Another Saturday at the Office

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The alarm clock blared, rousing me from my sleep. I was exhausted, dreading a Saturday spent working. My monthly visitor must be coming soon: I masturbated myself to sleep last night and was still incredibly horny this morning. I did the math; there was no time to masturbate before work. Fuck. A cold shower would have to do.

I could barely breathe as the frigid water hit my face and ran down my naked body. As the cold water hit my 32DD tits and dripped down my toned body toward my cunt, my swollen clit retreated from the sensation. I took a few deep breaths, dunked my head under the water, and then turned the water on warm. I was almost fully recovered. As I was soaping up, a thought occurred to me: maybe today I’d shave my pussy. I ran my hands through the trimmed bush, giving my lips a few tugs; the sensation was nice, but today I felt like leaving myself bare.

I started from the top, shaving off a bit of hair at a time. I used to hate the feeling of being shaved, making me look pre-pubescent, but every once in a while the change of scenery felt incredible. Plus I had a boring lonely day of work ahead of me, and since my boss was out for the weekend, an incredibly scandalous plan.

As I shaved my lips bare, my clit peered out from my naked slit, as if knowing what I had in store for it. “Not right now, you’ll have to wait till later,” I thought.

I finished up, soaping up to rinse away all the loose hairs, shut off the water, and stepped out. After towelling off, I caught my reflection in the mirror; my pussy looked ready for work. My nipples were hard; I’d have to wear a padded bra today. I put on a black bra that clasped in front which made my boobs stand out like half-globes, but that wasn’t too revealing: my “first-date bra”, I called it. Over it I wore a black sleeveless shirt and a gray skirt that hit above the knees. I thought about wearing underwear, but my bare pussy felt so nice I figured I should let it fly free. Every slight breeze would caress it, and with every step it would rub against my ample thighs, which were always full no matter how much I worked out. I put on some flat boots (it was the weekend afterall) and headed out the door.

The office was sure to be empty today; I’d have the whole space to myself! I went into my shared office and seeing nobody, prepared for a few hours of inputting a bunch of meaningless numbers. I closed the door behind me.

I found a hard plastic chair with no arm rests and metal legs and backrest stays; I pushed aside my ergonomic swivel chair, grabbed the plastic chair and turned it around to sit on backwards. It was more comfortable that way, and it pushed my legs open in a way that felt amazing. My pussy spread wide, and I felt myself start to get wet; it was okay, I figured; nobody would be in today. It’d make Maltepe Escort the time go faster anyways. I put my headphones on and began typing.

After a few minutes of inputting numbers I thought I saw something flash by out of the corner of my eye; I looked to the window in the door, but there was nobody there. I was being paranoid, I thought; clearly there’d be nobody there.

The open-leg position kept me from worrying about anything else; I quickly forgot about the feeling that I was being watched, and got lost in the music and the mindless work and the faint breeze of the A/C caressing my clit and making it throb. I reached down over the back of the chair to hike up my skirt; looking down at my pussy, I could see it start to glisten. I reached down with two fingers and felt it; it was dripping wet. I put one fingertip tentatively inside; it slid in easily. The wave of pleasure felt incredible; I wanted to be fucked right now.

I made sure nobody was at the door again; I thought I’d seen another flash of something go by. At this point I wasn’t sure if anyone walking by could see my pussy, but my skirt was hiked all the way up my thighs and they could surely see my legs spread wide. But of course it was a saturday; I was being ridiculous. There was nobody there. I turned the volume up on my music, and then reached into my purse to pull out a dildo with a suction cup on one end. I scooted back in my chair a little bit and stuck the suction cup onto the chair so that the dildo was curving forward; then I slid back forward so my clit was touching it. I was inputting data at a slower pace now, but well if nobody was at the office I could stay as late as I wanted to.

My pussy was lubricating the dildo readily now, and my clit was gliding over it with ease. I lifted up my shirt and reached in to massage one nipple with my hand; I could still type with the other, right?

I was getting so turned on I couldn’t take it anymore; again, checking the door to make sure nobody was there, I stood a few inches off the chair and positioned myself over the head of the dildo, and then sat down on the forward-curving shaft. I let out a soft groan as my pussy muscles clench around the shaft of the dildo. I put the hand back into my bra to massage my nipple.

I stopped typing and closed my eyes, losing myself in the sensations from my soaking cunt and the music blasting from my headphones. Suddenly I felt a draft; I opened my eyes and saw the door was open; then the lights went out. Before I could cover myself up, I heard two people enter the room and close the door behind them. I was about to get up when one of them sat down behind me and pushed my chest forward into the seat. “Where do you think you’re going?” a man’s deep voice spoke from right behind me.

“I… Kurtköy Escort I was just working…” I squirmed away but he held me tighter, pinning me with his body.

I felt trapped, his stiffening cock beginning to press against my ass. I tried to push his hips away behind me, but he only grabbed my arms and crossed them behind my back, holding them with ease with his strong hand. His hips were right behind me, he was pushing me forward with his strong body. “Please, I’m just trying to finish up some-“

I felt another set of hands tie a gag around my mouth; I cried out but it sounded muffled. Another set of hands (I assumed it was the man behind me) tied my arms behind my back. I tried to see who they were, but the bright glare of the screen contrasted too greatly with the darkness of the room. Before my eyes could adjust, the person who tied the gag around my mouth also tied a blindfold, throwing my headphones to the floor. Then they tied my legs to the legs of the chair; the whole time I struggled and writhed. I tried screaming; but I knew it was futile with the office being empty and the door being shut and the gag in my mouth. Whoever they were turned my chair so I was no longer facing the desk; they now had a full view of my bare pussy.

I felt the guy who had been pinning me against the chair from behind get up. Someone pulled my shirt up further and unhooked the front clasp of my bra, revealing my giant tits. I could feel them standing over me as they began rubbing my hard nipples, grabbing handfuls of my ample tits. When I tried to squirm away, it only forced me further onto the dildo; No matter how I moved, I was grinding up on the dildo; I didn’t know who these people were but I didn’t want them to see how wet I was. They couldn’t know.

As soon as the thought crossed my mind I felt someone’s hot breath on my clit, and then a tongue started licking and sucking my shaved pussy. I tried to move my hips away, but someone (it felt like the same man who had tied me in the first place) sat behind me and pulled me forward, forcing my legs wider open still as the tongue continued to lick my clit. Despite myself, I was dripping onto the chair, wanting them to lick me harder and faster.

Then it stopped, and I heard a fly unzip behind me; the guy who sat behind me lifted my skirt a little higher, exposing my round ass, and I felt his cock against my bare crack. He started humping me, getting harder and harder as his cock rubbed against tight hole; he then took the tip of it and started dripping pre-cum around the rim. I had only done anal once, and I’d almost forgotten how much I loved it; I’d never had a dildo in my cunt at the same time though.

As he was preparing to enter me from behind, I heard another zipper open and the gag on my mouth being Kartal Escort pulled down. I was able to relax for a second when something was shoved into my face: it was another pussy! I had assumed it was another man; but here was a sweet-smelling bare-shaven pussy right in my face!

She draped one leg over my shoulder as I began to lick her harder, licking up the juices dripping out of her, occasionally hearing a gasp as I tongued her pussy hole. I flicked my tongue over her clit as she breathed faster; as I was absorbed in the moment I suddenly realized the man behind me had entered my ass and was starting to thrust deeper into me. He must have lubricated up while I was licking the pussy in front of me, because he was sliding in and out with ease, as I accommodated his large cock and relaxed into it. He reached around and began playing with my tits, pinching and rolling my nipples releasing jolts of ecstasy throughout my body. Faster, I humped the dildo as the man was fucking me from behind, my tits bouncing up and down, and I was licking the hot cunt in front of me.

She started moaning louder, and as I continued flicking circles with my tongue she started coming, grabbing my head to steady herself and convulsing into it. Her pussy juices were dripping down my chin. She removed her leg from my shoulder and as I was getting closer to climax, she began rubbing my clit as she licked her juices off my face and kissing me hard on the mouth. As the guy kept fucking me harder from behind and she played with my clit, I moaned loudly into her mouth as I started to come in huge waves. Her touch became unbearable, but she continued to masturbate me until I was screaming out loud, the guy fucking me harder and faster. The feeling of having two cocks inside me filling me up like never before was intoxicating, and I was dripping pussy juice all over the chair, which was now warm and slick.

Finally the man reached under the skirt and grabbed my hips to steady himself as he began bucking uncontrollably against me, shooting cum into my ass to drip down onto the chair. The woman kept her fingers on my cunt but stopped moving them, slumping against my shoulder as the man slumped against my back.

Then they suddenly got up, and I felt them untie my arms and legs, grab the blindfold and leave.

I got up off the dildo. “Fuck,” I looked down at the chair; it was covered in practically a puddle of juices. I grabbed a few paper towels to clean up, put the dildo in my purse, and put the chair back. Then I straightened my skirt and went back to work, my cheeks warm with a post-coital flush.


For the next few weeks, I kept trying to figure out who the two assailants on my body were, but everyone was acting casual. Nobody made any indication that they had been there that Saturday.

When my boss asked me to work the weekend a few weeks later, I eagerly accepted her request, under the guise of being excited about the paid overtime. But secretly, I knew my chance had come to find out who they were, or at least, to get another taste…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32