A first-time story of forbidden desires M/M/D

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A story of forbidden desire, forbidden love, and a fantasy fulfilled.

As a young gay man, not yet even out of high school, it was always hard to find ways and means of fulfilling my sexual desires. The bathroom stalls were a hit and so were the parks. Cruising areas were a big hit because then no-one really cared about who you were, what your name was or even how old you were.

Let me be clear this is not a story about a minor being taken advantage of. I was fully aware of who I was, what I wanted, and puberty was far behind me. In fact, if truth be told I was often the hunter…the one to instigate contact whenever I would go out among the bushes to meet a man. I was not that discriminating; I was driven by the urges of youth and didn’t think of anything other than how to get off.

As it so happens there was one chance meeting that led to a few months of passion. He was a little older, probably in his twenties, out running with his handsome shepherd always at his side. I had seen him often at the local spot, but he never seemed interested in a skinny little teenage youth.

One day I was out in the park and had fallen, twisting my ankle and while hobbling back to the parking lot I stopped to massage my ankle and that is when he came along. This time, he stopped, and we started up a conversation. I noticed that his shepherd, was acting rather excited and was always pushing in. His shepherd was a nicely made male, his coat was full and rich, and it felt great when I rubbed him down. Then his dog, Brutus by name, stuck his nose down and into my crotch which was slightly moist with damp and sweat but it made my penis stir. Hoping to avoid notice I slightly pushed Brutus aside and smiled and yet I could not help noticing the look this man was giving me as well as that he gave my crotch, so I decided to go for it and I reached out to touch his leg and give him that “look”.

He closed his eyes, relaxed into my touch and so having received a positive signal, I decided to invite him into the bushes nearby. He refused. and asked if I would come home to his place which wasn’t far. Fully engaged, fully committed and not a little bit anxious, I agreed and followed him home.

We were in the kitchen getting some refreshments and his dog was still in a state of excitement, pushing his nose into my crotch which was making me very obviously hard. And then Brutus turned and went to his master John and nosed his crotch as well. I followed with hungry eyes and saw that John was also quite hard himself. John asked me in a quiet voice, if I liked what I saw. I whispered that yes I did like what I saw to which John then asked if I minded having Brutus nosing about.

I had never dared mention my attraction to animals in a manner that was not quite talked about and I don’t know why I did so now. But I whispered again that I didn’t mind, that it was rather exciting.

John took me into the living room and sat me down to massage my ankle and Brutus was right there only this time he was nuzzling my crotch, huffing and whiffing so that my crotch felt warm and moist all over again. This time I didn’t stop Brutus but instead opened my legs slightly which allowed my balls to slip out the side and Brutus started to lick.

John was watching this intently and he slowly moved his hands up my leg and started to pull my shorts down, then he lifted my rear so that my ass was exposed. Brutus wasted no time and before I knew it I had my first “doggy rim job”. That was as far as it got for that day because the sensations were so new that it didn’t take me long to explode.

And so it was, my first foray into the forbidden and I wanted more.

Over the next few days, I could not stop thinking of this encounter. I would lay in bed at night playing with myself and dreaming of John and what I would want him to do to me, and yet I could not exactly separate my images of John from those of Brutus and the rasp of Brutus’ tongue as he lapped at my hole. The way his tongue would lick the entire length of my taint and then over the opening of my ass to finish with a little dip of the tongue tip as it entered my cavity. I couldn’t forget how my asshole felt, the way it quivered, almost vibrating between each stroke of the tongue. And to be sure, these thoughts would lead me to orgasm with frequency, and yet I wanted more. I wanted to know what it would feel like to touch a dog’s shaft, to stroke it, to rub myself against it.

I felt a fool really… almost like a silly child with his first crush and I guess now that I think back, I did have a crush… but was it for John or was it for Brutus? I figured that there really was only one way to find out for sure and so in about another week I found myself back at the park. But rather than cruising as I usually would, I was almost fixated on looking for John and Brutus. Every noise coming down the path would make my heart race, my breath quicken.

It was getting late, later than I would normally stay and I was about to give up and go home when I finally heard the noise I was longing to hear. Here came Brutus around the bend in the path and with him came John. Now maybe it was my imagination, maybe it was wishful thinking, but it seemed though that when Brutus first caught a glimpse of me there, his pace quickened, his pull on the leash became little more urgent. I imagined that John had a hint of a smile at seeing me and yet I was suddenly caught with an overwhelming shyness… what was I going to say?

Thankfully it had not been all my imagination as it was John himself who began the conversation. saying that he had been held up at work and had not been able to get out and that he had missed seeing me in the park over the last few days. I am not exactly sure as to the rest of our conversation as I was so taken with Brutus who has recently been to the groomers and was more beautiful than before. However it had occurred, I found myself back in John’s house, sitting back on the couch with Brutus nuzzling and nudging me again. This time however John was far more involved that before, stroking my chest, rubbing my arms, kissing my neck. On occasion his hands would reach down and stroke the outline of my cock, running a thumbnail across the head.

I was of course returning in kind, stroking the hair on his forearm, returning the kisses when he would lean far enough over. It was bliss and I was so engaged that when John came around the couch and raised me up, I fell into his arms. He half carried me into the back of the house and into his bedroom. Brutus of course was right behind us and jumped on the bed, turning around with his breath heavy and his tongue dripping.

John and I laid back on the Sex hikayeleri bed and we both began to explore each other in detail. His arms and legs were covered in a soft layer of hair and he had that little highway leading from his six-pack abs down to his jeans His chest was smooth to the touch and didn’t appear to be shaven, his nipples erect to match the bulge of his cock as it strained against the denim of his jeans.

I didn’t hesitate but began to lick John’s chest, pushing his arms back over his head as he reclined to receive the worship he deserved. The smell of man sweat under his arms was sharp yet smokey and I didn’t hesitate. I buried my face in first one pit and then the other, John twitching a little at the tickling of tongue against flesh. I found my rhythm and was so engaged that I had barely noticed that there was a sound that matched my tongue lashing…Brutus was eagerly rasping his tongue against the front of John’s crotch in time to the rhythm I had set, turning the faded blue denim dark with his saliva.

I started to move my way down Johns torso, giving a few playful nibbles on his side which I know drives a man crazy. Stopping ever so briefly to run my tongue around and into his navel and down amongst the hairs of his highway until I could undo the buttons of his jeans with my teeth. After having undone his zipper and pushed his pants down, I was met with the full rush of male musk that I have come to love and did not waste any more time but to bury my face into John’s crotch.

Of course, I was not alone, I had not forgotten Brutus on the bed, his masculine power a presence of animal lust that added to my own urgent need to please my master. It was almost as if I were another of John’s dogs and indeed it was not long before my own urgent lapping met with that of Brutus. Having my tongue entwined with Brutus was such an exhilarating feeling. Of course I have had occasion to have kissed a dog before but never in this manner. It was different, charged with mutual sexual desire to please our master. Brutus and I licked both sides of John’s throbbing cock, taking john’s sack between us, each of us exploring the sensation of John’s balls and the soft insides of our mouths as our tongues explored each other.

John started to buck, thrusting himself into this mutual tongue lashing. First my throat then pulling out to disappear into Brutus’s waiting mouth. His balls started to move, and I knew what was coming, and sure enough before a few more strokes, John had erupted. It was everywhere. It covered my lips, it was on Brutus’ face. Salty and sweet, I simply didn’t ever want it to stop flowing. And it was then that I exploded. I had never before experienced a “hands free” orgasm except maybe in my sleep. I lifted out of John’s lap, turned to give him a kiss and let him taste himself on my lips even as Brutus licked at my own cum, each stroke of his rasping tongue sending shivers up and down my spine.

And so it was that I had my second taste of forbidden desire.

John, Brutus and I continued to have visits together although as I was finishing up the school year and John was spending more time at work, we simply were not seeing as much of each other as I wanted.

I had plenty of experiences now to flood my mind with a lot of sexual fantasy yet at the same time, I could not help but remember that I had not yet fulfilled my true desires in exploring sex with Brutus. I had of course touched him, played with him, jerking fondling him, but I had not yet experienced being fully engaged with Brutus in the way I desired. And now that I had a few more experiences I was no longer content with touching Brutus’ penis but wanted more. I had a distinct desire to be dominated by this beautiful creature, to taste him, to feel him, and to feel him inside me.

I am versatile in the bedroom but lean towards being submissive and yet, not only had I not been taken by Brutus, but I had also not been taken by John and more than anything I wanted both of them to have their way with me, to use me in whatever way they wished. And it was with this in mind that I decided to push the envelope even though the thought of Brutus scared me a little because I did not know what to expect. But more than the unease was an overwhelming, almost obsessive need to know, to experience, to debase myself fully and hold nothing back.

I was supposed to meet John and Brutus later that day so after having cleaned myself fully and with a mind full of imagined sexual dreams, I set out for our usual rendezvous in the park. This time John was already there with Brutus. He had a gleam in his eye and a small smirk on his face which struck me as quite mysterious. As I came closer John told me he had planned a few surprises for me, but he wouldn’t say more until we got to his house.

As I walked in the door, I saw that there was a present on the countertop in the kitchen and John motioned for me to open it. Inside was a collar and leash set to match Brutus’ and some leather shorts. John asked me if I would truly be his toy and would I mind wearing these new things. Of course, he didn’t have to ask me twice, I was so turned on at the thought of wearing my collar and new leather shorts that I was out of my own clothes and fastening the collar round my throat almost before John could blink. John attached my leash and with both Brutus and I, walked back to the bedroom where yet another surprise waited.

He had moved the bed out of the way and instead, there was a low, padded bench/shop horse contraption set right there in the room. There were also some other things I didn’t quite recognize but soon found out were ties and shackles so that I was stretched out over the workhorse with my ankles chained to the legs of the workhorse and shackled to my wrists which were also secured and buckled into place.

Once installed and quite exposed, my heart racing in anticipation, John revealed his final surprise when he stood over me placing a blindfold over my eyes. What was about to happen I had absolutely no clue but whatever it was, I wanted it. I had never really thought of this type of scene in my wildest of fantasies, but I figured that this was the time when my wish of being dominated would be fulfilled.

Blind, I was relying on sound and smells to know what was happening and sure enough I smelled John’s distinctive musk as he stood before me. He was naked and aroused and wasted no time in using me orally rather than me giving him worship. After a while he pulled himself free and moved around to the back of me, always caressing and stroking me. His hands were everywhere but mostly working my cheeks and massaging me, reaching around and under me to stroke Sikiş hikayeleri at my own straining cock. And then I felt him behind me as he laid himself fully against my body, pressing his cock against the stretched leather. Slowly pealing the shorts down, he started to use his tongue to great effect until I was so ready, so moist and open that I was practically begging him to take me right then and there… but he did not.

Instead, he whispered close to my ear that it was time to worship the other man of the house and I suddenly felt Brutus there, smelled him in front of me just as John had been. John was fully pressed against me, reaching out to Brutus and I soon started to feel a slick wetness against my face, droplets and dribbles as John worked Brutus… and then John told me to open my mouth.

It was amazing, it was something I had never felt before. It was wet, it was flexible, but there was a firmness as well as if there were a rod of steel buried inside. The texture was rough and soft at the same time, covered in blood vessels that were all pulsating in time with the ragged breath of Brutus who was starting to thrust himself against my face. Not being able to see, not being able to touch, I could do nothing but allow Brutus to slap himself against me and then John guided Brutus into my mouth.

I was in heaven. Here was this massive beast, thrusting in and out of my mouth, and at the same time here was John returning to give attention to my hole that was still dripping from his earlier tongue lashing. John was pulling my hair, not hard or painfully but forcefully enough to raise my head back and give Brutus clear access as he thrust into my mouth.

I felt Brutus getting more forceful, his breathing coming in more rapid gasps, his legs wrapped around my upper torso as he pushed and pushed, going deeper and deeper into my throat and all the while his member swelling larger and larger until I thought I could take no more and then it started. A flow of hot stickiness that was not as thick as the cum I was used to from John but yet tasted slightly salty, slightly tart but mostly tasted like what I would imagine smoke would taste like. It was flowing into my mouth filling my mouth till I could no longer hold it. It started to drip down out of the corners of my mouth and running down my throat and onto my chest. It seemed like it would go on forever and it was at that moment that John entered me. Not thrusting wildly as Brutus had been doing to my mouth but a steady slide into me until I felt his balls slap against me and his full length impaling me.

Being blind I could only imagine what the image looked like, to have both man and beast using me as they wished, thrusting together and skewering me. I could only moan as my fantasies were being fulfilled and yet it was so much better than any fantasy I had ever dreamt. I was barely able to process the sensations that were running through my body. I could not decide where Brutus ended and John began. It was if they were one huge ramrod moving in the mouth and down to my hole and back again.

How long this went on I really could not say, I had lost all awareness of time and surroundings, I could no longer feel the shackles on my ankles or wrists, I could only feel myself moving back and forth in time with the thrusting, the rocking of the workhorse beneath me as it too shifted in rhythm until John quickened and I felt him gushing deep inside in such a way that almost matched the heat of Brutus’ cum that was still pouring into my mouth, into the back of my throat and down the sides of my face. After a time, Brutus disengaged and so did John. Leaning over my still prone body, John whispered into my ear, nuzzled my neck, his tongue tracing the lines of semen left by Brutus. Softly, almost tenderly, John kissed me and unbuckled me from my restraints.

And so it was that I had come to my third taste of forbidden desire.

School was over had been over for a few weeks and it seemed that the summer was flying past. Having tasted forbidden fruit I could not slate my appetite for this summer romance that had developed between us. John and I were so involved with each other, giving and receiving the best pleasures that we could create, indulging in fantasy, drowning in each other’s fluid explosions of carnal lust. We switched out one role for another as easily as changing clothes. First being submissive, then being aggressive, worshipping and being worshipped. At times indulging in bondage and at others simply being content to lay together on the couch watching some movie or listening to music playing on the radio and Brutus was always there to lend a tongue lashing, to fill our mouths with himself, or join in our mutual cuddling in front of the television screen.

It was a summer that I wished would never end and yet knew it could not last. My senior year at school was about to start and John had informed me that he had to relocate to another town, in another city because of his work.

As the time passed, the urgency of my need started to build. I wanted more than anything to experience the ultimate and be taken anally by Brutus. I had wondered why it had not happened yet and now that I was far more at ease with John and my taboo desires, now that I knew John would not judge me or ridicule my fantasy, I asked him if he would help me finally cross that boundary and to help me play the bitch to Brutus’ manhood.

John told me that he wasn’t really sure that I knew what I wanted since Brutus was quite large and could get carried away with his excitement. I replied that I didn’t really know but over the last few weeks I had come to want this experience more than anything I could remember ever wanting before and that I wanted John to be the one to lead me… to assist me in having this experience. I told John that his slave trusted the master to reward his slave with the ultimate experience of animal lust. If John was there, I trusted him to assist me and if need be, to intervene should things get out of hand. and with all that having been said, John finally agreed to be my trainer and mentor.

That having been decided we thought it best to wait till the next day, so I called my parents and made up some story of staying overnight with friends. That evening John and I spent the night together in a marathon of indulgence, both of us achieving orgasm multiple times over the course of the evening.

The next day, I woke to find that John had slipped out earlier that morning. A note left for me told me to wait a few hours as he had to pick up some things for the day’s adventure. When he returned, he had bought me a toy, but this was no ordinary toy, this Erotik hikaye was a dildo in the shape and approximate size to match Brutus. I am not ashamed to say but when I saw that knot, I began to doubt my need to take that inside myself, but I had come this far and I figured it was too late to back out of it now.

John came into the shower with me and helped me wash myself in preparation for what was to come, and he brought my new toy along. With the heat of the shower and some liberal lubrication, John was able to insert that massive monstrosity into my ass. With a strong stroke he plunged that doggie dildo into me, and I gasped in pain as I felt the knot stretching me beyond anything I had ever felt or thought to feel. Yet soon I had the knot fully inside and the pain started to ease into a warm spreading pleasure made all the better for the way John was applying the toy. Varying the speed, the direction, even the depth of each stroke as it plunged into me, I soon realized that John was fully engorged, harder than I had ever seen him before. Before long John was alternating between the doggie dildo and his own tool until he had spent himself against my prostate.

Having cum, John exited the shower and left me to finish drying off while he finished some basic prep work. Once I was done, I went into the bedroom where Brutus eagerly awaited as if he knew what was about to happen. I went to assume my position on the bench where we had those few weeks ago allowed Brutus to use my mouth, but John stopped me and told me it would be better if I were given more room to move and adjust myself to what was to come rather than to be bound. And instead of being bare, John had me put on an old shirt of his. It was a well worn work-shirt that smelled of John which was comforting.

We got a blanket out of the closet and spread it out on the floor where I took my place and knelt with my ass up in midair. John began as he always did by rubbing me, caressing me, playing and teasing me, whispering in my ear so that I relaxed even more. John then took something out of a cabinet by the bed and I smelled the smell of peanut butter and felt him spread it on my hole and swirling it around just inside my entrance. It was rather sticky but son it was starting to melt with my own body heat. I had the crazy notion that it would simply be just the most awful mess and it would be hell to get cleaned up when I felt a familiar swipe of the tongue, the rasp scraping along my inner thighs and in between my cheeks and across my hole. I felt the familiar tension and vibration whenever Brutus would lick me, the sharp sensation as the tip of his dog’s tongue would dip inside to reach the peanut delight that John had spread around and inside my waiting gateway.

Nervously I waited for what I knew would come but still the tongue lashing went on and on. I heard a click of a leash attaching to collar and then John moved to the front holding Brutus by the leash so as to better control his movement. John’s crotch was at the level of my face, and I noticed he was raging hard again. Before I could fully appreciate this manly tool in front of me, Brutus was there, his weight settled across my lower back, his legs jerking and moving apart, spreading my legs further as he thrust with abandon at my exposed backside. His strong forearms gripping me tighter than ever before as if to make sure I was immobile and there was a deep rumbling growl in his throat.

John reached around me and grabbed Brutus and once again guided his massive manhood home into my waiting hole. It was searing, that first thrust, and nothing could have ever prepared me for that entrance. Unlike John and the dog toy, there was no variation in speed, there was no variation in depth except for deeper and yet deeper still. I was straining and vibrating so hard my legs were shaking and I could barely hold myself up. Every thrust from Brutus almost made me fall forwards onto my face yet there was john, always holding me, speaking more firmly and with authority.

I latched onto the sound of my master’s voice and felt calmer realizing that the pain was so intense because I was too tightly stretched by nerves and anxiety and that if I just let myself go, I would make this a smoother and more enjoyable experience. And as I relaxed, Brutus, while still strong and constantly grinding me, was somehow less aggressive, his strokes more regular, and I could start to enjoy the sensation of having him inside me, of feeling his veiny cock as it rubbed up and down against the walls of my insides, pounding against and past my prostate. And then came the familiar liquid heat of a dog cumming. I was so engrossed in the sensation that I had not noticed that he had me knotted, until at least John turned Brutus to face away from me leaving himself inside. The feeling of fullness ranging so deeply into my gut, jets of liquid fire flooding my guts with shot after shot of Brutus’ orgasm, and a throbbing pulsation against my prostate were beyond all that I could have ever imagined and while it is easy to say the words, the feeling is more than what words can tell. There is no other sensation quite like being tied and a dog pulsating his seed into a forbidden hole.

And there was John as always, holding onto Brutus and pulling him ever deeper, keeping Brutus and I tied together. His crotch was right before me, his own manhood swollen with his desire as he watched his two dogs enjoy each other. I opened my mouth and took John into my waiting throat and together we once again became a single mass of flesh and lust, grinding together, rocking together, moving hard rods in rhythm with each other, my hand reaching under myself to jerk my own raging manhood.

Once again, the scene in my mind, the sensations of my body, the knowledge that I was being completely and totally dominated as I had long desired, caused the world to vanish until all I could focus on was pure and utter ecstasy. There was no John, there was no Brutus, there was no me, there was only “we” and together we reached climax. And what a climax. I had never before felt a climax so intense, never before been filled with so much manhood or the juices that flowed.

We stayed in that position long after the glow of climax had faded. I removed my hand from myself to help steady my shaking body and John had gone into that semi-soft state that comes after having sex and he pulled slowly from me, and then Brutus withdrew.

I didn’t even bother to clean up, I simply lay there relishing the aftermath, listening to the breathing of my glorious master and his faithful and very sexy beast. After some time I raised up to kiss John, then turned to caress Brutus in both a thank you and goodbye.

And so my journey into the forbidden was complete, I had indeed tasted forbidden desire fully and completely, and I, indeed the world itself, was forever changed.

The End.

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