A Visit to the steam room

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A Visit to the steam room
I’d had a really stressful few days at work and was desperate for a release. I was thinking maybe a massage but then was overtaken with horniness and felt that a full release was required. It was a toss up between a bit of xhamster surfing and masturbation when the thought of a gay club with a steam room came into my mind. I hadn’t been there before so I thought now was the time to try it out.

I drove the 20 minutes to get there and parked around the corner, feeling anxious not knowing what to expect. I opened the door and proceeded up the stairs to the booth window. A hairy studly man with a bulging leather crotch greeted me at the window, “Are you here for Jack-off night?”.
“I don’t care what, I just need release” I said
He laughed and he said “tonight it is for masturbation only, no lips below the hips”.
I paid my money and he gave me a locker key.
I went in and proceeded to the lockers and got undressed and wrapped the towel provided around my waist, locked the door and put the key with rubber band around my ankle as I saw another guy do the same.

I then had a look around. The front masturbation area hadn’t yet started, it was 30 minutes away, so I wandered out back down the dimly lit halls with little rooms. There was the odd guy leaning around and one room had some moaning and thrusting happening which made me horny. I got to the back and there was a steam room, a Jacuzzi and a dry sauna. I opted for the steam room, took my towel off and went in.

It was dark and I couldn’t see anything at first so I inched forward and could see a man sitting on the bench, so I sat next to him. The room was hot and steamy and it felt good breathing in the warm vapours. The seat was warm and I instantly started to relax and feel the pressures of the week lift. As my eyes adjusted I could see there was a couple of other guys sitting around in the darkness. No one said a word.

I took a few deep breaths to help remove some of the stress of the week and relaxed back against the wall, in doing so my legs relaxed, in an open position and brushed up against the guy next to me. This seemed to invite his wandering hands and gently he put his hand on my thigh, and gently rubbed it, tickling his finger into my inner thigh brushing my now sweaty scrotum. My cock was already responding as he gently slid his hand and held it as I expanded to full attention in his hand. It felt delicious. He gently reached under my balls and tickled me as beads of sweat and moisture trickled in and acted as lube as it mixed with the precum that was already oozing from my cock. “I’m Rhu” he said, “Justin” I said “ that feels great”. “Glad türkçe bahis you like it” he returned.

By now his expert hand had found my juicy leaking cock head and he was expertly spreading my man-made lube all over my cock, in a beautiful swirling motion. I moaned with relief and this prompted movement from one of the other guys. I reached into Rhu’s groin and found a rock hard hot cock that was already dripping in precum. He spread his legs so that I could get more access and run my hand the length of his shaft and down his balls and soft sexy scrotum. I tickled his cock head and ran my fingers around the ridge of the head. He moaned out loud, and then returned the favour before sliding his hands back down my shaft. A figure stood in front of us with a gorgeous cock standing to full attention. “I’m Brad” he said as Rhu and I took it in turns to play with his cock. I rubbed my fingers around the head and allowed the slimy silky precum lube my hands and his cock. He moaned in delight. Rhu leant over and in one swift move engulfed my cock with his velvety mouth, moving his head up and down my shaft. The sensations were exquisite, and I did my best to maintain a steady hand stroke on Brad who now had his hand on Rhu’s head as it devoured my pulsating cock. I reached my arm around Rhu to feel closer and rested it past his shoulder and gently tickled and played with his nipple. Rhu was like a kitten suckling its mother teat, the moment I tickled his nips, his head, tongue and mouth went into overdrive on my cock. I moaned like a wolf, as the pleasure was so intense.

The door opened and a newcomer came in, immediately coming to us to add to the pleasure equation that was working itself out like a genius mathematic equation. His cock was soft but was hard in a moment as I moved my lubed hand from Brad’s cock to the new guy. He moaned as his meaty cock expanded to my touch. “Oh fuck that’s good” he said in a German accent. He then started kissing Brad and rubbing his chest. We were all moaning in delight and becoming very sweaty.

“Shall we go to the front room” I said “ its getting a bit hot in here”!!!

We all proceeded to the front room, our hard cocks glistening with the precum and moisture as we walked. Udo the German guy introduced himself, and we could admire each others bodies for the first time.

In the front room we wasted no time. There were bottles of oil to lube our hands with, and Brad and Rhu oiled their whole bodies and then mine and then Udo’s. Their oiled hands zeroed in on my hard cock and mine onto theirs. We were a foursome huddled together with hands going in every direction maximising each güvenilir bahis siteleri ones pleasure and stroking each others cocks. The pleasure was extreme with perfect lubrication. Each hand was like the perfect handgina, soft and firm around the girth of each cock, milking the precum out with every glide and stroke back and forth, sliding perfectly over the head to maximise the pleasure.

A hand gently ran down my ass crack and lubed around my hole and then reached under and massaged my balls and scrotum as Udo was gliding his hands back and forth up and down my cock. Rhu was getting pleasured by Brad, Udo by Rhu and my hands were on Rhu and Udo’s chest, rubbing their nipples and increasing the body contact. I eased around to see who was paying attention to my balls and saw the most beautiful guy, Middle eastern looking, massaging my crack and balls and Rhu’s who was next to me. His name was Ilhan and he was delicious looking. There was moaning and pleasure off the scale as hard cocks and bodies were grinding against each other. Ilhan stood up and slid his cock between my leg, sending jolts of electricity through me, and made my hands clamp down harder on Brad and Rhu’s cocks that were now in my hands on either side of me. Both Rhu and Brad moaned in delight. Ilhan reached around me with both arms and hugged me from behind, sliding his hands around my oiled chest, sliding his hard hot cock between my legs, with the head of his cock nudging my balls and scrotum as he slid in passed my sensitive hole and perineum. The sensations were like I had gone to heaven. Rhu repositioned himself and hugged me from the front, sandwiching my cock against his body and mine as he pushed his cock under my balls, so that it could slide in and out of my legs and rub against Ilhans cock as they joined underneath me. I squeezed my legs together to maximise their pleasure and they returned with moans of delight.

The pleasure was electric!

Brad and Udo positioned themselves at either side of me and so that my hands could expertly handgina them, as the oily lube provided such a slick beautiful gliding sensation as I slid my hands around their girth back and forth, back and forth, twirling my palm over the cockhead at the end of the stroke. Rhu was moaning in my ear as he had me in a tight embrace and rubbed his cheek against my unshaven face. “Oh fuck’ he said as my stubble grazed his face. He then gently kissed me as our tongues swirled and explored each others mouths. A hand reached between us and had my cock sliding and grinding between our bodies, I don’t know who had me in their grasp – was it Udo or Brad?

Brad güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri began to breath hard and moan. “I’m about to blow” he said. Udo positioned himself behind him, sliding his cock between his ass checks, Rhu started sucking on Udo’s nipples and rubbing his hands up and down his body. Ilhan got Brad’s cock in one hand and his balls in another and expertly milked and massaged him as he exploded with body convulsions and groaning. Cum squirted out in 7 volleys hitting Rhu in the chest. Ilhan moved on to Rhu and commenced massaging his cock and balls, while Udo positioned himself behind him, holding him in a bear hug, I managed to lick my way down to his nipples and moved Udo’s hands out of the way. Udo massaged my shoulders and head as I grazed my stubble over Rhu’s nipples to maximise his stimulation. Ilhan had Rhu’s cock in hand, and Udo slid a hand down Rhu’s crack and fingered his hole. The sensations of whiskers on nipples, ass play and Ilhans expert Turkish cock massage were too much and Rhu shuddered with the orgasmic jolt as cum erupted from his cock and Ilhan’s expert pumping. Rhu groaned in ecstacy as wave after wave of body contractions pulsed out more cream. Ilhan then moved onto me, I could see his twinkling beautiful eyes as he stood in front of me giving full attention to my cock. Brad positioned himself behind me, and ground his body and still hard cock against my ass, while holding me by the chest with his manly arms underneath my arm pits and rubbing my hairy chest and nipples. Udu was still rock hard and I had his cock in my hand as he was to the side of me. Ilhan was getting no attention, so i gently grabbed his beautiful cock and slid my hands back and forth. He kissed me on the mouth and probed me with his tongue. He was my Turkish delight. Rhu was behind Ilhan rubbing one hand down his ass crack and the other cupping his balls, our hands would touch as my sliding went to the base of his shaft. I could feel the warmth and tingling of impending orgasm approaching as my cock twitched in Ilhan’s hands, I didn’t want it to end, but wanted to desperately go over the cliff and squirt out my contents. Ilhan was breathing hard and wimpering, he was close also. We were all grinding together in an oily slithering huddle of pleasure, Udo screamed first as he shot hot cum into my hand, his body shuddering, then Ilhan and I came together in a sticky climactic explosion of pleasure, pulsing cum all over each other. I reached my arms around Ilhan’s neck and Rhu reached in around Ilhan, sandwiching him in the middle of us. Rhu and I kissed and then Brad and Udo joined the collective 4 man embrace with Ilhan in the middle.

We stood panting and holding each other for a few minutes and then went to the showers to clean off. We all went into the dry sauna after the shower to dry off and then the sight of all ours sexy bodies got us aroused again for round number 2!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32