Thank You Felix Ch. 06

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Author’s note

I’ve struggled with this story’s genre. The first five chapters have been in Mind Control even though the main character is driven to help the women in his life, rather than get more sex from them. This chapter seems like a better fit here

Writing this story has been such a strange experience! It’s felt like Felix has been telling me his story at the same pace that I’ve been passing it along to all to all of you. Is that why I’ve valued your comments? Both praising and scathing? Whatever the reason, I really do. I won’t delete any of them, even the harsh ones. At minimum, Felix and I will know we got a reaction; and at best I’ll learn a thing or two.

Thanks for reading. Enjoy.


Ten minutes before his wakeup call, Felix opened his eyes to a tangled head of red hair. He enjoyed the competing sensations; gentle breathing against his chest and perky boobs against his waist. He gently combed his fingers through Jayleen’s silky strands, then lightly rubbed his fingers along the smooth ivory skin of her upper arm. When he found the side of her gently moving breast, he felt his hard-on twitch. Then he remembered where he was and thought, ‘Sixteen more to go.’ He raised the sheet to enjoy the sight of her luscious body, then reminded himself to not get too aroused.

His eyes fell on the pictures on the nearby dresser; A Mom and Dad that looked to be about Felix’s age; Jayleen clutching a laughing little girl with the same color hair. He tried to imagine her justifications;

“I can’t make it this weekend, Daddy. I’m having my pussy stuffed full of a stranger’s cock. I want to become a better person than you made me.”, or

“Hey Sis. I wanna be sure you don’t fuck up your whole life. On your 18th birthday I’m taking you to an old building in the ass end of New England. Some guy, twice your age, will break your cherry. Be sure to suck his dick first, so he doesn’t get bored with you.”, or

“Don’t get weird on me, Jake. Of course, I love you, but I have exams in a few weeks. I need Becky’s friend to use me like a $20 whore and jackhammer my cunt ’til I pass out.”

Felix smiled at the imagined explanations and turned to the young woman beside him. ‘Your youth is so perfect,’ he thought as he stroked her hair, ‘And you’re so clueless of that fact. Did I fuck you like a $20 whore, or did I make you a better person?’ He ran his fingers over her cheek. When she smiled, without waking, he decided that that was all the answer he’d get. He gave her forehead a long emotional kiss while silently begging the universe. ‘Please let me get this right!’

Felix climbed out of bed, and quietly got dressed.

Ninety minutes later, he found Alexis’ address in a part of Ashbury Heights that was nestled, rather expensively he thought, between Golden Gate Park and the University of California.

Alexis let him in before he had a chance to knock. When she closed the door, the unseasonably warm night air was replaced with air-conditioned chilliness. Deep rich wood was everywhere; gleaming floor, oak beamed ceiling, leaded glass doors covering dozens of bottles and hundreds of books. The center held a vast white marble fireplace; Felix was sure it had never hosted a fire.

“You’re late,” Alexis offered as her only greeting.

“It’s not 10 yet, is it?” He checked his watch, “I’m five minutes early.”

She turned away briskly and walked toward the stairs, “Take off your shoes. My sister gets pissy when her floors don’t sparkle.”

He kicked off his loafers and followed her past paintings he didn’t understand and pottery he was afraid to touch. They climbed a flight of oak stairs that was highlighted with an unfortunate shade of red, into a bedroom that seemed to have been designed to force his relaxation.

“I checked you out,” she said, “Your fans tell me it’s impossible to make an appointment with you.” She unwrapped her skirt, tossing it behind her, onto the high-backed chair. Her thigh-high black cotton stockings and shapeless tartan turtleneck framed the bright skin surrounding her bald pussy. “I guess I should be honored,” she said dryly.

Felix decided not to take the bait. He dropped his tablet on the bed, walked to the bay window and folded her skirt. He studied the stark blackness covering Golden Gate Park, and the bright lights just beyond it, “I’ve tried to help angry women.” He said as he turned back towards her, “It hasn’t always gone so well.” He handed her the neatly folded wrap, “Maybe this was a mistake?”

“It’s not anger!” she growled in a tone that made Felix doubt the assertion.

“What is it?” he asked as he waited for her to take the folded cloth.

“The absence of cocaine, maybe? A distrust of men that need me to be naked?”

Felix said nothing as he waited for the rest of it.

“And a shit ton of anger, okay!?” She snatched the skirt from his hand, “But don’t leave!” Her manicured hands kneaded the folded cloth, “This is the proof that I’m straight and illegal bahis sober right now. . . just like you made me promise.”

Felix reached for his tablet, opened the intake form they’d filled out on the plane and turned it toward Alexis, “Read this out loud.”

She held an arm against her chest and pulled in a deep breath. Grudgingly, she read aloud an impossible version of herself.

“Do you want that?” he calmly asked as he dropped the tablet back on the bed.

Other than giving you half a million of daddy’s money and telling you all of my ugly secrets?” She realized her long sarcastic pause was falling flat, “Yeah.”

He stepped to within a few inches of her face, held her chin between his fingers, and looked in her eyes, “What do you want the most?”

“My little sister,” her voice broke, and tears fell to her cheeks, “To respect me again.”

He kissed her. She shivered and melted into his embrace. When she finally, gently, pushed away, he spoke. “You,” he insisted with a happy smile, “Are going to close the curtains and create a romantic mood in this room. Then you’re going to join me for an outrageously decadent bath.

“Ok,” she numbly responded.

He kissed her, playfully swatted her naked bum, and went looking for the massive tub, ‘That will have to be in a house this fancy.’

Alexis wore nothing but her modesty when she finally found him. He’d figured out the convoluted control panel and was limply soaking in the water. Without a word she sat on the edge of the hottub and rubbed his chest with a soapy sponge.

“I was expecting” he absently mumbled, “To field lots of questions with a dozen versions of ‘I don’t know how my weird power works’.”

“The ants crawling under my skin vanished when you kissed me,” Alexis quietly explained, “I don’t need convincing.” She paused to consider her words, “Except. . .”

Felix interrupted and squeezed her hand against his shoulder, “Someday, I’ll have to explain everything I did and everything I avoided. You and I BOTH need this to be your blessing.”

Alexis crawled onto his lap, letting her breasts be pushed in the direction of the bubbling water. She gently kissed him.

Felix let the kiss wash over him as one more pleasant sensation against his body. Her lips moved to his neck and he rested his head against the cushion. Her body drifted closer as his hands explored of her thin waist and narrow hips. Her fingers and kisses began to massage his scalp, sending unexpected tingles down his spine; The sensations seemed to continue through his groin, to the soles of his feet. It energized him and he squeezed her small ass and sucked hard on her cute little nipple. He felt fingernails push into the pressure points on his head and held the nipple in his teeth as he sucked in a sharp inhale of damp air.

In response, her knees squeezed against his hips and he felt her ass clench under his hands. Her massage moved to his neck and his anxieties drifted away. He became limp, again, and melted into the warmth of the water and her embrace. His body became a conduit; She’d press against one body-part; he’d feel release somewhere else. Eventually, she led him out of the water, toweled them both, and helped him climb into bed.

“I’m still floating,” he muttered, “What did you do?”

With her head resting on one arm she used the other to play with the hair on his chest. The light from the candles danced along her glowing skin, “My Manhattan masseuse would say,” Alexis continued, sarcastically, in an exaggerated Chinese accent, ” ‘Why you here!?’ “

Felix’s response was automatic, “My playing small doesn’t serve the world.”

She raised her eyebrows and sarcastically continued the poem, “Because we’re all meant to shine?”

“A month after I’ve loved on a woman,” Felix observed, “She’s twice the person I am.” His expression told her that he wasn’t trying to find the answer; he was looking for the right questions. ‘Why did I need to fly to a place where there’s no safety net?” he mumbled to a spot on the ceiling.

Alexis saw that he was trying to explain something to himself and decided to have some fun. She twisted the poem’s ending while stroking his half-hard cock, “As you have liberated others,” she laughed, “Their presence liberates you from your own fear?”

He rolled on his side and looked at her intelligent face. This was the first time he’d seen her playfulness. He stroked her high cheekbone thoughtfully, “Exactly!” His brow furrowed as he studied her wide delicate eyes, “That’s exactly why I’m here!” he finally realized.

The candle’s sparkling reflection disappeared from her skin as she seemed to retreat into the comforter, “I can’t liberate myself.” Her eyes became moist and her voice became weak. “I’ve tried really hard.”

Rather than give her a comforting hug, he decided that her words were close enough to goal setting. He rolled her little nipple in his fingers and watched as her entire body reacted to the sensation. She became illegal bahis siteleri rigid, arched her back, and let out a long slow sigh. “How the FUCK do you do that?!”

Felix wondered if she had intentionally invited her masseuse’s response. “Why are you here!?” he asked.

The list of life goals that she’d read on his tablet sprung into her mind and merged with the luscious sensations from her breast. She felt like she’d just fallen off her surfboard on Siargao Island and was being tossed and caressed by the warm water. She felt his mouth on her other breast, kissing the underside, licking her areolae, softly sucking the nipple, and then exploring with brief tender bites.

‘Will sex with Felix disappoint me?’ she thought. She was sure it would; all of life was bland and grey outside of the brilliant ecstatic rushing joy of cocaine.

‘Then again. . ,’ she thought.

The memory of being high was strangely distant, the ants under her skin had vanished, and the gentle motion of his finger between her legs felt good.

‘It feels REALLY good!’ she thought.

Alexis heard a moan, filled with longing, and realized it was hers. She tried to pull Felix up for a kiss, but his tongue moved the other way. When his mouth found her clit, she couldn’t process her feelings. Loving affection was coursing through her groin; It felt like she was being seduced by her first crush. But, in her heart, it felt like Gramma was serving her a steaming bowl Congee.

He began to tease her; he licked her inner thigh; he kissed her hip; he pushed his nose into her belly button until she giggled and pushed him away; he kissed the palm of her hand then dragged his tongue up to her elbow in a way that made her ass cheeks clench in response.

“Why does it all feel so good?” Alexis asked him in wonder, “Can all of it feel this good?” She searched his face for an answer but got nothing from his lopsided grin. She pushed him onto his back, and followed his lead, dragging her tongue from his chest, past his delightful sixpack. She wrapped her mouth around the tip of his rigid shaft, slowly dropped her head, and felt him twitch against the roof of her mouth.

She heard his quiet moan, and felt his fingertips gently stroke her scalp. She slowly drew her mouth back up and thought she could almost feel the motion in her nipples as they tingled and grew.

Felix watched with intense satisfaction and wonder as this smart gorgeous multi-millionaire blew him. He wondered if his weird magic would work on addiction as well as it had on procrastination and self-loathing. He hoped it would. He desperately wanted to save this fragile woman with the tough veneer.

“Free Hugs!” he announced, “While supplies last.”

She pulled her mouth off his cock with a gentle slurp, smiled happily, and crawled on top of him. She was surprised at the intensity of her need. She melted into his strong arms while carefully rocking her hips to find the tip of his penis. When she found it, she sunk downward and used her vagina to hold his shaft with as much care and affection as his arms were holding her.

“Your sister will respect you a LOT in a few months!” he whispered in her ear.

Alexis’ need for that respect hit her like a physical blow. The impact of it seemed to bounce to her groin, and morph into the most delicious arousal. Without any conscious thought, her hips began to rock, and her mouth began kissing his neck. She pulled away and sat on top of him. She rested her hands on his chest and used her straight arms to help her move up and down. He went back to playing with her nipples and caressing the little boobs that embarrassed her. She felt her arousal grow and was shocked that the effects of cocaine were gone; she was about to have a REAL orgasm! It felt like it did in high school, with her first boyfriend. Her body tightened up, and she pushed her chest out.

His hands grabbed her face and pulled her towards him. She looked in his eyes and his words made her shake. “You don’t want drugs. You don’t think about them. You don’t need them.”

Her orgasm raced through her, and Felix would be the only one to remember what happened afterward. He remembered pounding up into her, programming her with the rest of it and cumming hard inside of her. He stroked her hair and her shoulder after she fell asleep on top of him and waited a long time before gently rolling her onto her back. On the phone, her excited, well-spoken assistant was eager to know what to do for her in the next few days.

Before he left, Felix kissed her forehead many more times than usual and paused to write her a note. It ended up being much longer than he’d intended.


Myra was pleased with herself! Her simple distraction — instructing Tamara to “Go paint someone naked!” — had been brilliantly effective. Tamara had raced to empty The Club’s ‘Creativity Closet’ of all its painting supplies, and promptly locked herself in bedroom
. Myra had quite enjoyed canlı bahis siteleri the loving way that Tamara had repeatedly insisted “You can’t come in yet!” Even as she checked again on Madi, peacefully sleeping, she was looking forward to seeing a pad filled with Tamara’s ‘naked’ sex-crazed stick figures.

But now, Tamara was standing proudly in front of the open bedroom door with a big bright smile on her face. Her hands were on her naked hips and there was nothing but paint splatters on the rest of her body.

Myra and Dani both stopped in their tracks; the Securities student and the nurse both stopped studying; the Julliard student and the overweight mom both stopped their workouts. All because Tamara stood there looking like the technicolor image of sex.

“I’m done,” she happily announced.

A minute later, crowded into the bedroom, the women were speechless for another reason. Myra stared at the painting on the wall, but it overwhelmed her; The angled features; the delicate use of light and shadow; the colors! They all seemed, somehow, to capture Felix’s new resolve and Ms Madison’s new kindness. Myra was embarrassed by her own likeness; it had far more beauty and nobility than she had ever seen in herself.

Myra couldn’t make sense of it, ‘How can it be here? How can it be this perfect?’ She remembered her high school field trip to Boston’s Museum of Fine Art. Even there, she’d never seen anything so skillfully beautiful that it made her cry. ‘Until now,’ she thought.

Myra turned to the woman that adored her; She laughed at the red paint dripping off Tamara’s left nipple and laughed some more as she finally figured out ‘Go paint someone. naked’. She wiped some blue away from Tamara’s cheek and kissed her with so much love they both lost themselves in the embrace.


The delivery of destructive fire had evolved a great deal since 1939, when the Finnish army nick-named their IID the “Molotov Cocktail”. The man in the trench coat didn’t care about that, though. He knew that, pound for pound, gasoline holds more energy than TNT and, in any event, he had a ‘Not broke, don’t fix it’ sensibility. He would avoid any complexity on this job, just as he did an hour ago on the last one.

He used a cloth covered brick to quietly shatter the window, then lit and tossed all eight bottles through the anti-burglary bars and into the basement of the three-story brick building. He made sure to get one near the thick wooden support beam, another near the wooden stairs, and a third near the large tank of heating oil. ‘Maybe it’ll burn to the ground,’ he thought, ‘Or maybe they’ll save it. Either way, they’ll learn some fuckin’ respect.’

He left the alley at a relaxed pace but remembered to limp in case anyone was watching. His mind had become occupied by his hunger. ‘Pasta Carbanara, Tiramisu, and a nice bottle of Brunello,’ he thought happily.


Felix chose a parking spot six blocks from the sorority, so that he could enjoy the midnight air. He was delighted by the vision that met him at the end of his stroll. She was dragging a huge garbage bag to the curb and stopped when she recognized him. She waved, with a big smile, and bounded back inside, her bright red hair swinging above her skintight “PROPERTY OF” shorts.

Inside, Felix found a flurry of confused activity. Becky moved gracefully among it all, joyfully directing traffic and mediating between the two groups. She looked like a favorite pre-school teacher navigating the narrow spaces between eight screaming toddlers and fifteen exhausted parents. When she caught Felix’s eye, she laughed and motioned for him to follow her to the sitting room. They walked in on a dozen women surrounding Sandra while she pulled hard on a rowing machine.

“I feel awesome!” she announced to the group as she pulled another stroke. The wooshing water in the wheel seemed to accentuate her last word.

Felix rested his hand on Becky’s shoulder as they both watched the sweating excited young woman.

“I woke up” . . .WOOSH. . . “Opened chemistry” . . .WOOSH. . . “Memorized two chapters” . . .WOOSH. . . “Instead of video games” . . .WOOSH. . . “I wanted to row” . . .WOOSH. . .

Felix turned away from the machine to look at Becky.

She smiled up at his dark eyes, “You’re only a third of the way through us. Zeta Pi Beta kicking your ass?”

“I knew I was outmatched!” He said as he reached toward the plate of dumplings on the coffee table. He popped one in his mouth, considered it, and moved the plate to his lap, “But I,” he paused for the right words, “Need to find something.”

Becky squeezed his hand, “Whatever your reasons, thanks for coming down. Sandra would have washed out next month without your help.” She took a few steps toward the hall, “Minnie!” she yelled up the stairs, “Your ‘party’ has arrived”. When she looked back at Felix, they both laughed at her double meaning he was playfully tackled by two girls. Each was gushing about recent successes in such a torrent of words that he didn’t understand either of them.

“Great news!” he laughed into the maelstrom. Each girl reached up on tippee toes to kiss a cheek, and then they both bounded off in different directions.

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