A Summer’s Breeze Ch. 02

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This is a work of pure fantasy. This chapter contains big dicks and fake tits. If you’re not into that sort of thing, please move on. If you are, then feel free to continue.


Remember: All characters are over 18.


Nancy Darsch stood by the wooden fence that separated her backyard from the Key’s. She had just watched her neighbor Donald Key jerking off by his pool and she was on the verge of going over there and fucking him senseless.

Watching Donnie stroke himself had lit a fire in the mature woman. Almost 50, Nancy lived with her son but his career kept him travelling around the southern United States, leaving her alone half the time. Alone, and without a steady sexual partner to keep her satisfied, she had taken to prowling bars and fitness centers to help sate her desires.

It was a good enough excuse to get her out of the house and to stay in shape. She had enjoyed taking home the different men, and some women, from the bars, for a while. The thrill of alcohol induced sex became monotonous. After that she turned to the gym.

Nancy had always tried to stay in shape. Not only did she work hard to stay in top shape for her age, but watching men and women sweating as they lifted weights was always a huge turn on for her. A few dalliances in locker room showers with other ladies and private lessons with her trainers had kept her going back for more.

Unfortunately for her, the gym soon lost its luster. But now the spark for adventure returned.

She’d spied Donnie sunbathing and working out on the outdoor weight bench in his backyard before, but it wasn’t until a few minutes ago that she had ever thought of him sexually.

The sweet, shy little boy next door had grown into a strapping young man.

While moving boxes upstairs, Nancy spied the boy jerking his off cock. And what a cock! She immediately began diddling herself, watching and wondering what he was thinking about. After he came with spurts of cum shooting from his cock, Nancy had thought the matter done; the fantasy finished.

Then she saw him swell again and she knew she wanted more.

Without really thinking, Nancy rushed downstairs, stopping briefly to make sure she was at least presentable. Now she stood just on the other side of the fence. A literal gate leading her fantasy and fulfillment sat closed just an arm’s length away.

What am I doing, she thought scolding herself. Donnie’s been like a son the last few years. You should be ashamed of yourself. Are you going to just rush in there and fuck him?

With a sigh, Nancy began to step away from the gate. Picking up someone in the bar or gym was one thing, but to wantonly fuck the neighbor boy senseless?

Get a hold of yourself, Nancy.

Before she could even step away, she heard Donnie let out a moan as he pleasured himself again. That was all she had needed to change her mind.

Taking a quick glance at her reflection in the patio sliding glass door, Nancy steeled herself as she made sure she looked fuckable. Her auburn hair was pulled up in red kerchief, she wore Daisy Duke cut-offs that came to just below her ass cheeks, and a gray tank top that barely covered her enhanced breasts.

Nancy straightened the kerchief. Pulled the tank tight across her chest and tied the extra fabric into a knot. It had the wonderful effect of deepening the cleavage between her double-D tits and showing off her firm midriff too.

With a deep breath she reached for the gate handle.

On the other side of the fence, surrounded by bamboo, lying next to his pool, Donnie stroked his large cock. Having just cum, the remnants of a few ropes drying on his chest and the towel he laid on, he knew could make it last even longer. The teen always liked to hold off the impending orgasm as long as he could.

His last one had been especially strong. The last thoughts of his fantasy had been of the women he lived with: his aunt and mom. The thought of being seduced by either woman had made his impressive dick swell even thicker. The orgasm from that left him exhausted and content.

His young dick, though, had other plans. Another cool breeze across the still exposed skin seemed to give it the energy it needed to harden once more.

No reason to let it go to waste, he had thought.

Now he lay there once more slowly stroking himself. He wrapped both hands around his cannon, methodically massaging it from root to head. He moaned in pleasure.

“Donnie?” called Ms. Darsch’s voice from the other side of the fence. “Are you back there?”

Surprised, Donnie tried to quickly pull his shorts over himself and sit up at the same time. Finding it almost impossible, the boy rolled into the pool.

Nancy pushed the gate open at the same time that he fell in the water.

He surfaced, spitting out water and saw her standing at the edge looking down at him. She laughed, making him flush with embarrassment.

Donnie had istanbul esc always been attracted to Ms. Darsch. The window to his upstairs bedroom sat directly across from hers. There had been plenty of nights when he sat in his dark room watching her undress and play with herself. His favorite times had always been when she had brought someone home at night. He loved playing with himself as he watched her getting fucked.

“Are you okay?” she asked, standing at the edge, her arms crossed under her breasts. “I didn’t scare you did I?”

Donnie shook his head. As usual he got tongue tied around women. His mom and aunt were the only exception. He was able to talk to his cousin Cassie, who had lived with them until she started college a few years ago, until the day he spied on her getting dressed. Just watching her naked back as she brushed her hair and put on makeup was enough to make him shy from then on.

Any sexual thoughts sent him into shyness.

“Well, get out of there. I need some help next door moving some boxes.”

Donnie just nodded; worried that she might notice that his swimsuit was barely on.

Nancy grabbed the towel Donnie had been laying on and tossed it near the steps that led out of the pool. “It’ll only take a minute. You can get back to lazing around when you’re done,” she said moving towards the gate.

Leaning against a fence post, arms once again crossed under her breasts, Nancy watched him, waiting for him to move. She could guess why it was taking so long for him to get out.

He could feel Ms. Darsch’s eyes on him watching him. Trying to be sly, Donnie pulled his suit back up. He thanked the stars that the cold water had shrunk his cock enough that it could get it back in without having to obviously yank his suit back up.

She wore a small smile and slowly, almost imperceptibly pushed her tits together. The slight squeeze had the effect of deepening her cleavage and lifting her tits higher. It didn’t go unnoticed.

Donnie tried not to stare at Ms. Darsch’s tits as he stepped out of the pool. He knew from watching that she had tight little nipples, and he could almost see them pushing through the cotton tank top. He could feel himself harden again. He adjusted himself as he bent over to grab the towel.

Nancy watched. She could feel her breathing becoming shallower as she got excited. Seeing him dry his muscles it was getter harder to control herself.

Not yet, Nancy. Wait until you get home, she thought. It’s only a few feet away.

She turned from the sight of the muscled man behind her. Donnie had been working hard to build his body. Being shy had had some sort of benefit. He never felt like he could try out for or compete in sports so he channeled his excess energy into exercising and lifting weights. Combined with his teenage metabolism, Donnie was able to develop a well-defined muscular physique. He always counted his blessings for having a large cock and beautiful body. Though at the same time, he cursed his shyness because he wasn’t able to take advantage of his gifts.

“This’ll only take a few minutes,” she said again. Walking to her house, Nancy didn’t give him time to complain.

Like an obedient puppy, Donnie followed.

He watched her ass sway back and forth as she led the way upstairs. Donnie stared as she walked up, a hint of cheek poking out of the bottom of her shorts with each step.

Making their way to the hallway, Nancy stopped before the boxes she had brought up from the living room.

“I’ve gotten them this far,” she said motioning to the boxes. “But I need to get them up there.” She pointed to the tight, rickety ladder that led to the attic. “That’s just too much for me. I figured you and your teenage muscles could do what I couldn’t”

Donnie nodded. It didn’t look too hard. The ladder would be tricky to manage and the portal they led into looked tight, but he could do it.

Lifting a box, Donnie grunted at the unexpected weight. It was heavy. He was mildly surprised she had been able to bring it up this far. He stepped onto the ladder; the wooden steps creaked when he put his weight on them. The ladder swayed slightly.

Donnie grunted with the effort of trying to get the heavy box through the narrow opening in the ceiling. He pushed it up over the ledge and began stepping up the rest of the ladder, pushing the box further into the narrow crawl space.

As he got his upper body above the ceiling, into the attic, Ms. Darsch called out from below. “Make sure you push them all the way back there.”

She was enjoying the view. Watching his muscles flex against the effort of lifting the box and balancing it up the steps excited her even more. Now how do I get him out of that suit?

As Donnie moved up the sharp end of a nail caught in the pocket of his swim suit. With a quick step up, he shoved the box back and stepped into the attic. Just as quickly, the nail cut the fabric of his suit from türbanlı escort pocket to hem. It left him with a tear that exposed his entire right thigh.

Nancy and Donnie stopped.

“What was that, Donnie? Come back down so I can see if you’re okay.”

Nancy watched as Donnie pulled himself free of the sharp metal and came down the steps. There, right in front of her, swinging free, was the cock that she had been fantasizing over this morning. This was her chance.

She pounced.

“Oh, look at you,” she said resting her hand on the waistband of the suit as Donnie stood before her. “You ruined your suit. You tore the whole leg up the side.” She slowly lowered her hand, running her fingers along the tear, slightly brushing them against his exposed skin. “It was such a nice suit too.”

Donnie flinched at her touch. He could feel his cock starting to swell and didn’t know what to do.

“Oh, don’t be scared, silly. It doesn’t look like you’ve hurt yourself,” she said reaching in and caressing his thigh. “It feels like everything is just fine down there.” Nancy boldly grabbed Donnie’s swelling shaft.

She could feel it getting harder as she did. “Let’s get this out of the way,” she said lustfully. Nancy took her eyes off of the tear, where her hand now was, and watched Donnie’s face. She saw he was nervous and it made her wetter. “We don’t want to tear your suit anymore, do we?”

Donnie gulped and nodded his agreement. The warmth of someone else’s hand was too good. He didn’t want it to stop. He didn’t know what to do next.

“Such a lovely cock.” Nancy said pulling the erect shaft free from the torn suit. “Something this big would’ve torn your suit even more. And we can’t have that can we?”

Donnie shook his head. He stared at her. His nervousness was quickly fading, replaced by lust. His thoughts started to disappear; the primal animal deep in him began to take over.

Nancy began to slowly jerk his shaft as best she could. She was excited to see that her hands barely fit around it. “Such a thick cock,” she whispered.

Licking her lips, she leaned in towards him. Donnie took the hint and met her halfway, kissing her deeply. Their tongues danced. She tried to be coy, experience taught her to draw the moment out, extend it almost to breaking. He had never kissed or been kissed before. Youth and excitement won out in him. Donnie’s tongue circled the interior of Nancy’s mouth, bashing back and forth with no real finesse.

She broke away. With a smile, she said, “That was your first kiss, wasn’t it? Not too bad. You were a little rough but there’s plenty of room for improvement.” Nancy let go of his cock and hooked her fingers under the waistband of his suit. “Let’s get you out of this ruined thing.”

He nodded. Donnie could feel his pulse pounding. It took everything he had not to take her right then and there. Animal instincts were clouding his vision. He almost tore off his suit.

Nancy pulled the waistband down, pressing his erect dick against his thigh. When the band cleared the swollen head of his dick, it swung back up, slapping against his six-pack.

The woman kicked the discarded suit aside and took a step back. She drank in the sight of the naked teen. “Delicious.”

She had watched him work out in the backyard before and hadn’t thought of him as a man until she spied him just a short while ago. Now Donnie, the man was standing in front of her naked as the day he was born. The once scrawny teenager stood there in her hallway, his muscled body tensed with desire, his long, thick cock twitched. He needed his release and she wanted more than anything to give it to him.

“God you’re sexy,” she said. “The things I want to do…”

She didn’t get a chance to finish. The animal inside Donnie won out. He pounced on her. Tearing at her tank top, he ripped it free of her body, exposing her tits to him. She yelped in surprise and desire.

Donnie grabbed at her breasts, feeling their fullness. The pair were so large he couldn’t get his hand over them. Excited, he latched his mouth onto her neck, tasting her skin.

Nancy pulled him in closer. His rough inexperience made her want him even more. “Yes,” she cried. “Take it, Donnie. Take what you want.”

He unlatched his mouth from her. Taking his mature neighbor by the shoulders, he set her down on the hallway carpet. Donnie grabbed the waist of her shorts and yanked them off her legs. He tossed them aside and stood above her, finally taking in the sight of the naked body that lay before him. It was better than his fantasies.

Donnie had watched her through the upstairs window and sunbathing. He knew that her skin was an even caramel color but was surprised at how excited he got from seeing the pale skin that her swimsuit covered. The unexposed areas were creamy pale. Her pink nipples, atop breasts that refused to fall to the side, stood out against the pale skin; her pussy was shaved aksaray escort and looked ready and inviting.

His cock twitched in anticipation.

Nancy lay in front of her neighbor waiting, her breaths came ragged. Seeing the animal lust in the eyes of the quiet boy excited her more. Leaning up on one arm, she reached to him with the other and grasped the flared head of the Donnie’s cock. It was warm, firm to her touch. Never breaking eye contact, she slowly pulled him down towards her waiting pussy. When he was on his knees, Nancy gave him a reassuring smile and guided his head to her wet folds.

Donnie let nature take over and pushed his length inside her. Ms. Darsch’s mature pussy accepted his gift with ease. Excitement fueled her, lubricating the inner chamber, making it easier for him to feed her his thick, long cock.

“Oh God,” she moaned as he pushed deep inside. “Oh, fuck. Oh, FUCK. OH, FUCK!” Nancy wrapped her legs around Donnie’s back, pulling him deeper inside. All the silent fears she had about whether or she could take him disappeared with the sudden pleasure. For an instant the world went quiet.

Donnie began thrusting. The joy of finally being inside a woman was almost too much for him. The velvety wetness around his head and shaft overpowered his senses. The pleasure around his cock spread through the length and traveled up his spine. His breathing deepened, his thoughts disappeared; all he could do and wanted to do was fuck the woman underneath him.

The thickness of his cock, untrained thrusting, and the taboo of fucking her young neighbor sent her to the brink of orgasm. “Don’t stop,” she cried. “Keep fucking me with your big cock.”

Donnie obeyed.

Nancy grabbed Donnie by the back of his neck and pulled him close. “You like this pussy? I bet you like having your big dick inside me don’t you? I can tell you do.”

Donnie kissed her. His tongue danced in her mouth before pulling back. He could feel himself getting close.

Grabbing her hips, Donnie sped up his thrusts. Nancy screamed at the sudden change of tempo. She knew he was getting close, she could feel her own orgasm quickly approaching.

“Cum in me, you big dicked boy. Give me your sweet cum, Donnie. Give me everything!”

Fucking her faster, Donnie felt his cock swell. The pleasure in his body reached a zenith.

Knowing that she was making him cum, sent Nancy over the edge. “Oooooooh, God!” she screamed as her orgasm hit. Her eyes rolled back, her stomach starting fluttering, and Nancy lost all control over her body.

“FUCK!” she cried. It was the last thought she had before the world went blank.

Seeing and hearing her cum, Donnie slammed into harder and faster. His breathing came in gasps. Sweat rolled down his muscles as fucked her.

With a cry, Donnie came deep inside his neighbor. He could feel spurt after spurt exploding from his cock. He threw his head back, letting the animal howl in triumph.

Nancy continued to twitch from her orgasm a moment longer. When she recovered, she opened her eyes and saw Donnie kneeling above her. His slowly deflating cock was still wedged inside her used pussy. He sat there, catching his breath, running his hands down her legs. She leaned up and kissed him.

Releasing her from the kiss, Donnie slumped down beside her onto his back. His spent cock slipped out of her pussy and flopped down onto his thigh. A small dribble of cum leaked onto his skin.

Nancy rolled onto her side and snuggled up to the boy. She gave him a peck on the cheek and stroked his chest. His breaths were still deep but were slowly coming back to normal.

“Was that your first time?” she asked trailing a finger across his chest and down to his abs.

Donnie nodded.

“Thank you for sharing it with me,” she said giving him another kiss. “You weren’t too bad for your first time, but there are still some moves I can teach you.” She reached down and stroked his cock. It started to swell again. “But later. I need some rest. It’s been too long since I had a monster this size inside of me. You don’t want to break me too quickly, do you?”

Donnie smiled and shook his head. He could barely think right now. The release had quieted all thoughts and left him calm.

Laying there in the hallway, Donnie let himself relax. He closed his eyes and felt himself falling asleep. True, he could go again, the swell of his cock told him so, but right now he wanted to rest and enjoy the moment.

Nancy watched him fall asleep. She could feel his cum beginning to leak out of her pussy. With a contented sigh, she got up and headed for her room. She needed to take a shower. The sweat from work and fucking didn’t mix too well.

Before heading into her bathroom, Nancy looked back on the boy. His cock, semi-swollen from her stroking, lay across his thigh. Her juices gave it a sheen. Combined with the cooling sweat on his body that glistened in the afternoon light, the teen looked like a beautiful carved statue, laying there in her hallway.

She smiled to herself. There was plenty to teach him and more than enough time to do it in. Nancy had all summer and she planned on fucking him every moment she could.

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