The Black Stone Pt. 06-08

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Parking the car, she went to the bathroom and joined Mark in the shower. After they had showered Collette decided that her pussy and legs needed waxing. Mark looked on she proceeded to wax herself. Mark winced, almost feeling her pain as she ripped the soft delicate skin beside her pink slit.

Over the next few weeks Mark and Collette settled down to a normal life. Mark discovered that Collette was a semi-retired investment banker and now dabbled in commodities trading. Although it seemed to Mark that owning a business employing 30 people was a little more than dabbling.

October 2nd, Marks birthday, Collette had gone to meet a girlfriend in town saying that “she would be back around 4pm.”

Mark looked at the clock 9.30, “fuck I’m bored and miss Collette’s musical laugh and idle chatter he thought to himself.” Wishing that he had told Collette it was his birthday he decided to stop feeling sorry for himself and find something to do.

By midday he had hovered the entire house, dusted anything that didn’t move, stripped and remade their bed. As he loaded the quilt cover, he realised he had no idea how to work the washing machine.

After a fruitless search for the instruction book he gave up and settled down to watch tv with a nice bottle of single Malt Whiskey. Deciding there was nothing worth watching he emptied his glass and closed his eyes for a snooze.

He woke up to the sound of giggling and Collette stroking the bulge in his trousers. As he came fully awake he saw Collette’s friend staring at his bulging cock as Collette’s touch made him swell. She was younger than Collette, maybe 23. Mark eyes roved her body taking in her long legs, sensible skirt, tiny waist and perky tits swelling her blouse. Her face was pretty, jet black curly hair with piercing blue eyes.

Laughing, Collette said “come on Mark, Rosemary and I need help with the shopping.”

Grumbling that “he needed some loving not hard labour” he followed the girls outside, noting the delicious sway of Rosemary’s hips as she walked.

The Range Rover was stacked out with Bags and boxes, it seemed that Collette had been on a serious shopping spree. Mark was a bit irritated when Collette asked him to “put all the clothes and bags on their bed and put the food shopping in the fridge.”

Saying she needed to “pop down the local shop as she had forgotten something.” the girls disappeared down the small track to the village.

Mark had put the Range Rover in the garage and all the shopping away when he heard the 2 women come in the front door. Collette asked Mark to “come outside and help her sort out a branch that had fallen on the track.”

Chatting happily Mark and Collette walked down the track as they rounded the bend Mark saw a car with a big blue bow on its roof. As they got closer Mark realised it was a jaguar F type convertible and in the wind-shield was “happy birthday darling. “Collette hugged him saying “well it is your 35th!”

Mark was stunned as he looked at the gleaming paintwork, gorgeous leather and wood interior all he could say was “really, how the hell did you know it was my birthday?”

Collette smiled, “I think your mum told me as we shared a double ended dildo.”

Mark slid into the seat and started the engine, Collette took the bow off the roof and leaning in for a kiss said, “well go for a drive and I will go help Rosemary, dinner in 30 minutes.” Arriving back at the cottage Mark parked his car and walked into the cottage wondering how the fuck he had got so lucky.

The dinner smelt delicious, finding no one in the kitchen Mark wandered into the lounge, noticing the conversation fell silent when he entered the room. Both girls had changed, Collette wore a short skirt and blouse, Rosemary a white dress, both were bare legged and neither seemed to have bothered with a bra.

The girls dished the dinner up and ushered Mark to the dining table. Mark chose the far end of the table, with a clear view of the kitchen enjoying watching their tits jingle as they moved around the kitchen. As Rosemary bent over to get the roast beef out of the oven Mark was treated to a splendid view of her toned upper thigh’s.

As they ate dinner Collette explained “she was going to have to work most of tomorrow and that Rosemary was her P.A.” After dinner Mark and Rosemary were chatting in the lounge while Collette was upstairs taking a call. Mark felt the stone in his pocket and thought about changing bodies with Rosemary but decided to wait and see what happened.

Collette came down with a pack of cards in one hand and a large flat box in the other. “Poker” she announced, then with a grin “strip poker.” After a few hands Rosemary had lost both earrings and shoes, Collette had lost all her jewellery and both shoes. Mark was a good poker player and an even better cheat, slipping himself a Queen to match the flop card. The girls groaned as he laid Deuces over Queens full house.

Collette removed her blouse exposing her glorious tits çankaya escort with fast hardening nipples. Rosemary reached under her dress and dropped her panties on the floor, Marks cock started to harden as the scent of her sopping cunt wafted over him.

Mark decided to lose the next few hands, eventually down to his boxers, he laid down a straight. Rosemary got up and slid the dress over her head, she was shaven apart from a little tuft, just above her slot. Her tits were firm and high on her chest.

Collette immediately removed her remaining clothes and opening the large box laid out a twister board. The girls gave Mark a great show of their lithe bodies as they stretched and contorted into the various positions the game put them in before finally collapsing into a giggling heap on the floor.

Mark had released his cock from his boxers and as he looked at Rosemary he could see she had started to breath hard and her inner thighs were slick with her juice as she stared wide eyed at his fat cock.

Taking her friend by the hand Collette pushed Mark back on the couch. As Rosemary straddled his thighs Collette grabbed Marks cock and pointed it at Rosemary’s sopping cunt. The young women slowly lowered herself onto his swollen bell end and made a whooshing sound as she forced about 2″ inches inside her.

After a few minutes and lots of encouragement from Collette she had forced another 6″ into her swollen cunt. Mark started to slowly move his hips and as her cunt stretched she took maybe 8″ as her orgasm ripped through her she shook and moaned loudly.

As her orgasm, subsided Mark held still luxuriating in the feelings her silky pussy was giving to his cock. Rosemary lifted herself off Mark and collapsed on the carpet. Collette looked at her friend and laughed as she said, “I think she’s fainted.”

Taking Marks cock in her hand she slipped the bulbous bell end into her mouth and noticed that her hand didn’t fit around it anymore and her mouth was stretched to its absolute limit. Mounting him she directed his cock into her very wet cunt, as she dropped down on it she winced as she felt him batter her cervix and hit the very top of her pussy.

Feeling incredibly full and reaching down to encourage her clit a little, she realised that there was still over 2″ of hard cock not inside her. The pain in her lower stomach started to turn into a warm feeling and as she crashed into her 1st orgasm.

Hopping off Marks cock and turning around she lowered her cunt onto his greedy mouth. She Wanked him with both hands and pressed her mouth to his bell end as Mark shot his load. As Mark recovered she asked him “what he had been doing to his cock,”

Looking puzzled he said, “Nothing except filling your gorgeous pussy every chance I get!”

Collette was amazed to feel Marks cock getting rock hard again, barely 2 minutes after he had poured so much cum down her throat. Telling him “not to move” she got a tape measure from the kitchen. When she got back to the lounge his cock was fully hard. Running the tape up his cock she measured his length at nearly 14″ and very, thick.” Collette was starting to feel that she needed that monster inside her again.

Rosemary got up and straddled his cock, lowering herself onto his massive cock her eyes flew open as it reached the very top of her young cunt. Collette noted with interest that she had taken a lot more than she had managed and her cunt was so stretched it looked like her Perineum may tear at any moment.

As Mark stroked into her she seemed to love the obvious pain she was feeling and had several orgasms before Mark spilled a giant load into her sopping pussy.

Collette was so horny that she pulled Rosemary off Mark, lowering her cunt to Rosemary’s mouth she darted her tongue into her flooded cunt. As Collette tasted the heady mixture of Rosemary’s cunt juice and Marks spunk her friend’s tongue swirled around her clit causing her to buck and twist her hips as she flooded Rosemary’s mouth with girl cum. Rosemary came seconds later and the three of them laid in a sweaty heap on the floor. Kissing Mark, she whispered, “happy birthday big boy.”

As Mark and Collette cuddled on the couch she asked him “where the stone was.”

“Right here in my pocket” he replied. Taking the stone from him she promised to keep it safe and soon fell into a deep sleep.

part 07

When they woke the next day. Collette said, “she was going to have to work all day and needed peace and quiet to concentrate so why didn’t he go and play with his new car.”

Feeling slightly dejected he headed out in the car. As he was paying for petrol his phone chirped it was Rachel. Chatting on the phone Mark steered the Jaguar down the dual carriageway pushing the speedo past 140 mph before settling down to a steady 85.

Rachel said that “she had something for him and would like to meet”.

Mark agreed and entered the post code she gave him into the cars navigation, escort çankaya telling her “he would be there in about 50 minutes.”

Hanging up he used the time to appreciate the way the car effortlessly ate the miles.

Mark arrived in the smart street of detached houses 51 minutes later and rang Rachel for the house number. As he pulled onto her drive she came to the door with a huge smile on her face, wearing just a thong.

By the time Mark had walked up the steps to the door his cock had hardened and was threatening to bust his jeans open and he noticed that the crotch of her thong had some wet patches.

Walking into her spacious kitchen Rachel busied herself making coffee. Turning to ask Mark if he wanted sugar, she felt his strong hands grab her. Ripping her thong off he lifted her by her arse cheeks and as she put her feet around his back he stabbed his cock into her sopping wet cunt.

Rachel wailed and screamed as his huge cock forced her delicate folds apart. Forcing around half his length into her Mark easily turned her petite body so her back crashed against the wall. As Marks bell end clattered into her Cervix and bounced off her pubic bone, Rachel screamed in pain, then started a series of crashing orgasm’s.

As Mark pummelled the girl’s cunt she shook and wailed her way through several more orgasm’s eventually dumping his load deeper in her body than any man ever had.

Laying on the floor Rachel cuddled up into his muscular chest. Rachel felt his cock start to harden again and watched with fascination as it rose to its full height. Knowing that her cunt could not take another battering so soon she went to the bathroom, returning with a tube of KY jelly.

Instructing Mark, with a generous amount of KY on his fingers to push one finger then two in her arse. Adding a glob of KY to his bell end she laid on her stomach and he slowly pushed his cock into her tight hole.

Pushing in a few inches she said “ok, give it to me”, he withdrew slightly and then pushed forward as hard as he could. With a few more strokes he felt his balls bang against her cunt, Rachel screamed as her orgasm overtook her.

Mark could feel her cunt working through the thin stretched wall between cunt and arse. In just a few strokes his cock erupted and rope after rope of thick spunk went deep into her arsehole.

As his cock stopped spurting she had another orgasm and her cunt literally sprayed girl cum.

After his cock had softened and fell out of her Mark headed for the bathroom as he needed a piss. Rachel came in and sat on the bidet, revelling in the warm water washing her swollen holes. After a few minutes Rachel stood up getting him to gently dab her dry. As Mark dried her he was amazed to see how swollen her cunt was.

Getting in the shower together Mark gently washed her and she delighted in washing his muscular chest and butt.

As they relaxed in the lounge, she gave Mark a thick envelope. Opening it he saw that it was stuffed with £20 notes. Rachel explained that the Cocaine they had stolen from Marcus was exceptionally pure and had sold for £70,000 so the envelope had £35,000 in it.

The doorbell rang and Mark heard her answer the door, a few minutes later she walked in with an older but immaculate women. Rachel introduced her Mother, Sarah. Standing up to shake hands Mark noted that unlike her daughter Sarah was tall, around 5′ 10. Mark was captivated by her beauty.

Wrinkling her nose Sarah complained that “the lounge smelt like a brothel and scolded Rachel for the stains on the rug.”

As Rachel rushed to open the windows Mark and Sarah’s eyes met and Sarah gave Mark a knowing smile. After a few minutes chatting Sarah took her coat off. She was wearing a pencil skirt that showed her long shapely legs to perfection.

As she sat down on the Sofa next to Mark he noticed that a button had popped open on her blouse giving him a view of her ample tits and a blue lacy bra.

Sarah cleared her throat and Mark realised he had been caught ogling her tits, he could feel his cock starting to stiffen. Sarah looked at the growing bulge in his Jeans and said to Rachel “well I came for one of your special massages, but it seems your boyfriend might do a better job.”

Mark looked at Rachel, she just shrugged and blushed deeply.

Sarah stood up and took her blouse and skirt off, standing in a skimpy bra and panties she shooed Mark off the sofa and asked Rachel to “massage her back.”

Mark sat in the adjacent chair and watched with interest as Rachel poured some oil into her hand and started to massage her mother’s neck and shoulders.

Reaching to undo her bra she gave Mark a glimpse of large dark pink nipples as she pulled her bra off. Rachel continued massaging her mother digging her fingers into her soft flesh to work out the stress in her neck and back muscles. As she worked her way down to her lower back Sarah groaned with pleasure, causing Rachel to blush even çankaya escort bayan more as she smelt her mother’s sex scent.

As she moved onto her legs Sarah said, “get him to do the other leg please” and moved herself onto the floor.

Kneeling either side of her they started at her feet and gradually worked up her legs. As they got to her calves Sarah opened her legs a little so they could get at the large muscles properly.

Mark and Rachel pulled and pushed her muscles while rubbing oil into her skin. Sarah whimpered “Gently, big man” as Marks strong hands got a bit rough.

Apologising he eased up. Purring with pleasure she spread her legs a little more as they worked up past her knees. Mark started on her thigh, he looked at the increasing damp patch in the crotch of her panties and inhaled the heady scent of cunt.

Unsure of what to do next he stopped when he got to her panties. Breathlessly Sarah asked Rachel “to remove her panties and massage her arse cheeks.”

Mark stood back a little as Rachel removed her mother’s panties exposing her toned arse cheeks. Telling Mark that he should “continue with the massage,” Sarah groaned with pleasure and spread her legs further.

As they started to massage her upper thighs she spread her legs wider so they could reach her inner thighs. As Marks saw her pink slit running with cum juice he laughed “the bitch is on heat.”

Moving from inner to outer thigh, they soon got a system going where as one hand was on her inner thigh the others moving over her buttock to her hip.

As Mark moved his hand between the women’s legs he couldn’t resist sticking his thumb out a little to just brush her thick pussy lips. As they worked their way up her arse cheeks they started rubbing the oil in from the base of her back and alternately ran their fingers the length of her arse crack parting her lips and scraping over her clit to her mons.

The effect was electric and she was soon panting and trembling. When they knew she was close Mark shoved his fingers deep in her cunt as Rachel rammed a finger in her arsehole. Sarah’s eyes flew open, her muscles clamped on their fingers. “Fuck” she gasped cresting into a shuddering orgasm,

Mark watched as her juice exploded from around his fingers and whispered to Rachel “gonna fuck this bitch. real good”

Acting like nothing had happened Rachel slapped her on the arse and said, “turn over mum your back is all done.”

Sarah replied, “fuck the massage, get between my legs and shove that cock inside me.” she instructed Mark.

As Mark released his straining cock Sarah got on her knees, Rachel tore her panties off and spread her legs urging her mother’s head onto her cunt.

As Mark pushed his cock into Sarah he pulled her hips back and onto him, 9″ of his rock-hard cock forced its way into her slippery depths causing her to lift her head from her daughter’s cunt and scream as a massive orgasm ripped through her.

Sarah’s cunt was doing a great job on Mark as he felt her clamp onto his cock and then seemed to suck him further in. As he pushed into her again he felt her arse smack into his stomach and held it there for a few seconds, his massive cock completely wrapped up in silky smooth cunt.

As he started to thrust into her he could see that Rachel was getting near as her mother sucked and nibbled her clit. Rachel started to pinch and roll her nipples and as her orgasm ripped through her she bucked her hips wildly.

Mark could feel his own orgasm approaching and increased his thrusting as his cock swelled he felt Sarah start to cum. As he spurted spunk into her depths her cunt contracted, “her cunt was eating his spunk and he was going to have some more of this mature cunt later” he thought.

After showering Mark made coffee, as he waited for the girls to come out of the bathroom. Looking at the clock he saw it was 4.40. What a day, he had fucked the daughter in the cunt and arse, watched the mother lick her daughter to orgasm and finally spilled his 3rd load of the day deep in the mother’s cunt.

The girls finally appeared at 17.00, both women were glowing and looked ravishing. Declining their offer of dinner Mark said he “had to go,” thanking Rachel for the envelope he promised to call her in a few weeks. As Mark drove away he selected the pretty way home on the cars navigation.

Thinking about “how he was gonna enjoy Collette and Rosemary’s taut bodies tonight” he pushed Jaguar hard down the small lanes

Mark arrived at the cottage in darkness and a brand new heavy-duty padlock on the garage doors. Wondering “what the hell was going on,” Mark parked the Jaguar and went into the house,

Sensing that something was very wrong he wandered from room to room he noticed that the whole house seemed to have been scrubbed clean. In their bedroom he was startled to see the bed stripped and left as a bare mattress. Going back down stairs and into the lounge he saw that the carpet had been washed and was still damp as were the dinning chair seats.

Switching the kitchen light on he saw an envelope leaning against the kettle, written on the front in Collette’s bold writing was “Mark”. As he read the note, his world came crashing down around him and he re-read the note in total disbelief.

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