Lead Astray Ch. 02

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As Jess started to calm down from her orgasm she began to realise how obscene she looked. Her chest was heaving, her firm tits exposed, her perfectly trimmed pussy was soaking wet and still pulsated from the intense eruption she had just been through. She looked up at me now, with shock and disgust at what she had just done.

Quickly gathering her belongings and ignoring my protests Jess ran from the office and didn’t stop until she was safely inside her car.

“What the fuck.” She whispered. “WHAT THE FUCK!” bursting into tears she replayed what happened in her head. The deep probing of my tongue, the thrill she hadn’t experienced in years, and despite her guilt she couldn’t stop her pussy betraying her, tingling and yearning for me, she drove home to her husband.

Silently letting herself in the house, Jess removed her heels and tiptoed quietly into the front room, praying her husband would not hear her. Once there she turned to face the mirror, immediately feeling another wave of guilt wash over her. Her bra was on display, her neck and chest still red. She looked like a cock starved slut. Hastily re-applying her lipstick and fighting back the tears she took a deep breath and ascended the stairs to her bedroom for the confrontation with her husband.

Jack was laying in bed, reading, as soon as Jess entered the room he closed the book with a snap.

“Where have you been?”

Jess took a deep breath, preparing herself to tell him what she had done, preparing herself illegal bahis for the argument.


But she couldn’t tell him, instead, inexplicably, she walked over to her husband, pulled back the bed covers, pulled down his sweatpants and boxers and took the length of his flaccid cock in her mouth.

Stunned, Jack stared at the back of his wife’s head as she began to work his dick to it’s erect state. Her head bobbing obscenely, as if she couldn’t get enough of the cock she steadily worked on, gagging and spluttering as she forced it deeper and deeper into her throat, he watched as she brought one of her dainty hands down to her pussy, watched as she lifted her skirt and began playing with her surprisingly wet pussy, massaging her clit in rapid circles. He felt her deep, animal like groans reverberate over his cock, as Jess continued to stuff as much stiff dick down her throat as she could manage.

Soon Jess began to see the familiar signs that her husband was about to come. She quickly removed his length from her mouth and looked up at him.

“Fuck me” she moaned,and for the second time Jack was shocked by the urgency and lust written across his wife’s face. He obliged, climbing on top of her and was about to enter her absurdly wet pussy before she stopped him.

“Not like that” she whispered, and he watched stunned as she slowly pulled herself up onto all fours, resting both hands on the bed headboard she looked back slowly, her hair dishevelled, her lips illegal bahis siteleri glistening wet.

“Like this.”

Jack felt like he was dreaming, his usually pristine, perfect, innocent wife, whom he only “made love to” in the missionary position, and rarely at that, was now on all fours, moaning softly under her breath, her hips rhythmically pushed back and forth as if she were fucking an invisible cock, her pussy was soaking wet and bulging, gagging for his meat. Slowly he slid his length inside her.

Jess arched her back and moaned as her husband’s cock inched its way inside her yearning cunt. She had been thinking of the encounter between her and myself the entire time and the combination this and the feeling of betrayal towards her husband had proved too much. Her pussy was throbbing with anticipation and she pushed back against Jack’s dick, hungrily taking every inch.

“Harderrr” she moaned.

Jack began to grunt, putting his hands on her hips he began drilling his petite wife as she continued to rub her clit.


she moaned with every penetration, pushing hard against him. Jack looked down at her ass, quickly pushing back and making small circular movements, he watched his dick glisten with her juices. “So she wants to be fucked like a whore does she?” he thought, looking down at the slut beneath him. “Ok, I’ll fuck her like a whore”. He pushed down on his wife’s shoulders, forcing her body into the bed, with all his body weight on canlı bahis siteleri top of her he began to pound her juicy pussy.

she screamed a loud, high pitched squeal, her hand clawed at the bed and she buried her gorgeous face into the pillow, biting and moaning, filthy words were uttered from her once innocent mouth as she came hard, thrashing and bouncing against Jack’s cock.


It became too much for Jack, holding Jess’s shoulders he began to fuck her with abandon. “I’m cominggg” he growled as he emptied his seed in his filthy, young wife.

As he regained his senses, Jack looked down at his wife, laying on their bed, legs splayed, rubbing her clit slowly and fingering her abused pussy, moaning softly into the bed covers. This wasn’t his wife he thought. He didn’t know what provoked it but this was not his wife. This was a slut.

Shocked and disgusted he dressed quickly and left the room. Leaving Jess, ashamed and appalled at what she had just done. She removed the remains of her dishevelled clothes and pulled the sheets over her naked body. She could not get the events in the office out of her mind and as much as she tried, Jack, her loyal husband could not substitute the feeling she had felt that evening.

Again, with a burning feeling of betrayal in the pit of her stomach. She slowly moved her hand back to her clit…

Of course I had known none of this until much later, at the same time I was sat at home, a cold beer in my hand, both nervous and excited for work tomorrow. If all went to plan I would be able to make Jess my wanton slut. I would become her only outlet for her deepest and darkest desires. I would be her filthy secret and she in turn would be mine.

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