April in Texas Ch. 06

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Thank god Louie did his SH things again, and that he did it to me. It was so good to feel his cock sliding in and out of me as I awoke. Then he got on top, and deposited a large amount of semen in me.

When he was through screwing me, I had a long, hot steamy shower, soaping myself thoroughly while Louie shaved in the extra sink outside the bathroom door. His shower, after mine, was almost as long. As I watched myself in the mirror, I wondered why I felt such a need, sometimes a constant need, for sexual attention. Louie gave me all the love, affection and attention any man could possibly give. His efforts were so strong, he tried so hard, and he never let up.

I put my bathrobe on and went to the motel lobby for coffees and juice. The bathrobe covered everything. When I was descending the stairs I noticed a couple on the first floor, under me, looking up my robe. To give them a good view, I stopped, turned around, went back and forth. Then I went on as if nothing happened. As I was pouring the coffees, they came into the lobby. The tie on my robe was fairly loose and the robe opened a few inches. As I turned their way, it opened more. I grabbed a couple of packaged orange juices, and I walked past them. It was my way of starting my day.

Louie was drying off as I reentered our room. I put my new string bikini on and over it I added baggy shorts and a casual blouse, and some sandals. Louie dressed the same way. We drank the juice and coffee from the motel as we finished dressing. Next I gathered some essentials, towels, extra beach sandals, buckets of ice, three bottles of white wine and a couple of wine glasses. I placed all this stuff in a cardboard wine case box, lined the box with plastic bags, covered it all with ice, put a towel over the top and, presto, an instant cooler.

Like a typical tourist, I studied the maps, looking for a town that’s name ended in ‘beach’. The only such town was ‘Mustang Beach’, on Mustang Island. The map also indicated, as the internet maps did, that we could drive there from north Padre Island.

Louie drove, I navigated with the map. The highway architecture, the style and the engineering was impressive – the turn around lanes, the heavy use of concrete, and the service roads along the highway. The Kennedy Causeway was our connection out to Padre. What we found were muddy lagoons – big mud puddles – that separated Corpus from Padre Island. When we attempted to drive north to Mustang Beach, we couldn’t drive across the nature reserve, so we turned around. It was only ten minutes or so back to the big bridge over the harbor, and I charted a nice drive on a beautiful morning. But most of the scenery were military complexes, places where our government made land mines. We drove US 181 over the harbor, went east to Aransas Pass, then took the free ferry out to Mustang Island, where we turned south and pointed toward Mustang Beach.

“Woops,” I said. The town of Mustang Beach was not on the gulf, it was on the lagoon. I didn’t come down from Ohio to swim in a lagoon. We passed that place by. There were signs for gulf coast beaches, and we followed them. Soon, a sign announced ‘Gulf Coast Beach Access Road’, and we turned toward the gulf. Eventually we came to a large beach area, with parking, life guards, hundreds of people, and police.

Texas beaches are different from any other gulf coast beaches that I have seen. First – and someone told me this when I asked about the signs – the beaches are considered roads. They are also public parks, and free for all. And people drive their vehicles on the beaches. What a contrast to the parking lots and meters of Naples, Florida.

At the big beach we found, and it stretched for miles in either direction, that American English was a foreign language. Mexicans, by the hundreds, had flocked there. They backed their pick ups and vans as close to the water as allowed, and they made ‘camps’, like circling the wagons. Their towels and their bathing suits were hanging like laundry. It may well have been that these families were sleeping there, maybe even living there, I didn’t ask. They all had ice coolers stuffed with cheap beer, shit food, and colas for the multitudes of fat children that were running everyplace. While that lifestyle, and those people, didn’t appeal to me, it was clear that they were happy. The men would sit, smoke and drink beer, the women would parent, and the children played.

I had my new bikini on under my blouse and shorts, Louie had his Speedo under his shorts too. Unbuttoning my blouse, I widened the coverage on my bikini top to as wide as possible. That’s as far as I peeled. Louie took his shirt off, and his sandals, and we walked along the shore.

Without tuzla escort question, the shore was the trashiest, most filthy beach I have been on in my life. Seaweed was growing everywhere. There was no white sand. The seaweed caught every piece of garbage the waves delivered, every leftover piece caught when the tide came out and in. It appeared that every Styrofoam cup and every cigarette pack ever tossed west of the Florida Keys ended up on that beach. The water stunk of sewage, and there was little space for even the children to swim. Nevertheless, I was in awe, it was that strange. It showed me the direction of the current, showed me why the Florida side of the Caribbean was so white and clean. Louie and I didn’t get out of our shorts, we couldn’t lay out there. But we did walk around for an hour, and an amazing hour it was. There was one attractive woman of European descent, which Texans call ‘Anglo’ whether of English descent or not. That’s it, one gal, who was sunbathing on a fold out lounge chair. She certainly had courage. We left that place.

I knew we had to drive back to the ferry and through Aransas Pass. There was a quaint little village near the north tip of Mustang Island. We found a take away shrimp shack open, and I bought a bag of huge batter dipped jumbos. Turns out the harbor there houses the largest shrimp fishing fleet of the entire Gulf of Mexico. The ferry ride, both ways, was fun. My hair blew in the wind and I saw dolphins swimming along side the boat. Once back on the road, I opened the white wine, and we munched on the delicious shrimp.

There must be more to the Padre Island stories, I thought, so we headed back that way. We went across the 181 bridge, out the Kennedy Causeway, but this time drove south on Padre Island on Park Road 22. Once past the main intersections, the place was desolate, there were no services, no condos up for sale, no gas stations. As we went miles further south, even the road signs warned us not to continue. Down a side road, we caught a glimpse of the gulf, and we saw several other parked cars. Assuming there was a beach, Louie parked the Mercury, we grabbed our towels, and we went looking for it.

What we found was a completely different setting. The seaside was not nearly as trashy as the other Texas beach, and far more isolated. There were hideaway places to sunbathe among the dunes, very private spots cut out in the grass overlooking the water. The tall grass bent with the blowing wind, and I hoped that the wind would keep the bugs away. Maybe forty other people were scattered there, maybe more, all ‘Anglos’, as the Texans say. Those that I saw looked young, like college age kids, young and cute. Soon we found a spot out of view of the other sunbathers. I prepared our space, I laid out the beach towels and got out of my shorts while Louie did the same.

I narrowed the width of my bikini top, and bottom, to as narrow as possible. It was no more than three strips of fabric that covered my nipples and my crotch. I need my UV rays, it helps raise my seratonin levels. It was around 2:00 in the afternoon, and it was hot. After laying out for a half hour, Louie left to go for ‘a walk’, which meant to see the other women sunbathing and to show off. As he was walking away, a pair of young girls walked by, early twenties I guessed. Minutes later they walked by again, carrying their cooler and chairs, wearing tee shirts, ball caps and shorts. I pretended not to notice them.

“Do you mind if we lay out here?” one asked me. She was a pretty faced blond, tall, thin, and being polite so as not to invade our privacy. Louie was gone but obviously our space was set up for two.

“Please do. I could use some company.”

Her friend was also attractive, but in a different way. She also had a toned and trim figure, but she had short brown hair and long earrings. My first take was that at least one of them was gay. They each had the same tattoo – a string of barbed wire – around their right arms. After spreading their towels out, they unfolded their beach seats, and sat down. One opened their cooler, it was full of cheap long neck beers. The pretty blond offered me one, and I accepted.

“I’m Tina, and this is Gail,” the blond said.

“Hi, I’m Sheryl. My husband’s Louie, when he gets back.”

I leaned up on an elbow and we three talked for a while. Then, in harmony, each of them undressed as I watched. First Tina stood up and took her tee shirt off, then she took her shorts off. Facing me, Gail did the same. To my surprise, they had no bathing suits underneath their clothes. They sat back in their beach chairs, topless, wearing just tiny pairs of panties.

My eyes were drawn instantly göztepe escort to Tina’s body. She had a thin shape, long legs, her breasts were full, real and high, her fanny round and firm. Her long blond hair hung across her nipples. Gail was a pleasant view too. Her boobs were smaller then Tina’s, though they matched her figure well. Obviously neither had ever had a child. They seemed to enjoy showing off for me.

“So it’s ok to go topless in Texas?” I asked.

“What do you mean, ok…ok with what? Out here, on Padre?” Gail said back to me. “It’s ok for your husband, isn’t it?”

“You can do whatever you want out here,” Tina said, as she sucked a long draw on her beer. “There are no cops, no beach patrols, no kids running around, no families. We’ve come down from Austin with simple plans – drink beer, smoke pot and sit here naked. Who knows what will happen. Tomorrow we’ll head further south, where students from all over come to party this time of the season.”

Gail leaned over and kissed Tina, a long deep kiss, as an announcement to me of their relationship. I watched as the kiss led to more physical contact, boob rubbing and embracing. Then they each stood up and slipped their panties off. Both Tina and Gail were shaved bald. At the top of her thighs, Tina had a beautiful wide crotch that I couldn’t keep my eyes off of. Laying down on their towels, they stretched out naked on their backs with their legs spread open. As I studied them, I felt out of place in my bikini, no matter how small it was. I wanted to strip too. Then Gail began to finger fuck Tina. I realized that I was watching two beautiful twenty year old women, nude next to me, putting on a show for me and making love.

“Gail,” Tina said, “you’re embarrassing Sheryl. She doesn’t want to watch us fuck.”

“Why think that?” Gail responded. “It’s not like were an ugly couple. How about it, Sheryl, do you care if we make love?”

“I…don’t know what to say…do whatever you want to do.”

“Would you enjoy watching us?” Tina asked.

“Well…I don’t know…well…sure…I…would like to watch you…to see what you do…and how you do it.”

“Sheryl,” Gail said, “bring your towel over here with us, get out of that bikini, and give it to me. We’ll have some fun.”

I stood up, grabbed my towel and placed it down next to theirs. Still standing, I took a long sip on the cold beer, and I looked at the two naked gals waiting for me. Then I ‘threw caution to the wind’ and undid the bows on my bikini top and bottom.

Gail told Tina to lie on her back. She spread her legs open and Gail went down on her, the same way I would go down on a man. I watched as she ran her tongue down Tina’s waist, licked her belly button and then slipped her tongue into Tina’s folds. With the back of her tongue, Gail gave Tina wide slow licks across her clitoris. I stood over them watching, as the gulf wind blew my untied bikini away from my body. My bottom had fallen down and my bikini top was flapping around my neck like an unfastened sail. I couldn’t hold back and I started to touch myself as I watched.

Gail looked up and over at me, she reached for my hand, and she tugged me down with her. Then Gail moved away, so that I was between Tina’s spread legs. I hesitated. But when I got close, there was no turning back. Tina’s long legs and shaved puss, open for my enjoyment, I was drawn like magnet to steel. I found Tina’s clitoris with the tip of my tongue. As I teased her, nibbling her, sucking her delicious self, slipping my fingers in and out of her, Gail began licking me. She’d moved onto her back and pulled my crotch to her face, her stiff tongue was deep in my vagina. Tina then lifted my head, pulled my bikini top off, and moved my face to Gail’s crotch. I worked my tongue around Gail’s lips and deep into her vagina. She was so sweet, I was frenzied with desire, I sixty-nined with Gail as her girlfriend Tina watched me.

“Lick her clean, Sheryl,” Tina said, as she leaned forward and started slapping my ass. “Get your tongue in her, clean her pussy for me.” After a few minutes, Tina grabbed me by my hair and moved me back to her puss. “Now tongue me, you slut.” She grabbed my hair again and pulled my head around. Back and forth I went, every few minutes, I was eating out Tina, I was eating out Gail, then Tina again, then Gail again. They took turns spanking me and continued to degrade me as I gave them my body to use. Tina pulled my hair, she slapped my face, and she pinched and twisted my boobs.

“You should be thankful for this, Sheryl,” Tina said as she ground her pelvis into my face, “you old whore. Where’s your gratitude?”

I pulled my face up. “Sure…thanks…I üsküdar escort did want to fuck you, not just watch…your pussy is so young and sweet…and Gail’s is too…thank you for showing me your young, gorgeous, beautiful bodies….for letting me eat your young puss…and for letting me eat Gail’s young pussy too…I’ll do anything you want, anything…”

Tina pushed my head further down and rolled her legs up and open. “My ass, you old cunt, tongue my ass.”

She tasted like bitter chocolate. As my tongue went in and out of her anus, Tina shook all over. She climaxed, with my tongue in her anus as far in as I could get it in. She grabbed me by my hair and moved my face back to Gail’s crotch.

“Suck her pussy, you middle age tramp,” Tina went on, “an old fuck like you, you dream about having two young gals like us to lick. Imagine the stories you’ll be telling to your husband about this, telling him it was a fantasy come true.”

Gail then quivered into a massive orgasm. I licked her until she stopped shaking. Tina grabbed my hair again.

“Get on your knees doggie style.”

Each gal stood over me as I squatted on all fours. Gail grabbed a fresh cold long neck beer bottle while Tina bent down on her knees in front of me. “Suck my tits, and be gentle” Tina said. As I licked Tina’s nipples, Gail slowly inserted the bottle into my vagina. Then she swung her legs over me and sat on me backwards. She fucked me, deep and hard, with the cold beer bottle. As she did, she rubbed her puss against my hips, riding me like a horse. It felt like the entire bottle was going inside of me. I could feel the cold metal cap hit the top of my canal, I could feel the cap’s edges scrape me as Gail worked it in and out. At that instant, I climaxed into one of the biggest orgasms of my life. Tina saw that I was coming and she stood back up.

“She’s actually pretty good looking,” Gail said, as she continued pumping me with the beer bottle. “Nice boobs, thin body, nice ass. And fun to fuck. She hasn’t given us any fight, the horny slut must have really wanted to fuck us.”

“Must have. We’ve only been here thirty minutes.”

“Yeah, but let’s get out of here. Her husband’s going to be pissed when he comes back and finds her pussy so sore.”

Gail pulled the beer bottle out of me while Tina quickly dressed. Just as quickly, Gail was dressed, they were folding their chairs, grabbing their stuff and leaving. Gail opened the beer and handed it to me.

“This one’s for you, Sheryl. And thanks for the bikini. That one size fits all style will look great on either one of us. See you.”

I moved my towel back to where it first was, next to Louie’s. Laying on my stomach, I took another big towel and draped it across my nude body like a blanket. Then I closed my eyes and let the hops in the beer lead me into a ocean side nap. The sound of waves has always hypnotized me. I was coming down from the instant gratification of a spontaneous chance encounter and, like Tina said, it had been a fantasy come true. In fact, I was spent, and tired. Not really caring where Louie went, I dosed off. I don’t know how long I slept, but I did sleep there on the dunes at the beach.

Louie shook my shoulder, I was wrapped in the big towel. He was carrying a bottle of wine and two glasses, he must have went back to the car.

“Wake up, sleepy head Sheryl.”

“Where have you been? It’s been hours since you left.”

“It hasn’t been hours, it hasn’t been even one hour. I walked up and down the beach, I met some people, I went back to the car and I brought you something to drink.”

“Oh. The salt air made me drowsy and I dozed off.”

Louie opened the wine, which was still chilled. My cooler worked. He poured me a glass and handed it to me. As I sat up, Louie saw that I was nude under the towel. “What happened to your new bikini?”

“There were some other girls sunbathing here nude, so I took my suit off too. Didn’t want to appear the prude. I traded it to them for some beers. The suit was cheap enough. It’s no great loss.”

Louie took a sip on his wine and settled on his towel. “It’s your money. So you sell your clothes for alcohol?”

“If they can tan naked, so can I. I didn’t need the suit anymore.”

“Great,” Louie said, as he took his sandals and Speedo off. “I’ll sunbathe nude until I burn, which, under this sun will be soon enough. If I fall asleep, cover me up, ok?”

“You won’t,” I said, as I let my arm fall across his chest. “We should go back to the motel in an hour or so, clean the sand off, and decide what we are going to do. My vote is to be lazy the rest of this day, hit the pool, maybe eat a pizza, and tomorrow get up early and drive to Fredericksburg. It’s only 230 miles, 75 past San An.”

“I’ll second that,” he said. The sun crossed over the dunes and brought some shade to our area. Louie and I napped after the wine was gone, and then we left the beach for our motel.

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