Adventures With Close Friends

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This is my first attempt at an erotic story. I’d love to hear some feedback. Also comments on my grammar are appreciated, as English isn’t my first language.

This story contains straight, lesbian and gay sex.

For a while now my girlfriend and I have been talking about having an open relationship. We are both kind of freaky and we like the idea of sleeping with more then one person, especially at the same time.

I, Dan, wouldn’t describe myself as incredibly handsome, but she would. I’m 25 years old, 5’9, slim built, quite muscular with black curly hair and brown eyes.

My girlfriend, Amy, is the hottest woman I’ve ever seen. She’s 27 and her curvy body, her perky D cups, her sexy smile and beckoning eyes made her look like the goddess Venus. Her black flowy hair and blue eyes made every guy wanna be with her and every girl, well, also wanna be with her.

While we talked a lot about sex with multiple people, conversations that ended in furious lovemaking more often than not, we never actually went through with it. This all changed one glorious Saturday night.

It was autumn and the wind and rain battered the windows, making that all familiar, relaxing sound. It was getting dark and I was finishing the dishes so the house would be ready to receive our guests. Two close friends, James and Jen, a couple, were coming over for drinks. I was just putting the last plate in the cupboard as I heard footsteps coming down the stairs. I turned around and my jaw dropped. There she stood, my lovely Amy, dressed in a skirt so short you could’ve called it a belt, and a low cut white blouse that was just see through enough to give you a look at the lacy black bra underneath.

I immediately felt my dick harden.

She walked towards me and with a long finger she closed my mouth. “All these years and I can still make your jaw drop,” she giggled. Amy pushed her body against mine and put her hand on my bulge. Then she gave me a rough and passionate kiss.

“I can’t wait to receive our guests!” Her voice was innocent but her devilish wink and smile betrayed a deeper desire then just having drinks.

I could barely speak. We had been together for almost four years, but the ability to stun me silent she had never lost. With a raspy voice I managed to get out: “Mmhm I wish I had time to rip those clothes of off you.”

Her eyes twinkled with a fire that was all too familiar to me. It was one of the things I fell for. A message that she was planning something bad.

She gave my bulge a last squeeze before walking to the door to open it. Apparently I hadn’t heard the sound of knocking.

I stayed in the kitchen while I begged my boner to go away. It didn’t. Just the thought of the shirt elegantly falling around her sweet curves got me hard. Eventually I decided to hide my boner as best as I could. It made me walk funny but at least I could say hi to our friends.

When James walked in I could see he had the same problem. This only made it worse for me. Him getting turned on by my girlfriend, turned me on so much. I still can’t explain why.

He was a 23 year old, very handsome man. He was clean shaven, which revealed his razor-sharp jawline. He had greenish eyes that made my knees weak if I looked into it for too long. His cut curly blond hair was always a bit messy. He was definitely the type of guy to make you question your sexuality.

James went in for a hug, as always.

“It’s good to be here!” he said as I briefly felt his dick bump into my leg. I consider myself to have an okay looking body, but his rock hard abs put mine to shame.

“I can’t wait to get absolutely hammered mate.”

I really couldn’t wait. Not only had it been a stressful week at work, I also knew that a drunk James was a James without borders. And tonight that might come in handy.

After a little bit, Amy walked out followed by Jen. Jen was gorgeous. As always I couldn’t help but let my eyes glide over her face and body. She had blond curly hair, sexy dark eyes, and full red lips. My eyes went down the dress she was wearing. It was pink and flowy and made her look quite angelic. Her tits were smaller then Amy’s but no less arousing. çekmeköy escort She had a skinny body but a great, firm ass.

As always she noticed my lingering eyes. “Hey Dan,” she gave me a quick wink, “it’s good to see you.” Her eyes lingered on my crotch for just a moment. “It’s good to see you too Jen,” I said as I returned her wink.

We were all already pretty drunk when Amy suggested we’d play a game. “Truth or dare, like we played in college,” she said with a smirk.

“Sounds like fun,” Jen said.

I needed to clear my head first. Amy’s clothes, or lack thereof, and Jen’s endless teasing had given me an almost painful erection.

“I’m gonna pop out for a smoke first.”

“Yeah, I’ll join you.” James stood up as well.

“Fuck, Amy is looking sexy,” he said as soon as the balcony door closed.

“Jen isn’t looking so bad either,” I replied. I glanced at his crotch. It was obvious he had just as much of a raging boner as I did. I tried to look at his face again but it was like my eyes were glued to his erection.

“Impressed?” he asked with a smirk.

I felt my face flush red. “W-what I was, I was just…”

“It’s okay dude, it’s fascinating I know.”

“What is?” I tried to keep eye contact.

“Another mans erection.” He took a drag of his cigarette.

“I suppose so.” I never really thought about it.

“You can touch it if you like.” He talked as casual as you would when talking about groceries.

“I- I don’t, what?” I was shocked, but not too surprised. This was the no limits James I knew and loved.

“Come on,” he said while turning to me with a grin from ear to ear, “it doesn’t have to mean anything, you’re just curious.”

And curious I was. I stopped myself thinking and acted. I put my hand on his bulge. The moment my hand felt his dick through his pants, a shock of lust went through my body. Slowly I let my fingers play along his length. He let out a soft moan. I was pleasing another man.

“You know you want more.” He winked, grabbed my hand and pushed it down his pants.

For the first time in my life I felt someone else’s cock. I was too drunk to really care what this meant, and just enjoyed the moment. I let my hand glide over his balls, his length all the way to the tip. I softly squeezed it and as I did I felt a drop of precum form on my hand. I pulled his foreskin all the way back. I couldn’t believe what I was doing, but it felt amazing. I looked at James’ face. He had his eyes closed and let out quiet noises. He liked what I was doing. It made me feel proud.

I was just getting the hang of it when he stopped me. “Jen and Amy must be wondering what’s taking so long.”

I walked in as in a blur and sat down. I was still high from what I just did. I looked over to James but he seemed quite unbothered. Had he done this sort of thing before?

“Okay, who wants to start?” Amy was a master of faking innocence.

“I will start if no one minds?” James looked around the room.

“Go ahead sweetie,” Jen said. She hang in a chair, her dress folded up, to the point you could almost see underneath it. Clearly she also had a few.

“Amy, truth or dare.”

“I’ll take a dare.”

“Can you pick up that lighter without bending your legs?”

I knew Amy could, but I had a feeling there was something else behind James’ dare. The lighter was lying on the floor a few feet from the table.

She walked over and bent down. I was very pleased she chose not to wear anything underneath her short leather skirt. All three of us had a great view. I noticed James and Jen were both staring at my girlfriends pussy. They looked stunned and lust played in both their eyes. A few drops of moisture played in the hairs around her beautiful cunt. She was bent over so far you could even see a good part of her glorious ass. Amy was taking an incredibly long time picking up just one lighter. When she finally stood up she turned around, smiled and said: “That wasn’t too hard at all!”

“Now Jen,” she said as she sat back down, “truth or dare?”


“Now, you’re in a serious relationship with that dipshit,” she gestured cevizli escort at James who pretended to be offended, “but have you ever thought about having other partners?”

Jen blushed. “Well I have to answer honestly don’t I?” Her voice slurred ever so slightly. “Well… I wouldn’t mind if James and I had… you know… had other people in our lives.” She paused for a second and glanced at James. He was grinning. “Not, like, romantically, but…” she didn’t finish her sentence.

“James, I want to ask you the same question!” she suddenly said.

“I didn’t even pick truth yet!” James protested, smiling.

“That’s too bad love, answer the question.” She winked at him wickedly.

“Well… that’s kind of the same answer as well.” He seemed a little nervous. “I would actually like it.”

Amy’s eyes twinkled. She had them right where she wanted them.

James breathed out and asked: “Amy, truth or dare?” I looked over and saw that his boner was as out of control as mine. Was he also driven crazy by the idea of someone else touching his girlfriend?


“Make Jen moan,” his devilishly handsome face was twisted into the biggest grin. “I-if your okay with that of course sweetie?” He turned his eyes to Jen, suddenly worried.

She was already taking off her panties. After she did that she spread her legs.

Amy got on her knees on front of Jen. She slowly kissed the inside of her legs, working her way towards her crotch. Then she buried her face in Jen’s pussy. Jen let out a soft gasp. It wasn’t a moan just yet though. James was looking at them in trance, as was I. If Amy was as good at going down on a woman as she was at going down on a man, Jen was getting an absolute treat. She closed her eyes in ecstasy, obviously holding back a moan. She wanted this to last.

I felt a hand on my crotch. It was James’. I looked at him but he didn’t take his eyes of off the scene unfolding in front of him. As Amy was working on Jen her skirt slipped up. I felt a light stroking on my cock. It felt amazing. At that point I didn’t care who did it. I was so horny, someone needed to touch me.

Finally Jen let out a loud moan. James pulled his hand back.

“You’re great at that!” Jen giggled, “have you done it before?”

“You’ll have to ask me if I pick truth,” Amy said while licking the juices off of her lips.

Of course I knew that she had. She had had multiple partners before she met me, some were women.

“Amy it’s your turn,” I said.

“Can we forget about the game? I’m so horny, and I need someone to touch me.”

A risky move Amy, I thought. Of course, she knew what she was doing.

Jen, who was still recovering from the mini orgasm she just had, gestured to James. “Sweetie, why don’t you give her what she wants?”

James didn’t need a word more. He went over to Amy, who was still on her knees, and put his hand between her legs. As he started rubbing her clit she moaned.

“Oh yes like that!” She said hoarsely.

I thought I was going to explode. My girlfriend was on her knees, her face inches away from Jen’s pussy and she was enjoying another mans fingers! I unzipped my pants, took out my dick and started stroking.

With his free hand, James softly pushed Amy’s head back between his girlfriends legs. She took the hint and began licking Jen’s pussy.

Within seconds she was moaning loudly again.

James dropped to his knees and, after he pushed her legs apart just a bit, started licking Amy from behind.

I couldn’t take it anymore. My dick was practically exploding. I couldn’t stop thinking about the feeling of James’ dick in my hand. For the first time in my life I was wondering how a cock would taste. Nervously I stood up. I wanted to take his entire length down my throat, but I didn’t. I think I was still too nervous.

I decided I finally wanted to see how Jen’s body looked. I walked over, my cock still hanging out of my pants, and started pulling her dress over her head. Jen was in ecstasy and looked quite happy to be rid of her clothes. She was wearing a pink bra underneath. I quickly undid it and let her gorgeous breasts out. As erenköy escort I did my dick stroked past her belly and immediately she grabbed it. Her hands felt like they were made for hand jobs. She made me feel amazing as my eyes glided over her nude, heaving body.

She was working my dick like there was no tomorrow. I bent over and took one of her nipples in my mouth. Her soft firm tits felt amazing against my face. Her loud moaning told me she was enjoying my tongue playing with her nipple.

That set me off. Large streams of cum shot over Jen’s belly and Amy’s face as I had the biggest orgasm of my life. Amy immediately started licking Jen’s belly, taking in all the cum she could. Apparently she loved this. With a groan and clenched fists she came, loudly. Her chest was moving up and down quickly.

I was looking over at James who was still licking Amy’s pussy furiously. She looked over at me and just her look made me hard again. She was moaning and there was still a bit of cum on her face. She looked hungry, like she never wanted this night to end. I moved my cock close to her mouth and gratefully she took it in. She was amazing at this. She could move her throat around your cock in a way that made you feel feelings you never thought you’d feel.

She moved up and down my shaft bobbing her head. If there was one thing she loved doing it was this. Sucking dick.

I was close to cumming again when she pulled away and gasped. With a scream she orgasmed.

James pulled his face from between her ass and smiled.

With a hoarse voice Jen said: “take of your pants and sit down.”

James obeyed. He sat down and I got a chance to appreciate his full length. His cock was amazing. Slightly shorter then mine but a bit thicker. It was dripping precum. On her knees Jen hungrily took it in her mouth. Amy got up from the floor, still panting and started kissing James furiously. Her big tits were hanging lazily out of her shirt. I took it off to let James have a look at her goddess like body. I took his hand and guided it across her soft belly, over her soft tits, to her nipples. I knew Amy liked it when I played with them.

Then I looked over at Jen. Her head was bobbing up and down. It was mesmerizing to look at. I got on my knees to have a better look. She noticed and she started showing off. She took James’ entire length down her throat, held it there for a bit and the took it out. She did this a couple of times before she whispered: “you try.”

My thoughts were racing at a thousand miles an hour. I decided not to listen to a single one of them and just acted on my deep and secret desire. I slowly moved my face closer to James’ amazing cock. Jen put her hand behind my head and gave an encouraging little push.

I cast a last look at James, who was fondling my girlfriends whole body. Then I took his cock in my mouth. It tasted weird, almost sweet. I adored it. From the second his length passed my lips I knew I was changed into a cock sucking slut. After sucking his tip for a bit I went further down.

I was disappointed I couldn’t take it all in. I went up and down, taking a bit more every time, but I was gagging each time he tickled my throat.

“Act like you’re jawning, that helps,” Jen whispered in my ear.

It did help. I was able to take it in further. I was working this dick so hard that I was almost surprised when I felt his hair against my nose.

“Good girl,” Jen smiled.

She was lapping at his balls now. I took James’ cock out of my mouth and started licking the sides. Jen got the hint and soon we were pleasing James together. It felt like our mission to make him feel great. Every time we got to the top we kissed passionately, his tip between our mouths. I was in heaven. I’ve never felt so at home as I felt now. Kissing Jen while making James feel amazing. With my free hand I was feeling up every part of Jen’s body.

She was softly playing with my balls.

We must have been doing a good job for after a very short time James’ cum spurted right in Jen’s face. Remembering what she liked I immediately went to lick it of off her. When my tongue tasted his salty sperm, my dick exploded. I came hard and collapsed on the floor. When I regained my consciousness, I saw James, Jen and Amy laying next to me. Everyone was panting furiously.

“That was fun,” James said with a smirk.

I thought that was the end of the night, but boy was I wrong…

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