My Sis and I… Ch. 03

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WARNING: This story features a scene which is 100% factual and is more than a little gruesome! It will probably fit in well with a “Horror” type of genre and it may be unsettling for those with weaker stomachs! I hate writing this but it must be put down as it is a true event and definitely pertains to this specific series!

Now that I have this little disclaimer out of the way I would like to elaborate a little about it. What you are about to read is something that happened to me and thank God (by whatever name you choose to call the deity you may or may not worship) that I am still alive to tell the tale! This is a TRUE EVENT! I will not stress that enough and I do not tell it for pity/sympathy but so that others can know the truth of this story. Enjoy this little bit of the tale!

Chapter 3: A tragic ending or a new beginning?

I’ve had quite the rough week by some people’s standards. This would easily measure up with one of the most psychotic weeks of my life. Not even the Crucible week of Bootcamp could compare. I have found out that I am in love with my sister, received a blow job from her, performed various sexual acts with her and am now getting ready to leave her behind as I rejoin my fellow Marines at SOI!

God what a life! I am able to figure out anything and everything there is to know about fighting and shooting weapons and stuff of that nature. I can finesse a finicky fish into biting a bait when they aren’t hungry. I can even sing quite well when I feel the music. Unfortunately I cannot figure out feelings whatsoever. I have always been horrible at wordplay and never have been accused of sharing my emotions vocally, very well that is!

I am quite capable of wearing my emotions on my back and letting my feelings get the best of me when I am in a heated situation but I never was good at figuring them out. I finally learned a little bit about them when I had to leave my sister as my ride showed up to take me to the airport. Me and a few friends had decided to just take a taxi to the airport together.

After a very saddening farewell to my new lover we all made our way to the airport in relative silence. No small talk, no questions as to what we are facing, no one trying to outwit or outdo the other with wild stories. No we were all quite apprehensive about what we were going to go through. The taxi van driver probably thought we were getting ready to be deployed because she told us no charge, mind you this was for a 45 minute ride to a very busy airport. She was either exceptionally patriotic or sympathetic, either way we were grateful and when the others had gotten their stuff and started off to the airport I left a generous tip for her kindness.

She smiled and accepted it and left rather hastily. When we all found our gate and sat down I took a moment to think about all the things that had happened the past week and what would my next few months with limited contact with my sister truly entail. We were talking by this point and the usual banal conversation left me quite bored. I wandered our little area of the airport for a bit looking at pictures of the local pro-football team and some of the other random posters that were around.

I wondered what it must be like to be famous and rich. I know it must be better than what my family and I suffered growing up. Not knowing whether or not we would have electricity because we couldn’t pay the bill every month. This is not to say that we were unhappy. Quite the contrary. I was rather happy with most things of my life. I had a few books I would read when bored and all the fishing equipment a guy could ask for. I know my mom only got me these things when she really had a penny or two she could spare and a lot of it I bought myself with money saved from lawn care during the summers.

I lived well enough all things considered.

I was brought back to life when I heard the airport intercom calling out and then realized it was time for me to board. I grabbed my bags and headed to join the rest of my friends at the front of the line. We had dropped a few extra bucks to fly first class to base.

It was nice for once. Having people actually asking how we were and making small talk with us like we weren’t less than they were. I enjoyed the conversation quite a good bit. It made me smile. I think other than talking with my sister this was the first time I had smiled the entire trip as one of the guys said, “See Mike’s not dead, he isn’t a complete hardass either!”

We all had a laugh then went back to our conversation. A few minutes into the flight and I was asleep and dreaming of the day I would get back home.

When I jerked awake to the sound of wheels screeching on the runway I knew it was time for me to stop dreaming and to get back to reality. I gathered my belongings and got me and the boys a taxi to base. It took us maybe five minutes to get there. When we were all at the admin office they told us we would need to book a room for the night so we did and split the total cost pangaltı escort amongst us. It was about 15 bucks for the group.

That night sleep did not come easily, I spoke to my lover and when she was tearfully hanging up the phone I realized just how hard this was going to be.

When I woke the next morning to get my things and head into the admin office I felt like my life had ended. The world around me was dropping like a ton of bricks. I couldn’t find my paperwork at first then I couldn’t find my cigs. Life was not looking good.

I hate when I misplace things and this is probably due to me not having a clue 90% of the time. I finally got everything together and headed down stairs to meet up with the rest of the guys and to hand in my key and put my stuff in the taxi cab. I decided not to wait on the guys and head off for my first time alone to the base. I got there and got myself checked in. Did all of the pre-screening paperwork and sat and waited my turn for my piss test.

After finally successfully urinating in the cup (I have serious bladder shyness) and turning everything in that needed to be turned in I went to a small hanger like room with the rest of the guys from my unit and got changed into my camo uniform. We had to wear our service uniforms until that point and it was nice to be out of those itchy things. We were issued our linens and such for the squad bay we would be staying in until the completion of School of Infantry.

I was happy that this time we didn’t get the old nasty itchy blanket and instead got a rather comfortable blanket for whilst we were in barracks. I knew that this little creature comfort would go a long way in keeping me sane over the next few months. I finished up with some of the stuff we had to do and got my bed made up, my locker organized and some of my personal belongings put up. I also managed to sneak a smoke break in the middle of all the madness. It was nice being able to just tell someone I was heading out for a smoke before the shit hit the proverbial fan.

The next day we went out, got our vaccines, our rifles, NVG’s and some other odds and ends. I was issued a M249 SAW and loved it. I was a coveted individual amongst my group. The only downfall was having to share my weapon with my “A-Gunner.” We had to swap weapons during certain events so he would know how to use it. I understood the need for this and it didn’t bug me too horribly.

We went through a few physical fitness tests, basic marksmanship drills, fire and movement drills and other little events before starting the one event that was on all our minds.

Close Quarters Combat or CQB!

We went out to the MOUT town and got ready for the first day of Military Operations on Urban Terrain training. We went through the basics of door to door. Stair clearing, room clearing and stuff like that. It was pretty much the same straight forward and common sense approach, do it loud and vicious. We did very well at that.

The first week we did it with blanks and no rounds whatsoever. The second week was what we looked forward to. A full on CQB simulation. We were going to experience an ambush from a building and we were going to have to take it. We made it through the first week without incident and started our second week.

We obviously couldn’t use live rounds on one another so we used Simunition which is a form of chalk round. We all called them “Satan’s Blueberries” because of the blue chalk they fired. It looked like a hellatious blue berry. I found out first hand how bad they were.

I was on my way up the stairs when I heard a crack and felt something warm run down my cheek and into my mouth. I heard the sound of plastic shattering and felt my left side of my face rip open. I could feel the blood from above my eye trickling to my lips. I could taste the iron, smell the mud on the floor as I landed face down staring at my buddy’s boots. I could hear people yelling incoherently and then it was nothing.

I awoke to blackness. Sheer utter blackness. Like all the lights had been cut off in the universe. I knew it was light outside because I could hear birds. I could hear people moving around me even though I didn’t recognize any voices. I called out and heard the last thing I had ever expected.

“HELP!!!” I screamed out, “For the love of all that’s holy someone help me here!”

“Mikey please don’t worry, you’ll be fine, they just had to put some bandage wraps over your eyes.”

“Julie?” I’d recognize her voice anywhere. “Wha-What are you doing here?”

“They called me and told me there had been an accident and that I needed to come to the hospital on base. Apparently someone shot you in the eye with a chalk round.” She said with a note of dissatisfaction in her voice.

“I’m sorry sis. I should have been more careful. I wasn’t paying close enough attention.” I said feeling awful for the trouble I had caused her.

“Mike, don’t feel bad, it’s not your fault!” She said quickly. “Just relax and pendik escort get some rest for me please?” I noted the questioning voice.

I raised my hand at the side of the bed and turned it so she could easily hold it. “Only if you will hold my hand until I sleep!” She laughed and I immediately felt her fingers wrapped around my hand. They were so soft and warm, I could feel the ridges on them. The bumps of her knuckles. The way her skin had kept its tightness.

I smiled and passed out nearly immediately after whispering, “I love you hun.”

The next day I awoke with the bandages off and a heavy feeling on my belly. I looked down and found her asleep on my stomach. The doctor who had just walked into the room looked unhappy but said nothing about it.

“What’s up with my eyes doc? When can I get back to training?”

“You can’t, there’s been more than one complication and it looks like your left eye will never fully recover.”

“But, but, how am I supposed to help my family? This is all I know. I can’t feed them on lawn care money!” I know I must have sounded half crazy at the time after just being shot in the face by a piece of chalk flying out of a barrel of an M16.

“Son, you’ll have to accept it sooner rather than later but your eye is not going to meet military standards! You will just have to go elsewhere and get a new career!” He said with such a tone of sympathy that I couldn’t be mad at him or the one that had been responsible for putting my eye out.

I asked him how long until I would be out and he proudly informed me that my unit had taken care of my military gear and had gotten me a bit of a farewell gift. A letter of recommendation from everyone in my squad bay and the instructor that had shot me to any police force I wanted to join.

I broke down at this. I never knew any of them really gave a shit. It was at this point my A-Gunner Vargas walked in. He was a 3rd Generation Latino American with a very thick accent. He came in and sat in the chair next to my sister. He handed me an envelope and told, “Just open it later bud, you’ll have to understand why we all got you this particular gift when you get out and have to start over. You were our comic relief on base when we weren’t allowed to leave on the weekends and it meant a lot to us.”

“Thanks Vargas but if it’s money I’m kicking your ass personally!” I laughed and gave him a one armed hug. I noticed something on my arm and looked up at him, “How did I get this cut?”

“You got that when you fell over on top of me and jerked my knife out of it’s sheath on accident man. I swear it was like a scene from a bad movie or something. I had never seen so much blood, I really am glad you made it through all this. For the past few weeks we were worried when they said that you weren’t waking up from the surgery.” He said as he looked down at the ground.

“Hey I’ll be all good bro, don’t worry bout nothin. You know this old redneck will be fine!” They all called me Grandpa because of me being the oldest one in our squad bay outside of the instructors.

“Shit dude, just get a job as a cop and don’t deport my ass!”

Me and Vargas lived three blocks away from one another in a little hick town for most of our lives so I knew the trouble some of his family had with the law. I won’t say that some of it wasn’t brought on by themselves. It was. He had a few family members that weren’t there legally living in his house so I knew he was worried about that at all times.

After a few hours of playing catch up with him and one or two of the other guys that had come in I let them talk me into going out to the bar one last time before going home.

I promised that as soon as I was up and out of the hospital I would go and have one last good night out. Even if that meant staying in at the squad bay with them.

After two more days of sitting in the bed the same Doctor that had passed along the good news, came in and handed me a few papers to sign and an envelope. “These are all those letters I told you about. They handed them all to me and told me under no circumstances were you to leave without it!” He smiled. “I guess they liked you a lot cutty.” He laughed and I shook my head.

Over the first few weeks on the base I earned the name “Cutty” because I would give the guys their hair cuts for a few bucks cheaper than the base barbershop.

After getting a few more little odds and ends done I left the hospital with my sister and headed over to the barracks. I had a new lease on life and an envelope in my pocket of God knows what in my back pocket.

“Guys look what the reaper dragged in!!!” I yelled as I walked into the barracks. I was instantly swarmed by guys who were just plain happy I was alive. It was going to be hard to leave this behind. The fellowship we shared was more than anyone could ask for. I miss them like one would miss a brother that had left and not come back.

As we said our goodbyes I learned that we would be unable to do rus escort a bar night since they had to be up at 2AM for some kind of field op that I was going to be missing out on. I smiled and laughed and walked out the door, into a taxi, and on my way home. My sister and I never let go of each others hand the entire ride to the airport. I never felt so at ease in my life.

“Mike? What’s in that envelope Vargas gave you in the hospital?” She asked quietly.

“I don’t know but I’m sure it will be something worth opening when we get home.” I said and let her place her head softly on my shoulder. I left the base with a sense of happiness and a small scar in my left eye brow that I wear to this day.

We boarded a plane bound for home and slept for most of the ride.

“Mike, we’re here. Wake up silly people will think we are married or something if you keep drooling on me like that!” Julie was beckoning me back to life and to my senses.

I groggily got to my feet retrieved our bags and got off the plane. We got into yet another taxi and made our way to the apartment. When I got home it was nearly dinner time and I was seriously feeling the hunger in my stomach sawing into me. I searched the cupboards and pantry for something to eat and settled on a bowl of Ramen noodles.

I ate one then another bowl and decided to check out my “Gift” from the boys.

I opened the envelope and immediately dropped it.

“JULIE!” I screamed, “JULIE come quick! This is unbelievable.” I was beside myself at the contents of the package.

Julie ran into the room and I just handed to her. She looked inside and then back up at me. “Have you counted it yet?”

“No, want to do it with me?” I asked her.


We set to work on the contents of the envelope which I soon learned was meant to be used to get me a decent apartment and pay the rent and utilities for a few months while I got back on my feet.

The total was well over five thousand dollars and I was shocked. Shocked is no where near enough of a good word for what me and Julie found.

I took the money and put it in my billfold and left it there. I told her that I would get us an apartment so that we could ease the cost of living on our mom. She couldn’t keep paying for her and Julie, it was too much and we both knew it.

After more than a few phone calls and emails I finally heard back from an apartment complex not far from mom and Julie. They wanted first and last months rent and a security deposit. I talked them into 4 months rent and no security deposit.

I know it seems odd that I would do it like that but it seemed safer to me. I also knew they wouldn’t argue with money. After filling out the paperwork and putting both mine and Julie’s name on the apartment I smiled and looked as they had given us a two bedroom apartment for the price of a one bedroom place. I looked at her and laughed. “You’ll have your own room! No need to share space now!” I giggled at her.

She slyly whispered in my ear, “Too bad, I was hoping to share the bed with a sexy Marine!”

I gulped, “You know, I always wanted a smoking room!”

“Thought you’d see it my way.” She smiled at her own personal victory.

I called mom and let her know that we would be moving out yet again. This time it would leave her by herself and wanted to let her know that it would be alright.

“Mom, we just want to make it easier on you where you are at now. I know you don’t want to say anything but you can’t keep supporting Julie and I.” I said with pain in my voice.

“Oh you stop it Michael. You two are my favorite people in the world and that’s that. If you wanted to stay I wouldn’t say no and you know it!” She chastised me for acting like I was a burden. “Besides won’t you need alone time? With Julie being there you won’t be able to bring any women home you know!?”

“I know mom, it’s fine the way it is. Besides she’s enough to keep me company for now. I like having her around.” I said quickly enough.

“Alright, you two go and have fun. If you ever need money for rent let me know please!” She said in a quiet tone. She knew she wouldn’t be able to help me much until she got herself caught up and I told her about the gift I had gotten.

I didn’t tell her however about me also paying up her rent for a few months in advance.

She found out on the first of the next month though when the land lord told her that she didn’t owe anything and I don’t think I had ever heard someone cry so hard in my life. She was so happy that she had come over with a full course meal ready for me and Julie.

“Thank you so much Mike. I didn’t know you had even thought of doing that for me.” She sobbed into my shoulder. “I’ll pay it back to you when I can. I-”

“Now mom, if I can’t do something nice without you having to pay me back I’m not much of a son now am I?” I gave her a hug and she went back home worry free for the first time in a long time.

By this time I had gotten the job as a police department adviser and was working close to 40 hours a week. This left me little time to think as I would often get called in on days off. I liked the hours and the money was good. Julie was busy with some school stuff and her part time job so we didn’t have a lot of time to be close.

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