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Harriet, Claire and Simon all moved to a wonderful house out in the country. It was large and secluded with quite a large area of land. Their nearest neighbours were 11 miles away (About 18KM) So they had plenty of privacy, which they made full use of.
Sex was now an outdoor activity as well as indoor. (When the weather allowed of course.)
They made some alterations to the house. The main one was the addition of the swimming pool and the outdoor hot tub.

So all three were very happy. The building business was going very well. They had pots of money and life was good.

Harriet and Claire wore more and more outrageous outfits almost all of the time, and Simon started taking photographs and videos of the ladies and himself. He also got himself a girlfriend whom he met at college.

Harriet had been busy on the internet and bought lots of new sex machines and two milking machines. All of which were due to be delivered in two weeks time. Because Simon, good though he was, he couldn’t possibly keep three rampant women happy. He would kill himself.
Harriet suddenly announced she was going away on her own for six weeks and she was getting a surprise for Simon and Claire. Her bags were very quickly packed and off she went.

Simon and Claire were mystified, but not worried. Harriet was gone less than an hour when they had their first sex session of the day, which led immediately to the second and then later the third and fourth.
Later that day when Claire was lying in the afterglow of her seventh orgasm of the day she told Simon they aught to do something nice for Harriet when she got back from her secret trip. After all everything they had and were now, was because of her. So as Simon went down on Claire’s swollen clit yet again, they started to think of things to do for her as a surprise, but very soon forgot all about it as their passions got more heated.


Two days later Simon brought his girlfriend back to the house and introduced Claire as his favourite aunt.
Claire was impressed. Simon’s girlfriend was a stunner. Her name was Deborah. ‘Deb’ for short.
She was the same age as Simon. Now 18.
Waist length dark reddish brown hair.
Sparkling vivid green eyes and very full, such kissable lips.
A very sexy delightful giggle.
6′ tall, with legs that went on forever. Athletic, but her body was filling out to make most athletic sports difficult.
36DD – 26 -36.
Simon found she had nipples almost as large as his mothers.
She loved sex and Simon was just beginning to realise she was as horny as his mum, Claire and himself.
She had quickly fallen very much in love with Simon and being a large girl she could accommodate Simon’s huge penis without any problems.

Claire and Deb’ got along just fine from the moment they met.
Deb’ spent the whole day at the house and after a very nice time getting to know each other had to set off for home as it was quite a drive..
After saying goodbye to Claire, and as Simon drove her home Deb’ turned to him and said “Simon I had a great time today and your aunt is so lovely. I hope you don’t think I’m strange, but I think she’s very sexy and she turned me on so much I’m dripping… Please don’t say I disgust you.”

Si’ stopped the car and turned to her saying “Darling I would never think you strange. If Claire had not turned you on, now that would be strange.”
Deb’ let out her sexy giggle and grinned “Oh goody. I need to have sex, and I need it right now. I’m almost cumming I’m so turned on. Please fuck me here and now Si’.”

They got out of the car and on that dark lonely road, she lay back over the warm bonnet (hood) of the car and as he slid his huge cock into her smooth beautiful pussy she panted “Yes Simon, fuck me with that huge cock of yours. I’m so hot. I need you. I need to be fucked.
Her enthusiasm turned him on so much and made him cum so fast. He spurted a huge quantity of cum into her lovely hot puss……….Yes fill me……….. Make me cum…………..Your aunt is so sexy. I want her…..Fuck me……………. Fuck me to death……..make me cummmmmmmm.”……………………………………………………Oooohhhhhh……………..nnngggmmgmmmmmm.

She had a huge orgasm….She thrashed around and screamed her ecstasy to the sky. She gushed her cum onto ‘Si’s’ cock as she panted in the throws of her ecstasy……….

Si’ was overjoyed. He had found a beautiful woman who loved sex as much as he did, and he knew she was bi-sexual, even if she didn’t yet. He decide even at this very young age that this was the girl for him…………………

They kissed and held each other for a long time on that dark road.
Simon at last said “Deb’, did you mean what you just said about Claire?”
Looking puzzled she told him she didn’t know what he meant. Until he reminded her that just as she started to cum she said “Your aunt is so sexy. I want her.”
She dropped her head and looked at the ground ashamed and didn’t answer.
Simon lifted her chin and kissed her warmly and told her “I know you do. She wants you as well. As do I.”

“But you just had me.” She replied. Then……………………… “What?…… She wants me?”

“I know, but I still want you again. I want you over and over, and yes, Claire is bi-sexual and she’s very taken with you. I would love for the two of you to get together.”

Shocked, she looked at him smiling at her. “You mean it?…………… I’ve never felt this way about a woman before and it’s so strange…………….. It wouldn’t freak you out?”

Simon took her hand and led her round to the passenger door. “Come on. I’ll explain it as I drive you home. Your parents will be wondering where you are.”

On the long drive to Deb’s parents home. He explained about himself and Claire, but omitted everything about his mother and himself. That big revelation, if it ever came, would have to come at the right time.

As he escorted her up to the front door, he told her to think about what he had told her and if she wasn’t too shocked to call him the next day and they could talk things over.
She kissed him hard on the lips and said “Nothing to discuss……..What time are you picking me up? I want to see you and Claire tomorrow…………” With that she kissed him again, grabbed his cock through his trousers and winked. Turned and skipped into the house.
Simon heard her call out to her parents whom he had never seen or met. “Hello-o I’m ho-ome. Oh mum, dad. Simon is so wonderful. I met his aunt Claire and she’s just the most amazing lady. I’m going back to spend the day with them tomorrow.”

As Simon turned to go. If he had been a Cheshire cat he would have disappeared his grin was so big.

Chapter 2.

The next morning Simon picked Deb’ up at eight. She looked stunning. Her hair was shining and her make up lightly applied. She wore a tight white cotton top and the tiniest of denim shorts which made her legs look even longer.
Si’ noticed of course she was bra-less and the shorts showed the shape of her labia lips to all the world.
He kissed her as she got into the car and said “You look like sex on legs.”
She winked and said “Of course. That’s the idea………”

(Cheshire cat…………)

Out at the house they arrive to be greeted by güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri an even more stunning Claire. She was all in white. Delicate slippers with feathers on the toes. Stockings and a full length negligée wrapped tightly and tied at the waist. Her hair was shimmering and her make up was subdued and light.

This time as she greeted Deb’ she kissed her lips and not her cheek. Deb’ eyes almost popped out. She had never had such a sensuous woman kiss her like that before, even after what Simon had told her the night before and her eagerness for this to happen.
She took Deb’s hand and told Simon we’ll call you in a little while darling. We have a few things to discuss first. She kissed Simon and led Deb’ away. Simon watched as the two stunner’s glided away hand in hand towards a bedroom……………

(Cheshire cat…………)

As they entered the bedroom Deb’ began to speak……”I. I’ve never done—”
“Shshshshsh darling. Simon and I had a nice talk last night. I know you’ve never been with another woman. I know your nervous and you probable don’t know what to expect.”

“On the contrary Claire. I’m not nervous and I think I do know what to expect. You’re the sexiest woman I’ve ever met and you turn me on just so much.”

Claire took a step back and looked at Deborah. She could see her nipples were so hard through her tight top and she had a definite wet patch in the front of her tiny tight shorts.
“Wow darling you look so ready.”

Deb’ stepped forward and untied Claire’s negligée and slipped it off her shoulders. She was naked underneath. Deb’ drank in her body with her eyes. As the silk floated to the floor she said “Teach me all you know.” Then kissed Claire as warmly and passionately as she could.
They embraced each other and rolled onto the huge bed still locked in a passionate kiss. They were like mating snakes as they writhed and slid all over each other. Claire showed her how to make love to a woman and took her to amazing heights of ecstasy, and Deb’ was such a willing student. She was fascinated by Claire’s nipple rings and her clitoral piercing.

After about an hour Claire called to simon to come and join them. When he looked into the room he saw two lovely ladies naked and stretched out languidly on the bed. Deb’ said “Si’ I’ve been made love to by Claire. Now I want you to make love to me and make me cum and cum. Can you do that darling?”
In reply he stripped naked and stood looking at the gorgeous women before him. His huge penis erect and throbbing with his pulse.
Deb’ said “Simon I need that massive cock in me and I need you to give me the hardest fucking you possible can.”
He walked to the bed his monster cock waving before him…….(Cheshire cat…………)

Claire told him “Deborah is wonderful and you have to fuck her like your life depends upon it. I’m going to freshen up then I’ll come back and join you both.”

Deb’ welcomed him with open arms, and legs. “Oh Simon I’ve had such a lovely time with Claire. I never dreamt I could be bi-sexual. What an amazing lady.”

“You haven’t met my mom yet ” He told her with a wink.

With that he slid his great cock right up inside her and proceeded to fuck her as roughly as he could.
Smashing his cock into her stretched cunt. Hammering against her clit at every stroke. She was in heaven, having orgasm after orgasm. They were both dripping with sweat when Claire came back to the bed. She was wearing a large strap-on dildo.
She had heard how the rough fucking was sending Deborah into orbit.
She told Simon to lie on his back and let Deb’ straddle him. He quickly flipped over and Deb’ was now on her knees grinding her pussy hard down onto his cock.
Claire stood behind her and slapped her buttocks very hard. Which caused Deb’ to yelp “Ow that hurt.”
“Only for a little while darling” said Claire, and slapped her again even harder. This time using a thick leather strap. She yelped again. The strap came down onto her buttocks again. Then again. Each time Deb’s yelp got less and less. Simon continued to pound into her. Her pussy was being ravaged by Simon and her buttocks were fiery hot from Claire’s strap. The sensation was hugely pleasurable for her.
Suddenly the strap didn’t smack across her glowing red buttocks. This time she felt Claire spread something cool and wet across her whole glowing rear and start to massage her with a smooth gentle motion. She felt Claire’s hands glide over every part of her rump and down to her pussy where Simon was still banging away as hard as he could. She felt Claire’s fingers trace round her most intimate parts, then a manicured finger slid right up into her anus. It was cool and smooth and nice and sexy, small and delicate compared to Simon’s huge cock. The feeling were growing more intense and made her feel wanton and lewd.
Then her whole world was exploded. Claire’s finger was removed and immediately replaced by the large dildo. Deb’s eyes nearly popped out of her head as Claire slid the strap-on right up her to the hilt.
BAM…… She had never felt so full and stretched. Claire and Simon were in total synchronisation, both withdrawing almost fully then both ramming into Deb’ at the same time. It was brutal but she loved it. Her ass was on fire. Her pussy was on fire. Her buttocks burned. This was great…………Bam, Bam, Bam. They kept up a smooth rhythm. Deb’ was totally in their power. She was having a ball. The raw brutality of this was mind numbingly wonderful.
It was coming fast.

So fast.

So big.

She screamed “YES..Yes YesYesyeyeeyseysyesyesyesyesssssss…..Fuck fuckfuckfuckmeeeeeeeeeeee……ohyes ohyes. OH YESSSSSSS…………….”
A huge orgasm blasted through her as Simon climaxed deep inside her, hosing her with his hot semen. Her juices flooded out. Her eyes rolled and she lost total control of her body. Gibbering, she collapsed onto Simon’s chest.
The pounding stopped and they both held her as she shuddered and moaned, her orgasm running round and round inside her. Filling her with such rapture and ecstasy. She managed to say “Mmm” and fainted……………………………………………………………………

A little while later she opened her eyes to see Simon smiling at her and holding her to him. She smiled back and told him “WOW.”

He said “Well after that lengthy speech I think you might need to have a rest.”

She kissed him saying “That was just amazing. If I had cum any bigger I would have died. It was just so…………….Wow.”

They lay cuddling for a while, then want and had a slow hot shower together.

Later they joined Claire in the dinning room and had a very pleasant lunch together. They lazed round the pool for the remainder of the afternoon.
That evening Deb’ asked Si’ and Claire if she could watch them making love and then join them?
The answer was an emphatic “Yes.”

So for the next few weeks the house was filled with three people having a great time. Deborah learned so much about Simon and Claire. Also about herself.

On a couple of occasions Claire took Deb’ shopping and got her some outfits just as outrageous as some of hers and Harriet’s.

When she modelled them for Si’ he wanted to leap on her she looked so sexy………………………………………………………… She was as horny as him and their sex was rampant and urgent.

Chapter güvenilir bahis şirketleri 3.

The six weeks were over very quickly.
A delivery van arrived in the afternoon with lot’s of boxes and cases. They were all piled into a room ready for Harriet’s return the following day. Simon and Claire decided to abstain from sex for two full days before she got back so they could enjoy ravishing her more. Deborah had left the previous day as she was travelling with her parents to see some relatives who lived in Europe.

At 10: 30 the next day the taxi drew up with Harriet inside. She jumped out and ran to the house and flung the door wide. There stood her darling son and her darling Claire. Both grinning like Cheshire cats. (It’s that Cheshire cat again………) She leaped at them and a wild threesome of kissing laughing and hugging ensued.
The taxi driver had carried the bags to the door and stood there embarrassed, until Si’ saw him and paid his fee and gave him a huge tip.

When they had calmed down they all went into the lounge and sat together while Harriet told them of her trip.
She had gone to England. To a Harley Street consultant in London for some very expensive surgery.
Simon and Claire were shocked but Harriet laughed like a drain as she explained what she had done.
She got some very, very sexy tattoos and extra special piercings.
She told them to sit right there as she was going to have a very quick freshen up and she would show them her new things…………………………………………..

30 minutes later Claire and Si’ were sitting puzzled when in walked Harriet looking every inch the Sex Goddess.

Killer heels. Black shimmering hold-up stockings and a huge smile.
She strutted to them and proceeded to show them her new adornments. Her most prominent ones were her nipple piercings. Both her nipples were now pierced and she wore gold bars through them, each joined to the other with a sparkling gold chain which had a small pendant in the centre which was an erect penis.
Her navel was also pierced with a gold droplet studded with a large diamond.
She wore a gold necklace which had a chain which was joined to her gold piercing in her clitoral hood.
She had several tattoos at discrete points on her body. Intricate designs in stunning colours and shapes. At her ankle, upper thigh, just above her vagina, a small tramp stamp at the base of her spine.
She paraded round for them and showed off her magnificent body with her new bits and pieces.
Simon and Claire were both well impressed and so turned on to see Harriet again. (Harriet didn’t notice the cameras that had been fitted all round the room capturing her every move.)

She giggled and asked them what they thought. Before they could answer she presented them with a small silver case she had hidden in her hand.
“What’s this?” Simon asked. “A cigarette lighter?”

“It’s a control box.” She explained. “I had some very intimate and cutting edge surgery. I had some tiny implants inserted. They run on even smaller batteries which charge up just by me being in the same room as the charger. The implants either give out a tiny electric charge or vibrate or both.
I have these implants behind each nipple. But the best by far is the one behind my clitoris.”

Si’ and Claire stared open mouthed. Si’s finger touches a tiny button on the control box. The effects were instant. Harriet’s eyes flew wide open and her nipples grew huge and stiff and started dripping milk in great quantities.

“That’s my nipples darling. It’s the vibrations. Oh it’s so good. We need to make love the three of us. But Simon…….Please don’t press the little red button. That’s for my clit’, it makes me cum instantly. Now come on darlings let’s make love.”

The three of them proceeded to fuck and suck and lick and caress their way through the rest of the day. The three of them had amazing stamina and need for sex. (The cameras caught everything.)

Simon’s cock was used and abused to the limit of his endurance. Claire had so many hard and heavy orgasms, she fainted as her last one was so shattering, her eyes rolled back and she totally lost control of her senses and slipped into u*********sness.
Simon and Harriet lay kissing and fondling each other next to the sleeping Claire. He told his mother how much he loved her and was able to give her one more orgasm before he too fell asleep exhausted.
Harriet smiled a contented smile and thought ‘Life is indeed very good.’ As she also drifted off to sleep.


The next morning The girls were sitting chatting at the breakfast table. Simon was still in bed exhausted.
Claire asked to see where the implants had been placed. She was amazed at no scars being visible. She also asked to see the control box. She turned it over a few times. It was very elegant, more like a lipstick then cigarette lighter.
She said she was going for a shower and stood as if to go, then said “Darling it’s so wonderful to have you back.”
She held out her arms to hug Harriet as they both stood. As they embraced Claire suddenly kissed her hard and pressed the red button. Harriet was instantly seized in an orgasm. Claire pressed her back up against the wall and held her tight as she continued to kiss her deeply.
Harriet was stuck……………Wave after wave of pleasure was coursing through her as her darling Claire held her and kissed her. Her clit was alive with so much pleasure. Her pussy lips were full and swollen from their marathon sex session the previous day. She held Claire tight to her and ground her pubic mound into her lovers. Her breathing was now desperate panting, and she was moaning and sobbing at the pleasure. She was flooding with her juices and trembling with the exquisite orgasmic wonder of the feelings filling her with ecstasy.

For a full three minutes Claire pressed the button as she held onto Harriet.

Finally she released the button but continued to hug and kiss her lover. She slowly broke the kiss and said “Welcome home darling. That was my little welcome back for you. I love you so much.” With that she gave Harriet a sweet peck on the lips and sauntered off to have a shower.
Harriet stood leaning against the kitchen units on shaking legs, panting and watching Claire’s wonderful form as she left the room. She whispered “You my girl, are going to have one of these fitted…………………… I’ll see to that, and I love you too.”

As Claire was in the shower and Simon was still asleep, Harriet went to unpack her packages that were stacked in a spare room.
Everything she had ordered from specialist companies on the internet had arrived.

She had two milking machines so she and Claire could enjoy having their nipples sucked on an industrial scale.
There were Sybian machines, sex machines of various types so they could sit and fuck themselves into oblivion.
The largest package was a large crate. Inside was a thing like a giant cross with a padded seat. The seat had a hole in it and below this was a machine to which various dildos could be attached. The person to be pleasured would be harnessed to the cross and the machine would fuck them. (Wonderful..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

But the one Harriet was most looking forward to finding was quite small. It was a harness which could be fitted canlı bahis şirketleri round her waist and strapped to one leg, and a dildo would fuck her pussy wherever she was. She could walk around or lie down or even go swimming while wearing it.

All the toys and machines had remote controls.
Harriet wasted no time in strapping it on and putting on a dress to see if it was visible to anyone.
Despite having had her body hugely ravished for hours yesterday by Simon and Claire, and Claire’s lovely orgasm ambush, she was eager to try her mobile fucking machine.
So having selected an eight inch, fat, real feel dildo. She attached it to the machine and slid it into her ever wet and eager pussy.
She straightened the light summer dress she was wearing and looked in a full length mirror and switched on the machine.
It was brilliant. She turned this way and that, and looked at herself from every angle……… No, she could see no sign of the wonderful thing fucking her pussy and it was totally silent. That’s why it was so hugely expensive.

She decided to have a walk outside, to have a look at her place.
Off she went very happy with her nipples dripping and her pussy being nicely fucked. She would have to learn to walk properly while her pussy was being invaded. But for now she was happy to stagger round rubbing and squeezing her amazing tits and stopping every few steps to grab her pussy and feel the glorious pleasure between her labia lips……………………………….

She staggered round for a short while until she got used to the lovely fucking machine. Then she decided to chance a short walk up the road. Pretty soon she was walking normally and enjoying herself hugely. The sensation of the rubber cock up her vagina as she walked along was just superb. It was a warm sunny day and she was only wearing a dress. Of course she was wearing a bra because of the size of her breasts. The warm breeze felt good on her legs and round her pussy.

She could see in the distance two people approaching riding horses.
As they got closer she saw it was a man and a woman. Both about 40 – 45. As they approached the man hailed her “Hello. We’re Jim and Andrea Jackson. We have the stud farm next door. We thought we would ride over and say hello. Are you the owner of this place?”

Harriet told them she was indeed one of the joint owners, and introduced herself and told them she was just out for a short walk stretching her legs. She could see they were an attractive couple and looked to be the outdoors type. Fit-looking and tanned.

They walked along together for a while chatting and getting to know one another. Soon they said their goodbyes as the stallion Andrea was riding was getting very frisky, but not before inviting her to dinner that night, which she readily accepted.
As they rode away she couldn’t help but notice the huge cock the stallion was sporting. Being a city girl she was amazed at the great size of the thing. As the Jacksons had their backs to her she leaned on the fence and pressed the red button on her remote and had an instant leg shaking orgasm. She stood there for quite a while with her legs wide apart being fucked by her machine. Her juices running down both her legs. So much so she actually had wet feet.

As the Jacksons rode away. When they were out of earshot Andrea said to Jim. “Wow honey did you notice the size of that lady’s tits?”
“I sure did, Why do you think I’m so hard right now.? I also notice she has pierced nipples. Did you see?”
“Oh yes. That summer dress didn’t leave much to the imagination. Her nipples were wet as well. I think we may have a good neighbour there babe.”
“I think ‘Bouncer’ there noticed something as well. He’s all fired up. He’ll have to be taken care of when we get back.”
“I know Jim and when I’ve sorted him out you’ll have to sort me – BUT GOOD………”
“Will do babe. I know how you get when you have to take care of the stallions.”


Back at the stud farm Jim and Andrea took the horses into the barn. The mare into her stable but the stallion (Bouncer) was taken to a side room with a huge contraption that looked like an instrument of torture. The horse was led in and he seamed to sense what was expected of him. He mounted the thing and Andrea while being very careful not to get in his way, guided his massive penis into the imitation horse. His penis went through a collar and she was quick to get the large plastic jug which was kept for this purpose. She held the jug to catch the horses sperm. But couldn’t resist running her free hand up and down the length of his huge penis. The raw power and size of the b**st always made her so very horny. As she suspected it did with all the stable girls.
Very quickly he ejaculated a gargantuan amount of his cum into the jug. Jim then led the sated horse to his stable and Andrea quickly took the jug of sperm to the lab where one of the girls prepared it to be stored for artificial insemination of a mare at a later date.

She then ran into the main house and straight into the bedroom where she flung off her clothes and waited impatiently for Jim to join her so he would fuck her to a much needed orgasm.
She heard him come in the main door and up the stairs. He also flung off his clothes and leaped onto Andrea.
As usual their love making was fast and furious. She, encouraging him to fuck her harder and faster than he possibly could, and as usual she had a massive orgasm very quickly which in turn made him follow very closely.

The Jacksons sex life was very good and Jim knew Andrea got turned on hugely when the stallions serviced the mares, and he was only too happy to oblige his rampant wife. Luckily he was also highly sexed and very fit.


Harriet rejoiced in her orgasm in the open where anyone could see her. She just stood leaning against the fence with her nipples gushing and her pussy doing the same. She shuddered and convulsed to an eye watering climax. She released the red button and removed the fucking machine as well. Then she walked back to the house.
“Well” she thought “that was fun”……………………

When she got back Simon was up and breakfasted and Claire was at the computer doing some work.
She told them both she had met the neighbours and had been invited over for dinner that night.
Simon said that was OK as he would not be here anyway as he had to travel over to Deborah’s house to look the place over and make sure it was secure with them being away in Europe.
Claire said she had lots to do with a new deal she was negotiating for some property.
So Harriet didn’t feel guilty about leaving them so soon after getting back from England. Anyway they all had the full day to laze around and recuperate from the exertions of the previous day and that morning.

So around seven that evening a very elegant looking Harriet was ready for an evening with the Jacksons.
She wore a very deep dark blue, long sleeved off the shoulder dress which came to a discrete four inches above her knees but was cut low enough to show six inches of cleavage. Matching court shoes with four inch heels and dark grey stockings.
Her make up was flawless and made her sapphire blue eyes sparkle behind her spectacles.

Simon and Claire both voiced their approval and told her to have a good time. So as Simon left for Deborah’s place and Claire began some business work, the car the Jacksons sent for her arrived and she waved them goodbye as she was whisked off into the night……………………………………..

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