’m such a whore, why doesn’t he? Why doesn’t he come on over and fuck me out. Him and all his friends who think it’s so funny. He’s never screwed a girl in his life. Neither has Brad, the other one in the front seat. Not sure about Jeff, I don’t think he has, he’s too nice a guy to fool around easy. I know Larry has though, he banged the receptionist until her boyfriend found out.

“Assholes want to talk shit, they’d better back it up, don’t you think?”

There was some wisdom in the thought, I had to admit that. I nodded to Sue and then Wendy before I said, “And we’re…..?”

“In case they get stupid,” Sue shrugged. “Call the cops. They know, the guys, if they get dumb, it’s not going to be pretty for them. For the rest of their lives. They can get this, but they will behave.”

“And if they think we’re party favors too?” Wendy said, arching an eyebrow.

“You want to be?” Sue grinned.

“Hell, no, ” I gasped.

“They know I’ve got protection,” Sue giggled. “I told them you two are kung fu masters who will kick the shit out of them too. They’re so stupid they believe it. They believe I’m actually going to enjoy the act. Not me, just the humiliation.

“You guys ready?”

Numbly I nodded, thinking suddenly how far I’d come in the last twenty years. I had been such a good girl, letting my husband be my first and only for so long. The floodgates opened eleven years ago though, falling in love with another man, taking him as a lover, learning so much I never knew, I never dreamed. Hell, writing about so much of it and now this. My friend about to get ganged up on, not twenty feet away and I wasn’t almanbahis adres even offended. Hell, I understood.

Sue moved to the door and waved towards the car, standing, watching as one of the back doors opened.

“Larry,” she muttered. “Wonder if they tossed a coin?”

The oddness of the comment blanked my brain, any thought I might have had gone at the moment. I just sat and watched a young man, maybe 25, maybe closer to 20, come up the three steps and through the opened door. He looked at Sue and then glanced at us. A nervous young man who looked away quickly, as if we’d somehow break his balls.

“Down the hall,” Sue ordered. “How come you get firsts?”

I didn’t hear his answer, maybe I was still blanking out, maybe he just didn’t say anything. Not that it mattered. I glanced out the window, the car close enough I could see three anxious young men, close enough I could read their minds. They couldn’t believe it either, they were getting laid. My friend Sue, taking on the nursing home guys. I turned my head to look at Wendy, her looking out the window too when a motion caught my eye.

Jesus Christ, she wasn’t going to shut the door and I could see it all. This Larry clown had reached for the buttons on her shirt but Sue shook her head. She said something, probably telling him to undress and then she turned towards the door. He was out of sight now, at the foot of the bed I guess. She was looking right at us as she undid the three buttons on her blouse. God, she still has a body, even at fifty. A totally flat tummy, I hate her. Sue dropped the blouse and with one motion unhooked a flimsy little black bra. The girl is big, heavy, sagging breasts with dark chocolate colored nips. She unsnapped her jeans, sliding them down as she turned back to the bed. As I turned away to stare outside.

I was trying, trust me, I was trying to concentrate on the bird flying past, even as the sounds of a bang began down the hall. The bedsprings were beginning to squeak, there were moans but I kept concentrating on that damn bird. Concentrating hard, hard as a younger man’s member started to have its way.

“Yep, he’s screwed before,” Wendy whispered. “No cherry this one.”

I looked, I admit it, just for that instant that leaves an image in the brain forever. Sue on her back, this Larry at her breasts feeding as she cradled his head in her arms. As she tilted her head back to savor the sensation building in her own body. Knowing a young stallion was about to please himself and her. I snapped my head away, back to the outside and let my embarrassment be shown to just a reflection in the glass. Flushing beet red as suckling sounds were replaced by the lust grunts of a man and a single moan of a woman. As the room grew quiet and then the rustle of covers. Of clothes. Of footsteps.

“Jesus, four minutes,” Wendy giggled as a form swept out the door. “No wasted time in that one.”

“Might as well as been my husband,” I said without thinking and then burst out laughing at what I’d just said. Quick Shot Denny, bang the wife and fall asleep before most could smoke a cigarette.

“Round Two,” Wendy said between giggles, nodding to the car. “Let’s time this one. I say four again.”

Another twenty year old swept through the door, avoiding eye contact with the two old bags at the table. Sue had just come out of the bath, her with this thing about cleaning up after every session, stark naked and making him stop dead in his tracks. She didn’t say a word, just tilted her head back to the bedroom, letting him follow. We didn’t watch but we didn’t have to. Honest to God, this one gave us a play by play.

“I’ve wanted to fuck you ever since I first met almanbahis you.”

God, what a great thing for a guy to say as he’s taking his shirt off in front of a naked woman. So incredibly impressive. No wonder he backed it up with, “But I’ve never fucked anybody before.”

At least he was honest, I’ll give him that. Honest about first time, honest she’s got “huge jugs,” “need pussy,” and “let me” about a dozen times. Somebody must have told him you were supposed to grunt a lot too but didn’t say anything about going nice and slow. Shit, three times Sue had to tell him to calm down, finally managing to take it in her hand and at least get it close before he shot a load. She’s telling him it would be all right, he’d be better the next time and the two of us trying not to bust a gut laughing at the idiot.

In fact we were still giggling when Mister Cool sauntered out the door, now the big man of the world and full of both himself and shit. Trust us, a woman in Sue’s situation really doesn’t want to hear she’s great pussy from a guy would couldn’t even find it. She had quite a clean up job in the bathroom before Round Three, the short little cutie that slowly made his way to the door got to the real destination but she made it. A shy guy, doing his best to talk himself out of the unknown pleasure but still wanting to get this good stuff his friends were telling him about. The little cutie that might have made it all worth while for our good friend Sue.

I don’t know what was said when they went back to the bedroom or as he undressed, the words were too low, too murmured. Wendy and I had gone back to bird watching while he undressed and then climbed into bed. We were blanking out and then we heard it, that long, low lust growl of a woman most pleasantly surprised. Of a woman about to be well, well pleased. Both of us snapped our heads around to the sound, my mouth falling open I know. Jesus Christ, a superstar was being made.

It was as obvious as the massive breasts on Wendy’s chest, this man was all man. Just an instant’s glance was proof of that huge detail. Sue was on her back, her eyes as wide open as her mouth but this girl doesn’t give blowjobs. Not now, not ever, she thinks it’s gross. I don’t, but just for my lover, but no matter. The issue was what was on Sue learning how this was done. His upper body was raised up, his lower inserted in the proper slot and Sue was going wild. Her nipples were like diamonds, rock hard standing straight up. Her body quaked, she was coming all over this guy and he was totally stupefied. Dumbfounded but he was in her. All in her as she came again with an animal groan. Wendy and I tore our eyes away, looking first at each other and then outside, both knowing what it all meant. Both almost going into heat.

Almost, not quite, we were the hall monitors after all. Hot coffee refills to cool down two hot bitches, that was in order. We knew this one had talent, no doubt. No doubt when he came too, his lust groan matching Sue’s perfectly on pitch, the lover’s symphony I only find with my own lover. Wendy and I were beet red but at least my nipples weren’t busting out of my bra and shirt like hers, silly girl she is. Almost heat and Sue just had a babe.

He nodded and tipped an imaginary cap to us as he left, not arrogant, not embarrassed but a man. A real man, total man now, he’d had himself a woman. We watched him leave, not wanting to say anything that would be crazy or stupid. I heard the bathroom sink run, Sue cleaning up for Round Four and flushed again. Hell, yes, I was popping out too.


Wendy and I snapped our heads around to the sound of the voice, Sue now standing in the doorway in just a flimsy little almanbahis yeni giriş pair of panties, her breath still coming in gasps.

“He was huge. Jeff. Jesus, he is incredible.”

“We could tell,” I blurted out, stunned by my words, embarrassed by the silence and then joining the other two in hysterical laughter. We were all insane but damn, Sue had really found a good rookie, no doubt at all. Her breasts were still swollen, her nipples still hard.

“Back to work,” she shrugged, glancing out the door as the next got out of the car. “If he’s like Bobby…….”

Fortunately for sanity and deportment, Mister Four was another four minute wonder, another twenty-two year old kid turned into a man and too embarrassed to at least hold the poor girl a few minutes and give losing his virginity some dignity. A gang bang that was more like a gang fuck, guys sticking a willing woman, coming and calling it a day. Guys too embarrassed by their own stupidity and ours to even hang around.

Incredible but true, I’d gotten up to get us coffee, Sue was in the bath cleaning up and the car was pulling away. Those total, complete assholes, four of them taking turns on my friend and splitting like they’d just egged the place or thrown toilet paper in the trees. Call her a whore and treat her like one, the jackasses. By the time Sue came out of the bath, I was beyond pissed. I was ready to clip four sets of balls and use them on a pool table, the bastards. Real men, the dumbshits thinking with a pecker.

Sue shrugged it off, slipping on a bathrobe and coming out to join us at the table. She’d known they’d do something like this, probably off to write her name and number on the nearest bathroom wall. Brag on making the old lady scream and want more or maybe even taking all three of us on by the time the story got stretched enough. The three of us talked it out for nearly an hour, each of us pissed at the opposite sex more than we’d figure and still wanting some for ourselves. Me, my lover, Wendy my brother and Sue, this stallion she’d just discovered. Men, you got to hate them but damn, we love them too.

It was about an hour later, Wendy and I getting ready to split after Sue got out of the shower when there was a knock at the door. I hadn’t heard a car but there wasn’t one when I looked out the window. I shrugged towards Wendy and nodded for her to go ahead and see who it was. One glance at her as she opened the door and I guess there’s hope for men after all. Especially men who had just discovered women.

He is a most handsome little thing, this well-endowed Jeff, looking so cute with a dozen roses in his arms and a blush on his face. Goodness, to an old lady like me, I’d declare this young man had just fallen in love with an older woman. Such a silly young man, getting pretty flowers and trying to make conversation as he waited for a lady to appear. Goodness, makes two old ladies wonder if there might not be hope for this thing called men after all.

It’s been a month to the day since three asses and a real man came calling to a double wide trailer in Central Ohio looking for math lessons. Twenty-two into fifty and three sure don’t equal one, that sort of thing. In some ways it seems like light years ago and others make it seem like yesterday. My friend doing a gang bang, right in her own house. Taking on guys who wanted to humiliate her and still being a woman, not a slut. Taking on and making a change in one young man’s life…..and her own.

The little house four doors down rented last week, a nice couple moving in even if my dear, loving jackass husband thinks they’re a little odd. She’s so much older than he is, but he does agree they do seem happy. Almost too happy, but maybe they just enjoy doing math puzzles. Like how many times that twenty-two can get into fifty in a single night.

Yeah, that nice unusual couple named Jeff and Sue………….and what happens next could well be the stuff even more Literotica is made of.

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