Helping a Friend

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This is my first time writing, all constructive criticism welcome. Hope you enjoy.


She sat there staring at her phone, disbelieving, telling herself at once that it was ridiculous, and she’d never do it. But the small trickle she could feel on the inside of her thigh made mockery of this, she knew she wanted to.

It had started as an odd conversation, she was newly single, and wanted to make up for lost time, but this was new from him, he was off limits, an old friend, but had always had a naughty sense of humour.

Now it seems he was more than that confessing a long time love for “the girls”, her boobs, but more than that, showing a darker hidden side that she’d not known.

Over a number of messages he’d admitted a lot of his kinks, he was a switch, mainly sub, but with a delicious Dom side that made the occasional appearance.

Then came the invite to “the group” Flirty banter he called it, and it was. Funny memes, occasional quizzes about favourite positions, preferences & crushes. He’d mentioned the group rule, 5 appearances in a row on their notifications and you owed a nude, or a meme to them.

When you’d joined there was a lot to catch up on, and wanting to get involved commented on a few. Then it popped up, a screen print, 5 notifications in a row.

It wasn’t a difficult decision, you decided to tease him, and sent a “down blouse” picture of your boobs, he’d loved it, and them.

But now you were slightly regretting that earlier tease, it had set a pattern, and after a couple more, you kurtköy escort sent him a full on picture of the girls, and he loved it, extolling their virtues, and you thought you had him, that you could wind him up, tantalise him, and that he’d love it.

Then came the dare, he’d talked about nipple clamps, which you’d agreed sounded nice, but also that pegs served just as well at a push.

That night messaging again, his normally good grammar had left him, autocorrect he’d said, but when you’d said he’d been punished, he replied “Yes mistress “

It had been arousing, you’d never been called that before, and the power you held was intoxicating, so you sent a message back, wanting a picture of him, with pegs on his nipples.

He’d not baulked, and, a short while later, the picture popped up, and there he was, nipples firmly pegged, and you’d loved it, and wondered how it would feel, to have it done you.

The ante was upped, after going this far, the pictures became more graphic, as did the messages, he’d teased about sending you something naughty when you were on a work trip. You’d even told him which hotel you were staying at, still not believing he’d do it. Then it arrived, a small parcel, no hint of what it was, being given to you by the receptionist, you managed not to blush. Then upped popped the message. “Don’t open it til after dinner..”

Of course he couldn’t resist that last tease. But you obeyed, nearly. The parcel contained nipple clamps, connected by a chain, and a small butt plug. You’d confessed your longing to try it aydıntepe escort the week before, and on a 2nd look in the box, discovered he’d also included lube, a brief “clever boy” shot across your mind.

But how to get him back, to keep control of the situation, then it came, and putting he clamps on, with a sigh of pleasure, took the picture, eating dinner, with the clamps on.

It wasn’t until after dinner, when you’d stripped off for bed that you decided to have a real play with your new toys, and discovered the difference using them when your were already turned on, was, well, orgasmic!

The discovery that he wouldn’t back down on a challenge was an interesting one, a dare to make a cock-ring with a shoelace was obeyed. Followed a couple of days later by a video of him coming, which was, well, spectacular.

The agreement that nothing should happen between them physically was easy, and hard at the same time, his family situation dictated it, but there was that little something that lingered.

Which led to today, and the message you were currently staring at.

“Go to your room, get your rabbit, the cord from your dressing gown, and your clamps, pegs will do if you haven’t got them” A thrill of memory shot through you at this.

“Tease yourself until you’re nice and wet. Then slide your rabbit in, but only turn it on the lowest setting, straddle your pillow, the put on your clamps, lastly tie one end of the cord round your wrist, put your hands behind your back, and wrap the cord round your other wrist, nice & tight.”

“Then, tuzla içmeler escort stay still, sit nice & straight, boobs thrust out. And count. Every 15 seconds, you’re allowed to hump the pillow once, when you get to 2 minutes, you’re allowed to jump twice every 15 seconds, On 3 minutes 3 times, and build up.”

“But, you are not allowed to come, until after 15 minutes”

The prospect of it was silly, preposterous. But somehow you found yourself walking upstairs, and grinning slightly at the prospect.

As you undressed you realised how hard your nipples were, and that there would be no need to tease yourself to insert the rabbit, the slick juices were almost dripping from your folds.

As you finished the preparation, the slightly course cotton of the pillow felt amazing against your clit, you wrapped the cord around your hands, and imagined that they were now cuffed, and as you sat up tall, as ordered, imagined the clamps were attached by chain to the ceiling.

Then you started the count, after 15 seconds the first movement of the pillow felt amazing, and it took real self control not to jump it again straight away.

After 2 minutes, being able to hump twice was a blessing, and a curse.

The need to come was staring to grow, after 3 minutes she could feel the familiar warmth beginning to grow.

After 5, the urge to jump the pillow to death became almost overwhelming.

2 minutes later, the frustration of not being allowed to come was becoming stimulating by itself, making the task all the harder.

At 10 minutes you started cursing him, forgetting that there was nothing to stop you coming.

You were certain you counted the last few seconds before blacking out, but the only thought that came clearly to mind was, I need to get him back…

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