18 and On My Way to the Truck Stop

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Ana Rose

I couldn’t tell you why I did it. I can barely make sense of why I found myself searching craigslist to being with.

I had been anxious for what felt like as long as I could remember. But it had maybe gotten worse since I had turned 18 a few weeks before. At the very least, my decisions were getting worse. Or maybe they just felt like they had permission to be worse. I was an adult. Or legal rather. So that voice, the one in the back of my head that told me that I should skip my last three classes on a random Tuesday and try to suck off Reverend Bennett was no longer so sure I would be denied just because I was a crime.

I’ve always felt like most girls. I’m 5’3, 105lbs, and fit from years of soccer, tight and compact. I have always been a smaller girl, but I never wanted to play the smaller girl game. The high voice, the weakness. I found myself looking at all the boys I knew and thinking, “I bet I could kick his ass.” They just weren’t serious men.

That’s where I think my trouble started. I wanted to fuck. Oh god did I want to fuck. But I didn’t really want to fuck the guys I knew. They weren’t bad guys. Some were so nice and smart and funny, they probably deserved the perfect high school memory of my toned tummy and little more than tiny tits inches from their lips as I climbed up their doughy pale bodies to ride their dick.

It might have satisfied me in that moment and them for their entire lives when they thought back on it.

And it wasn’t because I think high school boys can’t possibly fuck. I’m sure that’s a little true, people are better with practice, but having been out in the world now for a little while, I can say with certainty that some men are lousy lays. And some of those boys from school were quite proud of themselves, and seemed like they’d been to the show a few times before and would not let me down.

No… the reason I didn’t fuck my way through my campus was because I could tell that it was different for us. Boys and girls. I could see that when a man had you, HE HAD YOU. A piece of you, or something like it. It was a point of pride, a position of power, something he’d always have and could never have taken away. A girl could get something like it, but only if she was in a full, and real relationship, and then what she had was a piece of your heart. It wasn’t the same and knowing that if I satisfied myself with one of these boys I would forever be weaker than them forced me to keep my distance.

So yeah, I wanted to fuck, but I didn’t really have that option, so I fucked the shit out of my pillows, and my fingers, and my father’s back massager before he got home, and in the bathtub, I would lay with my pussy so close to the facet aching to cum before enough water filled the tub to drown me.

And then I was 18, and I had started to think seriously about random strangers. Sites like Tinder. But when I looked at them, I felt the same way I did in school, like it was about trophy hunting for the men. I would find myself on craigslist, looking through the M4W section and thinking, these people are just about themselves. They seem obsessed with the idea of getting their rocks off and moving on.

For the first time, as I write that now, I realize that I felt the way they did. But that is what first made me decide to do the thing I can’t fully understand. I went and looked under M4M. It was mostly the same sort of thing. Better pictures I suppose, more well staged shots of dicks and way more of asses, but guys being selfish just the same, and then I saw one specifically listed to my hometown. It read “trucker with a gloryhole.” I clicked on it without giving it much thought.

“I have closed the shaded on the windows and closed the sleeper off from the front, you get in, there’s a hole big enough for your dick to slide through. Get off and go.”

I think that’s what it was. That he wasn’t trying to get HIS dick sucked that did it for me. But before I knew it, I was creating a throw away yahoo email account and sending a message to reply.

It read simply: “So, if I climbed in the back with you, you wouldn’t want to get naked and 69 or fuck?”—and then I sent it.

I was already a little turned on. For certain, my pert A cup tits were topped with tight hard nipples, and I could feel myself getting a little wet. I ran my fingers through my hair and pulled the long blonde mess into a pony tail. There was little doubt in my mind that I was going to masturbate. But then I was interrupted by a return message.

That was fast. and brief. it was from the driver, he said: “stats and a cock pic.”

Sent from a phone to be sure…. and that’s when it hit me with a giant smile. He was just like me. He was looking to suck a dick. But was he? Jesus Christ I was turned on. I thought about it for a second. For some reason, I didn’t think he was really gay. Bi, sure. But it seemed more like what he was doing was danger fucking. And he was getting what he could danger fuck. It’s not like most girls respond to an open mecidiyeköy escort bayan call of “let me eat your pussy for a half an hour.” But I’d bet men line up for have your dick sucked without ever seeing the person who sucked it.

It doesn’t make any sense, but I knew then that I was going to do this. It was 2 pm on a Saturday afternoon and I was about to send my 1st nude pic.

I went to the bathroom and slid off my green nylon running shorts. I looked myself over in the mirror. my slight thatch of public hair wasn’t blonde blonde, but it wasn’t brown really either. I had trimmed it for swimsuits, but didn’t women today shave? fuck it. This guy was expecting a dick, he might as well learn to deal with a woman with slightly hairy pussy. Iphone in hand, I was standing there in my Ruttledge athletics t-shirt with my vagina hanging out, and my iphone in hand, and looking myself over in the mirror. It just didn’t feel right. I was blonde, and tan, and tone. My hips weren’t anything to write home about though. They were fine. I have never been dissatisfied with my body. But I wasn’t voluptuous. I had always thought my slim gamine hips had been the reason that I had such a round and firm ass… and I loved having a juicy but tight ass. As a girl with basically no tits, it was a great selling factor.

That’s what it was. my tits. I took off my shirt and stood their naked as a song in front of my bathroom mirror. damn, I had no doubt that I was what men dreamed of when they dreamed of women. I wasn’t long, but I was lean. My tits, though small were hardly invisible, a perfect rise with tiny pink nips, not too high up on my chest, but there was no sag to them. my body was sunkissed, my blonde hair pulled back except for a swath that fell across the side of my face. looking at myself then, I felt it even more. I needed to fuck this guy. But it still wasn’t right. I didn’t want to be totally naked. So I grabbed my hamper and dug through, finding my hot pink hoodie, and I threw it on. unzipped. it hung down exactly to my bikini line, but I made sure it was open so my whole torso could be seen. I put one hand up on my hip and I took my phone in the other, making a kiss face when I snapped the picture and I sent it back to the trucker with a note — “that I don’t have a dick seems like a small thing. It’s not going to be a problem, is it?”

I skipped back to my bed, still in my hoodie, and hopped into bed cross legged. it took a few minutes. I could imgine him wondering what the hell had happened. Maybe he really was gay. I was playing with the zipper on my hoodie when his message came back.

“no. it’s not a problem. Do you know where the pilot is?”

15 minutes later I was back in my green nylon running shorts, t-shirt, and still the pink hoodie, parking my car in front of the Wendy’s section of the pilot just north of town.

I was so wet I couldn’t contain it. as I waked through the large gas station and out the back door to where the trucks fueled up and some parked so their drivers could rest for their mandatory breaks. He told me to look for a SIA truck with a Blue rig attached to it.

Jesus, what was I doing? How did I find myself on craigslist, looking at ads for men who were offering to suck other men’s dicks, and suddenly I was going to fuck one of them in the cab of their eighteen wheeler? And then suddenly there it was. He had drawn the shades on the windows already. My heart was in the throat as I lingered by the passengers side door. This was it. This was who I was going to be. I probably could have talked myself out of it, but instead I reached up and knocked.

Suddenly I felt like pulling a ring and run. What was I doing? but before I even had a moment to think, the passenger side door of the truck opened, and I found myself looking up at a man. I couldn’t say how old for sure, in his 40’s maybe. he was sitting in the passengers seat, holding the door open, so I couldn’t judge his height from the ground, but he wasn’t fit. He wasn’t terribly out of shape either, he had that middle aged “dad bod” thing I’ve seen talked about in magazines. Blue jeans a t-shirt and baseball cap. He hadn’t shaved recently, but he didn’t have a beard yet. The look on his face probably reflected mine… which is to say, his eyes read excitement, but his face was tight an nervous.

He sat in the truck, looking down at me for a moment, and my confidence returned to see him kind of uncertain, so I spoke first with a simple “hi.” and a nervous smile.

My smile melted the tension from his face, and he held a hand out to me.

“Come on up. if you stand out here all day people are gonna wonder what the hell you’re doing.”

I took his hand, it was large and firm and rough and really had to stretch a little to get my foot on the first step to the cab.

“little thing aren’t ya?”

“Only on the outside.” What was I saying? This was maybe the dumbest series of words I had ever put together. My nerves had seized my brain findikzade escort like a vice.

He slid back from the passengers seat and into the rear of the cab as I climbed up in and sat down in the seat he had just left. He prompted me to close the door and I did, then I turned around to look at my surroundings. It was different than I had expected. Nicer in a way. Sure, it looked like a trucker had been living in here for months, but he wasn’t the kind that never cleaned, and the space was more than I’d imagined. There was a fair sized space between the 2 seats in the front that led to the rear of the cabin with a nice sized twin bed and some built in living equipment. I was still taking it all in when he spoke again.

“So, you are a bit of a surprise.” He said, sitting on the bed in the rear cabin. I smiled at him and stood, moving back to sit on the other side of the bed from him, making sure to move slowly so he could stare are I changed positions. He had the goofiest smile on his face.

I looked at him, sitting next to me on the bed in the rear of the cabin, and said, “I had wondered if you’d turn me down.”

“I can’t imagine a world where anyone does that, regardless of what they were looking for.”

I looked around the truck, and I can see the sheet he had planned on using for a glory hole in the corner by the bed, I smiled at it and found myself saying “so, have you sucked a lot of dick this way?”

The look on his face changed from a smile to almost completely serious, his eyes were fixed on mine, and they were suddenly hungry. “Dozens” he said, and without another word, he leaned in to me putting one hand behind my head, his fingers going around the band of my pony tail, and the other hand around my waist, and he kissed me powerfully, deeply, and with intense passion.

Fuck, the feeling that surged through my vagina when his rough, unshaven face pressed against mine, my mouth was open and ready in an instant, and his thick tongue was dancing with mine. I had hooked my small and slender arms under one of his, gripping him around his back, and the other also wrapped around him grabbing up the back of his neck and pulling his hat off. Before I even had time to think I had turned to face him as his hand pulled at the sides of my hot pink hoodie, desperate to take it off me, I released my arms, holing them behind me so he could pull it away, out mouths still locked, and I replaced the grip my arms had around him with my legs, hooking around his waist, my pussy, kept covered by the thin nylon running shorts found the round of his knee, and I was grinding on him already as he pulled the hoodie completely free. His hands stopped by my ass after they had tossed the hoodie away, gripping firmly on my cheeks, one hand, not satisfied by the feeling of nylon running shorts, reached up to my waistband and dove down against my bare ass… god, it felt electric to feel this strangers rough hand squeezing my perfectly formed juicy and round ass as we kissed passionately in the back of his cab. Grinding against his knee I was maybe a second or two away from orgasm when he pulled his hands from my ass, I swear for a moment I felt one of his fingers graze against my asshole and I was afraid but so fucking wet, and back around to his front.

He changed his position on the bench, denying me the knee I had been enjoying so, and he unfastened his fly, pulling his jeans and boxers down past his knees. He had pulled away from my kiss, and was watching me closely, but my eyes were on his hands, his pants and then his dick.

half hard at least, and what seemed like normal to me, he had completely shaved his pubic hair, which seemed like the least “trucker” thing to do in the world, but there is was. He was going to fuck me with that, and it made me happy to know that. But he didn’t move to fuck me, instead he looked at me, and said “I was wondering if you’d…” He trailed off, but I understood.

I stood up and moved to the gap between the two front seats, kneeling between his legs. As I did, he pulled his t-shirt off, revealing his slight belly. It was strange. I was so small, and young, and fit, and tight, and for some reason, that he wasn’t any of those things, just made me need to fuck him so much more. The sight of him had me diving down and I took his cock in my hand, raising it up, so that I could see where the shaft met his balls, and I licked from that spot all the way to the tip with the thickest part of my tongue, then I dove down on it with my whole mouth, wrapped around his shaft. Not all the way down, but enough, licking at it inside my mouth as I went, it didn’t taste bad. It didn’t taste good either. It tasted like salty nothing. skin, maybe a little bit sweaty, but it was fine. He moaned like a madman, and held on to my blonde hair as I went, and thought way too much about where my teeth were.

After what felt like no time, he brought his hands down to the front of my shirt. He was desperate to feel my tits, and his hands beşiktaş escort covered them fully through the shirt, my nipples ached to feel him. I continued to suck as he started to lift my shirt, and I raised my arm to help him, not thinking that my head was still connected to his dick, but he stopped and instead told me to stand up.

I let his now rock hard dick pop from my mouth, and I stood up in front of him. He finished kicking his jeans off as I stood there, wanton. my mouth still sloppy from working his cock, my hair frazzled, my shirt half way up my body, just below my tits, my toned and tan belly on display for him, leading down to my green nylon shorts, I found myself standing with my pussy thrust forward towards him. I wanted him inside me so badly, instead he started to lay on his side in the back of the bed. One hand reached behind me grabbing me by my ass, and pulling me forward. I kneeled on the bed as he gripped the fabric of my shorts from behind me. His other hand started to guide me to lie down in the opposite direction that he was… and I could see that he was moving my head back towards his cock.

His hand gripped on my shorts gave a tug, and then my ass was bare in this strange mans truck—and I did not give a damn because of how badly I wanted him. Another tug and I could feel his hot breath on my pubic hair. I lay down opposite him and took his cock in my mouth again and he moaned. He pulled slightly at my shorts, taking them just past my knees, and then he didn’t even bother to take them off, he just slid his head between my thighs and the best, most expansive feeling I had ever known was suddenly on my cunt.

Oh, I sucked him as well as I could, but I was no match for what he was doing with his tongue. He seemed to have locked my clit in a whirlpool of suction and pressure and his hands, gripped and needed my firm, round bottom, his fingers sliding up my crack from behind, I felt them pressing into my juices, and plumbing my pussy, even pressing against my asshole, and it only made me feel better and better. I tried to open my legs even wider to somehow wrap them more around him, but my shorts were still at my knees keeping them from coming too far apart.

And then, I felt that electric pulse, and I had to take his cock from my mouth. I hadn’t been sucking it very well anyway, but in this moment I needed to gasp, and to shake and to cum on this strange middle aged mans mouth. And I did and it was glorious. God, that feeling lasted for so long, as he pulled away, and finished pulling my shorts off of me, down, past my sneakers. I still had his dick in my hand, but I was still feeling the aftershocks of the orgasm, laying suddenly on my back, breathing deeply, the tremble still pulsing now and again from my pussy through my stomach.

I felt him move around, me, and then he was laying next to me with his face facing mine. I could feel his cock pressed against my leg, and I smiled at him weakly and said something like “that was okay, right?”

He laughed at me, as he sat me up slightly, and pulled my shirt off. Of course I thought. this whole time, I wasn’t even as naked as he was—I had been denying him the glory of my 5’3″ 105lbs of perfection. And enjoy it he did. he wasted no time kissing and licking my body, and sucking on my tits, and again I felt like I could cum, but not quite.

A moment later it seemed, he climbed on top of me, pressing his lower half between my legs, and I opened them wider for him to slide in as much as he would need. His cock was resting on my belly before I knew it, and I could feel its warmth and heat, still slick from my mouth. He had not put on a condom and I could not have given less of a fuck, as he reached down and took hold of his cock and placed it up against my pussy’s lips…. he pressed forward and I gasped for god as he put his uncovered cock into me for the first time.

It might have felt differently if I weren’t such a furious and active masturbator, but I wasn’t in pain, he felt good inside me, warm and satisfying. He kissed me and then my neck… I could tell he was anxious for my tits again…. my tits if you can believe it… but I was too short for him to get good access to them, so he settled for grabbing them as he fucked me in the back of his truck.

Each thrust was bliss. His extra weight, while not excessive, gave him some mass that rubbed against my clit, grinding it every time he pushed his hot cock into me. And there I was, flat on my back with my legs bend up and hooked round his hip every time he thrust, I found myself trying to grinding my pussy deeper in to him. dwarfed under his size, I felt the slap of his balls against my taint and ass every time.

He had begun to go faster, but I was lost in the feeling of power shooting through my clit, and like an earthquake I was gone again, convulsing and quaking with the feeling of satisfaction as another orgasm hit me. I gasped and squealed and squeezed my thighs against his frame while my legs kicked out behind him, extending all the way through my toes.

He didn’t slow down, instead he grew faster, more urgent, and then with an exhausted grunt and a mumble that sounded like “Oh my fucking Christ.” I felt the throb of his cock deep inside me and the power of his cum filling me up.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32