2:06 am

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I answer the phone in a breathless whisper. Silence… my heart hammers waiting to hear the voice I knows is on the other end.

“Come to my house.” his husky voice purrs into my ear. I am quiet; my stomach does a nervous flicker. “Now!” he growls in his deep manly voice, silently daring me to tell him no. I know I don’t deny him, he knows I don’t deny him.

“I’m on my way.” I whisper.

Another growl, “Bra & panties!” and he ends the call.

I fling the covers off of my sleep warmed skin and grab a set of lingerie that I hope he won’t rip to shreds. Although the thought of the pink flowered lace being torn from my body speeds my flight to his house. I rev my car’s engine and tune into some seductive music to keep the mood he put me into, Alicia Keyes sings about the things he and I do together. A glance at the dashboard clock confirms my insanity, 2:06am.

I approach the front door and it swings open. He is barefoot, in jeans slung low on his hips, a snug black shirt stretches across his massive chest. My mouth waters as my fingers itch to reach out and touch him. He stares into my eyes then takes in my whole appearance. My auburn hair is tousled from sleep but still seductive and sexy. My dark eyelashes sweep downward in feigned shyness. Lips full, wet and pouting smirk at him, taunting him constantly. The zipper on my jacket shows just the slightest swell of my breasts underneath. He knew I’d have on a bra merely because he told me too. Tight black leggings run down my hips and legs to tiny ballet slippers. I was there finally, within his reach, at his command. God I intoxicated him, that power thrilled me. I make eye contact again and lick my lips. He needs to devour me right then but only pulls me gently closer. Breath we both think but both have our breath held. He pushes his nose right underneath my ear and breathes in the scent of me. I always smell sensual and spicy to him, but what he breathes in now is more heat than scent. I tremble and my stomach clutches, eager but tense. His nearness brings out a weakness in me, a willingness I am not accustomed to feeling. He knows how he makes me feel; he revels in this new found power.

He takes me by the hand and pulls me in the door. A small orange lamp cast off eerie shadows and it is so hushed. He turns and puts a finger to my lips. I know his roommate is home so I take his finger in my mouth and suck on it, nibble it softly. The quietest moan escapes his lips. My eyes are triumphant. He grabs my upper arms and pushes me back towards his room. I fight the weakness in my knees and go silently as he directs me. The ebb and flow of control between the two of us is like a choreographed dance.

One lone illegal bahis candle burns in the corner, barely fluttering a flame. I smile at the pallet he’s made out on the floor. He knows how much I like it that way. The door barely latches and he spins me around and, drives me against the wall. Hands splayed out on the wall, my breasts pushed up against the hard surface. His breath on my neck searing and fierce

“Spread your legs!”. Before I can even comply he jerks down my leggings and tosses them aside. His hands hasten back up my legs smiling as they drag across the panties I wear, wear for him. His voice is back in my ear “My dirty girl did as she was told.”, his breath hot on my neck, and he inhales deeply. His foot shoves my legs apart and his chest shoves into my back crushing me to the wall. I struggle for breath as his hand dives down the front of my panties. “My pussy is wet.” he growls into my neck. Speechless, all I can do is nod. “Tell me!” he demands.

“Yes, yes your pussy is wet, you make it so wet!” I groan. He pulls my hips toward him and I grind my ass back into him feeling the hardness of his cock through his jeans. He turns me around and spreads his hands across my breasts. One hand runs up my chest to my throat and his hand just barely squeezes then clamps down on my mouth. His thumb caresses my check while his fingers grip like steel. His other hand starts to unzip my jacket. I look him right in the eyes. I try to taunt him with my eyes, but he can feel my trembling body betray me. He knows he has the upper hand for a while longer. The jacket slides off and I arch my back and run my hands across his expansive shoulders then pull his shirt off. The sight of his body builds the desire in me. Candlelight flickers over our skin. His muscles swell and quiver in restraint. He tamps down the urge to consume me again; I can see him clinch his fists. His body is that of a Greek god. Massive shoulders, enormous arms, tight abs run down to powerful thighs. My hands explore over him wanting more. He is my greatest weakness, my greatest desire. I murmur his name and he closes his eyes to remain in control. He takes a deep breath and gains focus again. I try to resist as he presses down on my shoulders, I leans in to kiss him but he jerks my hair and pulls my head back. He looks into my eyes brings his lips next to mine, but denies me. I ache for his kiss and yet I wonder what it cost him to deny himself as well. One of his hands fisted in my hair, the other pushes down on my shoulder and my knees buckle. I look up at him smiling at how sexy his body is in the light of the flame. Knowing what is expected I rub my mouth across the tight jeans where his cock is stiff and waiting for my mouth. I slowly illegal bahis siteleri unbutton the jeans and his hands release me. I enjoy this moment when he relaxes and turns control over to me. We have danced this dance before; we both know the steps. My mouth waters thinking of that first taste of precum I can suck from him. He smirks as his jeans come off.

“Give me your hands!” he demands. Puzzled I look at him. This is new. “Now!” he growls. I submit and raise both my hands up to him. He grasps both my wrist in one hand and holds them up against the wall. His other hand goes to my mouth, those lips that drive him crazy. “You want my cock in your mouth?” I nod. “Say it!” he snarls.

“Please let me suck your cock. I want it in my mouth.” I breathlessly tell him. I nuzzle my face up against him.

Suddenly my head jolts back and I look up at him. He smirks down at me. I am on my knees in front of him, pretty pink bra covering the swell of my breasts, hiding those delicious nipples he tortures for me and those lacy pink panties wrapped around my hips, covering my dripping pussy; his pussy. His hand tightly holding my wrists; I blink up at him confused.

“Tell me you are mine.” he says.

“I am yours, I belong to you.” I whimper my heart pounding with confusion and desire.

“Then clean me up.” he tells my. I can smell pussy on his cock. I run my tongue along his balls and taste the cum of another woman. Pulling one ball into my mouth I taste her on him. “Open your mouth.” and he drives his rigid cock all the way to the back of my throat. I gag and try to move back but his hand holds my head in place. “Spit on it!” he demands. Mercifully he releases my wrists. I grab his cock and spit on the head of it and he drives it down my throat. His balls are cupped in my hand while I swallow his cock. I lick and suck all over his cock and balls until there isn’t a trace of another woman on them.

He tells me to lie down on the pallet, and I comply. I arch my back and caress my own breasts through the pink lace as I spread my legs inviting him to me. He lowers himself over me moaning my name. I lay back and relish in his hands roaming roughly over my skin. He grips my arms and pulls me to him and delves his tongue down into my mouth. It feels like eternity as he probes my mouth bruising my lips with his passion. I can feel his hard cock rubbing my thigh. His fingers deftly undo my bra and it disappears.

My voice moans “Yes, yes harder, touch me harder!”. Thoughts of hurting me leave his mind, as his hands grip my body tight. My skin flushes in the candlelight; I arch my back and plead for more. The rip of the lace panties almost makes me cum. He quickly discards them canlı bahis siteleri and plunges his fingers into my wet pussy. I see spots and dizziness washes over me, so tremendous does his fingers feel inside me, his thumb rubbing my clit. “Please.” I beg “Please fuck me!” as I grind down onto his hand. The quickness of his movements takes my breath away. He is deep inside me thrusting without kindness. His grip on my thighs is excruciating but it is driving me closer and closer to the edge.

“Cum for me baby!” he demands of me. “Look at me, look me in the eyes when I make you cum.” and I do as he tells me. My eyes are dark with obsession and longing. I feel the pleasure build and flood through me with his every plunge until I explode. He slams his hand over my mouth to stifle my cry so his roommate doesn’t hear. He whispers my name softly over and over. He delights in feeling my pussy squeeze around his cock, my cum pouring out of me.

Rolling over on top of him, I guide his cock inside me and rotate my hips the way he hungers for so greatly. I know the tides have turned a bit and I smile down at him. He seizes my waist and I bite my lip to keep from crying out. Grinding and twisting my hips pushing his cock all the way up in my pussy, abusing my cervix. I am on top of him, my knees by his sides. His cock grinds on my g-spot with perfection. A flooding orgasm rocks through me unexpectedly and I collapse on his chest.

“My sweet little slut cums so hard doesn’t she?” he asks me. I nod “Tell me!” he demands.

“I cum so hard for you, I’m yours, I cum for you! Only for you!” I sigh.

“Turn around.” he says. I get on all fours exposing my dripping pussy and ass to him. His tongue runs along my pussy with one long stoke and flicks my swollen clit.

“Yes.” I moan and say his name over and over. He rubs his hard cock over my soaked pussy, teasing it along my ass. I tense and arch my back anticipating.

“Tell me.” he insists. I know what he commands; this taboo act between the two of us.

“That’s just your ass, simply for you, only you fuck my ass. You can fuck my ass anytime you want to, only you!” He smiles behind me, groans; he takes a deep breath and plunges into my ass. I take all of it clutching at the blankets with my hands, so great is the ache as well as the satisfaction. My head swims with the feeling of him inside me. He moves faster, harder, gripping my hips ruthlessly. He explodes inside my ass growling and seizing me, panting my name. Exhausted from his night of multiple partners, he collapses on top of me. I am dizzy and my body hums from pleasure and pain. Rolling over he gathers me up in his arms. We lay facing each other, breathing slowly, lips barely touching, soft whispers and moans. Reluctantly I try to pull away but he holds me tight.

“Stay.” he tells me. I always do as he tells me. He tucks a blanket around me, and I rest my head on his shoulder. He whispers my name as I fall asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32