Airport Anticipation

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I’m waiting at the airport for you to arrive. As I stand near the windows watching the plane land and then taxi towards the terminal I think back to our last chat online. I was telling you how I was going to slowly and teasingly lick and suck on your hard cock. I was going to softly run my finger along the ridged length of you, then do the same with my tongue. I was going to tickle to eye of your throbbing monster, before run my tongue around the head and then taking it deep in to my mouth. Your fingers dived into my hair, trying to pull my mouth down the whole length of you.

I can feel myself start to throb and become very wet. I turn around and go sit down on the hard plastic seats. I shift around a bit and grind my hot pussy onto the seat. My eyes drift shut a little as I continue to grind my hard clit, enjoying the sensations working their way through my body. I start trembling as I near my orgasm, biting my lip to stop myself from moaning out loud. I gasp as the PA system announces the arrival of your flight. I watch as people disembark from the plane. I spot you and a grin spreads across my flushed face.

I stand up and grab my hand bag. I look back down at the seat and see it glistening with my pussy juices. I turn away from the seats and walk up to greet you at the gate. You see me and walk towards me. “Hello, I am so glad you are here”. You smile down at me and then wrap your hands around my arms and pull me towards you and kiss me deeply. Your tongue diving in my mouth as I gasp. I raise my arms and wrap them around your neck, pressing myself against you. I touch your tongue with mine, moaning from the pleasure of our kiss. My breasts swell and my hard nipples press against your chest.

I feel your right hand slide from my arm to my breast and you pinch my nipple, making me whimper into your mouth. As I press firmer against you I feel your hard cock against my belly. I slide my hands down to your chest and push against you to break us apart. “I think we better cool it until we are at the hotel or otherwise they are going to kick us out of the airport,” I chuckle. I look around us and see a variety of looks from other passengers and their friend’s and relatives. You lower your head to my ear and gently blow in it, then quietly tell me “I want to fuck you so bad, so hard.” I tremble as your warm breath blows gently at my ear.

Just before you move away from me you close your lips over my ear lobe, and gently nip at it, making me gasp. I take a step away from you and pick up my bag, which I had dropped when you started to kiss me. “Let’s go collect your bags,” I say huskily, clearing my throat. We walk to the bag carousel and I ask you how your trip was. You respond by telling me about all the things that you were thinking of us doing. I flush as I get wetter and hotter. We grab your gear and head out to the taxi rank and jump in the first available taxi.

I tell the taxi driver where to go and we sit in the back seat. I place my hand on your chest, feeling the thud of your heart. I move my fingers towards the buttons on your shirt and open one of them, slipping my fingers in to touch your skin. You slide your hand up my leg, along my thigh and under my skirt. I gasp at your touch. I look in your eyes and see the gleam of mischief in them. A slow smile curves your lips as your hand travels further under my skirt. I shift slightly to allow you better access.

Your gaze moves to the rear view mirror to see if the driver is taking any notice. You look back at me and see my eyes have closed. You tell me to open them and look at you, I oblige. I can feel your fingers so close to my hot throbbing cunt and you know Konya Escort I want you to touch me, but you hold back. Your other hand travels up to my breasts, pinching the already hard nipples. I bite my lip at the pleasure/pain that you invoked in me. I arch my back into your hand as you pinch my nipple again.

Just as we near the hotel you slide your hand fully up and find my hot, soaking wet cunt. You run a finger over the smooth skin, then down along my lips, pressing in a bit. You lean towards me and whisper in my ear that you are happy that I have followed your orders and wore no bra or panties. I tremble as you press your finger deeper, then sliding it down further and thrusting it into me. I moan and press down on your hand, wriggling a bit. “Whoa up there baby, not yet, I don’t want you to cum yet,” you say.

As the taxi stops at the hotel you pull your hand out from between my legs and I whimper. We get out of the taxi and head to reception to check in. We take the key and climb into the elevator to take us to our floor. The trip is over quickly and we find our room, enter and put your bags out of the way. I start to look around the room, checking everything out. You ask me what I’m doing. I turn around and apologise. “Get over here, you can explore the room later,” you tell me.

I walk over to you and run my hands up your belly, over your chest and shoulders to slide my fingers into the hair at your nape. I pull your head down towards mine. I run my tongue along your bottom lip, then take it between mine and suck on it gently. I let go of your lip to kiss you fully, running the tip of my tongue along the seam of your lips. I press against them and slip my tongue into your mouth. I touch your tongue tentatively, exploring.

I slide my hands back down over your shoulders, down to your chest. I kiss along your jaw as I start to slowly, teasingly open the buttons on your shirt. I reach your ear with my lips and flick my tongue out and touch your lobe, wetting it slightly. I blow softly into your ear and feel a shudder course through you. Your shirt is all but undone. I gently rake my nails over your belly, swirling a finger around your navel then walking my fingers back up to touch your nipples.

I kiss down your neck and along your right shoulder. I bite you gently, then lick it to soothe. I undo the last button on your shirt and push it down your arms so it pools on the floor behind you. I run my flat hands over your whole chest, my fingers exploring, teasing in their soft touch. I lick my lips and then bring my mouth to your left nipple, swirling my tongue around it, feeling it harden. I close my teeth on it gently, nipping it softly, then licking it again. I kiss my way across your chest and repeat the action. I feel your hands move to rest on my hips.

I slide a hand down your belly, feeling your muscles jump under it. I run my fingers around the waist band of your jeans, dipping a finger beneath the waist band. I want to see more of you so I release the zip and button on your jeans. I could already see you straining against the tight denim, but I desperately want to feel the hot hard length of you in my hands. I push the denim down over your hips, taking your shorts with them. I drop to my knees to pull them off your feet.

I look up and see your cock, gasping as I see it curved to your belly. I lift a hand to touch it, still amazed at the size of it. I raise myself up on my knees a bit and run my finger along the ridges of your cock. I lean forward to place a kiss on the tip, slipping my tongue out to touch it, taste you, tease you. I open my lips a bit and slip my mouth down Konya Escort Bayan over your knob, moving my tongue over it. I moan at the taste, the feel of your cock in my mouth. I take you a little deeper, loving every second of this.

I reach up with my other hand and cup your balls. I take your cock deeper into my mouth, until I gag a bit. I hear your breathing hitch as my throat contracts on the tip of your cock. “Oh, yes, bitch, gag on my cock,” you murmur. You move your hips a bit as I move my mouth on you, making slow thrusts into my mouth. I squeeze your balls, which had been sitting in my hand. I roll them around on my palm before moving my fingers towards your ass. Using my index finger I press against your asshole.

I drop my hand down to between my legs and dip my fingers into my pussy, moaning around your shaft. I raise my hand to your ass again. This time as I push my finger against your asshole it slips in easily. I move my mouth up to your tip and swirl my tongue over it then tickle your cock’s eye. As I slip my finger deeper into you I take your cock deep into my mouth again. I slide my mouth up and down your cock at a steady rate, mimicking the action with my finger in your ass. “Fuck yes, like that,” you groan.

You thrust your fingers into my long hair and dig your fingers into my scalp. You start to move my head with your hands, making the pace faster. “God damn, fuck yes don’t stop. I’m going to fill your mouth with my cream.” I press my finger against your back wall and you lose it, shooting your load into my mouth. The load is so big it starts to dribble out the corners of my mouth. You look down to see me licking my lips, catching the rest of your cum that escaped from my mouth. “Good, baby?” you ask.

I get to my feet and stretch. “Wanna have a taste for yourself?” I ask you. I lean in and kiss you, thrusting my tongue into your mouth. Our tongues move together, moving from my mouth to yours. I moan and press myself against you. You break the kiss and turn me around so my back is to you. You move my hair aside and kiss my neck. I sigh and tilt my head to give you better access. Your hands move from my hips, one sliding up my belly to my breasts. You pinch my nipples through my top, making me whimper. “Please baby, I need to cum soon”, I moan. You slide your other hand down towards my cunt. You growl in my ear, sending a shiver through my body.

You move your hands to the hem of my top and pull it over my head, exposing my breasts. I moan as you cover my breasts with your hands, squeezing and kneading them. You turn me around to face you again. You kiss me deeply again before sliding your tongue down my neck to flick over my nipples. I gasp and thread my fingers into your hair, pulling you closer to my tits. I moan as you start to suck on my nipples. Sucking hard on one before kissing your way across to the other to give it some attention.

You lower yourself to the floor, kissing my soft belly on your way down. Your fingers tickle me as they slide softly over my sides, the catch my skirt, dragging it down over my hips and down my legs as you rest on your knees. I look down to see you staring straight at my bald pussy. You slide your hands back up my legs, moving them to the backs of thighs. Grabbing my legs just below my arse, you tell me with your hands to shift and spread my legs a bit. As I do I step out of my skirt, kicking it across the floor.

I feel your hands move to my arse cheeks and you start to knead them, pulling them apart and then squeezing them together. I whimper as you massage my cheeks. I continue to look down at your head, watching, wondering Escort Konya what your next move is. My fingers travel to my nipples and start to pinch and pull at them. You move your head ever so close to my dripping pussy. “Please,” I plead to you. You finally shift close enough to run your tongue around the edge of my lips.

I spear my fingers into your hair and try to drag your mouth closer to my hot honey pot. “Please, don’t tease me, taste me now,” I beg you. But you stop my pulling hands. You look up at me and I whimper at the fire in your eyes. You drop your eyes back to my pussy and dive your tongue straight in my pussy. You hit my clit with the tip of your tongue, the slide it down to my entrance and rim it. My legs start to buckle from the intense pleasure. You reach up to guide me to the floor.

As I lay back on the carpet you continue with your explorations of my juicy pussy. My moans are filling the room, my head is tossing on the floor as I near orgasm. You can sense I’m almost ready to cum and you stop. You raise your head to look at me with lust filled eyes. You watch as I knead my breasts harder, pulling hard on my nipples. You lower your mouth toward my clit and give a couple of teasing flicks. You stop again and I groan in frustration. “Plea…,” I break off and scream as you thrust 2 fingers deep into me and finger fuck me hard and fast while your lips close over my clit and suck hard.

As you continue to suck my clit you hit my g-spot with your fingers and rub it furiously. I buck up on your face and start to squirt all over your face. You remove your fingers and shift your mouth to try and catch as much as my cum as you can. Afterwards I lay on the floor, still shuddering as my orgasm subsidies. You go to the bathroom and grab a towel to mop up the juices the dripped off your face.

After laying on the floor for about 10 minutes I finally manage to sit up and with your help, get up on the bed. We lay side by side on the bed and you ask me how I’m going, if I’m ok. I look at you and tell you I’m great. I look down and see your cock is hard. I shift suddenly and straddle your hips. I lean forward, my breasts and hair hanging down in your face. “You ready to feel your hot, hard, throbbing cock in my sweet pussy?”

You answer by grabbing my hips and shifting me until you feel your tip at my entrance. You tell me to look into your eyes and I do. As I look into your eyes you thrust deep into me. I arch my back, taking you deeper. “Oh my god, you feel good in me,” I murmur as I wriggle on you, feeling how deep you are. I slowly lift myself, then slide back down. Taking long, slow strokes, tormenting you. I reach behind me and cup your balls and jiggle them. I decide to experiment while sitting on you. I grind my hips hard down on yours, then rotate my hips.

I gasp as my swollen clit rubs against your pubic bone. I decide that since I liked that I would continue to do it. You watch my face, seeing the pleasure ripple across my features. You start to buck a little under me, becoming restless with my slow pace. You roll over, taking me with you. You start to thrust hard into me. I moan with each hard thrust you deal me, but you know I’m not complaining. I shift my legs, raising them high on your hips and wrap them around you.

I grab the bed head to steady myself as you increase your hard pounding. “Yes, baby, pound me like that,” I tell you. I feel myself getting closer and closer to coming again, so I thrust my hips hard into yours. Short screams of ecstasy escaping my throat. You shift and grab my hips, slamming impossibly harder into. I cant stand it anymore, “YES!! YES!! Fuck me, I’m coming!!,” I scream. I buck under you, my body wracked with shudder of pure pleasure. I feel you tensing as your orgasm hits. You cry out hoarsely as you start to shoot your hot cum into my pussy. You pull out as you continue to cum and spray the rest of it onto my belly and pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32