Tiffany , Roger Ch. 1

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Roger thought for a while before he made a decision. He had a great weekend with Tiff, but wasn’t sure he should stay or not. He still had plenty of vacation left, and didn’t need to be anywhere else.

He looked deep into her eyes, and saw the combination of need and hunger reflected there. She had told him how hard things had been, raising her boy by herself, dealing with the world as a single mom. He had come to care a lot about her, through her letters, and the sex charged weekend they just shared brought out another side of her that he really liked, too.

Tiffany put her hand on his arm, and asked again, “Will you stay with me, for a little while, please?”

Roger reached out, and shut down the bike, set the stand, and dismounted. “Okay, Tiff. I’ll give it a try.”

She flung her arms around him, and kissed him hot. “Come inside for a minute, and let me talk to Mom for a little bit.”

About that time, her boy came running out of Grandma’s house to greet his Mom. She picked him up and kissed him, asking how his visit was. Roger followed them into the farmhouse, still wondering what was going to happen.

They had sandwiches and coffee, and Tiff got her mother to agree to keep the young man for a few more days. They said their good-byes, and Tiffany went with Roger to get the bike ready for another ride. It didn’t take long to put her pack back in the sidecar, and Roger had the thumping beast fired up in no time. They left Grandma’s house, and Tiff directed the route they were to follow.

It wasn’t long, that Roger recalled the way to Tiffany’s house, and pulled in without further direction. He assumed she wanted to get something from the house, and left the throbbing machine idling while she approached the large Ranch style house. He was a little surprised when she appeared at the slowly opening garage door. She waved him in, and curiosity made him drive the bike into the open bay.

Tiffany’s all wheel drive SUV took up part of the spotless garage, and the walls were lined with lots of garden type tools. Quite different from Roger’s “toy box”, that contained mechanic and welding equipment, as well as a few project bikes. Tiffany was grinning as she lowered the door behind him.

“If it’s okay, I’d like to hang here a little?” she asked.

“I’m good with that.” He answered. He shut down the bike, and locked it, then followed Tiff’s little cheerleader’s body into the house.

They walked into a medium sized kitchen, then through a large living room to the back of the house. They passed by the carnage that was obviously the ten-year-old’s “cave”. Tiff quickly closed that door, and led Roger to the room she used as her home office / guestroom.

“I `play’ a lot in here, we can put your gear in here. Okay?” she began. She got a sheepish look on her face as she continued, “In case Mom comes over?” It was more of a question than a statement, but Roger understood.

“That’s fine, Tiff. We can play that way, if you get visitors. I know how it can be, really.”

“That’s what I like so much about you. You REALLY do know things, Roger. Not like some people I’ve met.” She wrapped herself around him and pushed her soft tongue deep into his mouth. Roger responded with his own tongue thrusts, and before they realised it, they were both naked. Roger backed them over to the leather office chair, and gently put Tiffany’s butt on the edge. He broke the hot kiss, and began to nibble down her nude body. She moaned softly as his lips closed around her swollen nipples. She could feel the wetness building between her thighs, and spread them wider while Roger knelt between them.

She already knew that his favorite thing to do was “kissing on kitty” as he called it. Tiffany liked the way he said things sexual, without being crude. She arched her back in anticipation as she felt his hot breath near her swollen, wet mound. His tongue felt like a branding iron as it touched her erect clitoris. Shock waves coursed through her body when he swirled his soft flesh around the sensitive nubbin.

Roger mecidiyeköy eskort felt her hands grab his head, and he could tell she was going to cum quickly from his oral manipulations. He really did like to make a girl cum like that. There was something special to him about giving pleasure, before he took his own. He pushed a finger partway into her vaginal opening, and found her “spot” quickly. She did cum, and hard! Her juices gushed from the small hole, and drenched his face and fingers. He kept kissing on her lightly, until the orgasm subsided somewhat.

“Ohmigod!” she squeaked. “Ohhh.. you do that…soooo goood..!”

“Well, you should know by now, that I want to make you feel good first!” he grinned up at her, his face glistening with her nectar.

Tiffany stood up, and led Roger around to sit on the chair. The leather cushion was covered with her juices. He took the same position she had, and Tiffany assumed the same stance he had. Her fingers wrapped around the throbbing stiffness between his legs, and she softly kissed the thick purple crown. She used the pearl like drop of pre-cum to moisten her lips, then took the flesh between her teeth. Very gently, she pushed the foreskin back with her straight, white teeth. Her tongue circled the head and Roger’s erection began to disappear into Tiffany’s hot, wet mouth.

Roger took her yellow hair in his fingers as he moaned softly. Her other hand cupped the heavy sac below, and she rolled the testicles gently in her palm. His breath came in short gasps as Tiffany devoured most of his eight-inch `dragon’ on each downward movement of her head. It seemed she was determined to repeat the total consumption of his penis like she had at the cabin.

She was swallowing quickly each time the massive organ slipped past the back of her mouth, into her throat. It helped to get by that place that made her choke the first time she tried to take all of him. At last, she managed, her nose brushed the close trimmed hair above his penis, and she could feel his heartbeat deep in her throat.

Tiffany pulled off for long enough to say, “I want to taste you, again. Let it cum in my mouth!” She dove back on him, taking it all in one motion, gently squeezing his testicles at the same time. Roger brushed back her silky, golden hair, and watched her use her mouth as though it were her vagina receiving the hot, throbbing penis, waiting for the release of the dragon’s `fire’.

She hadn’t long to wait. The shaft between her lips began to swell, and the loose sac below began to draw up. She groaned, and the vibrations rippled through Roger’s groin. The pressure and the heat flowed through his belly, and he felt the fluid rising through his erection. “AAAHHHH.. TIFF!!! … I’m … gonnnnaa .. Ohyessss .. Here .it ..CCUUMMMMMMMMSSSSS!!!!!” He moaned as his dragon breathed its liquid fire straight down Tiffany’s throat. She swallowed hard and fast so as not to lose a drop of the precious fluid that she craved. She continued to press her face hard against his belly, as the hot jets filled her, not pulling back until the last pulses diminished. Tiffany milked the last drops on to her tongue, and made a point of showing Roger the thick white puddle on her tongue, before she swallowed that, too.

Tiffany crawled up Roger’s body, and met his lips with hers. They could each taste themselves on the other’s mouth as they kissed hot. She leaned back and smiled broadly, “Now that we’ve had an appetiser, would you like to `freshen up’ and have some lunch?”

“Lead the way, Tiff!” he grinned back.

She led him down a short hall into the master bedroom. Soft pastel colors, a large four poster bed, and some heavy dressers on the walls caught his eye as he followed her naked butt into the shower. The `edge’ having been softened, they leisurely washed each other off under the powerful spray of hot water. Their slippery bodies rubbing against each other while the hot needles pounded their flesh.

Tiffany turned her back to Roger, and as he washed her back, she arched it escort bayan to allow him to REALLY wash her butt and kitty from behind. A resurrected penis that bumped against her wet, needy vulva soon replaced his fingers. She wanted him inside her, again. She reached between her legs, and pressed the throbbing crown to her vaginal opening, then pushed back to take it in.

The sudden movement caught Roger off guard, and he fell back against the other wall of the shower booth. Tiffany followed along, never letting her prize slip from it’s sheath. The result was that, Roger’s butt slapped the wall, and Tiff’s butt slapped his thighs and she impaled herself on the massive piece of hard flesh in the same instant.

“OOOOHHHH, YESSSSSS!!!” she cried out. “Feels sooooo goood, Roger!”

She wiggled her bum, and started to thrust herself against him. Roger regained his balance and took hold of her thin waist. He pushed her to the centre of the stall, and started to match her thrusts. Water splashed up between them each time their bodies slapped together, and they kept on until the water began to cool.

They shut the shower off, and dried with the fluffy towels Tiffany had there. Roger led his horny little playmate to the bed and lay next to her for a few moments. She began to trace his tattoos with the tips of her small hands, and started to crawl over him, eventually straddling his waist. Roger reached up a held her firm breasts in his hands, pulling gently on the swollen nipples. He could feel the heat of her sex on his belly.

Tiffany worked her kitty down over the thick, pulsing rod, and rubbed it with the moist lips of her vulva. She lay almost flat on his body, and captured his penis with her hungry hole. Sitting upright, she once again filled herself with him and initiated the lover’s dance with him. Roger watched as her dark triangle of pubic fur rubbed his lower belly and her velvet sheath encased his shaft to the hilt.

Her athletic body began to shimmer with a light sweat as she worked her magic on him. Her tight, wet vagina gripped him snugly while she rubbed her clitoris on the base of his penis.

“Wanna cum! .. Make it cum!. OH Roger! .feels so hot . Gotta CUM!!!” she chanted.

He put his fingers between their sexes, and touched her erect clitoris, thus increasing the pressure. It worked quickly, as she began to tremble and her kitty started to contract around his penis. A few more strokes and she was there. Her eyes rolled back, and her mouth opened in a silent scream. The waves of orgasm flowed through her, her pale flesh reddened with the flush, and her vagina discharged her girl cum in a river-like flow. She fell atop his chest, gasping for breath, the final shakes diminishing slowly.

“Roger,” she gasped “how can you do that to me?”

“I didn’t do anything but lay here for you, Tiff.” He answered.

“No, I mean, make me cum like that!”

“I don’t know. I guess we just fit real well together, and that’s how it happens.”

“But. but YOU didn’t cum yet!” she exclaimed.

“I did, back in the office room.” He replied. “Don’t worry about me, I cum often enough with you around!” he laughed.

After a while, they went out to the garage, and retrieved their gear and unpacked. Tiffany went to the kitchen, and fixed a snack of cut meat, cheeses, and crackers. She carried them to the living room with a bottle of good wine. Roger found her collection of music, and put on some “easy rock” in the background. They sat and talked of places they had been and things they had done for a long time. Halfway through the second bottle of wine, they started to dance slowly.

Their nude bodies pressed tightly together as the swayed to the soft music. She wanted to keep him. He made her feel like a woman. A woman with feelings and needs that he knew how to take care of. She forgot, and didn’t much care that he was twenty years older than she. His body belied his age, the trim waist, muscular arms and legs, and his magnificent penis were like those of much younger men. The escort beşiktaş difference was, that Roger knew how to use what he had, very well. Tiffany was also still in awe of his staying power and the ability to `recover’ so quickly.

As she was thinking that, Roger was contemplating the amazing young woman in his arms. She had the body of a teenager, which she kept well toned. Firm breasts, thin waist, a slight bulge at her belly, and a very hot, tight kitty, that she used very well. Her desire for sex was insatiable. She showed no fear at trying anything that didn’t hurt. (He didn’t get into “pain” type sex, either.) And, she never stopped trying to please him. Why would such a beautiful, young, sexy girl want a worn out old biker like him?

They both realised that the music had stopped at the same time. They stood motionless in the centre of the room, looking into each other’s eyes. He bent his head, and kissed her softly. Her mouth opened, and the kisses turned hot, passion flowing between them like electricity. Roger felt his penis swell between their bellies, Tiffany felt it, too.

“It’s kind of late, Roger.” She spoke softly, “Let’s go to bed?” she asked.

“Okay, Tiff. Let’s”

She turned off all the lights as they moved to the rear of the house. She turned down the bed and crawled up on “all fours”. Her shapely butt raised high in the air, in invitation for a “nightcap”. Roger moved up behind her on the smooth sheets, and pressed his body against her thighs.

He looked down at the submissive position the girl had taken. Her head was down on the bed, her butt high and legs spread wide. Her arms were by her sides, hands gripping her ankles, emulating a “tied” situation. Without saying a word, this gorgeous creature had just told him that she was his for the taking. Roger began to rub her soft butt, and massage her lower back, his penis resting in the cleft of her backside. Tiffany began to writhe under his gentle touch, moaning softly. The clear pre-cum began to seep from the head of his organ as he rubbed it up and down her butt. He kneaded her soft cheeks, and lowered his face to the crack. The aroma of her aroused sex spurred him on, and he licked her soft flesh, from her clitoris to her bunghole. Her sex was oozing nectar down her thighs, the outer lips parted to let the inner labia swell like a flower’s petals.

Roger held his penis at her entrance, a slowly rubbed her nectar all over the tip, then pushed the pulsing rod into her waiting flesh. He felt the soft, hot membranes grip his shaft as he penetrated her little body. For Tiffany, the slowness was agonising, she wanted him IN her! She tried to push back, but a hand on the small of her back stopped her. She groaned, but remained still and silent while her lover buried all eight inches of his dragon in her hot little cave.

When she felt his short hairs touch her butt, she mumbled into the bed, “DO MEEE!! . OHGOD. PLEASE!!!”

With that, Roger pulled all the way out.

“NO!! . Put it innn .. meeee!!”

Once more, he plunged slowly into the needy flesh. She remained silent. He started to thrust in long, deep pushes, touching her way up in her belly. He moved his legs to change the pressure on his penis, and picked up the pace. Now, he allowed her to thrust back, and “Do” herself! She banged her tender body against his as hard as she could, until he once again gripped her waist and held her still.

He pulled completely out, holding his penis at the right angle to drive back in the open hole. She moaned each time he emptied her body, and sighed deeply when he filled her again. He groaned and thrust hard when he felt the heat flow through his loins, burying his thick penis to the hilt as he sprayed her insides with his hot seed. She felt the hot liquid bathe her vagina, and her own release triggered, making her body go stiff. Her inner muscles contracted around him, and drew out the last of his fluid.

They fell apart on their sides, and Tiffany slowly closed her legs and turned to face him. She caressed his face and his heaving chest while he recovered his composure. A tender kiss, and a soft “Good night” preceded them falling into a deep slumber. The warm wetness between her legs felt reassuring to her. It had been a long time, before Roger, since she had felt this good.

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