Shipwrecked with Mom and Esther

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Here’s a re-edited version. I corrected some grammatical errors and spelling. I changed the back story a bit and corrected some story and plot holes. The whole thing is 100% better. It’s really almost a whole new story! Enjoy and send me your feedback!


Ben hadn’t really wanted to go on the stupid cruise with his family in the first place. Maybe it’s because he’d seen Titanic one too many times, but he didn’t feel comfortable getting on a big ship and cruising around the ocean miles away from anything. He certainly wasn’t excited to have a big chunk of his summer gone; away from his friends, his video games and that cute girl down the street that he was dying to ask out. This cruise was just bad timing! He was hoping that this would be the summer that he finally lost his virginity.

Ben’s dad owned a string of car dealerships and had made millions. The family had never wanted for anything. His mother even had a personal assistant, or maid, as Ben liked to think of her. She mostly ran errands and helped his mother with paperwork, but she did some cleaning and cooking as well. She was nice enough and worked really hard, but she wasn’t one of the sexy French maids, or statuesque personal assistants that you sometimes saw on the Playboy channel or in the movies.

Esther was her name, and she was a very dark skinned, short, plump older woman. She had full lips and a thick head of frizzy hair. Esther was also the proud owner of a pair of massive boobs that always seemed to be on the verge of bursting out of her blouses, bouncing around wildly as she hurried here and there. He had liked her even more recently, when she confided in him that she hated boats too.

Ben’s mom was the opposite of Esther. She was a tall trophy wife and kept her toned body bronzed by tanning beds. She had long, blond hair and massive breast implants that made her boobs jut out from her chest like a couple of zeppelins, ready for take off. She was a little too top heavy, in Ben’s opinion, always looking like she was going to topple over.

Ben had just turned eighteen; a few months after graduating high school. He would be off to a prestigious private college next year and was very excited to get out and see the world, and of course, all the college babes. All he had to do was survive this last family outing with his parents. Making this cruise worthwhile, was the thought that maybe just maybe, he could hook up with a girl and finally lose his virginity.

The first day of the cruise was uneventful. Ben managed to stay clear of his family mostly, and he only saw Esther once. She ran into him coming out of the gym, giving him a warm smile as he passed, promising to buy him a drink later as a graduation present. She was really the only member of his household that he was going to miss, in the fall. He really did like her.

As the day progressed, Ben even managed to meet a couple of girls that were actually going to the same college as he was, next year. Maybe this cruise wouldn’t be so bad. Esther had indeed brought him that drink she promised him later that night and Ben fell asleep a little earlier than usual.

“Ben, open the door now!”

Ben sat up on his bed, groggy and confused. Was that someone at his door?

There was heavy knocking on his door. “Ben hurry! The ship is sinking!”

Ben heard THAT loud and clear. He sprang to his feet; images of the last minutes of the Titanic filling his mind! He raced around the cabin like a mad man, throwing on his shorts and tennis shoes, and then pulling open the door.

Outside his door in the crowded hallway, his father, mother, and a very shaken Esther, were huddled against the wall. Esther was crying, and his mother was trying to comfort her. Panicked passengers were hustling up and down the hallway.

“Ben, I want you to take your mother and Esther up to the deck and make sure that if worse comes to worse you, get them on a life boat,” his father said, sternly. “It probably won’t come to that. I’m going to go up to the bridge and see if I can be of some use up there and find out what’s really happening.” He squeezed his wife’s shoulder in a gesture of reassurance, also giving Ben that manly nod that said we’ll take care of the ladies no matter what.

Ben’s father had been a captain in the coast guard and knew the captain of this cruise ship personally. He stormed off down the hall to make things right.

Ben led his mother and Esther through the crowded hall and to the upper decks. Once out in the open the grim situation came into view. The ship was listing to the port side. The ship was taking on water somehow and there was a massive storm approaching. Even in the darkness of night, Ben could see an even darker mass of clouds approaching fast.

There was an announcement on the intercom system: “Please return to your cabins…All passengers…please returns to your cabins until further notice…” The announcement repeated endlessly.

“Yeah, right,” Ben muttered.

Ben was pretty czech gangbang porno sure that the same announcement had been made on the Titanic! He was out of his mind with fear but dared not show it in front of his mother and Esther. He had to be the strong one since his father wasn’t with them. He took his family responsibility very seriously. He wanted to be just like his dad, when it came to handling situations.

As the minutes turned into hours, the ship started to lean even further to the port side. Now the rain had started and the ocean was getting choppy. Ben’s father found them on the deck and beckoned them to follow him. When he had them alone near a row of life boats, he pulled out a key. “Listen, I’m going to put you down in one of the life boats. These things will float even upside down and full of water. There’s something going on down in the engine room and…well, I’m worried. I want you off the boat. I don’t give a fuck what anyone else says…something’s seriously wrong and you’ll all be safer in the water, right now.”

“Dad?” Ben started, but his father cut him off.

“I’ll be okay,” is all he said.

Ben and his mother both knew better than to argue with him, and they climbed in the boat with Esther, pulling on their life preservers. The boat started to lower into the water. As the lifeboat slowly lowered down to the roiling sea below, there was a tremendous explosion, and the little life boat fell the remaining twenty feet into the water, nearly knocking all three of them into the ocean.

As soon as the boat hit the water, they realized the full extent of the storm as hell was unleashed upon them. Waves were washing over the side of the boat as it was tossed about violently. There was no time to think of anything except survival.

Ben had no idea how long they were tossed about in the storm. It felt like days. All he knew was that he had awakened on the boat with the sun shining down upon him. He was alive! He looked about in a panic for a moment until he saw that Esther was asleep next to his mother on the bottom of the boat. The three of them had made it. He realized that they weren’t moving. They were too still.

Ben sat up and looked over the side of the boat. It had been washed ashore on a sandy white beach. The beach went on for a few hundred yards in each direction and was encased by dense jungle. There was nothing else; no other people, no wreckage.

Ben looked down at the two women he was shipwrecked with. They were both sprawled out on the bottom of the life boat, side by side. His mother seemed fine and was breathing steadily. He stared a second too long at her massive, heaving chest. She would be fine. She was a tough woman. He looked over at Esther, who seemed to have survived in one peace as well. Somehow, in the violent storm, her top had torn, revealing one of her massive boobs. She apparently hadn’t had time to put on a bra last night. Despite the desperate situation he was in, he couldn’t tear his gaze away from the maid. He had never seen a nipple so thick and dark, and long in his life. His cock twitched and he forced himself to look away.

“Ok… enough of that, you pervert,” he said to himself. “I’ve got to look around for any other survivors.”

Ben hopped out of the boat, leaving the two women to sleep some more, and walked the length of the beach, looking hard out to the ocean, and gathering up any driftwood he could find. He found a couple of newer pieces of wood that could have been from the ocean liner, but he couldn’t be sure. There was really nothing else of any value or use.

After he gathered up the wood, bringing it up toward the tree line, he went through his own pockets, taking inventory. He had his pocket knife, a book of matches that were fairly dry, a pen, some useless scraps of paper and a couple of condoms. He had brought them along, hoping to get lucky on the cruise. “A lot of good these will do me here,” he thought to himself. He took another look at the book of matches. It was from the bar that Esther had bought him the drink in, and it had the name and number of a cute coed he had met there. Esther had joked that the girl looked a lot like his mother. Ben shook his head and put his stuff back in his pockets. He wondered if she had made it.

He then went about gathering some large palm leaves for shelter or to sleep on. He wasn’t exactly sure what he was going to do with them, but they always did that in the movies. He also found a few coconuts. That was good luck, he thought. Then he went back to the boat to wake the ladies up. He started with Esther first.

“Esther,” he said gently, trying not to look at her exposed tit and failing. “Esther, wake up. It’s all over. We’re okay.”

Esther slowly opened her eyes, looking up at Ben. She sat up gingerly and got to her feet, suddenly pulling her shirt across her chest as she caught Ben glancing down. Ben helped her out of the boat. “Sorry,” Ben said, turning red.

“It’s okay,” czech harem porno Esther said with a half smile.

“Let’s see if Mom’s okay,”

Esther looked over the side of the boat as Ben climbed back in and went over to his mother, shaking her gently. “Mom,” he said softly.

“What? Where?” she asked foggily, squinting up at him.

“Mom, it’s okay. You, me and Esther…we’re okay…we made it through the storm and washed up on this beach.”

“Did anyone else make it?” she asked him, trying to sit up. She groaned at the effort.

“It doesn’t look like it. There maybe other survivors somewhere else on this island, but I haven’t seen or heard any signs yet.”

“What about your father?” she asked him.

Ben shook his head. “I don’t know. I really don’t know. I think it’s just the three of us for right now. I don’t know where we are, but I’ve found us some wood and we have some matches and some coconuts for us to eat. We’re going to be okay. Oh, and these…he said showing her some bottles of water that he had found on the life boat.”

The three of them, gathered their meager supplies, found a nice spot, about fifty yards from the ocean, and sat down to ponder their fate. There had been a few items on the lifeboat that they were able to salvage besides the water like some extra life vests that they could use to sit on or as pillows and some blankets. There was a medical kit and some food, mostly protein bars. Ben’s mom sat alone quietly looking out into the ocean as Ben organized the supplies. Esther didn’t seem to be in any better shape…she hadn’t moved or said a word since plopping down in the sand.

Later that evening, Ben somehow managed to light a small fire, and chop open a few of the coconuts with a rock. He spread out some palm leaves on the sand for them and the all fell asleep huddled together.

During the night Ben awoke from an amazing dream that turned into a real sensation on his groin. He had somehow snuggled up behind Esther in the night, and had his hand around her, resting on one of her massive boobs! One of Esther’s hands was behind her touching his crotch. She seemed to be sound asleep, but her hand was massaging his growing bulge. It was too much for him to take. He had been extremely horny on the cruise. It had been building up before the cruise. All he had been able to think about was girls.

Ben got up listening to his mom and Esther’s breathing, and walked into the woods a little bit yanking down his shorts when he thought he was far enough away. He pulled out his erect, throbbing cock and started to stroke it. He had to get some relief. He couldn’t remember the last time he had been this horny. He couldn’t believe that Esther had gotten him so worked up. He had to admit that seeing her nipple today had really gotten to him and feeling her huge boob in his hand moments earlier was amazing. He had never thought of Esther in a sexual way before today and now he couldn’t get her out of his mind. It was her, he thought of has he pumped his hand up and down his shaft.

“Oh yeah… that’s right Esther suck my cock,” he said has he masturbated. He really was imagining Esther’s thick lips wrapped around his cock. “Oh…yeah… That’s it!” He groaned has he pumped a colossal load of sperm out of his cock and onto the jungle floor. He kept stroking his cock until his balls were empty.

He suddenly had the feeling that he was not alone. He looked around quickly, and then, crouching around the trees, not ten feet away, he saw Esther staring at his cock. Was that a smile on her lips? They locked eyes for a second. “I’m sorry,” He said softly, devastatingly embarrassed.

Esther shook her head and replied. “It’s ok.” Then she left him alone with his deflated cock in his hand.

Ben’s mind was swirling. Esther had just caught him masturbating and seemed to enjoy it. Did that mean that she really wasn’t asleep when she was massaging his crotch? He was pretty sure she wouldn’t tell his mother, but he was still worried about it. He needed to be the leader here. Their survival depended on him, and he was nothing but a pervert.

Ben decided that he had too many more important things to worry about besides Esther, and went back to their little camp, sleeping well apart from the two women for the rest of the night.

The next morning, the sun shone brightly and the birds were singing. Ben sat up, enjoying easy morning sun. He stood up to see his mother and Esther standing by the ocean. They both seemed to be in better spirits and had fashioned their clothes to better suit the new climate.

Ben’s mother had torn her sleeves off and had ripped apart the top, front of her blouse so that it wasn’t so hot and her skin could breathe. She had discarded her bra and her nipples were clearly visible under the fabric. She had also used Ben’s pocketknife to cut her dress pants into shorts! She was the perfect figure of a supermodel stranded on a beach, except with much, much larger czech sharking porno breasts and fuller lips. Ben figured he could handle his mom like this for the next couple of days, but probably not too much longer than that! “Fucking pervert,” Ben muttered to himself.

The ladies had configured Esther’s torn shirt into a sort of halter top. It did the job of covering up her breasts, but it hugged them tightly, and they jiggled and bounced obscenely every time she moved. She was still wearing the medium length skirt that she had thrown on last night. It was thin fabric and barely covered up her full, round ass.

Ben contemplated his situation for a second as the two ladies walked back towards him. He was shipwrecked on a desert island with two women. One was tall and model like, with huge fake boobs and the other was plump and naturally curvy with the two biggest boobs he had ever seen. It was too bad that one was his mother and the other his housekeeper or he might have enjoyed his predicament a little bit.

Usually Ben was attracted to, and dated petite, slim, athletic girls. He was having a hard time understanding why his cock was responding to his new companions, especially Esther. But every time her boobs bounced and jiggled his cock started to stiffen. He was really glad that his cargo shorts were fairly loose fitting and that they would be rescued soon. He couldn’t take much more of this.

“Good morning, baby,” Ben’s mother said, giving him tight hug, mashing her giant boobs against him. “I’m so glad you’re here to protect us and I’m so thankful that we’re okay. I’m sure your father’s okay and I’m sure we’ll be rescued soon. Thank you again, baby.” She went about getting them a power bar and bottle of water for their breakfast.

Esther walked past Ben, giving him a coy smile. “Good morning,” she said.

“Good morning…um…look about…”

“Don’t worry. Come on, let’s help your mom,”

Halfway through the first full day on the island, Ben’s mother had discovered a fresh water stream only about 200 feet into the jungle. Ben had discovered a clearing up a small hill as well, that afforded them a little bit more safety and shelter. They moved camp up there. Ben was able to contain himself and Esther never said another word about what she had witnessed their first night.

By the third day, the three of them were actually starting to get a little bit comfortable and into a daily routine. They had taken apart some of the boat to help with their new shelter. Ben had fashioned a spear and caught several fish for them that evening. It was quite a feast compared to the usual fare of coconuts. Esther had cleaned and cooked them.

On the fourth night on the island, Ben’s mother was tired and went to sleep early. As she lay there softly snoring, Ben and Esther walked out to the beach together and stood by the ocean. “Ben? Can I ask you something personal?”

“Sure.” Ben answered a little hesitantly. He was afraid she was going to ask him about his masturbation scene. He was right.

“Remember our first night here? When I saw you in the clearing?” she asked him.

“Yes. It was…I just…it was the stress. I’m really sorry. It won’t happen again. I promise,” he blubbered.

“Don’t be embarrassed, Ben. I told you I understood. I just need you to answer me very honestly here. I heard you saying my name while you masturbated. Were you really thinking about me? I mean did I turn you on that much?”

“Uh…Yes,” Ben stuttered, answering her honestly for some reason. He had really meant to lie.

Esther smiled over at him, reaching over for his hand. “You just made an old lady feel really good. You know that?”

Ben shook his head. He didn’t really know that. “Really?”

“Yes,” She told him, leaning her head up and giving him a quick kiss on the cheek. “Do these turn you on, Ben?” She said, sliding her top off of her shoulders and letting the full majesty of her heavy, breasts fall into his view.


Esther’s thick, brown Nipples pointed at him, invitingly.

“Wow,” he said again, staring at them.

Esther grasped both of his hands and placed them on her boobs. He kneaded her massive breasts roughly. She let out a moan of pleasure. Ben lowered his head and sucked a thick nipple into his mouth, sucking on it hard. “Oh fuck!” Esther yelled.

Ben was all over her breasts now, devouring them and biting her long rubbery nipples like a man possessed. He hefted her breasts in his hands, loving the weight of them. They were massive, and so full and heavy. Esther was dripping wet by the time Ben pulled away from her.

Esther dropped to her knees and pulled down Ben’s zipper, and unsnapped the button. She yanked his shorts all the way down his legs, and his cock sprang into view. He hadn’t had time to put any underwear on, in the rush to exit the ship.

Esther slowly stroked his cock with her hands as she looked up into Ben’s eyes. “You have such a big, wonderful cock,” She told him. She leaned forward and it disappeared between her thick lips. Ben almost lost his balance and would have fallen back if not for Esther’s strong hands on his ass. Esther was forcing more of his cock meat into her mouth and down her throat, moaning and drooling around his shaft as she sucked him deeper.

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