Escort Neighbour Pt. 04

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Welcome to Part 4 of Escort Neighbour. This part will wrap the story up. It’s gone as far as I want to take it. It starts of slow. There are a few story threads that need tightened and knotted. Bill and Jennifer need closure. Hope you like the closure.

Warning: There is a little gay sex in this toward the end. If you don’t like that, please don’t read!


The trip home from Saint Thomas was uneventful. As much as I wanted to enjoy the first class travel I couldn’t. All I could think about was that Jennifer would move away and that our romance would have to end. I was depressed and so was Jennifer.

I could see the sadness in her eyes. We held hands the whole-time home; fingers clenched and not wanting to let go of each other. I was physically and emotionally exhausted. Jennifer said she had cancelled all her clients for the week. I nodded.

We spoke little. I was afraid of making hollow promises. Saying stupid things like ‘this will all work out’. Or, ‘it will be fine’. I knew the lie those words held.

I played with my new phone for a time. It was in airport mode and couldn’t do much. Jennifer said it was the larger sized screen and that I needed it for my old eyes. She smirked when she said it, but it did have me thinking about our age difference.

I was fifteen years older than her. That’s a lot. When I was sixty she would be forty-five. I wanted to talk to her about it but couldn’t find the words.

It was a long flight home.

* * *

We were careful to take separate cabs home. I even held back leaving the plane in case Nancy was watching from the viewing window at the airport. It was very late at night, but Jennifer and I didn’t want to chance anything. Nancy never picked me up at the airport, except once she had surprised me.

I didn’t want to be surprised.

I saw Jennifer get in a taxi at the stand. She hesitated before she got in and stared at me. I smiled and when I did she disappeared quickly into the cab. It roared off and I felt my depression settle deeper.

The cab took me home. I saw lights on inside Jennifer’s house when we pulled up. I paid the driver and got out with my carry-on. The cab left and I stood on the street looking up at the lights in Jennifer’s house. She was right there inside, and I couldn’t do anything about it. I couldn’t walk in, embrace her, and tell her how much she meant to me.

Instead, I wandered up my driveway to my front door. I keyed the electronic lock and stepped inside the darkness. I stood in my entryway listening. The house was quiet except for the faint whirring of the refrigerator.

I shucked my shoes and headed upstairs. I entered the bedroom, heard my wife snoring loudly, and changed into my sleep clothes in the dark. I climbed into bed and lay on my back.

It’s over, I thought and then rolled over onto my stomach and went to sleep.

The next morning I woke to Nancy placing a cup of coffee at my bedside table. I struggled up out of the duvet and sat up. Nancy kissed my cheek.

“How was your trip?”

“Good,” I said.

“I’m glad. Off to work. Have a great day.”

“You, too.”

Nancy fled the bedroom and I lay back in bed fighting off my sleepiness. I grabbed the coffee and sipped. I looked around my bedroom and wished I was still in Saint Thomas. I was home but my heart wasn’t.

Bored I rose and opened my carry-on. It was stuffed tight with all the gifts the girls had given me. I found my phone and the charging cable and returned to bed with it. I plugged in the phone and it emitted a soft tone. It turned on and I saw the little airport symbol on the top. After a time I found the settings and turned off the mode.

Jennifer said she had paid for cellular service for a year for me. She suggested I use Wi-Fi whenever I could because the plan didn’t have a lot of data. All strange words to me. I knew my house had Wi-Fi, it had been part of the cable company plan. Before I could figure out how to set it up my phone made a bunch of chimes.

I looked first at the messenger application. It had the number twenty in a red circle next to it. I tapped the icon and the application opened. I only had one contact and that was Jennifer, but I had two sets of messages.

The first was unknown and the second was from Jennifer.

I tapped Jennifer and the screen changed to a series of messages, all time stamped. I read through all her texts:

[Hey babe. I’m just in the door. Saw your cab drop you off. I miss you already.] 11:43 PM

[Can’t sleep. I’ve been home for two hours thinking of you. Why won’t you text me back?] 1:30 AM

[Jesus Bill. You’re such a luddite! Read your texts!] 1:37 AM

[I’m playing with myself thinking of you…come join me.] 2:04 AM

[I can’t sleep. I keep thinking of you. I love you, Bill] 3:15 AM

[I want to run away with you.] 3:27 AM

[I love you baby. Please text me!] 4:05 AM

[Morning! Hope you slept well. I didn’t etiler ucuz escort sleep a wink. I’m so tired. All I can think about is you.] 6:17 AM

[Wake up!] 6:18 AM

[I’m gonna have to show you how to socialise aren’t I? You awake? Bill? I need to talk to you!] 6:20 AM

[It’s 8. Your wife just left. Are you awake?] 7:58 AM

She’s in a worse state than me, I realised. I tapped the small iMessage bar and a small keyboard appeared. I typed slowly and then didn’t know how to send it. I tapped the small blue up arrow and my phone made a whoosh sound. The word ‘Delivered’ appeared below my text.

[Morning beautiful. Sorry you slept so bad. You doing okay?]

A strange little symbol appeared on the left side of the screen. The ellipsis, I thought, the writer in me knowing these things. The ellipsis disappeared and more text appeared. Ah, I realised, it means the other person is typing.

[baby! You figured out how to text! I’m so proud of you! How are you?]

[Good. I slept hard.]

[hows Nancy]


[she didn’t ask anything about your trip?]

[No, she never does.]

She didn’t reply and I stared at my phone. In a moment, the ellipsis reappeared and then more text.

[that’s sad but Im glad. What you doing?]

[Lying in bed, still.]

[can I come over?]

I wanted that more than anything. [Yeah.]

[don’t move]

I got out of bed and peed quickly. I cleaned myself up, ran a toothbrush over my teeth and scrambled back in bed. I heard the front door keypad beep four times and the door opened and slammed shut. I heard running up the stairs and Jennifer came into view. She looked dishevelled, her hair a mess, and she wore her terry-cloth bathrobe with bare feet. She rushed into the bedroom and her eyes lit up seeing me. She threw off her bathrobe and I was once again treated to the sight of her gorgeous naked body.

She crawled into the bed under the duvet and squirmed over to me making happy little noises. She latched on to me and her mouth sought mine and we kissed passionately. I held her tight. Our kissing grew frantic and our hands roamed over familiar territory.

I ran my hands down her back and caressed her firm bum. I spread her ass cheeks and felt the heat rising from between her legs. She ran a hand up into my hair and curled her fingers and held my head still. She sucked on my lips and tongue. She was making moaning sounds. There was a frantic need from her I had never seen or felt before. Her intensity was off the scale.

I ran my hand down the crack of her ass, revelling in the feeling of her sacred places being so open to me. I ran my hand around her waist and reached down over her mons and slid a finger into her slit. She was wet and hot. She groaned into my mouth and kissed harder, bruising my lip.

I slipped a finger inside her vagina and she grunted and pushed hard against me. She let go of my hair and drove her hand down under the waistband of my pyjamas and grabbed my stiffening cock. She stroked it hard and then started tugging on my pants. I lifted my ass and she pushed my pants down over my thighs. No sooner was my cock free then she scrambled on top of me. She grabbed my cock and drove it hard inside her.

I felt her folds open and accept me. The long path down her vagina was wet and hot and my cock vibrated with pleasure. I was back inside her. I never wanted to leave. Jennifer humped her back over me and looked down at my face. I could see her lust and desire. Her magnificent breasts hung heavy and swayed with her movements. Her nipples stood proud and erect, with the areolas crinkled and pinched with her excitement.

She was a gorgeous sexual woman and so in tune with her desires and her body. I ran my hands down her waist and then her loins. I couldn’t touch her enough. I ran my hands over her flanks and up around her breasts ever so lightly. She shuddered and humped my cock. She was so wet and so hot inside.

“Fuck me, Bill,” she whispered hoarsely.

“I am.”


“You’re in charge, baby.”

She growled and then started driving her pussy down hard on my cock. She bounced off my pelvic bone and it hurt, but I was mesmerised by her passion. She needed this and I wouldn’t deny it to her. Her hair was all over the place and she looked a little crazy to me. Her eyes bore into mine and I stared back. I loved this woman.

She came in grunts. Pushing down hard on my cock. She ground her pussy and clit against me, and I felt her pussy clench hard around me. She relaxed, grinded herself again, and came again. Finally finished, she flopped down on top of me and lay still, breathing heavy.

I ran my nails down her back with a light touch. She shuddered and shivered. She loved this and I didn’t stop. My cock was hard inside her and needed release, but she needed this more. She lay on me for a long time, letting me pleasure her back. She grew etiler üniversiteli escort limp and then she fell asleep.

I loved her for that. She lay heavy on me, completely asleep with my hard cock inside her. She started snoring and I held her. I didn’t want to ever let go. I looked at the clock and it said eight thirty-seven.

I pulled the duvet up slowly and covered us. Jennifer stirred a little and then seemed to relax even more. I forced myself to stay awake and held her enjoying every second we had together.

At nine-forty-five I kissed the top of her head and shook her a little. She stirred but stayed asleep. I shook her a little harder. She stirred more and her pussy clenched on my cock and pushed the limp thing out. That woke her.

“Bill? Did I sleep?”

“Yes, baby, you did. You needed it.”

She was weak from sleep and couldn’t lift her head yet. I stroked her hair and back. “I’m so tired.”

“Did you sleep at all last night?”

“Uh-uh, nope. Couldn’t.”

“Thinking of us?”

“Yeah.” She managed to lift her head and looked down at me with bleary eyes. “Can I sleep here? With you?”

“No, hon. Nancy could come home anytime.”

“She never comes home during the day. Let me sleep more. Just a little more, please?”

I hesitated. I would love that, but I couldn’t risk it. I would sleep too and then I imagined Nancy coming home and finding us both in bed. That would be bad. “We can’t risk it, hon.”

Jennifer’s chin trembled. “I know, I know!” She collapsed on me and buried her head in my shoulder. She was crying. I held her and felt my eyes sting with my own tears threatening to fall. I blinked them away and held her, trying to distance myself emotionally.

She fell asleep again when she stopped crying. She was a mess. I looked at the clock and noted the time. I would let her sleep another hour.

An hour later I woke her up again. I smacked her ass until she rose. She said she had to pee and disappeared into the bathroom. When she came back out her hair was looking better, and she had washed her face. She crawled under the duvet and latched her mouth around my cock.

I grunted at the sudden warmth and pleasure. In moments my cock grew hard and Jennifer pleasured me like she always did. She knew my cock and knew what I liked. She was a master and I felt my cum surge within me. Jennifer knew the signs and finished me off. I spewed cum deep into her mouth and felt her swallow. She was so good to me.

She climbed up my body under the duvet and popped her head out in front of mine, her smile wide and grinning. She looked so cute and beautiful. She kissed me and then climbed up higher and impaled herself on my cock. I grunted.

“You’re so beautiful, Jennifer.”

“I know, right?” She grabbed my hands and placed them on her breasts. She rose up and started slowly fucking me.

I growled and flipped her off of me onto her back. She looked startled and then she saw the hunger in my eyes. I moved on top of her and drove my cock back inside her pussy. I took charge and started to slowly fuck my woman.

We grew heated and I started thrusting harder and harder. I reached up and grabbed her throat and she growled in pleasure. I grabbed her legs and pulled them up under my shoulders and drove my cock hard into her pussy. I felt my balls smacking her ass. She threw her head back and cried out. I was relentless. I couldn’t drive my cock in any harder. I was so deep inside her in this position. I could feel my cock hitting her cervix over and over.

“You’re mine, Jennifer. My fucking slut!”

“Fuck me, Bill!”

“Mine, you hear? Mine!”

“I’m yours! Take me!”

She came hard and drew her nails down my back. It hurt like hell, but I didn’t care. I drove in harder and harder. She shook and shuddered and tossed her head back and forth. My world reduced to the feeling of my cock inside her. I thrust and felt my cum rise again. With each thrust it rose closer and closer. I couldn’t fuck her any faster or harder.

My orgasm hit me. I drove my cock deep and held it. Jennifer came with me, reaching up and grabbing my face to watch me cum. I ejaculated hard, feeling my cock jerk with the force. I grunted and cried out. I thrust a couple of times and it extended the pleasure. Finally I was spent and couldn’t hold myself up anymore.

Jennifer managed to extricate her legs from under me and they flopped down on either side of me. I lowered myself onto her and held her. She stroked my back and I hissed at the pain. My back was on fire.

Jennifer examine her hand and I saw a little blood on it. “Oh god, I scratched you, Bill!”

“Yup,” was all I said. I was enjoying the feeling of her breasts against my chest. I was still inside her and I didn’t want to move.

“I’m sorry! I’ve never done that before.”

“Worry about it later.”

Just then the phone rang. My regular phone. fatih escort I groaned and chose to ignore it.

“The answering machine will get it.”

The phone stopped ringing and we heard the answering machine. “Hello, you’ve reached Bill and Nancy. We can’t answer the phone right now. Please leave a message and the time you called. Thanks.”

The phone beeped and then we heard Nancy.

“Bill? Pick up, Bill. Are you still asleep? I’m on my way home. I picked up McDonalds for us. I left work early today. Hello? Okay, see you soon!”

I lifted my head and looked at Jennifer in horror. She was looking at me the same way. I glanced at the clock. It read eleven-twenty.

“Shit, shit, shit!” I said and pulled out of Jennifer and swung off the bed. “Run, get home!” I yelled.

Jennifer scrambled and got out of bed and grabbed her bathrobe. She ran over to me and kissed me quick. She threw on her robe as she fled down the stairs. I heard the front door open and close, the keypad lock buzzed and then silence.

McDonalds was only five minutes away. I looked at the bed. I could smell the sex in here. There was a wet spot but there was nothing I could do about. Then I spied the long strands of red hair. They were everywhere.

I went into a frenzy. I found as many hairs as I could and as quickly as I could. I turned on all the lights and looked at the bed from different angles. I spied a few more and grabbed them. I ran into the bathroom and found more hairs around the sink. Curse that woman! I thought, madly.

I put the hairs I had found from the bed in the toilet and then grabbed the ones from the sink. Fucking women and their hair! Jesus Christ! I turned on the shower to let it get hot. I could smell Jennifer on me. My eyes grew round and I grabbed the can of bathroom spray and ran into the bedroom. I sprayed the air and then fled back into the bathroom. I flushed the toilet, looked for more hairs and didn’t see any.

I looked down at myself and realised my pyjama bottoms were missing. My eyes went round, again. I ran back into the bedroom, pulled back the duvet and saw my pyjama bottoms bunched up at the bottom of the bed. I pulled them out, glanced at the wet spot, and covered the bed back up. I laid my bottoms down where I always put them and ran back into the bathroom and closed the door.

I jumped into the shower and the water hit my back. I stifled a scream when the water hit the cuts on my back. Jesus Christ! I ignored it as best I could and grabbed the soap and lathered myself up, washing the scent of Jennifer off me. I squirted shampoo in my hair and lathered it up and then rinsed. Just as I was done and turning off the shower, I heard the front door keypad beep. Nancy was home.

I stepped out of the shower and grabbed a fresh towel. I dried off and then looked at my back in the mirror. It was bad but not as bad as I imagined. There were five long scratches on my back, two on the left and three on the right side. They weren’t deep but they stung.

I heard Nancy call out.

“I’m in the bathroom, hon. I’ll be down in a moment,” I yelled.

“I picked up McDonalds. I got your favourite, the quarter-pounder with cheese, is that alright?”

“That’s perfect. Give me a moment!”

I left the bathroom and sniffed the bedroom. I could smell the air-freshener but not Jennifer. I relaxed and then dressed. I pulled on a dark golf shirt and a pair of jeans. I spied my carry-on and grabbed it. Then I remembered my phone and grabbed that too. I looked at it. Jennifer had texted me.

[Everything okay?] she asked.

[Think so. Chat later.]

I stuffed the phone in my back pocket and took a deep breath. Fuck, fuck, fuck.

I headed downstairs. Nancy had placed the food on the kitchen counter. She was taking a deep bite of a Big Mac. She smiled around the mouthful at me. I held up the carry-on.

“Let me empty this. Lots of laundry. I picked up some new clothes. Nice ones.”

“Let me see them, later. Just leave the clothes there. I’ll get them into the laundry.”

“Nah, I’ll get it.”

I opened my carry-on and threw the clothes in the washing machine. Normally I would sort them, but they were all colours. I threw in a soap pod and closed the door and turned the washing machine on to normal. Water hissed and I felt the first sense of relief.

I strolled into the kitchen and spied my meal waiting for me. I was suddenly very hungry. I grabbed a fry and shoved it into my mouth. It hit my lower lip and I almost cried out. It was bruised. Then the salt hit a cut on my lip I didn’t know I had. The pain was intense. Then Nancy chose to run her hand down my back. My eyes swam with tears.

Nancy thankfully noticed nothing.

“So how was your trip?” she asked.


“Where did you go?”

It was strange, but Nancy rarely asked about my trips. I used to tell her, but then she realised she didn’t care. It was a reminder of just how sad our life was. I realised it was something that hadn’t bothered me before, but now it did. I hadn’t said where I was going, certainly not to Saint Thomas, so I told her a partial truth. “Washington.”

“Right,” she said, as if she knew. She brushed back my wet hair. “You looked a little tanned. The weather must’ve been nice.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32