Almost Chance Ch. 11

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Jen had no way of knowing how much time was passing as she hung there in her chains in the darkness of the cellar. To begin with, she was hopeful as she hung there, holding herself close to the wall, feeling it’s coolness become hers, restoring balance to her raging body, the pain from her caning steadily dissipating, everything going back to normal. She hung onto Mistress’ words before she left, that promise that she would return for Jen, knowing that she hadn’t been abandoned, that Mistress still wanted her. Each moment that passed was merely one more moment gone until she was back with Mistress.

But after she had hung there for a while, doubts crept into her mind. Mistress had promised to return for her, that was true, but she had not said when she would return. It could be in a matter of minutes or seconds, that heavy door behind her could swing open and she’d enter, or it could be hours, she could leave Jen hanging there all night, wait until morning then free her from bonds but also free her from her service, cast her back to the world she’d plucked her out of yesterday without so much as a parting glance. Now, the passing of each moment was a thing of dread to her, each second taking her closer to the morning, the time when Mistress had said she would free her, a countdown to a freedom Jen was sure she could endure if she hadn’t had the opportunity to show Mistress how devoted to her she was.

It took a while, but she managed to centre herself again, readopting the mindset she’d found earlier, taking on her subservient role, accepting that whatever happened or didn’t happen was purely decided by Mistress, not her, and whatever Mistress decided for her, she would accept as she had taken everything else from her. The collar around her neck reminded Jen of who she was, that she had entered this slavery willingly of everything she had taken from Mistress so far, both pain and pleasure. No matter what happened next, Mistress had shown her something new, shown Jen her true self, new desires she hadn’t even dreamed she possessed, and even if she never saw Mistress again, Jen would always be thankful to her.

It was after she had reached this state of calm acceptance of her fate that she heard the door to the cellar open. Jen listened, attentive, her ears attuned to the click of Mistress’ heels on the stone floor but this time the sound didn’t come. She could sense Mistress, feel her in the room, feel the patterns of air in the room change as a breeze moved through the open doorway, but she couldn’t hear her. Was she just standing in the doorway watching her? Jen stood still against the wall, trying to keep herself calm, listening for something, anything above the sound of her own breathing.

Then, she felt it. Mistress’ fingers on the backs of her thighs, resting gently on the place where the cane had fallen last, softly rubbing some sort of lotion into there, easing the few lingering sparks of pain that remained there. Then, her hands were on Jen’s rear, massaging the same lotion into them, cooling and soothing them. Silently, Jen accepted Mistress’ healing touch, feeling the tenderness, the love in the movement of her hands as they eased away the last remnants of Jen’s pain. Everything melted away under that gentle illegal bahis touch, every last scintilla of torment disappeared from Jen’s body pushed away by the feeling of Mistress’ love back within her.

Mistress’ hands stopped massaging and moved around to Jen’s hips holding her lightly and then she felt something soft and wet touching the base of her spine. Mistress’ lips, kissing her gently, then slowly working their way up her body, millimetres at a time, a trail of tender attention marking her. Jen could feel a warmth rising within her as Mistress’ hands followed up her sides at the same rate, the fingertips lingering on her skin, enough to know that she was held in Mistress touch as the kiss inexorably progressed up her.

Mistress’ fingers rested on the outside of Jen’s breasts as her kisses passed between her shoulder blades. She could smell Mistress now, that soft sweetness of her perfume surrounding her, the simple fact of her presence making Jen feel whole again. The kisses reached her neck, that point where her skin disappeared under her collar, but Jen could feel them continuing across the leather. She could sense Mistress’ lips upon it, the warmth from them following the circle that bound her neck, the collar like a gateway to her soul, Mistress’ kisses going deep within her.

Then, Mistress stood against her, pressing her body into Jen’s. Jen could feel it there, realizing that Mistress was now nude, for the first time she could feel the soft expanse of Mistress’ skin fully against hers. She luxuriated in the intimate touch, feeling the warmth of their bodies combining together, the soft curves of Mistress’ breasts against her back. She could feel Mistress’ nipples against her skin, round and full, beginning to swell with pleasure as they rubbed against her. Mistress was close against her, as if she was trying to meld them together, the curves of their bodies matching together. Jen could feel all of Mistress against her, those long, slender legs against hers, even those soft wisps of hair between her legs rubbing against the base of Jen’s back, a faint sense of wetness just below.

Mistress hands began to stroke over Jen’s arms, her touch like it had been before, caring and gentle. They moved up, over her elbows, touching the leather that covered her lower arms, running over the rings and chains that bound her until her hands were on the back of Jen’s, Mistress interlacing her fingers with Jen’s gripping her hands tightly. Instinctively, Jen gripped back and Mistress responded by pushing herself even closer against her, moving her body slowly against Jen.

For a moment, Jen almost forgot where she was. Feeling Mistress so close against her, finally having that contact she had desired for so long upon her body was enough to send a surge of pleasure through her. She and Mistress were linked, in parallel from their hands to their feet, their bodies as one, and Jen couldn’t help but respond. She sighed, moaning softly, feeling blood rushing automatically to her nipples and clitoris, eager to help her find release in Mistress’ touch. She came close to allowing it, letting her body sink back into Mistress and her love, her mind already anticipating the tender orgasm that awaited, but the stone under her illegal bahis siteleri feet reminded her of where she was. She was bound to this wall because she had found release here in the cellar and to do so again, when she was surely so close to being released, would no doubt anger Mistress even more than it had before.

Jen breathed deeply, calming and controlling herself, letting herself enjoy the feeling of Mistress so close to her, but realizing that this was likely another test, another way in which she had to prove herself worthy of Mistress. She satisfied herself with merely being content at Mistress’ touch, eagerly accepting the warmth of her skin against her, feeling the union of their fingers intertwined together. Soon, Mistress was moving again, her body sliding down until her head was next to Jen’s, her lips close to Jen’s ear, brushing against it before whispering into it.

‘Well done, my sweet Jen. You have learned from your punishment.’ Her fingers unlocked from Jen’s hand, sliding down onto the leather gauntlets around her arms, starting to pull gently at the laces that held them tight around her skin, slowly untying them.

‘Now, I’m going to remove you from these bonds, free you from the chains. When you are free, I want you to remain facing the wall and to count slowly to fifty. Then, you are to turn around and follow the light to your destiny. Do you understand?’

‘Yes, Mistress.’

‘Good. Now hold still while I free you.’ Slowly, carefully she undid the gauntlets from Jen’s arms, moving Jen’s arms down to her sides when they were free, letting the chains fall straight, the leather bonds still attached to their ends. She moved away from Jen, breaking the beautiful contact of her skin, crouching between her legs as she undid the cuffs from round her ankles, casting them off to the side with a heavy clanking sound. Then she was standing back against Jen, leaning into her, her hands resting on Jen’s.

‘Now my sweet, to fifty, slowly, then follow the light.’ With that, she was gone, Jen feeling the cool air of the cellar replacing her against her back. She tried to listen to the sound of Mistress walking away, but her footsteps were too soft on the stone for Jen to hear, Jen still partially listening for the click of her heels on the floor instead of bare feet.

She started to count slowly, trying to stop herself from rushing through the numbers, fighting the urge to step away from the wall and run after Mistress. She whispered the numbers under her breath, taking the time to breathe in and out fully between each one. The anticipation rose in her as she got closer and closer to fifty, feeling butterflies in her stomach as the moment when she could move away from the wall got closer and closer. She was past forty now, and was starting to feel nervous, even worried, at what would be there when she turned round. Mistress had only told her that she should follow the light to her destiny, but what was that destiny? What was waiting for her when she turned around?

Forty-nine. She breathed in deeply, held it, then exhaled slowly, letting all the breath flow out of her body. Fifty. She breathed in again, steadied herself, took a small step back from the wall and turned around. canlı bahis siteleri The cellar was empty, still dark, the only illumination coming from the open doorway, a flickering light coming in through it, breaking the complete darkness Jen had become accustomed to. Remembering what Mistress had said, she walked to the doorway, carefully, her body still getting used to moving freely again, the hard stone beneath her feet a reminder of what unwanted pain would come if she slipped.

As she reached the doorway, she saw the source of the light. A row of candles ran up the long stairs that led down to the cellar, the house in darkness except for the faint light they cast on the stairs. She followed them, slowly ascending, already hoping where they might lead her to, but not wanting to assume it, tempt fate, still knowing that they could lead so many ways when they reached the top of these stairs. She reached the hallway and stood there, her eyes following the curve of the candles as they reached out into the open then curved back round to rise up the main stairway, leading her upstairs, towards the place she hoped for. She wanted to run up the stairs, sprint even, but she took them carefully, one at a time, inhaling deeply as she walked, letting the scent of the candles fill her senses, calming her down. The staircase turned as it took her upwards then reached a wide landing, the candles taking a path to the left, Jen following them.

She could see where they led now, the path they made in the darkness leading to the only open door on the landing, warm golden light pouring out of it, the light and scent from the candles drawing Jen into it. She crossed through the doorway and entered into a large room filled with the flickering light of what seemed like hundreds of burning candles, scattered all over the room. Their scents mingled, their warmth filled the room and Jen felt safe an relaxed as soon as she entered there. Once she had become accustomed to the light, her eyes were drawn to the bed in the centre of the room. It was giant, an oversized four poster bed, created from a combination of wood and iron, covered in white sheeting, but it was what was on the bed that attracted Jen’s attention.

Mistress lay there. She was lying on her side, facing Jen, her body stretched out on the bed, letting Jen see her nude for the first time. Jen was transfixed as she looked at the vision of beauty ahead of her, beckoning to her to join her there, her long slender legs moving slightly, a thatch of auburn hair visible between them, fading away into her slim, flat stomach. As Mistress’s arms moved, her fingers waving to Jen as though she were drawing her in to her, her full breasts moved with them, smooth and round, the skin like alabaster flowing to her large, round nipples. Her hair was loose, the light from the candles playing with it, drawing out colour upon colour, infinite shades of red seeming to play in the long strands.

Jen felt herself walking instinctively towards her, feeling herself drawn to the open space beside her on those cool white sheets. She felt almost unworthy of being there, that there was no way she could be fit to share a bed with someone as beautiful as Mistress, but Mistress’ eager beckoning, the desire in her eyes, the movement of her body left her in no doubt that she was wanted. She reached the edge of the bed, climbed upon it and slowly moved towards Mistress, realizing now that this was her destiny, that this was what everything had been leading up to.

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