Friend of the Family

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1st update in awhile. Lets see how it goes.

As Joe drove to his vacation cabin he changed the radio and heard a song that made him recall the last fight he had with his ex-wife Nora. It was a bitter fight that dragged on two days and was the downfall of their marriage. They still loved each other dearly, but she just seemed more interested in her job and making money than spending time with their family. She got a promotion that came with long hours and constant travel which made family time nonexistent.

Not to think negative of his ex, Joe changed the station and then remembered that his ex-wife Nora was one of the best people in the world and he felt even with a divorce they still had a bond together. Even though they were not together as a married couple, they were together when it came to them raising their daughter Jenn.

He knew she did not date as no man would put up with her schedule and the number of hours she put in at work. If she did happen to find a man, then Joe knew he would be happy for her. Joe felt that things would have been different if they wanted the same things out of their careers too. He loved time off while she could not sit still. She brought home more than double his earnings,but he didn’t care.

It was odd that they still vacationed together, but Joe loved spending time with his daughter and Nora when she was able to be away from her job. They were not man and wife, and yet still spent time together as a normal family. With Nora’s hectic life, she still put time away for a week every year at the same time Joe had off. It was one of the strange things people talked about, but he liked that they still were in each other’s lives and that he could help her out when she was away. Caring for their Jenn was their primary concern and Joe made sure he was there as a parent when Nora was advancing her career.

Joe loved that his ex Nora was able to agree with him on almost everything as if they had the same goals all the time. It was five years since the divorce and Joe knew the terms were strange to some, as no lawyers were used since they were able to work everything out themselves. Even the judge asked if they really wanted to get divorced as the conditions seemed odd to him and that they agreed upon everything during the proceedings. Even the friends they made while married found it strange that Joe and Nora were still friends and were able to get together as friends.

There were no arguments about who gets what or how child care was to be handled. It was the most amicable split the judge heard of as he slammed the gavel granting the divorce. Joe got to keep his family property while he gave up his other house so Nora and their child could live there. He was always available for child care when she was busy and never once complained or did anything but talk about his wife in a positive way.

The family house and the property that was handed down to Joe by his parents started as a small cabin when his grandfather bought it generations ago. It was just a cabin in the woods surrounded by woods, and now it resided close to a resort. The value of the property skyrocketed and the offers to sell some of the land came in every year. Joe’s father sunk money into it and Joe did the same when his parents gave it to him. What started as a one bedroom cabin now became a five bedroom dream house that everyone wanted to stay at. Instead of moving there, Joe just rented it out to make it a money maker.

Not to let the rental go to waste as just a rental, Joe made sure that the house was his to use for two weeks during the Fall. Nora loved staying there and Joe was not going to miss out extra time with his daughter. Joe promised Nora that she could still stay for a week during the time that he allotted for his personal use. Joe even mentioned that she could still use it if she got remarried too although her crazy schedule made that unlikely.

Showing up on Nora’s week was something he liked to do as it gave him some extra time with his daughter. He would then stay for his week right after that getting two weeks in. Nora sometimes stayed for his week too when she could as he felt it was all but fair. He knew it was strange, but it worked and that’s what he wanted.


Joe pulled up to the cabin noticing another minivan parked alongside Nora’s. He immediately recognized it as Gia and Dev’s vehicle. They were family friends that enjoyed getting together for vacations with them as their twin girls were the same age as his daughter. They were one of the few friends that did not choose sides and were eager to stay friends with both of them even though there was a divorce. They also did not care about the vacation arrangement as they just liked to tag along too.

Both Gia and and Dev were Indian, but Gia was born in Georgia while Dev immigrated from India. His accent was not thick, but it was noticeable. Gia, she had no accent at all and was far more westernized than her husband. She even joked she was being bad when eating hamburgers when they went out. digitalbahis yeni giriş While he was not super religious, he still thought of himself as more Indian than she was.

Gia did confess that there was infidelity in their marriage, and that Dev was the one. Joe joked about women to Dev all the time, but he always took it to a new level. Although he was not cruising the streets looking for prostitutes, he was flirting with girls online consistently. Joe knew of five different girls Dev was chatting with online and he figured there had to be some physical contact between one or more of them. Dev was also open to him about how Gia cut him off from sex all together because of what he was doing. Nora did mention to him that behind closed doors they fought like cats and dogs about the lack of sex between them.

Gia told Nora long ago that she and Dev were kind of locked in together. Their families had business ties together and Gia’s family all but threatened to cut her off if she did divorce. Joe knew that it was a strange situation like theirs and he was simply happy the two of them still wanted to remain friends with him and his ex after the divorce.

He stepped in to listen to kids playing and Nora calling out for him from the kitchen. He walked in to see Gia smiling at him and his ex-wife doing the same. Gia had a light brown complexion that was almost a light bronze and it contrasted with her white loose fitting blouse she was wearing. Her jet black hair used to be longer but now it was the length of shoulder blades and was pin straight too. She stood only five feet and one inch tall and had curves that a normal mother would have. Joe loved that she had some meat on her ass, and it wasn’t flat while also loving that her hips had curves too. It was her breasts that seemed unreal though and at probably an E cup they seemed to defy nature with her petite frame.

With a few hugs and kisses he was sitting down listening to how Gia needed time alone for the week and was not going to stay the full week. Nora made some drinks for her and Gia as they talked too. He looked over and saw that these drinks were not the first either as the large bottle of Vodka was half empty.

Joe nodded and then got up to leave so the girls could talk and he could bring his bags into his own private room. Joe was careful not to make comments about Gia in front of Nora for out of fear that it would ruin their relationship. Even in divorce, Joe tempered his comments and jokes about their friends and others out of fear that it would change their relationship. He knew that sex and body image was a sensitive subject with her, and he changed his ways long ago as it was the right thing to do.

With his shorts on and the hot tub empty, he made his way towards it. Walking past Gia and Nora he looked again as he announced where he was going to be. Once in the warm water he let his mind go of what Gia was wearing and how she looked. It was always a sure fire way to get an erection too, and with the jets going in the hot tub he could conceal it.

The jets beat against his body, relaxing him to the point of tuning the world out. The view of the mountains was unobstructed by anything else on a nice clear day brought a sense of tranquility as the warm water jetted against his body, relaxing him almost to a sleep like state. His thoughts went from imagining Gia nude to what his work life was going to be in two weeks.

He woke suddenly as he saw Nora looking at him holding a red mixed drink in front of him. “Joe…Joe! Here, I made you a drink.”

As he took the drink he nodded. “Ohhh, shit. That you babe.”

Even though they were not together as a couple he still used pet names for her as she did the same. He still conveyed his problems to her as she did the same. He liked that she was not shy about calling him to change a tire or fix something that broke in her house.

As Gia walked out his eyes instantly went to her. She had her one-piece swimsuit on that covered everything, but her large chest could not be hidden no matter what she put on. It was modest by all accounts, but the suit could not contain the round edges and frontal curve of what she was endowed with. His eyes looked and then moved away as to not to be caught staring at her large globes that hung so perfectly on her chest.

“Hey, mind if we join you?” Gia asked as she then took a sip of her drink.

Joe nodded and watched Gia get in and Nora strip to her one-piece suit as well. While Nora had large breasts too, she was smaller compared to what Gia had. Nora was not a petite woman either as she had curves and some normal proportional body to her too. Joe knew that her smile could melt any man’s heart too. He also knew that the weight the both of them had still made them normal in comparison to girls starving themselves.

As they both sunk into the hot tub, Nora was across from him drinking as Gia was to the right side doing the same. The three girls ran outside making a loud noise all wearing their swimsuits digitalbahis giriş too wanting in the hot tub as well. It was large enough to accommodate all of them and soon enough Gia scooted over onto the ledge in front of Joe. It was the large seat and he just scooted back giving her room as she was not tall enough for the lower seat in the hot tub.

With his legs open, Gia was in front of him with her back towards him. Their bodies were not touching but she was close enough that an inch would make them hit each other’s bodies. He leaned back relaxing enjoying his drink while his daughter played with Gia’s two girls. Gia had twins that were only five months younger than his daughter. As the small girls played nicely, Joe drank his drink listening to Nora talk to Gia about what they were going to do tomorrow.

It wasn’t long before the girls wanted out and stood up to get out of the hot tub. As they were shifting around, Gia slid back to make room and Joe immediately felt her butt slide right against his groin. He didn’t have an erection, but his loose shorts were the only thing he was wearing, and he felt her ass press against his member. The smell of her hair quickly followed as it was like fresh flowers in the spring. She stayed pressed against his softened manhood as the children left the hot tub.

Not wanting to make something sexual out of it, he froze and made no comment or protest that her ass was against him. The sweet smell of her perfume was almost intoxicating as was the sheer feel of her petite body pushed against his member that now began to stir with life. It pulsed from the contact against it and there was no way she didn’t feel it move either.

As the door closed, leaving just the three adults in the hot tub, Joe tried pushing all sexual thoughts out of his mind, but it was no help. He felt his erection pushing back against Gia as he knew there was no doubt to it whether she felt his almost full blown erection against her now. A bit of guilt washed over him as did the shock that she moved back against him and held it to get him aroused.

“I am gonna get more. Anyone else want?” Nora announced as she moved to stand up.

“Please. Can you get me another? I know I shouldn’t, but I feel like it,”Gia said as she finally moved away once an open spot was made with Nora getting up.

“So…you seeing anyone?” Gia asked, giving a devious smile to me as he saw her eyes lock on him. He just felt relieved that she moved away from my erection.

He thought quickly of what to say, knowing that he wasn’t seeing anyone since he didn’t want to put effort into finding a girl. His hesitation seemed to bother her as she quickly added to my silence with a tone that sounded like she was worried. “I don’t mean to pry, please don’t think that I am prying or being nosey.”

“Oh, you’re fine. And to answer your question, no,” Joe replied, hoping to diffuse her fear that she would be upset about her asking such a question.

Before she could answer he saw her look over at the door. Taking the quick moment, Joe fixed his shorts to allow his member some room since it was hard. The jets moving the water made it impossible to see but he was worried she would see his shoulders move.

As Nora came out with more drinks Gia moved her seat again and was now on one of the higher seats on the tub. This allowed for her chest to be visible. Joe quickly looked over and saw her wet swimsuit cling to her massive chest. All hope of making his erection go away now ended as his thoughts were on her breasts.

He looked over at Nora knowing that Gia would spot him staring. It was his only hope as he took the drink Nora had in her hand. “Ohh, thank you. You always did make better drinks.”

Nora smiled and handed Gia and him their drinks before stepping inside the hot tub. Joe looked at Gia quickly seeing her sipping her drink and acting normal. He did the same and before long the conversation went from house renovations to what bras to wear so that people won’t stare. They smiled back at him quickly before sipping her drink.

The kids called out for food and everyone filed out of the hot tub to dry off and sit down for dinner. Although Nora was an excellent cook, tonight was oven pizza that required no effort. Drinks and conversation ensued as Gia was talking about her medical practice, while Nora went on and on about her co-workers at the bank.

Joe leaned against the counter as Nora and Gia complained about everything about the people they worked with to the amount of time it took to drive into work. Joe did not want to chime in as the two drank and talked about their lives. He felt like the third wheel and was just listening until he saw the kids come into the kitchen as the pizza was almost done.

Joe moved over slightly to allow the refrigerator to open and was now leaning against the counter opposite the oven. The oven beeped at that moment and as he was about to shift over as Gia motioned that she was going to get the food out of the oven.

Joe digitalbahis güvenilirmi had his hand on his drink ready to move when she put her hand on his chest. “Ohhh, you’re fine.”

Just as she said it, she bent right over to open the oven door. He could feel her ass cheeks push hard against his waist. There was no underwear to block some of the sensation as he felt her ass press right on his member. Gia was small and the meat she did have on her ass was not much either as he felt the bones of her butt push right on his waist almost nudging his soft member between her ass cheeks.

Joe froze not wanting to move as she got the food out of the oven and when she did, her body adjusted so she was no longer pressing against him. The moment was gone as she walked right to the table not even looking at him. It was like she did it by accident and made no mention about it as he figured it was no big deal now.

The dinner was quick and easy, but Joe could not help noticing Gia had moved from slightly drunk to almost drunk. She was not slurring her words too bad, but he could tell she had a nice drunk buzz going on. She was not falling drunk, but drunk enough to be noticeable now.

The meal was over, and the hot tub seemed to be calling to him and going in at night was always nice even when the temperature went down. He did not know if the two women were going to join him, but Joe announced he was going in even if they didn’t want to join him. He thought they might want to sit on the couch and just do girl talk.

Stepping into the hot water felt like all the world’s troubles melting away as pure relaxation came over him just as quick. The cold mountain air was nothing as his body was now beneath the water. With his phone in his hand, he flipped through Facebook and then commented on his friend’s pages not caring that time was slipping away.

The door opened and Joe turned his shoulder to see Gia walking out. She had a shirt on covering her swimsuit and had shorts on. She did not look like she was going in the hot tub, but she stepped closer. “Nora is putting the kids to bed. She should be out here soon.”

She then pulled off her shirt revealing her swimsuit again and bringing back the thought of her large breasts once more. She took off her shorts letting him see the suit do its best holding them in as she bent over.

She got in and sat across from him. “Can I ask a question?”

“Sure,”Joe responded, not thinking about what she was going to ask but wondering why she would ask permission.

“Do you think I am pretty?”

“Well…yeah,”Joe answered quickly, not knowing why she would ask that question.

Gia sunk into the water as if hiding what she was hiding. “I felt you before. Was it me or something else?”

“Ohhh God,” Joe answered wondering where this was going. He felt his face get flushed and his heart beating fast.

“Tell me. Was it me?” she asked with a concerned needy look on her face.

The idea of admitting to her that she gave him an erection came to him but so did the fear that it would damage his relationship with her as a family friend. Their children were friends and both her and her husband were the only friends Nora and he had now after the divorce.

Apologizing was his only option as the fear sunk in of fucking things up now boiling inside of him as his heart felt like a racing engine it was beating so fast. “I am sorry. I didn’t mean to.”

“Ohhhh you’re fine. But was it me or were you thinking of someone else?” she pressed as he figured he was not going to get out of this easy.

“Well, yeah. You pressed against me.”

Gia flashed her big smile and lifted her body up more from the water. “Did you at least like it?”

He questioned where this was going but still answered,”Like it?”

The sexual tension was building up and Joe knew it. He could feel the excitement course through his veins as he wondered if he should continue or stop. The thrill of it was too exciting and he knew it. It felt like a roller coaster that he couldn’t get off and yet secretly didn’t want to.

“Yeaah…me pressing against you?” she shot back smiling and moving her hair back away from her face.

Once her hair was moved away from her neck, she pressed her line of questioning. “Was it a natural reaction or was it cause I was doing it?”

“Ohhh,” he said as he looked over at the door, thinking Nora was going to come through any second. He knew once she was present the flirting questions would stop.

“She might be another ten minutes…so tell me. Please. Was it cause I am pretty…or that it was just natural?”

“Wow, you’re really putting me on the spot,” he said feeling pressure in his chest of knowing that they were headed down the trail of going too far.

She was not smiling but had a face of concern like she really wanted the answer. “Do you think I can turn a man on?”

“What kind of question is that?”

Joe looked at her in disbelief as Gia moved closer and stood up. It was now impossible to look at anything other than her wet body as she stood up. Her one-piece top was struggling to hold back her large breasts as her cleavage was even more pronounced since her skin was wet. His eyes looked at her eyes and then down to her chest as she seemed to point them right into his view.

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