Saffron and Sam Ch. 09

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This story is a work of fiction, any similarity to any real person living or dead is purely coincidence. All characters are over the age of 18 unless otherwise stated.


My summer started off with Barb’s graduation from college and my graduation from high school. I attended the graduation with Saffron and CC, since 4 of the Mad Pack were graduating. The only two left were going to be Saffron and CC.

The big surprise for me was the fact that none of Barb’s family attended her graduation. I thought that that was pretty cold and uncaring out of them, but she just passed it off as no big deal. I was so proud of her for finishing her college and looking forward to going there myself. It was even more intimidating when it came to thinking I had a relationship with a college graduate and I was only graduating high school.

The partying was heavy after graduation when the girls went over to DJ’s house for a pool party. That, in my opinion, was where things got really crazy.

Everyone was drinking pretty heavily, which didn’t bother me, and I was the only one sober. I am what you call a cheap drunk. It only takes me a couple of beers to get blasted. I was a lightweight compared to the women at this party. To be perfectly honest with you, I was like a boy at a T and A convention. There was enough nubile flesh there to keep a hormone laden teenager hard constantly.

I was not immune, even though my girlfriend was there. In fact, she was one of the ones causing me to be issues. I’m glad I wore very baggy trunks, which helped a little, but still not enough. It didn’t help any that the girls were all constantly teasing me. Between DJ, Kelly Joe, and Brandi and Mandy Janus, who also joined the party, there were enough tits around to start a large dairy. Even CC contributed to that aspect of this party.

DJ, Brandi and Mandy wore suits that strained the integrity of the material of their tops, what of them there were. Their nipples were on solid display, standing up in what seemed like a permanent state of arousal. I know it was doing plenty for my arousal. Although I’m very much of an ass man, it sure turned me on. As much of a pain in the ass to me , Brandi and Mandy were, I couldn’t help but admire their massive attributes. They sure took after their older sister in the chest department. They had absolutely fantastic bodies. Their main turn offs, were their personalities.

No one there, as far as I was concerned, could match Barb’s body. That perfect ass of hers made up for what she lacked in the chest department. Not that she was small, but her medium sized breasts were just the right size for her body. Where her ass was lithe and tight, Brandi, Mandy, and CC’s were all fleshy, but muscular, jiggling in just the right places and style. CC looked just like Elizabeth Shue, from the original Karate Kid.

Things start getting really wild when everyone decided to play chicken in the pool. I was teamed with Barb at first, which was okay by me. Now, I have to tell you, that if you give me a computer keyboard or a set of drumsticks and I’m quite adept. I even dance well. However, other than that, I’m the athletic equivalent of a spaz, having not one bit of athletic ability in common with these shapely college level female athletes. First off, I’m not that strong in my legs and it was hard for me to hold my own once they got Barbara tilted one way or another. DJ didn’t make things better when instead of grabbing for Barb on the bottom she started grabbing my cock. She would do that and I would go down, taking Barb with me.

Then somebody came up with the brilliant idea of changing partners. “Don’t worry Sammy, I’ll protect you,” was all that CC said to me.

I ended up with CC on my shoulders and we started doing better. The thought of having CC’s thighs wrapped around my ears really got me going south of the border south of the border south of the border. Barb got on Saffron’s shoulders and was doing pretty good as well. CC, a little spit fire, went after everybody like her life depended on it. She devastated Mandy and Brandi, who were a team, and then when after DJ and Kelly Jo. After twisting Kelly Jo’s body enough to get DJ off-balance, I pulled back and both of them went underwater. Then she went for Barb and Saffron and we beat them as well. Nothing was off limits to CC, including pulling hair tops, and kicking, she was vicious. She fought as if both of our lives depended on it.

When she pulled Barb’s hair, Barb screamed out, “Geez CC leave me some hair, will you?”

“Sorry Barb, but all’s fair in love and war.”

“Which one you talking about, CC, the first or the second?”

“Maybe both.”

All of a sudden, Donna, who was not teamed up with anybody, came up behind an unsuspecting CC and unsnapped her bra top, which caused her more than a bit of a panic.

I wasn’t going to miss a chance to see CC’s bodacious Tatas if I could help it, so I immediately looked up. She knew what I was doing, however, and just flipped back into the water. I pendik escort saw her bikini top floating by me and couldn’t help but lift it up.

“Someone’s missing a double barreled slingshot,” I said as I lifted it out water.

“Give me my top you little perv.”

I gave it over to her reluctantly and actually got I little look at the sides of her breasts as she turned her back to put her top back on. Barb just looked at me a little funny with a smirk on her face and winked.

After we were done playing and eating hamburgers Donna cooked on the grill, the girls said they were tired and they were just going to work on their tans. They did this, after taking their tops off, even Brandi and Mandy, everyone but CC. Even Saffron and Barb went topless. It was remarkable to me the close comparison of those two bodies. Barb definitely had the better ass, but Saffron had her beat in the breast department, but just barely.

It didn’t take them long to turn over on their backs, displaying their full racks to me. I was as hard as a rock. Brandi and Mandy both asked me to come over and put oil on their chests for them, which totally embarrassed me, surely their intention. Barb took care of that quickly.

“If he’s gone to tiptoe his fingers over the elevations, it’s going to be my hills, and not your mountains girls.”

They just giggled and pouted, leaving me alone after that. They finally went into the house, to leave me and the rest of the grown-ups alone. After the party broke up, Barb and I went back to her place. As I got into the house with her, she just about ripped my clothes off.

“My, my, is my sweetie just a little horny?” She said as she grabbed my steel hard erection.

I looked at her rather sheepishly and kind of him hawed around, not knowing what to say. After all, I was busted. There was no denying I was aroused.

“You really got hot seeing little CC’s big titties didn’t you? Be honest with me. ”

“Okay, I’ll tell you the truth. I’ve had a huge crush on CC for seven years now. I’m sorry, honey, but I’m only human.”

“It’s okay sweetie, I can’t blame you. I’ll be honest with you now, but I really hate to bring this up.”

“You can be honest with me honey, I won’t hold anything against you. Say what you need to say.”

“Ever since that episode with your sister, I feel a little attracted to other women. You don’t have anything to worry about, because I love you and you keep me satisfied sexually. But all that T & A on display out there today, got me a little turned on. Not that I would ever go for it, but if I did CC would be the one I would pick. She’s got that tight little bubble butt, and is perfectly formed titties. I think she’s the cutest one of the lot. Now get to work on me,” she said as she started pushing on my shoulders to get me to my knees.

I pulled her shorts down and her bikini bottom and could instantly smell her arousal. I could tell she was so hot just by the aroma. When I slid my tongue into her cooch, my mouth was instantly flooded with her juices. She was so wet, it was running down her legs. I backed away for a second and said, “I’d say you’re hot, I don’t think I’ve ever tasted you this wet, not that I’m complaining.”

“I told you, Sam.”

I started working her with my tongue and two of my fingers, finger fucking her juicy quim as I teased her engorged clit with my tongue. When she started shouting that she was coming I opened imy mouth over her spasming cunt and drank her girl cum. Her taste and smell were exquisite. She got wobbly kneed and I held her up. She began to pull me up for a passionate tongue swapping kiss.


After our sexual episode in the hallway, she practically dragged me up the stairs to her room. She was still naked from the waist down, and most of my clothes were still downstairs. She practically threw me on the bed and went down on me. She swallowed my hard cock completely and was working her tongue magic on me with great fervor. It wasn’t going to be long before I came because of all the girl teasing earlier today. I warned her as best I could before I shot my huge load into her mouth, with her swallowing every drop. When I was done coming, she still kept working on me to harden me again. Since I had just come, I was very sensitive, but that didn’t deter her any. She kept at it until I was hard as a rock. I have to admit for a couple of minutes I was in sheer agony, the first time I’d ever felt that during sex.

“Sam I have a favor to ask, I want to do anal tonight. I want that beautiful cock of yours in my ass. Please.”

“Are you sure, Barb?”

“You’re god damn right I’m sure. Fuck my ass, “she emphasized as she reached into her stand and came out with a tube of Astroglide and handed it to me, while turning over on to her front. I put some on my fingers and started working them into her little puckered brown eye. I knew when to progress by her ass motions. When I opened her up enough with each finger she began pushing back and rotating her perfect escort pendik ass. Finally after I’d gotten the second finger in and was finger fucking her with ease, she told me she was ready.

I lined up my well lubricated cock and slowly pushed the head in until I felt a pop, which told me I was past my coronal head in her ass hole. Her breathing became ragged and urged me on by pushing back against me until I had my entire length in her. I began a sawing motion, feeling the tight walls of her rectum almost pinching my cock off. She was begging me to go deeper and I was trying to accommodate. I was really enjoying the tightness of her nether region and it was difficult for me to maintain my control. I slowed a couple of times, much to her chagrin, because I didn’t want to come too early and wanted her to enjoy it. We kept this up for a good 20 min., until I couldn’t hold back any longer and shot my sperm inside her bowels. She shuddered and came with a scream. I just hoped that the neighbors didn’t think someone was being raped in her apartment and came running. After I eased my deflating cock out of her ass, she went running to the bathroom, like she had the last time we had done anal. This time I didn’t think anything was wrong and lay serenely in bed. After about 5 min., she came back with a warm, wet wash rag to clean me off. She did that while kissing me passionately and thanking me for the great experience.

“I really think I’m getting perverted, Sam, I like your cock up my ass.”

“I’m glad to oblige, honey, you are so tight back there and that gives me a wonderful view of your perfect ass.”

“Thank you so much sweetie, I love you.”

“I love you too, honey, “this whole time she was stroking my cock with a wash rag over it and getting me hard again. I pushed her onto her back, somewhat startling her, until she realized what I was doing. I slid my reinvigorated erection into her soaking wet quim, starting a slow deep lovemaking. We went at it for quite a while before she reached up and bit my ear, lovingly, and came. That’s all it took for me and I shot my waiting cum deeply into her cervix.


We enjoyed our night together and woke up in each other’s arms in the morning. This is when I realized just how much I loved her. This was like paradise on earth, to me, and I felt she enjoyed it just as much as I did. I got up and made her scrambled eggs with buttered toast and poured her orange juice. She came down in just her robe and kissed me passionately.

“Oh Sam, aren’t you a dear, making me breakfast.”

“It’s the least I can do for my lady. I’m sorry it isn’t something more elaborate, but it’s the best I can do.”

“Are you kidding me, this is the best breakfast I’ve ever had. It’s the first time someone ever cooked for me out of love. I love you, you wonderful man.”

We sat down and ate, before we went up for our showers. In the shower I fucked her standing up for only the second time during our relationship. We finished our showers, got dressed and went for a walk. When we got back from taking a turn around the park, Roxy was home.

“Well I see the two lovebirds are up and about early.”

“Yes we are and how are you this beautiful morning, fair Roxy?”

“My, aren’t we spry and mannerly this morning.”

“Yes and we had a fine night together last night too,” is all Barb said to her.

“I’ll just bet you did, I’ll just bet you did.”


When I got home, Saffron was downstairs watching some morning movie, while sitting on the couch.

“So how was your day and night with Barbara?”

“It was fantastic, how was your evening?”

“How do you think it was, Sammy, lonely.”

“You need to go out and find you a man, Saffron.”

“I told you dear brother, I’ve already found the man I love.”

“Saffron, you can’t keep going on like this, it isn’t healthy.”

“You let me be the judge of that, little brother. I told you I wouldn’t interfere with you and Barb. I’ll handle my own problems my own way.”

“Saffron, it just makes me feel bad, having you hurt like this.”

“Don’t worry Sammy, maybe I’ll get over it in time.”

“I sure hope so, I hate to see you like this. And you have so much to offer someone.”


After my conversation with Saffron, I went over to Gerald’s to play video games. As I pulled up to his house, I saw Melanie leaving with a big smile on her face. I waved and smiled at her and got the same back. She was such a lovely girl and she seemed very happy.

“Well I see the old ball and chain has left you alone.”

“Fuck you, Sammy, she’s far from a ball and chain. I think I’m in love with her.”

“Okay, okay, I was just joking with you bro. I think she’s really been good for you, and you for her.”

“You betcha, buddy, she’s the best thing that ever happened to me.”

“Good for you, man, good for you.”

We went in to his house and played video games for about three hours, pendik escort bayan having the time of our lives. I look back on that now and realize that this was what good friends were all about.


The summer was a summer of love for Barb and I, with us having great times together. We took several walks together just holding hands and stopping every once in a while to hug and kiss. Some evenings we would just sit on my porch on the glider and talk about our future. Barb had already found herself a teaching job at Gilmore elementary school for the second grade. It was what she always wanted for herself and I was really proud of her. I knew she was going to make an excellent teacher. I was starting university in the fall and was really looking forward to it. I wanted to pursue my computer programming degree while she taught.

We would also take long hikes or bicycle rides in the state park on its trails. I especially enjoy these forays into the wilderness, so to speak, because they usually ended up with having sex somewhere during the trip. Barb always seemed to have a blanket when we needed it. One of our interesting interludes included me fucking her up against a leaning oak tree.

We spent several days lounging around DJ’s family pool with the mad pack +2, Brandi and Mandy Janus. Those two always were more of a pain in the ass to me, than anything. The way they flirted and pawed at me was a constant irritation. The rest of the ladies got a kick out of it, while it just perturbed me. It made me feel uncomfortable, especially in front of Barb. The funny thing was, the one person that usually came to my defense was CC. She would eventually tell the girls to knock it off. They listened to her because she had a voice of authority that they knew she wouldn’t be afraid to back up. After that day at the pool when we had the chicken fights, they thought her capable of anything and were very intimidated.

When we would get back to her apartment, Barb just made the comment, “They just want my baby, that’s why they act like that. They’re just young, immature and don’t know how to go about getting you.”

“Do you want them to get me?”

“Of course not, silly, I don’t mind you having fantasies about CC, but I don’t want you anywhere near those girls.”

“I told you I had a crush on CC, not fantasies about her.”


Barb and I just continued our summer of love, taking walks, going to movies and generally enjoying our lives together.

The weekend before Labor Day after Barb had started her teaching job at the elementary school she seemed a little stressed. I chalked it up to her starting her new job and dealing with the kids and constant school bureaucracy. She told me how the other teachers acted toward the children and it frustrated her. She just told me that she hoped she’d never get that apathetic toward her students. I didn’t know what to say to her except to be supportive. I decided that we should go for an outdoor adventure, but apparently the mad pack had somewhat the same idea. Mine, however, only involve the two of us, but they won out. They decided to go to an outdoor adventure park that included zip lines, paintball, rollerblading, go carts and a pugil stick ring.

As I explained before I had the athletic abilities of a ditch digger and that extended to most of the activities at this park. However, I was looking forward to it and thought it would be fun. Little did I know that was not to be so fun for me. Like I said I’m a small guy with little strength in my extremities, which happens to be a prerequisite for a lot of the activities we were supposed to do at the park. It started out with driving the go carts. Now I consider myself a good driver, but I found very early on, that these girls were aggressive. As I was going around the turn CC forced me right into the hay bales, earning her a warning from one of the course employees. As far as I was concerned it served her right. I tried to return the favor, but could never catch her, her being as aggressive on the racetrack as she was in anything else she did. Then we went to paintball. We had to rent the gear from the owners of the course. I had worn old clothes when I found out where we were going so I wasn’t really worried about them getting messed up. You can rent paintball pants with extra padding in the groin, but not being aware of the sport and how hard and fast the balls are coming at you, I didn’t think I’d need them.

When we start playing, I thought I was pretty foxy when I was darting from barricade to barricade and from tree to tree without being detected; or so I thought. I went toward where I knew Donna was because I figured she’d be the biggest target. As I sought my prey, I didn’t realize that I was the hunted one. As I peeked from behind a barricade to shoot Donna in her rather ample chest. I got hit in the back of my neck by a red paintball. The force of it actually buckled my knees and I fell. As I was laying there, Saffron, DJ, Kelly Jo, and Barb all shot me. I was good and dead and I knew it, but the major shot was yet to come. CC shot me right in the balls, knocking the wind out of me and doubling me back over. I sure wished I had rented those pants then. Barb then spoke up.

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