Sister finds mt Toys

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[i]I wrote this story a few months ago and posted it to another forum. You may have seen it. If you haven’t then I hope you will take the time to read it now. There are four more parts to it that I will post based on your feedback…[/i]

My sister came to live with me about a year ago. I hadn’t planned for it nor did I especially want her to move in. It was just one of those things.
When I was 18 years old, four years younger than my sister, I got my first job sacking groceries. I worked in the evening after school and I hated it. It was a terrible job with a boss who was a tyrant. I vowed then and there that I would work as hard as I could and retire as early as I could. And so, I worked until I was 36. I built up a small, but successful trucking company which I sold to one of the major U.S. carriers for a tidy profit. I’d never have to work again.
One of the problems with deciding to retire young is that a lot of things are sacrificed along the way. I never married nor had children. I dated some, but when things began to heat up and point toward the alter I disappeared. I had a goal and I stuck to it. Nothing got in my way. I learned to live alone and to like it. And so, it was a real shock when my sister called last year and dropped the bomb shell. She was broke with no place to live.
My sister, Chris, had been married for 20 years when one day, out of the blue her husband keeled over dead. Just like that, with no warning he dropped dead. Of course, I went to the funeral and did what I could to help my sister get through it. And like people do, I said, “If there’s anything you need, you let me know!” It’s a common thing people say at funerals. It’s sort of expected. You never think you’ll hear from them for help, but it sounds really good; “Just call me if you need something”. But in this case she did.
About 6 months after the funeral Chris called me. She was crying.
I answered the phone.
“Hello.” I heard her sobs and recognized her voice.
“Johnny,” she said.
“Chris! What’s wrong? Is everyone okay? Are you okay?” She spoke, but I could hardly make out what she was saying.
“Look,” I said. “Calm down. I can’t understand you. Take a deep breath and tell me what’s wrong?
She took a few minutes then seemed to compose herself.
“Everyone is okay,” she said through snorts and gasps.
I felt the tension in my chest begin to subside. “So, why are you crying?”
Chris paused for a few second before she blurted out, “ I’m broke. I’m about to lose my house.”
Shit. I knew immediately where this was going.
I took a deep breath. “I thought you and Robert had investments,” I said. I tried to sound positive.
By now Chris had stopped crying and was ready to talk. “I thought we did too. It seems that my dearly departed had a gambling problem. There’s nothing. No stocks and bonds, no savings account and no life insurance. Nothing! He spent every cent. He even owes a bookie here in town. Thanks God I know the guy’s wife. She got me off the hook with her husband. But all that aside, the foreclosure is next week.”
I wiped my hand across my mouth. “So, how much do you need?”
Chris gave out an aggravated little laugh. “I didn’t call for money! The house is history. I can’t pay the mortgage now or later. I need a place to live!”
Oh shit. This was worse than I expected. We talked for an nearly an hour and I finally said those horrible words, “You can come and live with me.”
It was settled. A month later Chris had sold everything she could and bought a plane ticket south. I met her at the airport.
By now I hadn’t seen Chris in seven months, but I didn’t expect her to have changed so much in such a short time. She had cut her shoulder length hair to a short, almost boyish look and had bleached it blonde. The last time I had seen her she was a bit overweight; nothing really bad, just a little heavy. She must have gone on a killer diet because now she was gorgeous. The red halter top she was wearing accented her large breasts, which I guessed to be in the D cup range, while the shorts she had on played well to show off her long legs. And though she was my sister I felt my dick move around in my pants.
“Hey,” I said as I gave my sister a hug. She pressed those massive tits into my chest and I hoped she couldn’t feel my hardening prick. We held hands through the luggage claim routine and our walk to my car. I couldn’t get the thought out of my mind; my sister was hot!
Chris talked all the way to home. She was going to cook and clean and do laundry. I wouldn’t have to do a thing.
Chris settled in well. I had put a lock on my closet door and had hidden all of my sex toys where she wouldn’t see them. I only hoped that I would have a chance to use them now and then. Having never married and hardly dated I relied heavily on my closet friends. Now with my sister walking around the house daily I would most likely not be calling on my little electronic buddies as often as I would like.
True to her word, Chris did all the housework as well as the cooking. We fell into a daily routine that seemed to work well for both of us. Of course, with her in the house 24/7 I found Sex hikayeleri little time for my toys. It was hard (no pun intended) to watch my sister do her chores wearing the skimpiest clothes while I had to refrain from what had been a simple pleasure before she moved in.
It was a few weeks later when Chris was vacuuming the house that I heard a scream from my bedroom. I ran toward her at the same time she ran toward me and we collided in the hallway. Chris looked like she had seen a ghost. I grabbed her shoulders. “What? What’s wrong?”
She pointed to my room. “There’s a woman in your closet!”
Shit, shit shit. I forgot to lock my closet door. I shook my head, no.
“Yes, there is. I just saw her.”
Good grief! How was I going to explain this one.
“That’s not a woman. It’s a doll.”
“No,” she said. “There’s a real woman in there. I saw her. She’s wearing a bikini. I saw her.” Chris looked at me and I could see the realization come over her. “Oh my God. It’s a sex doll.”
Busted in my own house.
“Come on,” I said, “I’ll show you.”
After I retired I invested in one of those real dolls; a life size recreation of a woman with all of the natural looking and working parts.
I took Chris back into my room and showed her the doll. She took a long look. “It looks so real. What do you do with it?”
I decided that I’d better come clean. If Chris was going to live with me in my house I wasn’t going to go sneaking around anymore. I pulled the bikini off.
My sister looked at the doll’s tits with its big dark nipples and its bare pussy and lips, clit and hole. All she could muster was a simple, “Oh!” She left the room.
That night at supper we were quiet for most of the meal. Finally toward the end Chris said, “I’m sorry.”
“Me too,” I said.
“No, this is your house and I should not have been in your closet.”
I looked at he a bit puzzled. “Why did you go in there?”
She shrugged. “I thought it might need vacuuming. I won’t do it again. I promise.”
It felt weird. I felt like I needed to explain, but what could I say; I live alone and fuck a rubber doll? I just smiled.
Chris cleaned up the dished while I went into the living room and poured myself a drink. I was on my second when she joined me a half hour later. I handed her a rum and coke.
“Thanks”, she said. She took a long sip then sat across from me in the recliner. We were quiet for a while.
Finally the woman in Chris came through. She had to ask. “So, if you don’t mind me asking, what’s it like?”
“What’s what like?”
“The doll. What’s it like doing it with the doll?”
I mixed us each another drink.
“It’s good.’ I said. “Like a real woman, but without any talk.”
Chris surprised me when she said, “Cool. Sounds like the perfect thing for a single guy.”
I laughed. “You’d be surprised at how many married guys have them.”
“Oh yes. I’ve even read where some guy’s wives like to watch. Sort of like a threesome without the worries of a real third person.”
“Wow,” Chris said. “I never knew something like that existed. What else do you have?”
I was mixing my fourth drink and was just loose enough to talk plainly.
“Well, I have an electro stimulator.”
“A what?”
“An electro stimulator. It’s kind of an electronic vibrator.” Feeling brave I stood up and walked to my computer. “Come here,” I said.
I turned the computer on and surfed to the site that advertises the stimulator. “You want to see how it works”? I asked. She nodded so I clicked on the video trailer.
Chris watched as the guy on the screen manipulated the small control box that he held in his hand. From the box a couple of wires snaked out to the attachments he had on his cock. One was wrapped around the base of his gigantic prick while the other was wrapped farther up under his cockhead. It was a very short promotional video so just seconds after we began watching the guy let out a moan and shot a huge load of cum in the air. I heard Chris gasp.
“Holy shit,” she said. “I’ve never seen anything like that in my life. You have one of those?”
I think the drinks were having an effect on her. I know they were on me. Of course, Chris’ big tits pushing against her tee shirt were helping to make my dick expand. I hadn’t realized she wasn’t wearing a bra until I saw her nipples harden and also poke against the shirt.
“Yeah,” I said as I reached to turn the computer off.
“No, don’t. I want to see it again!”
Now this really surprised me. In all the years I had known my sister we never once talked about sex. Not a word. And now she wanted to watch a guy blowing his load while I stood over her. I played the clip three more times.
Seeing the stimulator in action and seeing Chris’s reaction I was beginning to wonder if our relationship was about to make a turn in a completely unexpected direction.. I could feel my dick twitch. I wanted to go to my room and lock the door and tear into my closet. Having my sister here in the house was presenting a problem.
I guess Chris could sense what I was thinking. She looked down at the bulge in my pants and I think she understood my predicament.
“I guess maybe it’s Sikiş hikayeleri time for bed,” she said.
I said something to the effect that, yeah it was time.
Chris downed the rest of her drink then looked up at me. “Are you going to use yours tonight?”
I had just enough liquor in me to be honest. “Yes,” I said.
She cleared her throat. “Can I watch?”
I nearly choked. My cock swelled to an uncomfortable size. The tingle I had felt went to full bore.
“Are you sure?” I asked.
She never hesitated. “Yes, I’m sure.” We set our glasses now and silently walked to my room.
It was strange having her in the room with me. I really didn’t know where to begin.
Chris smiled. “Just pretend I’m not here,” she said.
So I went to my closet, unlocked it and got the stimulator. I walked to my bed, stripped naked. When I dropped my shorts my cock sprang out and slapped my stomach. I laid down on my bed. My prick was harder then I could remember it ever being and the tip was wet with pre-cum. Chris was sitting in a chair starring at my cock. I heard her give out the faintest moan.
I plugged the device in and put the attachments on my member just the way the guy in the video had. I relaxed for a moment then turned the control on the little box to number one. My dick stiffened up even more than it had been and pointed at the overhead light. I must have also moaned.
“Is it good?” Chris asked. I nodded yes and turned it to number two. My ass came up off the bed.
Chris was looking back and forth between my red swollen prick and my eyes. I’d never used the stimulator with someone watching before and it was more of a turn on then I ever imagined. I went to number three.
Now my cock was twitching from side to side. I knew I was getting very close. Chris must have also known because she took the control out of my hand and turned it back to number one. “Not yet,” she said, “I want to watch for a while.” I thought she would hand the control back to me , but she didn’t. Instead she turned it back up to number three and once again my ass came off the bed. As quickly as she had turned it up she turned it back down. For the next ten minutes she repeated the up and down controlling until I thought I was going to explode.
Finally she said, “what happens if I turn it up to say, number six?”
“If you turn it to number five I’ll cum. I don’t know what will happen at number six.” And with that she turned the control knob to number seven.
My ass came off the bed at the same time a huge wad of cum shot into the air landing on Chris’ shirt. She turned the machine back to three and as soon as my ass hit the bed she went back to number seven. Another huge wad shot out with all of the force of the first. This one got her left arm. She did it three more times until we were both covered in my cum and I was completely spent. I fell back onto the bed.
I could hear myself gasping for breath, but I also heard Chris gasping as well. When I regained enough strength I opened my eyes and saw that she was still starring at my deflating penis. She looked at me.
“Wow. That was the wildest thing I’ve ever seen,” she said. “That was so hot!”
All I could do was smile.

The next morning, just like always, Chris had breakfast ready and we went about our day as if nothing had happened. In fact, it was more than a week later before the subject came up. We were having drinks in the living room again when Chris asked, “Do they have those for women?
I had been thumbing through a magazine and didn’t know what she was talking about.
“Those what?” I asked.
Chris sipped her drink, possibly for courage and said, “Those stimulators?”
I didn’t answer, but walked to the computer and turned it on. I went to the same website and clicked on the video for women. Instantly a woman appeared laying naked on a bed. Just like the man in the earlier video she was holding a little control box with wires coming out. This time though, there were three wires. One went to a tiny clip attached to the woman’s clit. The other two went, one each, to the lips of her pussy. She was lifting her ass up and down on the bed and making loud moaning noises. Within ten seconds of starting the video the woman screamed out, “I’m cumming.” She began pushing her hips up into an imaginary cock. You could see her clit had swelled and was throbbing while her asshole was clenching at something that wasn’t there. There was no doubt the woman was cumming.
Chris was mesmerized. She was squirming in her chair. I played the clip five more times for her. By the fifth time I thought she was going to cum from just watching. I shut the computer off.
Chris took a long drink from her glass before asking, “how much do those things cost?”
“Why? You interested in buying one?”
She nodded. Her nipples were poking out through her tee-shirt once again.
“Actually,” I said, “the one I bought comes with attachments for both men and women. Are you interested in trying it?”
My sister shrugged her shoulders. I don‘t think she expected things to happen this fast. “I don’t know,” she said “What would I have to do?”
My dick was throbbing again. Erotik hikaye “You just put the attachments on the way the woman did and work the control. You remember how to work the control,” I said with a grin thinking of what she had done to me the previous week. She grinned back.
“I don’t know,” she said. “Would you have to be in the room?”
“I wouldn’t have to be, but I’d like to be.”
Chris was smiling now. I could tell she was up to something.
“How about you help me hook it up and then you get it on with your closet lady while I do the stimulator?”
My cock was straining at my zipper. “Let’s go,” I said. We went into my bedroom.
Chris and I undressed together. When she got to her bra and panties she hesitated for a few seconds then proceeded to remove them.
When she un-hooked her bra her D size tits fell out to wear they really wanted to be; hanging loosely on her chest with her huge nipples hard and pointing straight out.
I nearly fell over when she took off her panties. I was expecting a dark triangle of pubic hair. Instead I was greeted by a perfectly smooth shaved pussy.
I had never seen my sister naked, not even when we were little kids. At 42 years old she was not built like a beauty queen. She was built like a hot, sexy milf. Her tits were big and they hung down like two heavy sacks of flesh which in fact they were. What surprised me the most was the size of Chris’s clit. I could see it glistening at the center. I’d seen clits like hers on the internet, but never in real life. It was about an inch long and stuck out from her pussy lips like a miniature dick. I wanted so badly to drop to my knees and suck it, but I resisted the urge.
Chris waited until I had gotten my real doll from the closet and positioned it on the bed next to her. I was going to fuck the doll in the doggy position so Chris could see everything.
Once the doll was ready I went back to the closet and got the stimulator as well as the un-opened bag of female attachments. Chris was lying on the bed waiting. I tried to act professional, but my hands were shaking.
“Pull your lips apart,” I said. She spread her legs and pulled her pussy open so I could clip the little clit apparatus in place. Next I attached the two lip clips. My cock was rock hard and was dripping on the bed next to Chris’s leg. Then I plugged the controller in and without warning her I turned it to number one. Chris let out a gasp followed by a moan.
While she was lying on the bed and getting accustomed to the stimulator I climbed up behind the doll, and making sure my sister could see it all perfectly, I slid my swollen prick into the doll’s oiled up pussy. Again I heard Chris moan.
I began systematically fucking the doll while watching to see what Chris was going to do. After a minute or two she increase the rate on the dial to number two and when she did I saw her already hard clit stiffen a bit more. I also noticed that her nipples were extended a half inch from her areolas. She was moving her hips up and down while watching me fuck the doll. She went to number three.
When Chris hit number three her ass came off the bed and stayed in the air. She reached down and with her free hand spread her blood engorged pussy lips wide open. I could see that her whole cunt was firey red.
I decided that fair was fair. She had taken the controller from me last week so I took it from her now. I smiled down at her.
“What do you think would happen if I turned this up to number six?” I said.
Chris shook her head violently. “You wouldn’t,” she said with a breathy voice. I simply grinned and turn the dial to six.
Chris’s ass jumped off the bed as she pushed her whole body into the air. She let out a scream and held herself there suspended in an arched position. I waited a few seconds and turned it back to three. Her body dropped to the bed. I waited a few seconds and hit number six again. She sprung back up into the air.
I was still fucking my doll and the feel of that smooth rubber pussy as well as the site of my sister fucking the stimulator had me right on the edge. My cock was going to blow anytime.
“I’m going to make you cum now, Chris,” I said. Again she shook her head violently.
I turned the control knob to seven while at the same time I pulled my dick from the rubber doll’s pussy.
Chris arched up in the air and grabbed her swollen clit between her fingers. Using the clit clip she jacked it like a tiny dick. She was right on the edge. I, in turn, pointed my swollen red cock at her exposed cunt and jacked it wildly.
I felt the hot cum volcano up from my balls and like lava it shot out onto Chris’s clit. That was all she needed. She screamed out, “I’m cumming.” I knew she wasn’t lying because I saw a milky liquid squirt from her vaginal hole. Seeing this made me shoot another long stream of cum onto her tits and belly. As if in retaliation she fired another shot of pussy cream at me. We each shot fore or five streams before we dropped to the bed.
Chris whimpered, “Turn it off, please just turn it off.”
I backed the knob down to one, waited a moment and cranked it up to seven again. Chris arched and with a pitiful cry shot another wet squirt of girl cum into the air. She was exhausted.
I took pity on my sister and turned the machine off. We fell asleep with our bodies covered in our own liquids.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32